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Aniston's Bing of a Boyfriend

Aniston's Bing of a Boyfriend

Is love in the air for Jennifer Aniston and billionaire playboy Steve Bing? In Touch is reporting that Steve, 41, approached Jen, 37, and gave her his phone number while she was having dinner with friends at West Hollywood’s Madeo restaurant. An insider revealed, “They’ve known each other socially. He saw an opportunity and made a move.”

Jen hasn’t taken Steve up on the offer just yet – and friends say he’s not the only guy who’s been hitting on the newly single star. Ever since she broke up with Vince Vaughn, “Men are coming out of the woodwork,” says a pal. One of those men is cyclist Lance Armstrong, 35, but a friend says Jen turned him down when he asked her on a date because of her friendship with his ex-fiancé, Sheryl Crow.

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  • Bulletproof

    Ha ha first?

  • Bulletproof

    Naa, I think Jennifer will turn him down too because Nicole Kidman dumped him.


    hohohoho she should date him……his the richie rich!not good looking!and those chin kills me!eerrrkkkk!

  • niecy

    who cares.


    just like E HURLY……just for a baby to a billionaire thing!hehehehe

  • LV

    niecy is right nobody cares anymore.

  • MJ

    I hope she finds what she’s looking for. She deserves better than the cheating husband she once had.

  • dewt

    MR. BING is one hell of an UGLY GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CREEPY LOOKING AT ITS FINEST!!!

  • bdj

    Poor Jen may want to steer clear from this guy. He is the equivalent of a billionaire hound dog. The way he did Liz Hurley wasn’t too cool. Then again, Jen may just get that long awaited baby. She is also a multi-millionaire, so no need to take him to court for child payments. I hate to see Poor Jen go down the same road again(Vaughn), sometimes it is good to take a detour.

  • love

    thank God am happy for her. Oh God please let it happen and let them live happily. OH LORD PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE

  • cheeky

    I hope she finds what she’s looking for. She deserves better than the cheating husband she once had.

    HAHAA are you effing kidding me? Bing is UUUUGLY!! Just like ANUS!! This is a guy who denied fathering his own child!!! BIG STEP UP ANUS!!!

  • WTF

    Bing would be perfect for her. She deserves someone like him.

  • http://Rekane Rekane

    I agree with WTF He would be perfect for her! Both are Fugly!
    He is a Loser for what he did to liz Hurley, She is a Loser for
    all the awful stuff she and her Minions have said about brad.
    I don’t think that Fugly Tranny Manniston will ever find a Man,
    Maybe she should stick to her Female Yoga Instructer, She
    seems to prefer the companionship of Females her “Goddess”
    Pack. Perhaps Thats why Her marraige ended Long before
    Angelina came along! But in the long run, I don’t know why
    I commented at all, cuz who really cares!?

  • lony

    Gosh.. as clueless as Aniston is, I really hope she is NOT hooking up with this guy. I was shocked that Nicole Kidman dated him for a while. He is a major Jerk. I am not a Liz Hurley fan but.. the way he treated her.. and denied he was her baby’s daddy was horrible. But then again, with Aniston, he wont have to worry about that kind of thing.

  • Jen is wonderful

    Oh her with Lance Armstrong…that would be wonderful!! Come ON Jen…Go for it!! LIVE STRONG! Yeah1

  • feelbetter

    Joy Lee Fitt Says:
    December 28th, 2006 at 4:18 pm
    Do you feel better now? Why don’t you rant on Vaughn. He was the last one to break Poor Jen’s heart. I guess you Jen hens get more mileage out of Pitt and Jolie. I am sure that Pitt is hard to get over and measure up to, but poor Jen did have a relationship with Vaughn before, during and after her divorce. Move on before you brust a blood vessel.

  • cookie

    Hey Joy Lee Fitt,you should be happy for jennifer aniston,now someone’s wanted to hook up with her but sadly an ugly looking guy!he.he.i bet they will have a nice looking baby when he got her pregnant,but hey has she got anymore egg cells left in her?

