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Wentworth Miller on the Rocks

Wentworth Miller on the Rocks

Wentworth Miller is fulfilling one girl’s dream after another down in Australia. The most recent sighting of Went was today as he was catching an Aussie lunch with a few friends at restaurant Pancakes on the Rocks in Sydney. Here’s lucky Went fan Natalie‘s account of the story:


He’s soo nice! I met him at Pancakes on the Rocks (it’s a restaurant) in Sydney. He was waiting for his meal and my friends and I approached him and just asked. =) He’s the NICEST guy! I love him. ;)

He was dining in with another man and woman. Or maybe two men and a woman? I don’t remember, sorry! I was too busy staring at him. It was approx. 12.30pm, for lunch.

My friend asked him for a photo because I was too chicken to. He was really really nice about it! He said yes straight away with no hesitation and asked us for our names while giving us a handshake each. At first I thought he might have just been a lookalike but when I heard him speak I knew it was the real deal. We asked him what he was doing here and he mentioned that he was holidaying and that his sister currently lives in Melbourne.

Later on, we told my other friends that were there and they ended up bombarding him. Haha, we felt a bit slack because he was eating his lunch but he was still very nice about it! He agreed to take another photo with my other friends (I wasn’t in this one) and then we decided to leave him to eat in peace. =) He made my day.

After the jump is another fan’s encounter with Went at Starbucks…

Here’s Cat‘s run-in with Wentworth Miller at Starbucks:

Having read about the fan encounter at Starbucks a couple of days ago, I decided to conduct my own little stakeout this morning. I got there about 7:30am, waited around for a bit and was about to leave when I saw him coming towards Starbucks through the window. I actually wasn’t sure if it was him, he looks a bit darker and … normal (obviously) in real life. Haha it’s also probably because you don’t expect to see these people in person so you’re a bit taken aback =|

Anyway, luckily for me, he came down to get his (now trademark) Venti Peppermint Mocha Chip Frapp. So while he was waiting, I stupidly asked if he was Wentworth (what else do you say in these situations?) and then asked if I could get an autograph. I think we might’ve talked about the weather or something, I can’t really remember – I was too busy trying to get oxygen back into my lungs =P

He obviously didn’t use his real name for the coffee order, I was still a bit dazed at that point but I actually think he might’ve used “Michael”!

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  • regina

    what an amazing person.

  • Alex

    Wow..lucky girl! intersting story too..a really edgy feel to it ;)

  • Just Jared

    Just added some more details to the story, if any of you missed it the first time around…

  • Emma

    OMG!! I am so jealous of all you living in Sydney… I live in Perth and tried DESPERATELY to get over there! :o(

  • Mrln

    So jealous

  • mah87

    (sobbing) noooooo i wanna meet him soo badly.. i am in qld.. Wenty come up to QLD!!!

  • Christina

    Jeez. Lucky ppl. I’d have a heartattack if I ever met him.

  • meemee

    This is soo unfair ! Those Aussie fans are so lucky!


    I love Went. He’s such a sweet person and he’s looking fine.


    I love when he writes “Be Good”.

    Thanks JJ and everyone for the stories.

  • Bebe

    It really bothers me when fans interrupt slebs’ meals for some reason. I’m sure he appreciates your fandom and all, but that is just such a classless thing to do. At least let the man finish his meal then assault him on the way to the bathroom or something.

  • FashionFan

    THANK YOU for sharing your photos and meeting experiences.
    I do have to laugh a little because in the third picture it looks like Mr. Miller is in MUCH NEED of another sip of his “Venti Peppermint Mocha Chip Frapp”!

  • marymi

    hey, jared, you sure did a good job of putting a “smiley”face over the girl’s……LOL! nextime you can superinpose lindsay lohan’s face over another “unidenified” fan’s instead of that “mossaic” (or box in one of those aussie shots)so we can have somthing “pretty” to look at other that wentworth himself! also, you should never reveal the fan’s names! maybe you should’ve “mossaic,d” the name in the autograph, (to keep it confedential) even if she’s want’s to stay “out of the picture”.

  • KK

    He was in Melb, did anyone encounter anything with him?? Anyone know if he is returning to melb??

  • Leslie

    He sounds like a total sweetheart! I adore him and the rest of the Prison Break crew.

  • gigi

    yeah, i’d wait till a celeb finished eating to ask him for anything.. prob as he was on his way out. but then again, it’s WENTWORTH MILLER. it’d take a lot for me to hold back from raping him, much less interrupting him during lunch. the fact that these people restrained themselves to just bothering him while he was eating his sandwich is commendable.

  • Lizzy

    I hear he is staying at the Park Hyatt in Syd, why oh why am I stuck in perth!!!

  • gg

    mah87 i live in QLD as well…. oh i wish i wish i could meet him… but i have to say well done wentworth for having a break and coming to Australia! (you deserve it!)

  • alisha

    oh the rocks was closed when I was in Sydney during Sept. Is he still in Melb?

  • patricia

    wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwww what lucky girls!!!!!!!!!! Anyhoo happy new year to eveyrbody!!!!!!

  • Angelcake

    Really nice pictures, such a sweet guy. Purely out of curiosity, I would like to see what his sister looks like. Those fans in Oz are really lucky, hope he and some of the other actors from Prison Break return to the UK. That would be brilliant. Many thanks, JJ, you’re a star! Happy new year to all the JJ crew!!!

  • Linds

    You guys have such guts – I could never go up to him – I would get way too bashful come the moment of truth! Good for you!

  • Linds

    Oh, and JJ – Happy New Year honey!

  • Tiffany

    I love Pancakes on the rocks! I used to go there all the time when I lived in Oz! Nice choice Went!