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Madonna's H&M Collection is Ultraglamorous

Madonna's H&M Collection is Ultraglamorous

WWD reports that the H&M – M by Madonna collection will hit stores March 2007. Steven Klein shot the ultraglamorous and sexy ad campaign, featuring curve-hugging silhouettes, military details and satin cummerbunds. The pieces apparently reflect Madonna‘s own wardrobe, which is packed with tight skirts, high heels and sunglasses.

Pictures include Madonna arriving at her North London gym earlier this morning for her daily Pilates work-out and Madonna out with husband Guy Richie the night before.

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  • anustin

    enuf with her already,shes old!eerrrkkkk!

  • Hate your ass

    anustin, you’re fucking stupid, learn how to spell.

    Madonna is lovely as always, love her!

  • Denise

    She’s a wash-up, a has been. I don’t see what her husbands sees in her.

  • sweety

    I cant help but admire her, she is the greatest performer ever lived.She has been out there for like 20 years and so and she still looks good and is top of her game.why americans are so obsessd with age? so what if she is in her 40′s,she still looks great and makes great music.She has come a long way and there are still some people who feels very bitter towards her….she is thousand times smarter and intelligent than america’s new sweethearts (paris ,britney,lindsay)

  • rida

    Madonna is an exceptional when it comes to age, her age didnt hurt her tour grosses and album sales. She still makes headlines today,I cant think of any other artist from the 80′s who’s still as huge as madonna so way to go girl!!! by the way happy 6th anniversary to both madonna and guy…they make such a great couple!!

  • daizy1

    madonna rules so F’ck u all haters here!!! she aint goin anywhere so get used 2 it now.cant wait for her new collection, i loved her H&M tracksuits

  • Margaret

    Madonna is a legend END OFF!But she looks truly bad here!

  • maya

    madonna is a narcisistic overhyped old cow. Legend? hardly. look up the word or at least expand your music library. Greatest performer that ever lived? who can take a moronic statement like that seriously? Hating? Nah, just someone with a brain that ain’t tone death.

  • Insider

    How is Madonna a wash up? She looks old? Pulhleaze Lindsey Lohan wished she looked as good in a leotard.

    How is she NOT a legend. She’s been around for almost 25 years and she’s still getting paid. She’s sold over 250 million albums and more than a million people saw her last tour alone grossing $194 million.


  • daizy1

    well may i suggest to check out the guennes book of records, madonna is the most popular female singer ever in the history of pop music, plus her latest album went straight to #1 in more than 40 countries making the record of an album debuting at nr1 in most countries.So not bad for someone who’s in their late 40′s and has been around in the music bizz for more than two decades…. Who cares what you think,….a fact is a fact…i smell jealousy!!

  • daizy1

    the above post is for you maya!!!

  • letsee

    Umm…..isnt it enough of a proof that she’s been around for more than 20 years? Im mean u americans are so stupid, u can keep ur shitney, n pariah….im so glad MAdonna left USA, n lives in europe where ppl adore her, n have a good taste in music. Infact M’s popularity is big in the whole world but the US.How sad are u ppl?

  • Anabeth

    As we, who respect Madonna, all know, it’s unexplainable for non Madonna fans to see her beauty and her talent, simply because they’re brainwashed by today’s bullshit. If they started to listen to better 80s music, which is still REAL MUSIC, they’ll respect Madonna, probably won’t admit it but inside they do.

    How can you choose for today’s shit like Rihanna and Pink etc, when there are songs like Like A Prayer, Vogue, and La Isla Bonita made before? REAL CLASSICS.

    I just tell myself that people who don’t respect the singers who were here in the 80s, and still successful in the 90s and NOW, are either ignorant and just stupid.

  • Anabeth

    hmm, being in your 40s : like your parents and family members: you call them old cows? i dont think so. youre all so brainwashed that it’s sad.

    and no it’s not a matter of taste, it’s just a matter of a fact. if you don’t love or at least respect some of madonna (and other artists like michael j, cyndi lauper, the beatles etc) music, it’s like not liking to have friends, like candy or chocolate, or enjoy a coca cola. (for example) it’s just common sense. it’s not understandable to not like classics. and by saying things like “old cow” etc, youre speaking more about yourself than her, because it’s very low minded and hypocritical. not to mention childish. maybe its jealousy.

  • candy blackmail

    Growing up in the 80′s, I respect Madonna for the artist she was *then*. She was innovative, cutting edge – both in her music and fashion. No one could touch her and for that, yes…she deserves the accolades.

    So please spare any labels of “jealousy” or whatnot when I can honestly state my opinion that she needs to retire. She has lost her looks, her clothing is ridiculous, and she hasn’t put anything worthy out there musically in years.

    There’s nothing sadder than a 40-something woman dressing like she thinks she’s 25.

  • Mo’Dean

    She kind of looks like Boy George (without makeup) in that first pic. Now THAT’s glamour!

  • remember da truth

    Seems to me the Stones have lost their looks and no one minds…. Besides, she’s in MUSIC — you hear, not look at, music. Unless of course you’re that shallow…. No wonder Britney sold so many albums!

    Anyway, i’ve not liked anything she’s worn since her Like a Virgin days, so i’ll pass on the fashion line, but I will still listen to her music. What was her best album of all time IMO was in the late 90′s, Ray of Light. She has been strong and confident enough to try different styles and do different things, and for that I also admire her. She doesn’t just keep turning out the same old crap (hello mariah and Janet). She has ALWAYS said she wasn’t the best singer, but she had something to say, and she was smart enough to take singing lessons during Evita and expand her range.
    The thing about her is that she is STILL around, when many thought she’d self-distruct, be a passing fancy, or we’d just outgrow her. But she grew with her fans, and each new phase of her life she has tried to turn out a different kind of album. Now she’s going back to dance music, adn she rocked that, too. She has had VERY few flops in 20 years. And, she writes her own music, which not everyone can say, either.

    As for another musician from the 80′s still around, try U2. They, too, have tried different things with sometimes mixed results, but have grown and matured as artists. No one is saying The Edge or Bono have lost their looks so they should retire. As long as Madonna feels like expressing herself musically, and continues to be an intelligent force in music and can make fun dance tracks as well, I’ll listen. But I will NOT be copying her dreadful fashion sense!

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  • Charlotte Hanson

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