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Nicole Scherzinger and Talan Torriero: Together... And In Love?

Nicole Scherzinger and Talan Torriero: Together... And In Love?

WOWOWOW!!! We finally get to see it with our own eyes! Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Dolls’ lead singer, and reality TV star boyfriend Talan Torriero (Laguna Beach) were finally spotted lunching together yesterday afternoon.

Nicole, 28, and Talan, 20, dined together at the Grove in L.A. Talan carried Nicole‘s Balenciaga purse and put his arm around her shoulder as they walked to lunch. Are they in love?!

Please remember: Talan was once engaged to Kim Stewart (Rod Stewart‘s daughter) from Nov. 16 to Nov. 27 (a little more than a week). Hey, upgrade for Talan! Er, downgrade for Nicole?

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  • Amy

    WHAT?!!! I thought she’d hooked up with Avant. They made such a good couple (after the “Lie About Us” video). Severe DOWNGRADE.
    She better get her ass up and away from his talentless, Laguna Biotch junk. HELL NAW this relationship ain’t gonna work out.

  • African Girl

    Who…and who, now?

  • holland

    why are those reality tv guys even remotely famous? she beautifull, he’s a richkid that is still mooching of his 15 minutes of ‘fame’… come on nicole you can do sooo much better.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    no, No, NO !!

    Please say she isnt dating this Loser.. Out of all the men in Hollywood. she could be dating [ANYONE].They must just be friends. She’s losing alot of points on this one.

    [she just went from a 10 to a 6 in sec.]

  • tanique33

    HUHHHHh how the hell did these two hook up? Only in hollywood, I swear.

  • mercredi

    Ha ha ha, Nicole’s camouflage didn’t work! Nicole can do much better than that.

  • sw

    She seems to be totally embarrassed by him. While he is trying to show it off. It won’t last long.

  • Aisling

    I’m with SW on this one. Nicole is trying her best to keep herself hidden so nobody sees her with TT.

  • MLissa

    How to Not be Not noticed……wear a huge coat with even bigger hood over your head, dark sunglasses…look around Nicole….you are the one sticking out like a sore thumb in that very obvious get up not cover up.

  • Sassycyra

    Isn’t she a man? Talan can do better than that!

  • Capriciousdiva

    Whats Laguna Beach? What happens in it?

  • keira

    hell really has frozen over… holy crap nicole, what are you thinking? but i love how she’s totally trying to hide herself so no one will see her with him. funny stuff.

  • amy

    yike, with talan huh? damn, she could do so much better…or someone older….Nick from 311 was so much better (at least successful and talented) but that was a long time ago…well she seems to be very private and talan is showing off his prize. never gonna last, she better ditch this guy before he propose!!!

  • http://none kcp

    OH MY GOD Nicole!!!!! WHY????? He’s such a fcking LOSER.
    I do love the fact that she seems embrassed to be with him and is hiding herself HAHAHA.

    Hey Nic, if you’re embrassed to be with the retarded kid and have to hide yourself, then DUMP HIS SORRY ASS.

  • http://none Cris

    Nicole, please, dump this worthless loser before he breaks your heart by doing Paris Hilton.

  • amy

    like Cris said, he won’t be the first guy to break a girls heart by doing Paris Hilton, which guy hasn’t done Paris?!??!

  • !bitethedustbabi!


  • fallenangel

    Nicole can do much better than that actually. And whoever said she’s a man can shut the hell up, stop being an idiot and and get a life.

    Talan is the one who needs to be dumped.

  • http://none K

    Can I add that not only is he retarded and has the IQ of a 5 year old, but he is also UGLY as hell and looks like he reeks of nasty BO.

  • lindsey m.

    well she is not lokking very happy :P

  • lolla

    i thinshedont love him because she looks very sad

  • lolla

    i hope she isnttogether with him…because he is ugly

  • christina

    yeah you have right………..he dont look very fine……he is shit and fuck

  • kemal

    yeah he is a musterfucka

  • kemal


  • anon

    i think if your in love you shouldnt look embarassed or not be afraid to hide it whether or not your a celebrity. nic ,pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase you can do sooo much better.

  • justin

    when he was the boyfriend of paris hilton then he is a looser because paris is a looser too

  • a

    he was never the bf of paris hilton. engaged to kimberly stewart, the daughter of rod stewart the singer, yes, for one week. I think the lb kids should find a decent acting job, not just hanging around in hollywood. personally, i wouldn’t mind if the lb kids used their few minutes of fame to get good jobs, fine, whatever, become successful, then stay in hollywood because they have a right to.

