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Brad & Angelina's Costa Rican Christmas

Brad & Angelina's Costa Rican Christmas

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were all smiles as they spent Christmas day with a Colombian refugee family in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. Angelina said, “We had a marvelous Christmas Day with the Costa Rican people and the families of the Colombian refugees that we met. My Christmas message to Colombian refugees and to the millions of displaced people in Colombia is that the world has not totally forgotten them.” Read all about Brad and Angelina‘s Christmas adventure after the jump!

UPDATE :: Added a picture of Brad and Angie enjoying a breakdancing performance by a group of young Colombian refugees.

Angelina Jolie and her boyfriend Brad Pitt spent Christmas Day with Colombian refugees in Costa Rica, as part of the actress’ work as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Jolie and Pitt arrived Monday and visited a group of refugee children and families and to meet Costa Rican officials, the refugee agency, known as the UNHCR, said in a statement. There are about 11,500 refugees in this Central American country, most of whom fled Colombia because of the conflict there between leftist guerrillas, soldiers and paramilitary forces.

“We had a marvelous Christmas Day with the Costa Rican people and the families of the Colombian refugees that we met,” the Oscar-winning actress said in a statement released by the UNHCR.

Jolie and Pitt gave presents to young refugees in the capital, San Jose, and they later with representatives of the Costa Rican government.

Jolie earlier in the day described the conflict in Colombia as “the greatest humanitarian tragedy in the Western Hemisphere” that receives little international attention.

“My Christmas message to Colombian refugees and to the millions of displaced people in Colombia is that the world has not totally forgotten them.”

An estimated three million Colombians have been forced from their homes by more than two decades of armed conflict, and most are internally displaced, essentially refugees in their own country.

Another 500,000 have fled to other countries of the region. Together, the press statement said, they make up the largest single population of concern to UNHCR anywhere in the world.

Jolie will visit several small businesses set up by refugees in San Jose with help from micro-loans from the U.N. agency. She also called for greater acceptance of refugees, who are often stigmatized.

UNHCR said this was Jolie‘s second trip to the region since she became a goodwill ambassador for the refugee agency in 2001, noting that she went to Ecuador in 2002 and later wrote a personal journal of her meetings with Colombian refugees in that country.

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  • Missouri Fan

    First!! Thanks Jared & Audrey for the new thread!! Love this couple Brad & Angie!!! the humanitarian couple!!!

  • Grace

    Thanks for the very best updates and photos Jared and Audrey!!

  • Missouri Fan

    They are relax , happy and supportive for each other.
    Thanks Fiona for the link & Belated Merry Christmas!!

  • lola

    she’s lookin’ a lil’ skinny i hope she will not fall in the “too skinny” category…but good 4 them for helping ppl

  • kk1

    Thanks, you two as usual are the very best with new posts. Brad and Angelina just “complete” each other. They both look so happy. They are so supportive of each other. No one else in Angelina’s life, not JV, JLM, BBT, or JHV have ever supported her or traveled with her as Brad does. This is what love is all about.

  • merrymerry
  • thank jared

    Her necklace is beautiful. So happy to see them spending their time with others less fortunate.

  • merrymerry

    I’ll bet her necklace is a christmas present from her Man!!

  • Original Curious

    WOW! I didn’t expect this when I came by for a late night check in! Thanks JJ! Just beautiful. Great way to end the day.

  • kk1

    to lola says:

    I think she might have lost a little weight for AMH as MPearl says in her book that she was a thin pregnant woman with all that occurred in her life. Angelina and Brad have always been willing to make changes in their appearances for roles. Her smile is just radiant when she is in the field for her UN work, and having Brad partner with her has to make her even happier. He is a standup standby your side guy, and Angelina stated just that at TGS premiere.

  • thanks jared

    Does anyone know how many days they plan on spending in Costa Rica since they are away from the kids right now, atleast that’s what I am assuming is the case? I don’t think both of them have ever gone anywhere together without the kids before for more than a day.

  • RBT

    That’s sweet of them. They always seem to smile the most in pics like these.

