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Wentworth Miller Cruises Along

Wentworth Miller Cruises Along

Back to back Wentworth Miller posts! Belated Christmas gift?

Wentworth Miller was the guest of honor earlier today (late afternoon) aboard the luxury vessel, the AQA at a Sydney Harbor Cruise in Australia. This was in celebration of Foxtel’s new television deal with Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution. Pictured with Went below: Aussie actor Joel Edgerton and former Wheel of Fortune host Sophie Falkiner.

For you Prison Break fans out there, mark your calendars! There will be a PB recap episode on Jan. 8, which will also include a preview of the remaining nine episodes and interviews with cast members Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Sarah Wayne Callies, William Fichtner, Wade Williams, Paul Adelstein, Robert Knepper and Silas Weir Mitchell. PB is also returning on Jan. 22, not Jan. 29.

One really great must-read fan encounter story after the jump!

UPDATE :: You can now download Wentworth Miller‘s radio interview Aussie radio station Nova 96.9 from earlier today! Went chats with host Zoe about everything from his PB tattoos (yawn), his favorite book (we already knew that), Giorgio Armani styling him for events, and his biggest fan — a pre-pubescent 11-year-old boy.

Photo credit for last 6 pictures: boxergirl & fickwalker

fickwalker‘s fan encounter with Wentworth Miller:

We saw Went as he was boarding the boat for the Fox cruise. At the time that boxergirl, and a dear friend of mine named Mary, were getting pictures with him, I declined the offer, saying he was already late and I didn’t want to hold him up any longer. While the photogs were taking their pictures, his PA (I think her name is Pam? I’ve seen her in the pictures from Cannes) came up to me and slipped a little plastic baggie into my hand. I thanked her and didn’t think much of it. When I looked at what was in the baggie, it was a set of Prison Break thumbcuffs! :-)

Once the boat had left for the cruise, we had a short dalliance to my house where we chatted and squeed, boxergirl headed home and Mary, myself and another friend made our way back to where the boat has departed from. Lucky for us, about fifteen minutes after we arrived, the boat returned.

As the boat pulled in to dock, Mary began waving. When I hissed at her not to ‘make a scene’ she replied ‘but he waved first’. :-) So we sat back and waited for him to get back onto dry land, but not before he’d shaken hands with every single crew member on the boat and thanked them for the cruise. Once he got onto the dock, he came straight for us. While I tried ever so hard to keep my composure and smiled up at him, he said “we have a present for you, but you have to have somewhere to stash it… “, then he revelead a bottle of Moet & Chandon under his jacket, which he handed to me. He dropped the bottle into the bag I was carrying and said “Enjoy!” (note: we demolished it the second we got home.).

I then asked if it would be alright to take the picture I declined earlier in the day and Pam (I think that’s her name) was all – jokingly – “Oh, so *now* you want the picture!”. There was some joking back and forth before I managed to finally get my picture with Went. My very smart best friend pretended the camera wasn’t working so she could snap some extra pictures. :-)

We took a moment to ask if he would be in Sydney for New Years and he replied “Sadly, no. I’ll be back in LA”. So we wished him a happy new year, thanked him for his time and wished him well for the rest of his stay. Then I floated home on a cloud. What an unbelievable day. :-)

Prison Break thumbcuffs!! I want a pair for myself!!

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  • Dana

    JJ you’re a legend!! thanks so much for being so quick to post this. Went’s looking fabulous and gorgeous as always. i miss the buzz cut though.

  • Emma

    Being on the other side of the damn country is KILLING ME! :( Damn living in PERTH! :(

  • Mrln

    Went is so gorgeous. I live in The Netherland. I hate that.

  • lulu18

    I can’t believe it! I was there at midday! I totally missed him! Arrrrgggghhh!!!! Where is he tomorrow??

  • ljc

    He’s doing an interview plus a ‘lockdown’ with fans who won a competition at Nova radio station tomorrow (wherever in Sydney that is). Starts 8am I think.

  • Mink

    Thanks so much for getting these up so quickly, hon.

  • Bryce

    Is it just me or does he look a little chunky in these pics???

  • ljc

    It’s just you. He’s perfect.

  • Ben Affleck Fan

    I don’t get the appeal of Wentworth Miller, he looks like a cross between Eddie Munster & Count Chocula.

  • Linda

    To Ben Affleck Fan, Wentworth is very actrective, Ben Affleck is very ugly.

