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Wentworth Miller Fan Photo

Wentworth Miller Fan Photo

Two lucky fans got to sandwich in Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller during his interview with Aussie radio station Nova 96.9 from yesterday. If you missed listening in on Went‘s interview live, you can still download it here.

Don’t forget about the PB recap episode on Jan. 8 with previews of the rest of the season and interviews the the cast. PB returns with its winter premiere and all new episodes starting Jan. 22. Be sure to check out the video preview below of episode John Doe!”

Kellerman helps Michael and Lincoln escape
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  • Katie

    Gosh, I think I’m finally first. :) I would love to be part of that sandwich. :D

  • Jolie4ever

    why is he getting chunky??? oh wells! I LOVE WENTY no matter what :lol:

  • Julie

    WTF?Chunky??Are you guys blind or something??He’s fitter than ever!!!!!! :D
    Thanks Jared, never enough updates on this GORGEOUS MAN!!!

  • Giulietta

    oh i’m so happy to see a new pic of wenty everyday in these days.. :) :) all these fan encounters give us hope to meet him one day :) JJ the best!!! wenty i prefer u with jeans and t-shirt yeaah!

  • Jen

    Paul is beautiful.

  • Julissa

    I’m really tired seeing pics of Went with other girls, it juss makes me feel sad b/c i still haven’t met him yet. Why can’t Went come to Y.O iight so what if it’s a little ghetto lmao0o anywayz that video seems very interesting and juss another twist to see how michael and lincoln would get out of it….Oh yeah guys go check out my videos of prison break on youtube….my name is Went4ever =]]] please check out and leave comments would really appreciate it =]]

  • kmillz

    kellerman is gonna die…i know it

  • Isabel

    YAHH Go JJ thanks for leaving us a little preview of whats coming up man!

  • marymi

    wow! JARED! where the heck did you get these pics from anyway? who put the “black boxes” over the girl’s faces? i liked the idea of putting “smilelys” over the womens faces you might as well call these fans “JANE DOE”s i hope you “bleeped out” the names of the girls that won the contest to meet your recording of his interview!…….LOL!

  • dewt

    im sorry to all…….this guy is not attractive AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    not attractive? He is hot, handsome and oh so cute! He is very good looking. Even now that he’s a bit of a fatty, i like him more! Nothing sexier than some meat on a man!

  • Kitty

    He is soooooo hot!!!!

  • angie

    HE’S SOOOOO SEXY!!!! what’s wrong with you Dewt? WHO do you consider to be hot????!!!!

  • lola

    Oh he is sooooooooo hot whenever I think of leaving Justjared because of the Brangelina fans who just ruin the site, you give me Went and I give you another chance. I can’t wait for the next series.

  • http://JustJared Kitty

    Jessica – He’s HUNKY – not chunky!

  • there I said it

    HE IS GAY.

  • meemee

    All these fan encounters in the few days! Geez! Lucky !

  • geniass

    Soo not getting chunky! Kisses to my homegirl!

  • simply

    Marymi you are so annoying, always commenting on how everything has to remain topsecret, i mean come on it was on the radio 1.000s of people over there heard it. It’s supposed to be accessible to everyone even the names and stuff, like anyone actually cares who got to meet with Went. Most names have got millions of people bearing it.

    Concerning Went, I wish he’d shave his head again less is more! Chunky or not, Went still remains über cute :)

  • Boxergirl

    The pic is mine – and I put the black boxes over our faces as I don’t particularly want random people all over commenting on how I, or my friend look. Yes, i have seen it happen many times.. Jared didnt put the boxes there, I did!

  • gadgetgal

    come on guys!! whats up with went looking chunky fatty or gayie??? he looks perfectly fine to me. and those gals who took the pic with him are super lucky.. hes is definitely going to a successful, great actor. Go scofield!!

  • Justin

    Hey, Jared!
    You’ve written that FOX airs the recap show on January 8 and then the new episode on January 22.
    I’d be really happy if that was true, but according to official press releases FOX is airing BCS National Championship Game on Jan. 8. That means recap airs the 22nd and the first new episode on Jan. 29.
    Or not?

  • Wents#1Fan

    I just listened to the radio interview and Went’s voice is so soft! What a hottie though. What a beautiful man. :)

  • Mik

    That’s a good idea Boxergirl… you don’t need that shit! :)

  • Kate

    i am sooo looking forward to PB’s new series! Love it!
    p.s. Wentworth is cute here. Love his hands!

