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Mr & Mrs Smith Hits Small Screen

Mr & Mrs Smith Hits Small Screen

A one-hour pilot of Mr. & Mrs. Smith was just given the green light, which is being described as ” ‘Married … With Children’ with guns.” SERIOUSLY?
Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter is saying:

The film’s writer, Simon Kinberg, penned the pilot script, about John and Jane Smith, a married couple who both work as assassins.

The film’s director, Doug Liman, is on board to helm the pilot and executive produce with Kinberg and Dave Bartis.

The pilot takes place about six months after the events in the 2005 feature starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which grossed more than $186 million in North America. The Smiths have bought a new house in a new suburb and have re-established their businesses, but the attraction and sexual spark they had found at movie’s end has dwindled, and they are back dealing with marital issues.

“In a way, the show is all about the marriage,” Kinberg said. “It is a show about any married couple trying to balance professional and home life.”

More Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie stills after the jump!

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mr mrs smith stills 01
mr mrs smith stills 02
mr mrs smith stills 03
mr mrs smith stills 04
mr mrs smith stills 05
mr mrs smith stills 06
mr mrs smith stills 07
mr mrs smith stills 08
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mr mrs smith stills 15
mr mrs smith stills 16
mr mrs smith stills 17
mr mrs smith stills 18
mr mrs smith stills 19
mr mrs smith stills 20
mr mrs smith stills 21
mr mrs smith stills 22
mr mrs smith stills 23
mr mrs smith stills 24
mr mrs smith stills 25
mr mrs smith stills 26
mr mrs smith stills 27
mr mrs smith stills 28
mr mrs smith stills 29
mr mrs smith stills 30
mr mrs smith stills 31
mr mrs smith stills 32
mr mrs smith stills 33
mr mrs smith stills 34
mr mrs smith stills 35
mr mrs smith stills 36
mr mrs smith stills 37
mr mrs smith stills 38
mr mrs smith stills 39
mr mrs smith stills 40
mr mrs smith stills 41
mr mrs smith stills 42
mr mrs smith stills 43
mr mrs smith stills 44

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  • angelah


  • http://justjared IslandG1rl

    Thanks Jared. Happy New year.
    Who will play Mr and Mrs Smith?
    Happy 2007 BAMZS fans.

  • once in a while

    Happy 2007 BAMZS fans.
    Finally a new thread.

  • chanel


  • chanel

    OMG THEY LOOK SO HOT but what is this is this a MR.AND.MRS.SMITH 2?

    i dont get it can someone tell me please?

  • stardust

    ‘Married … With Children’ with guns.” SERIOUSLY?


    I’m wondering who will be the actors who play MAMS too.

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared for the New thread. Happy New Year.

  • Missouri Fan

    Thanks Jared for this new thread!


    That’s too long Chanel. I will save the links with the Jolie-Pitts pics ONLY FOR YOU!
    Lucky you if you see them in London. Maybe they are headed to New Orleans or to Los Angeles. I’m sure by tomorrow will know where they at.
    Well, have a safe travelling.

  • stranger

    Happy New Year!!!

    I have been reading in the other thread that some posters’ new year’s resolutions include educating themselves in issues concerning the work of ACNUR, charities etc,.
    Great resolution!!! I’m in!!!!

    I thought this a good time to remember why Brad and Angie went to Costa Rica.
    Micro loans are a wonderful way of helping the Colombian refugees and so is educating the children who would otherwise have no access to a school.
    You have been discussing Oprah’s school in South Africa, another celebrity that built a school was Shakira in Colombia.

    Here is a link to Shakira’s foundation “Pies Descalzos” -it’s in English. I didn’t know anything about her charity work.

  • chanel

    OMG so then MR.AND.MRS.SMITH 2?

    OMG i wish that BRAD AND ANGIE

    could make this move again

  • BCBG

    the producers sure milk the title name to the last drop !!!

  • Is this B&A or what?!

