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Good Night, Gwyn

Good Night, Gwyn

Gwyn‘s next film, The Good Night, is directed by her brother, Jake Paltrow, and will be out sometime in 2007. Gwyn plays the wife of a former pop star (Martin Freeman) who now writes commercial jingles for a living experiences a mid-life crisis. This seems to be Gwyn‘s only film project in the coming year…

Pictured: Gwyneth out and about in Norton London this past Wednesday.

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  • malibumom

    Who cares? She may as well write jingles for a living herself-We aren’t buying the “proud American” BS. She did a poo poo and stepped right in it. Now she is stinky stinky stinky-that’s one smell Huvane will never be able to wipe or wash or disguise!

  • anustin

    i’d never really like her…….


    You know…don’t know how much this would help her recent foot & mouth brouhaha, calling Americans illiterate heathens, but she really needs to cut that Rapunzel-ish bale of hay on her hair, and also give the 1000 strength peroxide a break.

  • loveher

    I love her. She will stand the test of time because she’s a great actress! Being American means you can say whatever you want. Freedom of speach and the bill of rights, people should look it up. And while you’re at it, stop twisting her words. I get it, she’s too civilized for you.

  • sw

    you are right, she can say whatever she wants, doesn’t mean we have to like it, she has the right to say what she wants, we have the right to say she sucks

  • whatsucks?

    What measure are you using? What sucks? her work, her life? Do you know her? Except for what she is suppose to have said. Off course you can say whatever you want, but I bet people like you think paris, britney and the rest of them are great examplars.

  • woah

    she looks like an escaped mental patient.
    she’s starting to look like a blonde cousin it w/all that hair.
    not to mentiona a little bloated–is she pregnant again?

  • woah

    escaped mental patient? you are so charming.

  • mel

    She does have the right to voice her opinion. In my opinion, you would think she wouldn’t (if indeed she did) bash a group of people (American) whom she makes millions off of. That have paid her family, husband included, millions so she could be raised traveling the world and living in luxury. What’s the saying, don’t bite the hand that feeds.

  • please

    She gets paid to do her job, period. The hands – that are so quick to beleive what they hear from the media – would not see the type of movie she makes anyway. How dare she travel the world and live in luxury, the nerve of that woman. That’s what this is all about, isn’t it. She would be a pilar of hope if she behaved like the rest of the fools in hollyweird.

  • MasqueORD

    She is a vapid, spoiled little trollop that thinks she can act and that people give a shit about her useless thoughts.

    Personally, I hope the brothers movie tanks and Gwennie is never accepted again on the American big screen.

    Married to a jingle writer! THAT’s funnY!!!!!

    You people that actually like her and/or think she can act, WOW! You’re scary.

  • WHAT

    If people like you were making these decisions, that’s what would be scary. You are judging her brother and you have not even seen the product yet. You hope the movie tanks? Please, keep watching american pie III. As for her husband, “the jingle writer” has more character than almost all hollyweird combined. What’s funny is you because your post is not very logical. Who has talent? Wait don’t tell me, you want a movie you have not seen to tank. Shows how much you know…

  • Egroft

    “What” dear…you are very passionate over Gwennie.

    Obsess much? Do you have a little Gwennie alter in cell?

    She is a washed up, no talent HAG…her husband is a has been, EmoF@G

    …and you, need to be put back on the medication and put in a nice white sweater that ties in the back.

  • WHAT

    If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Insulting me won’t make you feel better. If you have a reasonable argument, let’s hear it. Otherwise, you’re boring me.

  • anna

    Give the woman a break. She was misquoted by a portuguese paper that didn’t even interview her. The media just whipped it up into a huge story. Only a few months ago everyone was up in arms when the press alledged she was “quoted” saying how terrible and dirty England was… make up your minds!

    The only reason you hate her is because of things you’ve read about her, which were written by people who have never actually met her…

    She’s a good wife and mother and she makes an effort not to air her private life in public. She get’s credit from me for that… I’d rather see that than another no-knicker-wearing, wasted, size 0 celeb desperately seeking attention…

  • Egroft

    She’s a good wife and mother? Really? You the nanny? Housekeeper? Friend of the family? NO? Then SHUT THE FCK up.

    I don’t “hate” her. I don’t hate anyone i do not know personally.

    BUT she is a no-talent, trite, milkntoast b1tch that got where she is because she had famous parents.

    Oh, and “What”, “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen” ??? I know you are, but what am i!?!? So there! You twit.

  • WHAT

    You seem to be very agitated, are you ok? I’m curious as to where all the adjectives you are using to describe Gwyneth comes from. Why don’t you get your own famous parents? Envy much?

  • WHAT?What?

    uh…that makes no sense whatsoever. nice try though (cough)

  • WhoaNelly!

    What happened to her? Holy Crap! She turned into “Cousin It” with fancy boots? England ‘as not been kind!

    That hair is frightening (even more so than the bug glasses).

    Everyone else..Chilllllll

  • WhoaNelly!

    I never paid much attention to her, but this pic drew me in like a train wreck.

    whoever said she looks like an escapee from the insane asylum pretty much hit the nail on the head.

  • frany

    What are we talking about again?

    What does not make sense is your argument that Gwyneth is not talented. If that’s the way you feel, then describe it. Otherwise, you’re simply using verbal abuse at her and anyone who don’t see it your way.

