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Daniel Craig: Best. Bond. Ever.

Daniel Craig: Best. Bond. Ever.

Congratulations Casino Royale for becoming the highest grossing James Bond film to date! Daniel Craig certainly has earned his title of “Best Bond Ever” with his movie’s worldwide total reaching a whopping $448 million (that’s $17 million better than Pierce Brosnan‘s Die Another Day).

Other pictures include Daniel Craig in 2003′s The Mother and 2004′s Layer Cake (co-starring Sienna Miller). And one random black and white pic for you to enjoy!

Check out the video below of Daniel Craig being interviewed by UK’s Michael Parkinson for Casino Royale. Part II is after the jump!

Daniel Craig interviewed by UK’s Michael Parkinson – Part I

Daniel Craig interviewed by UK’s Michael Parkinson – Part II
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  • elizabeth

    I’m really, really, REALLY digging Daniel these days! Casino Royale was excellent, can’t wait for DVD extras! *slurp*

  • Helen

    WOW!!! Yay for Daniel Craig. Agree about him being the best Bond!!!

  • Shan

    what did he say about Angelina Jolie? I didn’t quite catch it.

  • Ann

    Congratulations to Daniel Craig!!!He is really the best Bond!He is a great actor!

  • Original jpf

    Congrat’s, and I hear the movie is great, and DC is yummy, I will ALWAYS love Sean “like wine” Connery first and last.


  • Krista

    I have never really liked DC until I saw him as James Bond. The movie was amazing :).

  • anonymous
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Good Bond.. The Most Physical.. And by far The Most Ugly Bond Ever

  • oh please

    no doubt this bond was going to be the highest grossing Bond, EVERY Bond film is going to be the Best, No matter what Actor they would of got. with all the stunts and movie magic it would have been a hit. they could use harry potter next year as bond, with bigger stunts, more stunts! and more money to spend that movie would end up being the best

    how can u compare Deniel’s movie to Pierce’s. thats like comparing Pierce Brosnan’s 2002 Bond to Sean Connery’s 1962 Bond.

  • Wet For Went

    I liked him in Layer Cake. I may just have to see this Bond flick.

  • 007

    Roger Moore was the best Bond.


    I didn”t saw the movie yet !

  • http://deleted Eh

    I’m really sorry guys and gals, but I just don’t find him attractive physically. Oh yea, his bod is great, but his face doesn’t do it for me. He’s just not handsome. He looks too weathered and he doesn’t have enough suave. He’s quite athletic, but it’s not enough for me. He’s blond. If he’s blond, he should be more beautiful to make up for it.

  • Susie

    He has brought sexy back…

  • Estelle

    Thank JJ for this thread, I can not wait to see him in more movie. The best Bond ever, we now can say : “Sean Connery who?” hahahaha.

    The rest of the Bonds are still being compare to Sean Connery, while DC is on his own. Sweet!

  • vic

    i think i am in love with him!!!!

  • Newbie

    I’m not a fan of bond movies but Daniel Craig was excellent as bond, i didn’t like him before watching this one but in Casino Royale he was really good and makes a great bond!

  • hello

    Wow he was BRILLIANT in LAYER CAKE.

    great actor who can do action roles without coming off as a fake like
    tom cruise and mel gibson. VERY hard to do.


    Gay. James Gay.

  • gia… whatever happened to those people? Talk about eating your words!

    He is the hottest man. Ever. I saw him in The Mother this past weekend, and even scruffy like he was in that role he still embodied an extraordinary sensuality.

  • Margaret

    Susie hahah i soo second that!

  • Rosy

    A Delicious Man.. a fabulous actor.. a great guy.. looking forward to seeing all his other work..

  • Mia

    What are the urls for the Parkinson interview on You Tube? I keep doing a search for daniel craig and parkinson and get no results.

    Please help Just Jared.

    Thanks heaps

  • me

    This is the Bond I pictured when I read the novels. Bond is brutal yet conflicted. This is it.

  • lola

    AT first I was a bit sceptical like many about a blond bond, but when I watched it, I fell like a tone of bricks, now am a die hard Daniel Craig fan and looking for his earlier works. He has a different sexiness and he is super cool. For th first time, am glad I was sooooooooo wrong.

  • Mark

    The guy has no eyebrows, how can you trust a guy without eyebrows? He looks like a “bad guy.” The James Bond film was great – great writing, but he’s NO BOND. – - grow some eyebrows first, bra. – -THEN…. you can be Bond.

  • Sandra

    THANK´S Just Jared for publishing all these wonderful stuff (pics, video etc) of Daniel Craig who I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!

    /Sandra Sweden!

  • Keeping the British end up

    Those who say he’s the best Bond…… Bullshit, you’re either a Yank or this is the 1st Bond film you’ve seen. He’s alright, he may even grow in the role but he’s got a long way to go…… very long. If you love the books and love this guy, maybe you read Harry Potter or something, because you’ve clearly read the wrong books.

  • elen

    i loved casino royale ,and daniel craig is the best bond,his eyes are so blue and beautiful!

  • NC

    Never, never, never! Sean is, was and always will be the best Bond. I don’t find this guy handsome at all, at all. Sexy? Nope, no way. You guys can have the newest one all to yourselves. We who know the best will take Sean. Oh, yes!