    Sagittarius-Brad & Gemini-Angelina

    Both of you are curious individuals, rather restless and on-the-go. You can expect your lives together to be very active, with lots of changes, probably frequent moves, adjustments, surprises, and new challenges. These changes will bring lots of ups and downs, but overall both of you will be greatly enriched by these diverse activities and interests.

    Sagittarius is more philosophical and had grander plans than Gemini, who takes each step as it comes and finds more pleasure in the little things in life. Sagittarius enjoys being on a crusade or mission for some philosophical reason or for personal gain, while Gemini finds Sagittarius’s dreams and schemes entertaining and interesting. You often see things from a different perspective, but usually you can benefit from each other’s viewpoint and you are adaptable and flexible enough to listen to each other and benefit from each other.

    Personal freedom is important to both of you and you are likely to find it in this relationship. Even if you are always together you do not cling to, or smother, each other. On the whole you are very compatible.

    You have a great rapport, and your emotional needs coincide very well. Personal freedom and mobility mean a lot to both of you, and neither of you wants to possess or be possessed totally. You share an unending curiosity and mental restlessness, a love of books and movies and ideas, an urge to travel, to meet different kinds of people, and to discover new things.

    You are both playful and humorous, though Sagittarius is more philosophical, idealistic, and optimistic than Gemini. Gemini’s humour can be rather black at times. Both of you are also rather intellectual and need an intelligent, communicative partner. You are very companionable together and are likely to enjoy a very satisfying friendship in addition to whatever romantic attachment you have.

    Wit, intelligence, and an active mind are attributes the two of you share, and in your relationship there will be a focus on communicating, bantering, a lot f verbal give and take. Both of you tend to be the dominant one in any discussion or debate, and you may find yourselves competing with each other in your discussions. This most likely will not be a major problem, but both of you would do well to step back and truly listen to one another.

    Intellectual interests and/or hobbies are apt to play a significant role in your relationship.

    You will experience the heights and depths, love and hate, attraction and repulsion, agony and ecstasy in this relationship. A powerful, compelling fascination and irresistible sexual attraction draws the two of you together like magnets. You love each other with a depth of feeling that is surprising even to yourselves. The powerful charismatic power that you have over each other can be used to manipulate one another, and dominance, control, or jealousy easily becomes hot issues between you. Whether this is a brief passionate encounter or a lifelong attachment, you will change one another profoundly.

    Although sexual magnetism between you is very intense, you both may be somewhat uncomfortable by the overwhelming feelings or obsessive quality that you engender in one another. Even if you are repulsed or disinclined to become close to one another, there seems to be an irresistible attraction bringing you together. Power struggles, emotional or sexual manipulation, and disruptive jealousy may be problems you encounter in this relationship. Whatever develops, this relationship will touch your depths and change you profoundly.

    You both have the talent for being farsighted about new directions and experimentation with love making, oral sex may appeal to you, or you may with to make love impulsively at the office, in the car, or anywhere that is convenient. Both of you wish to lead the relationship, which can at times be confusing.

    The romantic love and sexual attraction for each other is very compelling and deep. You wield a powerful, charismatic influence on each other and your love affair is a powerful one. This could be one of the most fulfilling, all-consuming relationships of your life!

    Enormous benefits, expansion, success, and growth come to both of you through the vehicle of your relationship. You’ll be blessed with unusual good fortune and fulfilment, both materially and in less tangible ways. Most of all, you will feel that you have plenty when you are together. Instead of seeing limitations, you’ll be able to see possibilities for an expanded life, opportunities that you may have missed before. Religion, philosophy, or higher education may become a focus in your relationship, even if neither of you is especially inclined that way.

    You increase one another’s optimism and broaden one another’s viewpoints, opening up much more of the world to one another. Long distance travel or making connections to other parts of the world can be a part of this.

    Essentially, your relationship is about increasing growth, freedom, and expansion in your lives. Much success and fulfilment are generated when you are together.

  • chanel

    Missouri Fan Says:

    January 1st, 2007 at 8:01 pm
    Thanks Jared for this new thread!