  • meemee

    OMG!!!! These girls are so lucky! He even gave them a bottle of wine? Wow! I would have been beside myself! Went looks absolutely dashing ! He exuberates presence! What a man! Those pics of him standing by the water are awesome!

  • Jessica

    Yes he is looking chuncky – and i am LOVING it!!

    Who doesn’t love a little meat on a man that hot!

  • Bunny

    Thanks again JJ……..and for the warning about Jan. 8th, news to me.
    Yes Went may have put on a few Christmas pounds, but then who hasn’t, he will work them off in no time. He is always so kind to fans and is really relaxed with them. This is a man who is enjoying his fame no mater how long or short it may be. I wish him a very happy new year and may his show continue on to another year.

    And a Happy New Year Jared for all your hard work each and every day.

  • Wet For Went

    His face looks fuller sometimes but I don’t think it has anything to do with his weight. In Twinkie’s fan pic his face looked full then the next one at the Prison Break Christmas Party it looked the same again. Maybe it’s the hair?

  • geniass

    Soo proud of my girls for meeting the Pretty!!!

    And a special someone gets to see him two days in a row, you lucky b*tch!

  • Wet For Went

    I KNOW geniass! Lord help me. I WOULD DIE!

  • Giulietta

    omg these girls were realy lucky!!! i’m happy for them…also i’m happy to read that Wenty is so sweet and kind with all the fans!!! i love him!

  • Giulietta

    omg these girls were realy lucky!!! i’m happy for them…also i’m happy to read that Wenty is so sweet and kind with all the fans!!! i love him…but not is brown jacket…!

  • http://deleted Beulah

    If he’s gay, it’s too bad. One less handsome man in the world available to a love-starved woman. Darn it.

    Wenty looks great here. He’s clean-cut and polished. Looks preppy. Yes, I like. I like a lot.

  • http://deleted Beulah

    Also, it’s Went’s racial combo that makes him special. He looks preppy, but not like all the other prepsters in college. He has a large, strong nose that I think is sexy. He has gorgeous eyes that don’t look like anyone else’s I’ve seen.

  • j

    9 remaining episodes the producers of the show in an interview said they are trying to stretch it till season 3.Will next year be the end of PB?

  • Wet For Went

    I don’t see how they could extend it any further than one more season.

  • drcocks

    It is really nice to hear someone of his stature is actually nice to his fans. Nothing is more frustrating than hearing that someone you really admire is a total ass to everyone. I have always been a huge fan of Bruce Willis but not since I heard what a jerk he is to fans, hired help, etc. Just ruined it for me.

  • went is my future baby daddy

    omg!! I love went! he can’t be gay, then again…all the nice,hot ones are….oh well he is still FINE!!! you girls are so lucky, i wished i was there, eh? I hope PB lasts forecver I never want it to end….. I will watch re runs til the day i die!

  • http://??? skylar

    Jared, thanx as always for Wenty news and pics. You know what makes him seem so very hot to me?…..the fact that he does have a little meat on him. Like a real man and not some airbrushed model with sculpted abs. Can’t wait for PB to resume.

  • kmillz

    That’s my man

  • angie

    He’s ssssoooo gorgeous, I agree he’s not your typical guy, he’s shy and doesn’t seem to know how sexy he is, but that’s what makes him the sexiest man ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • East Village

    Can someone please give me the link to the entire radio interview? Thank you sooooo very much in advance.

  • Just Jared

    East Village, I just posted it for ya…

  • East Village

    Thank you.

  • meemee

    I just listened to the interview. Thank you JJ for posting.

    I always loved listening to his interviews. He is so down right friendly, modest and mannerly. I love his sense of humour. Not to mention, he has such a sexy voice.**swoon**

  • Crystal

    Bless his sweet little heart. I wonder if he knows he doesn’t match, but it’s so cute because you know he tried really hard.

  • FashionFan

    I am not sure if you all have seen this or read this but I came across this new article news article / interview that Mr. Miller gave. Kind of found it after reading an article on Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman and I do have to say I so glad I found the article! Enjoy and if you have already seen it then sorry to have bothered you with it!
    Best from the Bay!,23663,20961380-10229,00.html

  • Softspoken

    YAY!!! Went comes back to L.A.!!!! He is soo beautiful!!! Aww damn I could use that bottle of wine. lucky girls they can actually say that Wentworth gave them a bottle of wine. Good for you girls!! I hope you enjoyed it. Yes he looks like he has gained a little bit of weight, but, a little meat on a man looks soo good. I hate manorexic men ugghh. Happy New Year eveybody. Best wishes for 2007!!