  • Tamara

    Total bribery! Talan had something on this poor girl and told her to pose with him for an afternoon so he could get his name in the press again.

    She held up her end of the bargain — but made it obvious she wants nothing to do with him. Look at her elbowing him for putting his arm around her. She is repulsed by him!

    There is no relationship!

  • !bitethedustbabi!

    But I do they they have been dating for a while now

  • Amy

    a Says:

    December 22nd, 2006 at 6:30 pm
    he was never the bf of paris hilton. engaged to kimberly stewart, the daughter of rod stewart the singer, yes, for one week. I think the lb kids should find a decent acting job, not just hanging around in hollywood. personally, i wouldn’t mind if the lb kids used their few minutes of fame to get good jobs, fine, whatever, become successful, then stay in hollywood because they have a right to.
    I don’t think they’d be able to get good jobs anyway. Talan got out of high school with a GED which won’t permit most people to colleges, never mind actual jobs. They’re just some spoiled, rich kids that got lucky when dumbass MTV execs thought it’d be a good idea to do a show on their useless asses. The stupid thing is that people my age in high school actually cared to watch that shit. But trust me, in about a year or so, they’ll disappear.
    Nicole is great however. She can sing and dance her ass off. I don’t know what constitutes her to be a “man”, but if working out and staying toned and fit is manly, hell, give me some testosterone. The PCD work hard to have fabulous figures. I don’t think it’s fair that some people can get away with naturally great figures without excercising. The whole “I hate working out and eat like a pig, but still have the body of a supermodel” thing doesn’t impress me.

  • Mikepmc05

    I can’t believe this, again. I hated this guy he such a wanna be player. That show (Laguna Beach) is bull too. Half of the cast are actors, and it is a cheap knockoff of the OC. She deserves so much better. If that Cra**** ever hurts her I’m not goin to keep it in anymore

  • Mikepmc05

    Maybe it’s not Nicole? Some of her features arn’t the same.

  • k*PCDFAN*

    I KNOW she could better than that! She looks embarassed to be with him (the shades, the hood). I HOPE they are just friends, I mean, she can NOT be dating him.

  • purpledaze

    OMG. No! I just hope she won’t regret any of this crap. and that talan dude better behave!!

  • Santeezy

    OH! No no no no no Nicole.

    No NO!

  • Queen Bee

    You’ve got to be f&*king kidding me?! I wouldn’t even give him my number… He must be paying her.

    I would have had more respect for her if she would have been creeping around with P-Diddy.

  • rocher

    oh….i hate him….fck him….nicole…..wat happen to u????

  • Hugonibs

    OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG he must have like ssceen her somewhere and sliped something in her drink and she dosent have her head straight right now lmao


    he’s paying her b/c there is no way some1 can date that
    IT dosent even look human

  • raz


  • raz


  • angelah

    WHAT??????? J@red, are they really?? Nicole couldve answered one of the Chargers players @ the Channel 933 concert (12/6/06).

    Again, please tell me it ain’t so..


    I can’t take
    Seeing you with him
    ‘Cuz I know exactly what you’ll be,
    In his gallery
    It’s just not fair
    And it’s tearing me apart
    You’re just another priceless work of art
    In his gallery


  • nikki

    they have been dating for like 5 months or so now. I have seen pictures of them together back in june lol. Hey if she wants to date him let her. They are both responsbile enough. I think she is trying not to be photographed which a lot of celebs dont like.

  • chicka

    first of all how the heck did they meet eachother?

  • cabyn

    how dare you??? your nothing compared to nick hexum…….(311) you know talan, your only the look alike ass of nick hexum!!!!

    nicole please i beg you!!!! you can doooooo muuuucccchhhhh better!!! so much better!!!

    hey talan or watever y’all are, get away from her you pacca!!!!! hehehe!!!!

    and one more thang, talan get your own life!!!!

    nicole, your my kapamilya!!!! i love you that’s i’m protecting you so please make mabuhay to your life!!!!!!

  • parentaladviZory

    LMAO. whatever floats her boat.

  • Coco Butter

    He must have a big p&*is.


  • Coco Butter

    I;m speechless


  • sonia

    ha ha he is dating nicole?? i’m desappointed dear nicole!! but i don’t know maybe she is a stupid as him so THEY DESRVE EACH OTHER but it would be sad because he is fucking retard
    if this guy can hang out with her it means that everyone can do it