    That’s too long Chanel. I will save the links with the Jolie-Pitts pics ONLY FOR YOU!
    Lucky you if you see them in London. Maybe they are headed to New Orleans or to Los Angeles. I’m sure by tomorrow will know where they at.
    Well, have a safe travelling

    OMG will you do that? THANK YOU VERRY MUCH it would be great to see all the pics that i will miss of this Gorgouse family and yup we will know tommorow were they are and i wish they could go to London lol so i could see them

  • tabitha

    I don’t have any desires to see the TV version. I can’t picture anyone else being Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I’d rather not have someone else playing them taint my enjoyment of the movie.

  • angelah


    Thanks j@red for this new thread and the pics are still hot. I actually watched MaMS two days ago and yup my eyes still dilate to the max when I see certain jp.

    So small screen, eh? I wonder who the actors are going to be. Is the show gonna be that hawt?..probably not.

  • chanel

    Missouri Fan Says:

    January 1st, 2007 at 8:01 pm
    Thanks Jared for this new thread!


    That’s too long Chanel. I will save the links with the Jolie-Pitts pics ONLY FOR YOU!
    Lucky you if you see them in London. Maybe they are headed to New Orleans or to Los Angeles. I’m sure by tomorrow will know where they at.
    Well, have a safe travelling.

    OMG will you do that THANK YOU VERY MUCH it would be great to see all the pics that i will miss to see and yup we will know tommorow were are they i wish they could go to London so i could see them lol

    Angie 4 life!

  • angelah

    make that •Unrated MaMS•;-)

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared and Audrey for the new thread and Happy New Year. The TV version of M&MS should be very interesting, I wonder who the producers are going to cast as Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I will probably will watch it, but to me M&MS will always be Brad and Angie

  • chanel

    chanel Says:

    January 1st, 2007 at 8:13 pm
    oops sorry i posted it again beacouse i thought that my comment did not post lol

  • Alexanderina

    Happy New Year to my fellow BAMZS Fans, wishing you all the best in the New Year. Talk to you all later

  • chanel

    Mr & Mrs Smith Hits Small Screen.

    ohhhhhhh so its on the small screen oh so i get it right now

    im of to bed good night all and HAPPY NEW YEAR to BAMZS and BAMZS Fans wish you the best.we will see were is angie and brad now tommorow

    Angie 4 life!

  • me

    What two actors will be able to have the kind of chemistry Brad and Angie had on screen? I can’t think of any. I’m with tabitha, I rather not see a tv version of the movie and let it taint my mind.

  • briseis

    I have to agree with tabitha, that I have no desire to see the small screen version of MAMS. For one thing, who could they get that could equal the hotness that was Brad and Angie? For another thing, movies that have been adapted to become TV series usually bomb, although there were two that come to mind that actually became bigger than the movie itself, such as MASH (I always came to think of Alan Alda as Hawkeye, not Donald Sutherland) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ever remember Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy? I think not — to people Sarah Michelle Gellar would always be Buffy).

    Unless they can come up with very very good writers, I don’t think this TV MAMS could be as good as the movie. And who will be the new John & Jane Smith? Oh, naughty me, isn’t the Fraudiston looking for a job?

  • Missouri Fan

    chanel Says:
    January 1st, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    I know you will use those pics on youR BAMZS video. Just ask Jared to forward your email to me when you need it .
    I will now make a folder with your name “PICS /LINKS FOR CHANEL”

  • ell

    My new Video with beautiful Angelina

  • cj


  • Casting Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    For Mrs. Smith I can see Carla Gugino playing her. In 2003, she played the TV version of Karen Sisco. She has the tough but vulnerable. I can’t think of anyone for Mr. Smith.

  • Missouri Fan

    ell Says:
    January 1st, 2007 at 8:34 pm
    My new Video with beautiful Angelina

    Excellent video! Thank you ell.

  • Passing Through

    Guli – if you’re lurking out there…I finally uploaded my fic…it’s not a phone convo, though…X has been writing in her diary again…

    For anyone else interested in reading the fic – hopefully my swansong! – I’ve uploaded it to the YG Files page.