  • Chin is thy Name

    I don’t believe this story. She’s too ugly for him. Mr Bing save yourself while you still can while you still have a soul.

  • Chin is thy Name

    Joy Lee Fitt Says:
    Chin Maniston will break up with her next 5 boyfriends and you’ll still be ranting about Brad Pitt. You’re a bigger loser than she is.

  • Maria

    Coming out of the woodwork? Does that mean worms, slugs, roaches, termites. That’s good then, ’cause that’s all she’s going to find. Yeah, Bing will ‘bing her’ and toss her to the side like he’s done with all the women before her. Ohhhh, and he’s such a looker too — YUCK! They’ll make such a nice couple — Ugly and Uglier!!

  • Maria

    If JA is suffering, she’s brought on herself. She told the lies, she spread the rumours, so now she’s hurting? Give me a break. The cow — oops, no offense on the cows now — needs to go away and leave the ‘happy’ people in peace.

  • LYT

    Its amazing to me – how much they look alike. They could be brother and sister.

  • Amy

    I hope this story isn’t true because, cancelling looks out, he just seems like a jerk, especially with the Liz Hurley thing. She could do better. Lance, where you at?
    And to BAMZS fans. Okay, you yell at people for trashing Brangelina on BAMZS threads, but yet you come over here and trash Aniston. I’m not saying that people can’t have their own opinions, but “Maniston” is ripped at enough in the BAMZS threads, so I suggest to let this one go. Please don’t come to this thread for the sole purpose of bashing Aniston. I know that there are trolls on BAMZS threads, but if you do the same here, you’re no better.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Jennifer Aniston needs to meet and marry John Stamos. They are perfectly suited to each other career-wise, age wise, looks, etc. I think they work…

  • Maria

    JA never said B cheated on her, but she sure loved sprading the rumours. Now she’s — if true — is going to be hanging out with the Number One cheating pig out there — no offense on the pigs now! Don’t theY resemble each other a bit? You know, in that non descript, boring type of way. Yeah, they’d be good for each other. He’ll shag her, give her some jewels, leave her and ask for the jewels back. Yeah — GO JEN!!

  • dede

    i think all of you should get alife when you all do then feel fit and ready to mind your damn business bcos i really do not give ahoot about brad i wish him the best and those whom bring him up on jen’s issuues are not are fans bcos we all have come to concesus that is her past and her future would never be with him i know jen would find someone to love her and care for her and none of you can stop that come rain, sun anything you name it jen will find someone and when she does it will last a lifetime and that to me would be the best answer to all yor rantings

  • Maria

    John Stamos is cute! Don’t wish this woman on him. What did he ever do to you? I mean, come on now!!

  • ntt

    Yeah, Chinnocchio, what about “not dating VV”, “not engaged to VV”, “no, no, we didn’t break up”, and now officially broken up? Make up your lying mind.

  • next victim

    jen found the next victim

  • Maria

    Oh, I think Jen should find someone she can love, but he’s with Tom on the space ship!

  • me

    i wonder if this is her latest attempt to keep her name in the mags.

  • Maria

    Oh, sorry. I must apologise, but Tom isn’t on the space ship, Katie is and she’s busy mixing up another baby in the ship’s replicator. Silly me!

  • Maria

    The woman is in dire need of publicity, so here comes the lies — like VV — here come the stories…………….the woman needs to visit a mental ward soon.

  • lora

    anyone find it ironic that she would go from one of the most monogamous, faithful to a fault guys..(stayed in an unhappy marriage way too long) and hooks up with two guys who are notorious playboys.. Vaughn and Bing(if true). I mean, ironic for someone who claims she wants a family. Odd choices for a nearly 38 year old woman to make.

  • Maria

    Chin fans will never get over the fact that the finest man in Hollywood DUMPED the most boring woman in Hollywood. He found a WOMAN!!! Let me repeat “A WOMAN”. They will bring up cheating, back stabbing, home wrecker, etc., because they have nothing else to say. It’s sad because Chin fans prove that she’s one lonely woman by constantly bringing Brad up. Sad bunch of ‘yoyos’.