    Calling her a HAG is not exactly a loving statement. You don’t hate anyone? really?

  • Good Night, Gwyn Indeed!

    Hopefully she goes gently (and quietly) into that good night!

  • Egroft


    “Hag” is merely the first word that comes to mind when you see the above pics.

    No hate there sweet-heart.

  • LaurieG

    Who cares about this biatch? Next….

  • Check Please

    Her kids must be so proud.

    “Mummy hates to shower and cut her hair.! Those blighters in the colonies shower and such…and look at them!”

  • youdon’tsay

    Sweet-heart – when I see the pics above, I see a woman going about her daily life! Whatever else you are talking about, I have not a clue.

  • weee, it’s 2007!

    Have any of you visited a local mall lately? Most Americans are disgusting commercial-grubbing over-fed zombies who are dull, listless, and couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag (unless the Big Mac had fallen out). Thank god for our cities and college towns, or else this whole country would be a cultural wasteland.

    Sorry, but the truth hurts. Gwenyth is right. Read a book, listen to NPR and check out the BBC online, form an opinion that doesn’t just come from yo’ conservative Grandpa, and put down the f-in’ french fries, America.

    Happy holidays, y’all!

  • naysayer

    Well WEE,
    As an overfed zombiesque american, I’m exercising my right to tell the sanctimonious c@nt Gwynnie, to take her shitty movies to England and show them to all the civilized Brits. Yeah, you know, like that civilized chap thats killing prostitutes. What, Britian has prostitutes? must be a typo. Well, I’m sure blow jobs are 50 pounds sound so much more cultured with a British accent. Or maybe the skinheads that killed a black kid named Anthony Walker with an ice axe last year? All you dumbasses that defend this bitch miss the point. Her generalizations about Americans include you too. And that quote, wasn’t a new quote. She’s stated the same thing previously.

  • Loulou

    She’s American too. What point are we missing? You’ve never made generalization? You just did in your post. Sanctimonious? Go look in the mirror… Yo don’t have to watch her movies, it’s a free Country last time I checked.

  • Brianna

    ^Actually, she wasn’t misquoted. The paper has gone on record stating they referenced old quotes she gave to two UK publications at the beginning of the year.
    She doesn’t look too good. What shame. She used to be so pretty.

  • princess

    i think she’s got the right to voice out her opinion… besides you people should try reading intelligent books and see what’s really going around in your country…

  • remember da truth

    It’s obvious from reading these posts that you are proving Gwyneth to be right, which I hate to admit because she’s a pompous, self-involved rich brat. But to suddenly say she has no talent because she called Americans on their illiteracy and inability to take criticism (and so they never improve) shows how childish Americans can be. She took time off for kids and grieving her father’s death. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all could? But we can’t, so no reason to envy her.
    People who live outside of the U.S. don’t necessarily hate the U.S. — she has a British husband. She still owns a home in L.A. To think that the U.S. is the only place worth living is exactly the myopia she is talking about. Grow up — you don’t have to insult anyone who disagrees to make a point or to realize that maybe there are other places to live, or that you (americans) are not perfect.

    I love America, and choose to live here, but there is a big world out there. Try to open your minds and make the rest of us Americans proud that you represent us. Weee is right — go to a mall and look around. If you really love America, it will make you scurry home and read a book, study, and try to improve your community. THAT is what America is all about, constantly striving to be the best, not shouting insults when someone points out flaws like an angry, ineffectual child.

    That said, I hope she stays over there and does some theater because her movie choices have been less than interesting and her voice and pompous attitude grate on me.

  • Leigh

    Wee and remeber da truth are absolutely correct concerning Gwyneth. All of you need to stop being so ignorant and narrow-minded. And naysayer, the UK has its problems with poverty, crime, and race relations like every other country, but that doesn’t mean that Gwyneth’s comments weren’t accurate.

  • sharon

    whatever she says doesn’t matter. everyone is just upset because she SEEMS like an upper class intellect, whose opinion is worthwhile. but she never even finished college, never got into an ivy league. she’s an actress, not a scholar, an intellect or even wise. she is just another philistine who happens to have had rich parents that got her into the movies. stop worrying about what some person who tries to ‘act’ intelligent and sophisticated says…she’s just acting…that is her job!

  • MasqueORD

    Well said Sharon!

    She takes herself to seriously and expects the rest of the world to do the same. She’s a second rate actress at best.

    To all of you that agree that americans are un-intellegent because we don’t subscribe to the BBC…Blow me.

  • Alice

    “But to suddenly say she has no talent because she called Americans on their illiteracy and inability to take criticism…”
    Sorry, but it’s obvious you haven’t read or don’t fully understand the comments being attributed to her. She didn’t mention anything about American literacy or ability to take criticism. She made a rude generalization about Americans’ intelligence. Not the same thing. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and offensive stereotypes/slurs.
    As for some people thinking Gwyneth has no talent, this is nothing new and they are entitled to their opinion like everyone else

  • Mercymetheecology

    who really cares,
    who’s willing to try,
    to save a world,
    that is destined……… diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

    - Marvin Gaye

    We have a lot more to worry about than someone who names their child “Apple”

  • marion

    You’re all so mean. I don’t believe what I read.