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Went Takes a Break Down Under

Went Takes a Break Down Under

First Wentworth Miller sighting in Australia! He recently arrived in Melbourne wearing a red tee and a blue beanie. Went is in town to visit his youngest sister, Leigh, who has been living there for the year.

Went is set to attend a cocktail Sydney Harbor cruise on Wednesday, Dec. 27 to celebrate Foxtel’s new long term deal with the Hollywood studio that makes Prison Break, Rupert Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox. Click on the first thumbnail to read the entire article! Added one random picture. Thanks to everyone who sent this in –

Merry Christmas Eve to everyone who celebrates!

ETA :: One more fan encounter picture below!

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  • Mike

    Is he gay ?

  • wentyfan

    why do u think that??

  • Mike

    because in france in some mag he said that

  • Wet For Went

    LOL, You’re welcome Jared! Always happy to spread the Holiday Cheer! He has on RED!!!

  • Nadine

    haha… i dont think he’s gay, but who knows he could be… theres nothing wrong with that…. anywho… merry christmas to anyone who celebrates… happy holidays!

  • julia

    Thanks for all your hard work. You’re simply The Best.

  • wvufan

    He looks happy…I like him in red…Merry Christmas Wentworth and thanks JJ for the update

  • Jackie

    this is the best gift (wentworth miller) ever JJ ,i was starting to wonder about him

  • Wents#1Fan

    He looks good in red. I was looking for a Wenty fix and thankfully found it here. Thanks JJ!

  • wentyfan

    wuhahah and u believe that shit in that magazine. I’ve read so much about him..and there is not one proof that he can be a gay…there are some stupid people who think he’s a gay because he’s still single..

  • dewt

    very average looking!!!!!!! nothing special at all

  • meemee

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures of Went down under!

    He looks adorable in that beanie :)

  • Melissa

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

  • jodi

    Ok 1 Went is gay. I went to College with him and knew the guy he was dating. 2) Who cares even if he wasn’t none of you would have a chance with him anyway.

  • Softspoken

    Wentworth is so cute!! He looks really jolly. I hope he has a blast in Australia. We’ll be waiting for him when he comes back home to Los Angeles. Happy Holidays to everyone including you Jared (you rock!!) and I hope everyone has a smash’n New Year !!!!!

  • Kristi

    Wentworth is gorgeous as usual. I dont think he is gay, so what if he is single. He is hot hot hot!!!

  • Kendra

    C’mon leave the poor guy alone. His sexual preference doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he’s a great actor working on a fantastic show. He seems nice to his fans and he’s as hot as hell. What more do we need? Merry Christmas to all!

  • jodi

    Guys I’m telling you he is gay. I went to Princeton and knew his boyfriend but like Kendra says who cares he is a great actor working on a great show as for what he does with the rest of his life it’s no one’s business plus none of us ever have a chance with him so perhaps you all should get a life and leave the poor man to just live his in peace! If you were really a fan of his that is what you would do respect his privacy.

  • kmillz


  • MP

    I’ve seen a couple of articles on him lately and they think he is hooking up with girls. So there’s always rumors its either guys or girls. Just forget whatever he chooses. And yay I’ll see him in Sydney on Wednesday.

  • mah87

    What a nice christmas i ever heard. We are not supposed to talking abt him being gay etc.. Shut up to everyone who think he is.. I really dont think he is.. As how brag he want to find a love and have kids.

    I hope he is enoying his time in australia (where i am at) LOL…

  • Mike

    Who knows he could be gay , sometimes the mag say the truth and for see what’s the truth or a lie just Michael can confirm that, but I’ve never said I believe in those mags

  • Missy

    Dude! Its summer here right now and its freakin hot! Take the beanie off! :P Can’t believe he’s in Oz, that’s so cool!! I never thought he’d ever come here. I will have to make my way to Syd to find him!!

  • Enchanteress

    mah87 you were kind of rude. If we feel we think Went is gay we are allowed to voice our opinion without being told to shut up. We aren’t bad mouthing him we are just stating what we think. You need to be a little more tolerant and let people express their opinios without being rude. We aren’t rude to those who think he is straight. Just becasuse we think he maybe gay doesn’t mean we don’t respect and love him as an actor. Grow up mah87

  • cel

    Hi everyone! funny to read you, IS Wentworth gay or not? I don’t care. This man brings me a lot by his serious sens of work and his personality, it’s always a pleasure to discover an interview of him and his acting work.

  • marissa zaria

    does anyone know what his sister looks like? am really curious. what with went being mixed race and gorgeous and all..

  • danni

    i read about Went coming into town last week!! couldnt believe my eyes when i saw it on the news though!! hahaha i might have to go down to the harbour with my camera on wednesday JUST incase i happen to bump into him!! :) *fingers crossed* i at least get a tiny glimps of him -xoxo-

    PS: merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I don’t care too if he’s gay !

  • That girl

    Gorgeous new pic of Went and all people can talk about is “is he gay”? LOL Thank you, Jared! Merry Christmas!

  • Tiki

    I’m sorry but I just don’t believe Jodi. Miss so called I went to Princeton and is so desperate to get people to believe her that she posted here twice. Don’t believe that she went to Princeton or any other college. Don’t believe she graduated high-school for that matter. Plus you contradicted yourself. If you were a fan, you would respect his privacy but you are on here blabbing his “business”. Or the PC who cares statement but you are on here yapping away. You definitely didn’t go to Princeton. Very sad that you are so desperate for attention. If you went to Princeton why don’t you post some pics on a myspace page or something.