  • ShimmeringDew

    The smiles are “true” not staged thats the best – Great update b4 I am off to bed! :)

  • Beeloved

    Jared!!! Thanks!!! :)
    i just love this site……. how we get 1st news on our favourite family. :)

  • merrymerry

    I’m sure the kids are there with them.

  • kk1

    I believe that the kids are with them, probably back at their hotel. Remember Angelina said in one of her interviews for TGS that they would have Christmas morning with the kids, and then also that they would spend time Christmas Day with some other people.

  • ploypaphat

    Brad&Angie are so lovely :)
    Thanks GOD, they found each other!!!!

    BTW, Thanks Jared and Audrey :D

  • Helen

    so cute! thx for the photos

  • thanks jared

    kk1 Says:

    December 26th, 2006 at 3:07 am
    I believe that the kids are with them, probably back at their hotel. Remember Angelina said in one of her interviews for TGS that they would have Christmas morning with the kids, and then also that they would spend time Christmas Day with some other people.


    Oh yeah, I forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me. I don’t know why but I got the impression that the kids were not with them. Now I remember Angelina mentioning something in her recent interivew that the kids would be going with them. I guess they’ll be spending a while in Costa Rica.

    Don’t shoot daggers, but I was so excited to hear the rumor they were going to the Caribbeans. I know they love traveling but they’ve been looking tired lately from all the work in India and the flying. I was hoping for some pictures of the family on the beach playing and the kids playing in the sand. But these pics work too. :)

  • Sandy

    They look so happy and content togerher. The great love for each other can be seen in their eyes. And they find time to help other people duting those beautiful holidays. They are such a perfect family!!!!

    LOVE BAMZS!!!!!!!

  • ?

    wasn’t Brad in Costa Rica earlier this year scoping out something? Maybe they have a place there.

  • thanks jared

    I don’t if it was Coast Rica he went to, but I do remember Brad going somewhere while Angelina was in Paris with the kids, and he was with two architects.

  • Beeloved

    i love how both of them are not only supportive but of one heart and mind about the things that really matters.

  • berry

    Didn’t lainey gossip say that they were going to Costa Rica. All the haters say she is full of shit, but comes up with truth everytime.

  • j.o.j

    They could have spent Christmas in their multi-million dollar mansion and surrounded themselves with material goods but instead they went out of their way to bring joy and love to people who really need it. The world needs more people like Brad and Ang.

  • NaNa

    It looks like what we see is the picture of them visiting the small business set up by refugees. Here is my observation of the pictures:
    1, Look at the third picture, Angie is holding the woman’ hand – love Angie for her compassion. I think it is good to know what kind of business refugees run to survive. Last time Angie provided sawing machines to refugees women to them to earn. Someone said it is good if you can provide some necessary items, but it is better if you can provide means for them to work on and stand by their own feet.
    2. ITA about Angie and Brad looking alike. Actually if you compare their features by each feature, it is different – she has larger eye with different shape and same for lips – but overall they give similar vibration and same facial expression.
    3. I think Angie is wearing the same cloths she wore for the GMA interview.

    About visiting refugees in Christmas time, a pastor of my church told us at Christmas day that people mistreat and misunderstand Christmas. Christmas is time to think about less fortunate people and share joy with them, but people consider Christmas purely for a special day exchanging presents among family members. It is good to get together with family members and share joy but the problem is that we do not think about others who really need presents. My son thinks Christmas is a time for him getting presents from his parents, and he is so set in this idea that it is very difficult to ask him to share his time and money for less fortunate people.

  • kk1

    Brad went to the Dominican Republic from Paris for a few days, this is where TGS had filmed in January and Angelina announced that Shiloh was on her way.

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country, and many from the US are now visiting and even living there.

  • jq

    thanks jared Says:

    December 26th, 2006 at 3:22 am
    I don’t if it was Coast Rica he went to, but I do remember Brad going somewhere while Angelina was in Paris with the kids, and he was with two architects.


    He was in Dominican not Costa Rica before.