  • Steph

    British box office has been leading international receipts for Casino Royale. So I’d say the Brits are pretty happy w/ this Bond.

    When I read the book I couldn’t even picture any of the other Bonds as *Bond*. And when I saw the movie I totally fell for him. He’s so sexy in the movie! Not the most handsome guy, but definitely sexy.

  • Ashlee Bashlee

    I love him as Bond. He’ so freakin sexy.

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Daniel Craig makes my heart melt! Seeing him in ‘Casino Royale’ made me appreciate the Bond series more! Love, love, love him!

  • impissed

    i cannot believe the hotness that is Mr Julian McMahon (NipTuck) was passed over for this role. I heard its because he was too old….WHAT?!!! DC has gorgeous eyes but really…he looks like the damn crypt keeper compared to julian.



  • Candace

    “crypt keeper” lol

    I’ve always disliked James Bond movies, just not my cup of tea… I normally only watch documentaries actually… but I want to see this film specifically because Mr. Craig is in it

    He is ridiculously sexy

  • Darcey

    Leaving everyone’s types aside, Daniel Craig acted the role very well. Bond was sexy and confident and conflicted about a life as a spy. The fights left cuts and bruises. There was no camp. By far the best Bond. And the only one I loved before this was the original Casino Royale with George Lazenby. Daniel Craig will become a force to be reckoned with. And that body! Finally, a Bond with a hot body. Can’t wait for Bond to seduce a gay spy in the next film. lol

  • Exile

    I’ll bet “oh please”, “Keeping the British end up”, “Eh”, “Impissed” and “Fug Face Maniaston” are either the same person or those DCnB losers.

    >>And the only one I loved before this was the original Casino Royale with George Lazenby.

    George Lazenby starred in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” not “Casino Royale” spoof.

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  • jimmy

    james- dah-link..glad to see you made it ok. Now, be a dear and pour me a drink! shaken and stirred!! LOL!!

  • james

    “Oh, the things I do for England” LOL!

  • jimmy

    oh ha ha ha h aha!
    I had another back up to this back up but no one will find us herre~!
    OHHHHHHH Jamesssssssssssssss!
    LOL !LOL!
    anyway, good. lets go back. read my post. lets see if you can get it…

  • james

    Jimmy, I see on the Alpha thread that we have been “discovered.” So I’m just hoping you will come straight here without saying anything on the “Interview” thread, because if you say anything there she will start searching for clues as to where to find us next if she hasn’t found this thread already. So I am “telepathically” trying to tell you to come straight here without leaving any messages on our previous thread. It’s early this morning but I’m going to be off most of the day. I’ll be back on later tonight. I hope I will find you here later! We can try to figure something else out then.

  • jimmy

    james – i am here-are you sure? I am going to check and be back in 1 sec. I left you 3 messages on the interview.

  • jimmy

    james- no i don’t think so. unless i did not read something- all the posts up to now…it is fine. she would have left a message on the Interview thread, or on the alpha thread blabbing to the world where were are- no…i think we are fine….
    what gave you that idea?

  • jimmy

    all is ok and good. last thread is safe, i am telling you-
    She would be blabbing to the world if she found us. She would not keep it quiet. She would want to cause as much trouble and bs as possible. she would have left a message on the old thread.

  • jimmy

    james- we will stay here then and post. but it all is ok. also, if you were referring to the post about katy’s blue ink color, that WAS eve posting that question- how does she get her ink blue, but that was just a question-
    I know this beyataatch and there is no way she would find us out and keep it quiet. no way.
    just to be sure, i am devising plan c just in case.

  • jimmy

    hey james I can’t believe they moderated me again! oh well, here we go now if that is not a hot sizzling bod, nothin’ is. and take a gander at this one too, very yummy ummmmm indeed

  • james

    Hi Jimmy,
    sorry to take so long to get back on today but I’ve had a lot to do. When I read posts 559 through 561, much of those posts are discussing things we were discussing on here last night. The corrections on 501′s post, the blue color, and especially 561 talking about smartheads and killing themselves off, these are all things we have had in our posts over the last couple of days. She is not going to tell people about these threads because they are too much of an embarrassment to her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has already found this one.

  • jimmy

    hi james-
    great to see you.
    well 559 is eve. 560 is that new girl i think, katy or someone else.
    Anyway, i know eve and if she found us, I am telling you she would blab to everyone what we were doing- but maybe NOT tell them where we were-
    She would NO WAY be quiet about it…WHY? bec she is impulsvie and she does not think. She does not stop to think before she jumps and acts-
    case in point- on the board, she is always jumping to attack someone before she has even taken a breath or tried to figure out their meaning- paranoid, yes, but clear thinking? no and she just jumps in-
    She has it out for me and if she found us, SHE would leave us messages here AND on interview thread, like she did with Oscars and GQ thread.
    Anyway, NO WAY do I think we are found out- she would have left us messages on this thread and the interview one…
    THere is nothing she can do to us anyway…
    SO, what do you want to do?? S
    we can stay here….or move to my plan c- if you can ffind it…very hard to find…