    Jared- thanx for the Went updates you do such a great job!!! keep it up buddy! Have a smashing New Year, be safe and I wish you all the best in 2007!!!

  • FashionFan

    Crystal~ LOL at your comment! I was thinking the same thing but was too afraid to say anything! Thanks for saying it first! You gotta LOVE a man that tries!

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    Jessica – He’s NOT chunky — he’s HUNKY!!!!!

  • Emma

    JEALOUS!!!! :( I want a bottle of Moet from him!!!

  • marymi

    who was that girl he took a picture with? :P anyway, jared , please do me a favor and don’t have fans mention the (first) name of their friends (or others) if they’re “not in the picture” with wenty. “anonominity” is one thing, but if you don’t want to reveal their idenities. then don’t let them use their real names in their jounals, on your site.

  • http://deleted Petra

    It’s funny someone mentioned Bruce Willis. I believe it was extremely difficult for Demi Moore to be married to him. I think she gave it her all, but in the end, Willis is just a complete jerk. He was really cute too, but he wants to be the big cheese when he is with a woman. You’d see him at events with Demi and he couldn’t even hide his displeasure. When interviewers talked to her, he would make these funny faces, like he was mocking her. He wasn’t supportive of her fame at all and was jealous.

    Bruce Willis doesn’t want to get married again. He’s too self-centered and too in love with himself to be giving.

  • KK

    anyone know if he is returning to melb????

  • meemee

    Went said in the interview that he is leaving Australia tomorrow afternoon. I don’t know if he is leaving from Melbourne or Sydney.

  • KK

    Damn, I had no idea that he was in Australia!!! I only found out today (Thurs) as I didn’t know about this site, and on all the other bloggers its been a slow news week. Thanks for the info anyway.. I’m a huge fan of the show.. would have been great to meet him.. ah well.. he was at a Starbucks in Melb… anyone know which one??

  • Emma

    PERTH SUX!!!! :(

  • Emma

    The woman in the picture is Sophie Faulkner (an aussie celebrity, kinda). Don’t worry she’s happily married and was just one of the lucky stars who got to be on the cruise with Went. :) :(

  • Tiki

    Uh, guys, all the “hot” men aren’t gay. There are tons of gay men that ain’t so hot like Michael Jeeter, the dude from Fraiser (not Niles but Bulldog although the guy that played Niles is also gay and I don’t think he is hot) or the hubby from New Adventures of the Old Christine, Lance and Doogie. That is just fiction. Start believing the opposite and all of your dreams will come true and you will stop jinxing yourself. Hotness is a toss up, some are some aren’t. Believe me tons of gay men lament other “hot” men for not being gay, I know because they say it to me all the time. So don’t be hatin.

  • lola

    I really love Went he is sooooooooooo hooooooooooooooot, why do people say he is gay? Has he admitted this? Then how come I read a magazine where he wanted a wife and kids? And it is true they say all hot guys are gay, even those who deny it and are married they still insist. You should feel sorry for me, I love Tom Cruise, Ricky Martin, George Clooney, Lorenzo Tate, James Denton( desperate housewives)…are all said to be gay. But I will not be discouraged, my fantasies are still intact. I am not homophobic but gay men turm me off in a way, like I really loved Nate on Oprah, now I just like him (with him, it is not speculation, he is openly gay).

  • fickwalker

    Marymi…. It’s my encounter and I didn’t write it for this site. I have no problem with jared using it and the fact that there are real names listed? Well it’s not like you can figure out who she is just by her first name. If I had been writing this for this site, I would’ve been MORE vague about the details. But, as it is, this way it’s a lot more honest and open. Well.. I hope you enjoyed it regardless.

  • Softspoken

    Fickwalker- I don’t mind that you used your friend’s first name. I actually like that you did. It gives reading your experience a bit more life. Your soo lucky. Happy New Year from me in Los Angeles to you in Australia. LOL!!! Has it gone through yet?(my wishing you a happy new year) we’re so far apart. Your a day ahead it’s like your living in the future In Australia, and I am living in the past in L.A. Ha, Ha, Ha. Best wishes. gosh I have to stop with these random thoughts!!!

  • fickwalker

    Softspoken – lol. Happy New Year to you too. :-) You be good to Went when he gets back there!

  • Lizco

    Pooh Pooh hoo!! I am living in the Netherlands this SUCKS is he coming to europe anytime soon? (or Holland).
    All you aussie lucky girls!! An early ‘Happy new year’ to everyone!