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Beckhams Employs "Santa Cam"

Beckhams Employs

Victoria Beckham gets her kids — Brooklyn, 7, Romeo, 4, Cruz, 20 months — in line by telling Santa is spying on them: “From June or July onwards, I tell them there’s a ‘Santa cam’ in the ceiling. And it really works. They’ll tidy their rooms or do whatever to make sure Santa visits!” Cute!

Pictured: Posh Spice leaving her hotel through the back door, as she heads out for an evening meal in London this past Thursday. Also, Vix shopping in Central London earlier that day.

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  • vic

    i love her!!!

  • me

    ^^^ that’s really extreme. You don’t have to like her, but why wish death on someone’s family. That’s sick!

    I don’t usually like her but the story about the Santa Cam is cute. I feel sorry for the son who has epilepsy. That has to be hard on any mother.

  • celebxposed
  • Vics

    what’s wrong with you…………wishing death on someone………..let alone children…………it’s people like you that makes the world horrible!

  • Denise

    She shouldn’t lie to her children like that. When children are lied to, they learn how to lie.

  • radiogal

    I just wanna know…..does she ever close her mouth???

  • right

    she is much more stylish than A.J.

  • vicki

    wtf?????? who wishes death on anyone, much less children? seek help now.

  • Mary


    so sad.

  • messenger

    Bitch Victoria beckam Says:
    December 23rd, 2006 at 12:19 pm
    I hate she is a bithch she should die in a accident with all of her sons


    never heard something like this.. all the luck to people around you.

  • Drop it like it’s hot

    She looks like a man in the face…. in drag!! must have something good
    because her man is FINE!!…. Two thumbs up Victoria!!

    How he/she raise the children is not any one ‘s business period!!

  • danny

    Bitch Victoria beckam Says:

    December 23rd, 2006 at 12:19 pm
    I hate she is a bithch she should die in a accident with all of her sons


    someone’s in the seasonal festive mood!

  • remember da truth

    Jared, I love your blog and the variety of celebs you put up, whether they are people I enjoy or not. One of the things I love is that you don’t tolerate racism or evil people with sick delusions about these celebs. Please continue to allow us to have an enjoyable place to go for some lighthearted fun by deleting the hateful comments, such as the one above wishing death on Victoria Beckham and her sons — HER SONS!!! This sort of thing should not be tolerated — it is not “free speech”, it is simply vile spoutings of a sick person hiding behind an anonymous blog.

    Thanks, Jared! As always, wishing you and Audrey all the best. Take care.

  • remember da truth

    You are taking things way too seriously and obviously don’t have children. The Tooth Fairy, Santa, Easter Bunny are all LIES and yet harmless rites of childhood. How many parents say that Santa won’t bring them something if they don’t behave? Since Santa IS her husband and herself, anyway, it is not actually a lie that Santa knows what is going on with them.

    Take it easy, get a sense of humor, and lighten up. It’s Christmas, after all – and no matter what you believe, the spirit is the same. Treat people well, spread love, not hate.

  • Sandbitch


    Well said.

  • gossipaddicted

    Merry Xmas Jared…..i wish you great holidays….kiss from Italy

  • Mediterranean

    I wouldn’t wish her and specially her sons death but I would be very happy by not seeing her photos!!!

  • Marta

    I love first outfit.
    but she looks so fake all the time, she tries too hard.

  • vic

    ^^^^ this is how we – europeans – like to dress honey. much different than white trash americans.

  • Drop it like it’s hot

    Hey!!!!! VIC
    Happy Holiday !!! you european cutie!!!!

    American Trash …. Oh yeah

  • Nadine

    wow american trash hahaha okay then… well im not american so really i dont care…

    kinda harsh to wish death on someone common… and her kids?? what did they ever do to you?

    personally, i love vix… she so fashionable and i know everyone is going to be like “fashionable? common!! ” blah blah but she is and you know it… i just gotta say: LEAVE HER ALONE… stop hating on her sheesh

    newho… happy holidays everyone

  • vic

    happy holiday everyone!

    vic – european cutie

  • Jizzball

    Jizzball thinks you don’t know shit about jizzing on skinny bitches!

  • estelle

    She definitly looks like an Alien!! Just as well since its in the grapevine that she is to star in her first “hollywood” film made by Tom Cruise about scientology and wait there…….. AS AN ALIEN!!!!! What a way to start another career! WELL DONE!!

    So what is she famous for? Singer? Nope.. Fashion? Nope…. Now Acting Er… I don’t think so either… Career advice… What about a bronze statue in a public square?

  • Ann

    She is sooooooo fake. Along with her boobs.

  • truth hurts!


  • Ike

    I’d still do her if it didn’t cost me anything.

  • bob dylan

    She has no eyebrows and her face, mainly her forehead is huge. I’m straight and think Beckham is better looking by FAR (I’d rather look him him, then be with her). That said, I wouldn’t think twice about banging her.

  • lala

    you guys hate on her but you’re all so obsessed. if you think shes so ugly and dont wanna look at her photos, then stop..
    shes done a lot for charity and helps a lot of children living in poverty.

  • lol

    Very cute!!! So sweet the kids tiding their rooms to make sure Santa visits!!!

  • I hate Jizzball

    Jizzball you are a twat. Do you post on every single gossip site in cyberspace? You smell like a rat.