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Ed Norton Thrown Off Horse, Breaks Back

Ed Norton Thrown Off Horse, Breaks Back

Edward Norton recently said he broke three vertebrae during a horse riding accident on the set of his new film The Painted Veil (movie stills below). The horse apparently threw him off while he was galloping before filming a scene for the movie.

Here’s what Ed said in a recent interview with AP Radio: “One of those horses chucked me off pretty badly. I broke my spine in like three places. I broke my back. I broke three vertebrae in my back. I felt like my back was horribly wrenched but I sort of assumed I was OK, and I didn’t actually find out I had broken it until I went to Hong Kong. I cracked my 10th, 11th and especially my 12th thoracic vertebrae.”

The Painted Veil tells the tale of a woman who becomes dissatisfied with her marriage, as her husband favors of his research over time with her. An affair leads her on a journey of self-discovery, and her new dedication to fighting cholera brings her to the Far East. The film is directed by John Curran, was shot entirely in China, and co-stars real-life couple Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts. The Painted Veil hits theaters tomorrow in limited release.

The Painted Veil trailer
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20 Responses to “Ed Norton Thrown Off Horse, Breaks Back”

  1. 1
    lurker opinion Says:

    One of the greatest actors working today.

  2. 2
    bdj Says:

    I like Ed Norton. He is a good actor. The fall from the horse sounds nasty. I hope he has a speedy recovery. He was good in Fight Club and this film looks good.

  3. 3
    Newbie Says:

    He is a very good actor, i don’t remember the name of the movie , he acted along with Richard Gere (who plays a lawyer), ed norton was absolutely fantastic in that.

  4. 4
    yup Says:

    I love Ed Norton. I wonder if he got any flack from hollywood for helping bring about the end of those expensive freebee gift bags celebrities used to get at award ceremonies.

    Naomi should keep her hair dark like in the movie. It’s looks good and I think the blonde hair made her look washed out. She stands out more with the dark hair.

  5. 5
    maxine Says:

    Ed is a class act. I love Naomi, she’s just so talented and beautiful. The Painted Veil is supposed to be fantastic, I saw it on many Top 10 lists and the reviews are great. I don’t understand why it’s in limited release.

  6. 6
    KrungKrung Says:

    i love Ed Norton he is a very good actor, i wish him well, love yah Ed mwahh…

  7. 7
    AAA Says:

    Probably the most underrated actor in movies today. I just saw The Illusionist recently and liked it a lot…all the best Ed

  8. 8
    MIKESMOM Says:

    He is a JOY to watch, pure Entertainment.

  9. 9

    great actor

  10. 10
    test Says:


  11. 11
    alisha Says:

    edward norton, why are you so wonderful?

  12. 12
    Kamila Says:

    Edward Norton is my favorite actor. I love him, he is a wonderful man. I wish I could marry him! :-)

  13. 13
    adam HOWELL NJ Says:

    Ed Norton is the bomb!!! UNDER-RATED!!! Thank God not another Christopher Reeves.

    Get well soon

  14. 14
    Jack Says:

    Two of my absolute favorite actors (and both highly under-appreciated) working in together – can’t wait to see this film!

    Newbie – “Primal Fear” is the movie where Ed co-stars with Richard Gere. It’s a fantastic movie, everyone should check it out. And watch Naomi in “Mulholland Dr.” and “21 Grams.”

  15. 15
    maxine Says:

    Can you believe Halle Berry, Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow are Oscar winners and Ed Norton, Naomi Watts and Kate Winslet are not?

  16. 16
    Just Jared Says:

    Haha, good one maxine!!

  17. 17
    Michele Says:

    He was amazing in American History X. He really should have won an Oscar by now. One of the best actors in the business.

  18. 18
    remember da truth Says:

    Also amazing in The Heist with robert de niro. And the Rounders with Matt Damon.

    Yes, not nearly appreciated enough. I hope he finds all the happiness and success he deserves.

    I read an interview with him on his experiences in China. He’s been all over China many times. This is a truly interesting guy, who has his mind on more than simply movies.

  19. 19
    Angel Says:

    He is so articulate and handsome! And yes, a great actor!

  20. 20
    Jwelz Says:

    Maxine the Oscars SUCK! Edward is so classy love him he has something about him that is so unique and hard to find in hollywood. He gives off this intelligent vibe but hes cool too. And might i add HOT hes gorgeous! Him and Leo are my favorite actors!

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