  • em

    There are so many conflicts in the world and one of the major by product are the refugees’ strife and survival. It must always be so inspiring and grounding for Angie and Brad to listen to their stories of hardships to escape atrocities from their own country and yet their spirits unbroken as they start new lives in a different country.
    Angie and Brad celebrated Christmas in its true essence-family and helping others.

  • ME

    They are so giving and I love BAMZS.

  • mj

    They look so happy and relaxed. Not loving the “blonde” hair on her. I prefer the brunette but as long as Brad’s happy…

    I do think she’s looking might skinny. Eat some beans, girl.

  • kat

    UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt make holiday visit to Colombian refugees in Costa Rica

    SAN JOSE, Costa Rica, Dec. 25 (UNHCR) – Although the streets of San José were quiet on Christmas Day, one bakery in the Costa Rican capital stayed open and did good business all morning. But there was one cake the bakery’s owner, James, would not sell to anyone.

    The 29-year old Colombian refugee had made the cake for his “special guests,” UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt, who stopped in his bakery on a Christmas Day visit to refugees in San José.

    “I was a baker in Colombia and when I first arrived here I sold my pastries in the streets,” explained James, who was able to open his shop with the help of a micro-credit scheme through UNHCR.

    “Having the bakery has really made a difference, it has helped us to turn the corner,” he added, constantly interrupted by his two sons – 9-year old Luis Miguel and his little brother Oscar – who were keen to tell Angelina about their Christmas presents.

    “It’s great what you have done with your shop,” Jolie told him. “I’m glad the micro-credit helped you.”

    Costa Rica is home to more than 11,500 refugees – 10,000 of them victims of the armed conflict in Colombia. The vast majority live in large cities around the country and micro-credits are used by the UN refugee agency to help them integrate into their urban settings.

    Three million people have been displaced by the conflict in Colombia itself. Another 500,000 have fled to other countries of the region. Together, they make up the largest single population of concern to UNHCR anywhere in the world. It is the Western Hemisphere’s biggest humanitarian tragedy.

    “It is especially shocking that such a tragedy can go on, year after year, with the rest of the world paying so little attention to it,” said Ms Jolie. “My Christmas message to Colombian refugees and to the millions of displaced people in Colombia is that the world has not totally forgotten them.”

    After handing out Christmas presents to refugee children and their families, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt watched a group of young Colombian refugees, Parceros, perform a dance routine to traditional – and not so traditional – Colombian music.

    After the dancing, the couple chatted with the performers and heard about the problems they are facing. Costa Rica has a long humanitarian tradition, but across the region Colombian refugees increasingly are being stigmatised for the very violence from which they fled.

    “We are automatically associated with bad things – crime, delinquency, drug trafficking – but people never think of us as victims of the conflict,” one of the young performers explained. “They never think, maybe this person, this refugee, had to leave everything behind to come here.”

    “It’s been sad for me to hear so many negative stories that show confusion between refugees, who are the victims of the conflict, and some criminal elements,” Jolie said, adding that there was a need for greater tolerance and solidarity toward refugees around the world.

    “On behalf of UNHCR, we thank the government and the people of Costa Rica for their continued support for all victims of persecution and conflict,” she later told the country’s Labour Minister, Francisco Morales, as well as the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edgar Ugalde, and Interior Minister Ana Duran.

    “Colombian refugees are very dynamic and enthusiastic,” agreed Labour Minister Morales. “They have good business skills and they have certainly contributed to make our economy stronger. Everyone in this country has eaten Colombian bread or worn Colombian-made clothes, or has had his hair cut by a Colombian hairdresser.”

    UNHCR works closely with the government of Costa Rica to protect refugees and help their integration.

    “We have been concerned about the country’s current migration law and its implications for refugees and we are pleased the government is now reforming it and is willing to re-establish a separate Refugee Department,” Jozef Merkx, UNHCR Representative in Costa Rica, told the Goodwill Ambassador.

    “We had a wonderful Christmas here with the Costa Rican people and refugee families,” Jolie said as she prepared to leave.

    Carlos, a 45-year-old Colombian refugee responded: “We know what you have been doing for us. Thank you for being here with us today and thank you for all your work,” he shouted as he waved goodbye.