    Everyone else, gay or straight, sit back relax and enjoy the pics. The debate can rage on but it is useless until he actually “comes out” and says something. Anyone can claim to be someone who knew him on the internet (one of the most annoying side effects of the net) or knew his bf or whatever (she actually didn’t know Went from her statement, she just says she knew the bf). for all anyone knows this guy could be the 40 year-old virgin (or in this case the 34 year-old virgin).

  • angie

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY WELL SAID PREECH TIKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that will keep the 34 yr. oldS “that went 2 princeton w/ went” 2 stop posting lies!!!!!!

  • Mink

    *shakes head* So, do they teach employing an almost total lack of punctuation at Princeton then? Interesting. Anyway, just to say, the newspaper scan should be credited to Brooke at the Church.

  • Jewel

    Tiki…. ITA!

  • Mike

    Merry Christmas all !!!!

  • Tiki Lover

    i agree with Tiki.

    I was wondering the same thing – this jodi comes here and berates people for not respecting his privacy and throws in the PC line of “who cares” and all the while she is here blabbing on and on about his private business (which i agree, sounds totally made up!)

  • homegrown aussie

    Does anybody have a pic of his sister, Leigh? Because i used to live in Melbourne and by an off chance may have seen her around.

  • neeza

    hey there .. check this out …. fan encounter

    he’s soooo nice ….

  • meemee

    I just read the link. I wish I was in her shoes!

    I think if that was me, I would be so nervous! He seems to be such a nice guy and he is good to his fans. He acted so graciously! So sweet

    That Starbucks bear is soo cute. How thoughtful of her to give him one!

  • J

    Oh my i guess she saw his sister and possibly his family too.What a super lucky girl. :)

  • cel

    I’m agree with you Tikki, good answer to this Jodie who’s in contradiction.merry xmas from France to everybody!!!

  • Jodi

    OK I did go to Princeton. Thank you very much. Your just jealous that I have a connection with him. I do respect his privacy I’m defending him and what he believes in and am now done with this website seeing as how the intellegence on it is very low. Wet For Went that’s just a disgusting name ( get a life). This web site has gone trashy. I’m taking my intellegence somewhere else. As for as posting Princeton pic at my space. I don’t do my space I tend to view that as a trend for younger kids.

    Due to all the rudeness on this site you will never see my Princeton pic which I have good ones bye the way!!

    Happy lusting over a man you will never have!!!!

  • Enchantress

    Hey Jodi. I believe you! I’m with you I’m not longer visiting this web site either or at least leaving comments it’s like having a battle of wits with the unarmed. Wet for Went that’s just white trashy! Jared I love your site but I really think you need a moderator for the comments! I saw some pic with Went tbe other day with a fan and people were goin on and on about her being ugly. That’s just rude! What the hell kind of fans does Went have apparently not very nice! I’m jumping ship with you Jodi and personally would love to see your pics.

  • Cole


    Just a thought you need a moderator on your site for the comments people are down right mean to one another. Just a suggestion. I’d be happy to help you out if you go that route as I am a mod on a few other sites!

  • Araw

    Oh no if that happens alot fo people won’t be coming here.That’s what’s so good about this site you can say what you want without being censored what’s the point of even coming here if the site turns in that direction.

  • kmillz

    Like I told my friend Wentworth is not gay, he’s just corny. lol and i mean that in the nicest way. He’s soft, shy , and sensitive. He dresses a little princetonish. He likes to stay home and watch movies for hours, doesn’t like clubs because well they don’t exactly play classical music which he loves. He’s an all around great person and if that makes him gay then dammit i’m gay too.

    Jodi= Enchantress- stop agreeing with yourself.

    Tiki well said she seems way too desperate to prove he’s something that he hasn’t come out and said. Jodi just looks like a fool.

  • kmillz

    Oh and cole, you are a moderator on other sites? how much time do you have on your hands?

  • Softspoken

    That girl is sooo lucky!!! Hey girl that met Went, If your in this site and happen to read this post just would like you to know that you are so lucky oh what were his companions doing while you talked to him? did they have starbucks too or was it just Went? He actually went back to starbucks for pens to sign autographs for fans??!!! That makes him even hotter!!! LOL. I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him… Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  • tugce

    note to jodi – a princeton graduate has sophistication, coolness and more class when handling arguments like this. i dont see any of that in you, try harder.=)

  • meemee

    To Jodi,

    You opened the way for argument when you said Went is gay and knew the person he dated. You then ended your post saying that “That none of us will have a chance with him anyway” . Did you think your comments were not going to start something? I am not going to say whether I believe you or not, but you definitely opened that door for argument, whether that was your intention or not.

  • http://deleted Hiya!

    I’ve been thinking Wentworth Miller is gay. If not, how could Mariah Carey let this gorgeous man slip thru her fingers? She would have been on him like white on rice… like yesterday! I think Wentworth is beautiful because he is so different-looking. He’s not handsome in the way that we think of typically handsome men or models, but he’s unique and his eyes are really spectacular. He has eyes that could knock me out. His gaze is amazing!

    However, if he is gay, I won’t hate him, I just can’t get “that” into him. It’s a block for me. I’ve never been truly attracted to a gay man… or at least a man that I knew was gay.

    It’s funny though. I think half the men in Hollywood are gay. A lot of the big-time male stars of years past were either gay or bisexual. I think most of us would be shocked to learn the truth about these stars.