  • Missouri Fan

    Hi angelah!
    Happy New Year!

    briseis Says:
    January 1st, 2007 at 8:24 pm
    And who will be the new John & Jane Smith? Oh, naughty me, isn’t the Fraudiston looking for a job?


  • deena

    Thanx so very much jared and audrey, it’s so wonderful to see a new thread on new year’s day.

    I agree with the folks who say they won’t be watching the tv version of M&MS.
    It will never do the movie justice, and to be honest, I would’ve never seen the movie if it hadn’t been for Brad & Angelina. I’m not much into that genre.

    Now, I wished a happy new years day to all this morning on the other thread, so now I wish you all a wonderful 2007, and I specially wish the beginning of the safe return of our heros overseas, along with my prayers and gratitude

  • think positive!

    Wow!! Great pictures!! I had never seen some of them before!! And as I’m watching them I keep saying that there was no chance in hell that this tow wouldn’t have fall in love with ach other. FATE!! Thank you Jared and happy new year to you and Audrey. Thank you for keeping us going for all this time and the great efforts you have done for BAMZs fans!! :)

    Well as for the T.V adaptation of MAMS that would be interesting indeed. I also think that the chemistry between Brad and Angie is unreachable. But I don’t think that such kind of chemistry and I mean sexual will be required judging from the script. In the movie there was a couple that fell in love from the first sight, flirting and teasing each other, then getting married and have mayor marital problems because of their secret lives and when everything have been uncovered they are reuniting and fight together against and equal enemy and their passion is on fire once again. That requires a lot of hotness if you know what I mean ;)

    But in this script will be a married couple for about 5 years, six, well 5-6 years :lol:
    that are trying to resolve their marriage and their lives witch I find really boring if you ask me. It’s a story line that I have seen many times in T.V series and with people having Brad and Angie in mind and their undeniable and intense chemistry in the movie I don’t think so. Although I think it will eventually come out as something completely different than the movie so there will not be much comparison. Anyway we shall see.

    BTW- Is Hollywood Reporter a reliable publication??

    BRB. Catching up with the previous thread.

  • Alexanderina

    ell Says:

    January 1st, 2007 at 8:34 pm
    My new Video with beautiful Angelina

    Happy New Year Ell. I loved the video, it was beautiful and I loved the song

  • ploypaphat

    WOW! Thank you so much jared and audrey!
    You guys are the best!!!

  • deena

    you know, seeing that today’s the first day of 2007, and this is the first thread, maybe we could start a cyber-jar for every time week bring up a certain some one. $1 cyber-dollar for each mention, at the end of the year we will use the cyber-money to fund a cyber-trip to Rio for a New Years Eve vacation.

  • kearnie

    Stranger – thanks for the links. I am saving every one of them for future references because I am seriously thinking of eventually retiring early and working full time in some of these international agencies.


    the only two tv people that could come close would be roy dupuis and peta wilson (of la femme nikita) fame…I’d watch them read the phone book…just as I would brad & ange. :-) that’s not likely to happen however, so I’d say this was a dumb idea….plus…having them backslide into boredom AFTER finding out about each other is dumb, and is really missing the point of the movie…no one wants to watch a couple who’s bored with each other….the having secrets and covering the fact that they are really interesting people ubeknownst to each other, is THE THING….ya know? my real beef is that this TOTALLY ruins anticipation of and those working for a MAMS sequel…with B&A. not that they were gonna do one in the near future…but at some point they might have considered the payday for both would have been out of this world.

  • gnosis

    they are so hot !!!

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Briseis…. (!) Jennifer Aniston as Mrs. Smith?? I think that is brilliant!! How about Vince as her husband? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…no, really I think the ONLY way it can ever work is IF they can find two completely, totally unknown actors with no prior credentials, to re-establish themselves with people who are NOT like us, not addicted to the one and only true Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad and Angie. If the writing is good enough and the actors are charismatic enough it can work because the premise is a really intriguing one, after all. The movie was probably just OK as an action adventure. I never saw it that way, however. It was fantastic as a metaphor for marriage. Actually, fantastic as such. So, if the same writer does the writing, he may pull it off. ( Ryan Phillipe could be a passable Mr. Smith, but he is not leaving film for TV any time soon….)