    It was Angelina Jolie’s first visit to the region for UNHCR since she went to Ecuador in 2002, a year after she became Goodwill Ambassador for the refugee agency.

    By Marie-Helene Verney in San José

  • cherylcc

    this is amazing, this family is what is needed in this world that can be so cold and harsh for poor people. i’m not religious but brad and angelina have made me believe in the goodness of people and being kind . Let’s be good for goodness sakes. I also like that they have no religious agenda which is refreshing because not everyone is so bent on trying to spread some religious advent. bless their giving hearts.

  • Beeloved

    Thanks Kat for further report from UNHCR. :)

  • ritzygal

    Well first of all, THANK GOD they are not in South Africa with Oprah. (I don’t know why I sort of believed that one.)

    Secondly, I have to give it up to them for what looks like a seamless blend of their two lives. Obviously it makes sense that they stay in the hemisphere because he was working right up until Christmas and has to be back in NO just after the new year. Given those restrictions, the trip to Costa Rica is so very smart.

    Thirdly, I LOVE COSTA RICA! I haven’t spent too much time in San Jose; most of my time has been spent on the beautiful coast. Costa Rica has some of the most beatiful beaches in the world. Not to mention jungles. I always visit the cloud forests when i’m there. Ok, enough of that.

    Fourth–don’t they both look good in white. Reminds me of the Bogota scene. Hey, Bogota ain’t that far away. :)

    Finally, I hope she appreciates what she has in him. All the recent press would indicate she does, but sometimes we all take our partners for granted and that would be such a tragedy in this case because he is truly putting her first and foremost in his life. (Even above the kids, IMO.)

    Somebody said in the other thread that they were safe in the belief that Angelina would be living her life exactly the same way were she not with Brad. I think that’s a no-brainer–of course she would.

    The real question is if Brad would be, and the answer to that is No. So to see him here, not just accompanying her to Costa Rica but taking an active part in her other job is really amazing of him, I think.

    Just as I thought happened, Angelina said they spent a lot of time thinking about whether they should be together. I’m sure she laid it all out for him and probably made it sound really unappealing (just to see if he would stick).

    Well, he has and looks really content doing it.

    So I say good for him; good for them. This has been a crazy year and I sincerely hope–and I mean this–that they have many more crazy years to come.

    A belated Merry Christmas to all who celebrated, and a Happy New Year to all!

  • cherylcc

    I heard that Oprah rumor too. I never believed it because Oprah may be real in her philanthropic effrots, she also has a tv show to sell and magazine and radio program etc. so she may seem not so genuine on some levels. but Brad and Angelina seems more real and commited about their causes. keep up the good deeds Brad and Angie.

  • missouri girl


  • kk1

    Thanks for the kind thoughts. I have been a long time fan of both Brad and Angelina, and I agree with you that Brad truly looks content and happy, and totally supportive of Angelina’s activities, including the UN and her love of travel. It’s as if they have both found whatever essentials were previously missing in their lives in each other, and have been able to somehow communicate and meld together to form this formidable couple and family. They have managed to achieve an amazing balance, a framework that provides mutual respect, space and support for both individuals within the relationship. I too hope they have many “crazy” years together, because they are certainly an extraordinary couple.

  • missouri girl

    She is getting to skinny. I have been there its hard to gain weight for us tall, lanky, high metabolism kinda gals.

  • Orchid

    No, lurker2, she’s the UN’s goodwill ambassador!

  • Orchid

    Forgot to add. I think Angelina looks perfect. Not too thin at all, as long as she doesn’t lose any more weight. She looks just beautiful.

  • kk1

    to lurker2 says:

    Mission of the seven UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassadors-
    “By effectively using their privileged access to mass media and other resources to give a voice to refugees, UNHCR’s Goodwill Ambassadors communicate the message of respect and compassion for refugees to the general public in a uniquely powerful way”

    Angelina is effectively carrying out her duties. What are you doing to help?

  • Drop it like it’s hot

    In every life time there are the unique, here are two they are a force together.
    I believe they will be talked about for many many many years.
    Love them or Hate them they will leave their mark on this earth.