  • ntt

    dede Says:
    December 28th, 2006 at 4:36 pm

    Before you blame people for slamming your beloved Chinnocchio, read to see who started the feud first. This post was the #3 or #4 on this thread, before any Brad or Angelina said anything derogatory about Chinnocchio.
    “MJ Says:
    December 28th, 2006 at 3:49 pm
    I hope she finds what she’s looking for. She deserves better than the cheating husband she once had.”

    So, no double standards.

  • shooshoo

    I dont believe this story… even aniston isnt that crazy.

  • Maria

    Isn’t Bing the guy that said he wasn’t the father of that Hurley woman’s baby? If this story is true, then it goes to show ya that the woman lies through her teeth!!

  • sad

    I am in no way a fan of ja, but this comes from the tabloid “In Touch’ I actually hope Aniston finds someone who makes her happy, and then this whole saga can be completely put to rest. All parties have moved on , lets hope for a better 2007 and that Aniston will stop with the games and the pity parties, and live her life honestly.

  • Maria

    Listen, Aniston hasn’t gotten laid in a bit. Maybe she’s in heat!

  • KIM

    Joy Lee Fitt, you are pathetic. go get a life. I ‘m a Jen Anniston fan and you don’t speak for me.
    You are not a fan of jen, you just hate Brad and Angelina, and you are using jen to express your hate. Everyone who is here for Jen, are over her divorce, because she is over it. She is happy and will find a good man and start a familly.
    Back to the topic, she could do much better.

  • Maria

    I don’t think Aniston knows how to stop the pity party. I think she thrives in ‘poor me, poor me’. Sad. I would respect her so much more, if she told the truth and got on with her life.

  • Observer2

    Joy Lee Fitt Says:

    December 28th, 2006 at 4:18 pm


    Brad did not leave you. Put your anger down.

    Seek guidance for your misplaced anger and act your age and not your shoe size.

  • me

    joy lee fit, i think you missed your last dose of meds.

  • Maria

    Hey Kim: Good for you! You’re so right, if this story is true, she could do better, but when someone is lonely, they seek someone they think will make them happy. I don’t wish this woman (I’m not a fan and never was) unhappiness. Everyone should be happy in their lives. She’s just not played her cards right, and they’ve come back to haunt her.

  • sad

    I agree Maria, she has not played her cards right she sold a story , but took herself out of it, and that is why I lost respect for her, she owns nothing, I honestly think she would win back alot of her fans by either not saying anything anymore or just come out and tell the truth.

  • Maria

    This Joe Lee ‘something’ needs to find someone to love. The poor dear is in need of a hug or a shag! Where’s Tommy Lee with his 10 inch when you need him!!

  • Maria

    Sad: When things dont’ work out in a marriage, they don’t work out. When a person is hurt, they sometimes lash out, then feel sorry after. X knew that this marraige was OVER before M&MS. She knew things were not going to work out. She should have acted like a WOMAN and not like she was still in High School. I never liked her, but I would so much have respected her if she had just said something like, “Although our marriage didn’t work out, Brad and I will always remain friends”. Damn, I would have liked that, but all the ‘Pity’ parties, all the lies about her dating VV, that made me ill. I know alot of people who liked X in the beginning but were turned off by all the disguises and lies. She’s the one to blame, because SHE could have stopped it. She owns this and has to make the amends.

  • me

    i agree with maria and sad, if she would own her part in the demise of the marriage and move on with her own life people would i think begin to see her apart from just playing victim, and she could recoup some credibility.

  • Amy

    Joy Lee Fitt, please don’t go on. You give people who like Jen a bad name.
    YES, you CAN like Jennifer Aniston and the BAMZS at the same time, as in my case. I hope that y’all don’t think that all people who don’t mind Aniston hate the Jolie-Pitts because that is NOT the case. I like both parties, even though they have nothing to do with each other anymore, so I’m kinda surprised I’m actually saying this.