  • Giulietta

    yes the wenty’s voice is so sexy!!!i’ve listened the radio interview…OMG so cute so funny!!!LOL HE IS PERFECT!!!!

  • Dyn

    JJ thanks for all!!!! I listened the radio interview but Went speaks with a tone so low that finds it hard to me to understand it (I´m spanish) Can you help me? A summary of the interview for example…please…I would be very grateful to you!!

  • Jessica

    I think you guys are mistaken. I was not being derogatory when i called him fatty and chunky. I was being complimentary! He looks hotter, cuter and more gorgeous in this size. So manly!

  • Alex

    He looks great in that pic and he´s voice is so sexy

  • Mink

    I totally don’t get how anyone gets ‘chunky’ or ‘fatty’ from this pic. WTF? Sure, he’s not as super-skinny as he was at the beginning of PB S1, but he is still one tall, long, lean, GORGEOUS man. And as always he was wonderful, intelligent, articulate and charming in that radio interview. Yep, I am *smitten* LOL

  • Jessica

    WTF? each to their own mink.

  • tracy

    HE’S BEAUTIFUL!!! My dream is to go to Sydney and the picture of him in front of the Sydney Opera House is the BEST! I printed it out and framed it and hung it on my wall. My dream man in my dream city. HEY A GIRL CAN DREAM, RIGHT????

  • Wet For Went

    Went looks BEAUTIFUL. *sigh*

  • Jizzle

    As always, Went looks Fan-FREAKIN-tastic!!!
    I love the look on his face in this fanpic…so HOT!

  • Raw

    Wow those two cows are lucky.Look at him looking all proud and oh boy women love me look. :)

  • Krissie

    Chunky? I don’t see it.
    Perfect? That I see.

  • oh-la

    I only see fat on the two girls. WM is perfect.

  • http://??? skylar

    Went is soo gorgeous but….he might want to suck in his gut next time…you never know when you are going to end up on Just Jared!

  • twinkie76

    I don’t think he looks fat at all, he looks like he has been working out, more defined. I saw him in November and he didn’t look fat to me, I saw him without the jacket. Man those aussie girls are lucky! Maybe if I get to see him again I won’t be so freakin nervous lol!

  • Teutoburger

    He’s as delicious and inviting as a piece of tiramisu with rum raisin ice cream and a melange of fruit on the side. *SIGH*… If I ever saw him in public I would walk straight up to him and plant a big kiss on his cheek. Yes, he might have me arrested and yes, I might be locked up, but at least I would have that one kiss to remember….

  • lola

    TEUTOBURGER, you would kiss his cheek, I would go straight for his lips and consequences be damned, is he hot or what, where was he all this time, and he has brains too!!!! I am so jelous of those two girls.

  • Angel

    yes, definitely go straight for his lips! he is sooo cute! so sweet and gentle! so what if he is gay! that’s his own business and a girl definitely can dream!

  • Kristy

    He ugly. His nose is large and his eyes are squinty. His show is rubbish.

  • Maribel

    That’s harsh.

    His nose is big, but it is still sharp and suits him.

    His eyes are usually big and round and so alluring.

    His show is thrilling and exciting.

    Jealous, are we?

  • oh-la

    Yes, I think kristy is definately jealous. I would LOVE to see what SHE LOOKS LIKE !!! ha ha, cracked mirror time. His nose is cute , not big , and from the side it looks like a little button nose, cute cute cute. He is supremely beautiful, and PB is one of the best things on TV. Also, I don’t think kristy knows what the definition of squinty is. You’re right Maribel, his eyes are big, round, alluring.

  • Jazzmine

    Wentworth Miller is SMOKIN’ HOT, he’s an extremley handsome man…. so beautiful from head to toe! His eyes are truly amazing, by far, the sexiest eyes I’ve ever seen. *sigh* In addition to that…. Prison Break Rules! It’s the best show on TV.

  • Krissie

    He’s perfect. Let’s leave it at that.

  • Jeanne

    you are right, he IS perfect…!!!!!

  • angie

    GOREGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

  • Gloria

    I have to admit his nose is big, let’s be objective about that. It IS huge, but then you know what they say about men with big noses………………… *naughty wink*

    Yup, turns out he IS perfect —– even from waist down!