    We call it Legends in our own time. I LOVE IT (big big smile)

  • Z and Shi are so cute!

    Angelina looks a bit too skinny here. I don’t think she really did try to lose baby weight like the celeb magazine once reported, but, taking care of three small kids can make you lose weight, I guess! I’m sure she’ll gain a little bit more weight soon.

    I love Angelina and Brad. They look so good together. And Shiloh is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen in my life. They seem to be one of the role models in 21st century, because they are out there, doing good things. I don’t think it’s easy to do, even if you have fame and money. It’s not like you have to do it, they’re doing it because they like to help others in need. I envy Angelina so much.

  • http://UK merry christmas


    Thank you for your post,I am not saying this to suck up to you or anything,but because it was a good one.people here are always saying everyone needs to move on and they alway admit that Angelina jolie is not perfect,she has made some mistakes but has come out of it stronger,so that is why we don’t get it when people keep bringing her past as if Brad didn’t know before he decided to be with her,so it is nice to read something from you which you have observed between Brad Angelina.

    I don’t know how long it will last with you but I just hope people will move on.As you can see BAZMS have been wishing all fans good or bad a merry christmas,even you are wishing us a belated merry christmas,which shows that to those who believe in God,we inheritated some qualities from God,forgiveness and love to name a few.Thank you and peace.

  • kiki

    Many thanks Jared for the new pics! That’s why we love this family, they use their fame for good causes, and this is the task of Angie as a UN goodwill ambassador, if someone wants to question this trip. Angie has always been taking her official role very seriously, and Brad is supporting her all the way, kudos to them!

  • remember da truth

    This is wonderful — what a great family. She’s mentioned Columbia a couple of times in the past few months, and I’m sure it’s been on her mind and this is what was planned, to come visit these refugees the rest of the world has forgotten. Everybody talks about Africa, but South America gets forgotten. There’s a reason why we have so many immigrants from thee countries!

    Funny how they said they’d be in the Caribbean and everyone thought that’s where they were, but they were here all along. Until they release the photos, no one knows where they are. I”m glad they already had their Christmas celebration in Springfield — LOVE how even her brother and mother were there!! Jane Pitt must really love Angie to have her brother there, too!

  • remember da truth

    LOVE your post. Thanks for taking the time to write that. I agree that the compassion Brad and Angie are showing is the best expression of Christ’s love on His special day. This is why when people say she’s not Christian, I have to laugh. Because she doesn’t sit in a pew every Sunday and spout Bible verses in judgement of others does not mean she’s not Christian. She is open to all religions, which is about love and getting to God whatever way works for you, and she is more Christian in reality than many who claim to be Christian.

    What I love about her work with the refugees is that she doesn’t throw money at them, like so many haters suggest that she do. Instead, she meets with them, talks with them, and then finds out how to best help them to HELP THEMSELVES. That is why they are so grateful adn happy around her, too, and speak so well of her afterward. She does not see them as charity cases, weak, unable to take care of themselves. She allows them their pride and dignity while helping, and makes a greater impact by giving them something that they can use over and over to grow with. She has shown people how to irrigate, and given equipment for them to do so, rather than just give them food. That kind of thing is immeasurably powerful.

    I have such a happy feeling looking at these pictures! So glad Fiona gave them to Jared, and as usual, jared and audrey were RIGHT ON IT and got them to us! Thank you all of you!

  • remember da truth

    Thank you, Kat for that article. I love how the foreign press are able to write about Jolie and Pitt without getting salacious!!

    Also want to clarify to NaNa that I know you weren’t bringing in Christianity to your post, that was me, but when you mentioned Angie’s compassion and the true essence of Christmas, that’s what I was referring to.

    I think she might be skinny, but not deliberately. I think she’s been working too much and it seems that this kind of work is the most relaxing for her. Perhaps she’ll be fat and sassy come spring if she gets some winter time off to just be with her family adn help others.

  • remember da truth

    Angie or Brad said something about the whole family there in Springfield, Marcheline and James included. The Pitt family did not only have Angie and Brad and the kids, but invited her family members as well. There were there for five days.