  • maja

    Passing Through Says:

    January 1st, 2007 at 8:47 pm
    Guli – if you’re lurking out there…I finally uploaded my fic…it’s not a phone convo, though…X has been writing in her diary again…

    For anyone else interested in reading the fic – hopefully my swansong! – I’ve uploaded it to the YG Files page.

    what’s YG, how do I get there?

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Passing Through…how can those of us not involved with the YG thing read it?

  • deena

    love this video, starts off w/ stills then goes into motion, hotness

  • http://justjared exquisite


  • lylian

    Happy new year everyone.

    Want to put my 2 cents worth on Oprah here coz I can’t do it on the old thread coz its closed.

    First, this 40m is part of Oprah’s hard earned money. I believe she can spend it anyway she wants, buying art works, shoes, handbags, staying in luxury hotels, giving her dogs and cats a daily manicure and caviar for dinner, what ever.

    Second, I absolutely support the fact that Oprah wants to spend the 40 m on education in south Africa. And I do believe Oprah is spending the money to do good.

    Third, just because I have reservations about Oprah’s vision for that school and the girls that go there doesn’t mean it is the wrong thing to do. Oprah’s School is elitist in the sense that only the really smart bright girls get to go there. However, what isn’t elitist is that the children who go there are the economically and socially, disadvantaged. In that sense, the school is highly egalitarian.

    I think I understand where Oprah is coming from. I think she wants a school that is the best, and she wants the students who go there to expect the best from life, to be the best in life and to give their best to their community and loved ones. This is to me, the ultimate “American Dream”, the capitalist ideal. This is a value which Oprah herself, personifies.


    My reservations are not that Oprah has created a school which caters for that smart poor girl, but rather, on the amount of money that’s lavish into that one single school. I think that it might be better for part of that 40m to go towards creating schools that cater more to the masses. 10m or 20m of the 40m can build may be 10 schools in south africa, which caters to 5000 to 10,000 students.

    What I am saying is that there is a point when part of that 40m gives a diminishing marginal return for the $$. On simpler terms, the first 1 million may well be giving a 10,000 decibel bang for a buck. The last 10m of the 40m probably gives a 1 decibel bang for a buck.

    Dont get me wrong, I support the building of schools which cater for the super bright amongst us. I think there are super bright children in Australia for example, are done a DISSERVICE by the mass schooling education. Australia tax payers fund special schools for those with learning difficulties – something I absolutely support. However, I’ve yet to know of an Australian school funded by tax payers money which support children with IQs of 150 and above. Personally, I think that the super bright need as much support and nurture, as those with learning difficulties. But they need a different kind of support and we shouldnt be embarrassed to provide it.

    However, I do think that education for the masses is also very very important. My views come from my own experiences. My father and mother both went to a small village primary school before WW2, which provided them with sufficient education to go to a high school in the big town and get their O levels. Had they had more family money, both could have made it to University.I went to a school where the minimum class size was never smaller then 45, as did my husband. Yet, we both managed to graduate with honours from an Australian university as lawyer and doctor, (my husband going on to get his phd as well). And trust me, whilst my parents and I and my husband are well within the average range of IQ. We are not in the above IQ150 range for sure.

    So, in my view, ensuring that many people in South Africa, not just girls but boys too, get a minimum standard of education at school can go a long long way for many many people. My parents and my husband and I are examples of mass education and its benefits.


    Most of us will live long enough to see how Oprah’s vision pans out. So, I look forward to seeing what Oprahs school will create in its students. I see Oprah’s efforts as a grand experiment and I’ll live long enough to see if the graduates of that school live up to Oprah’s vision that the school will create leaders who bring positive change to the community, or whether she will end up creating a school with a bunch of women who believe it is their right to rule and be elitist.

  • dragonfly

    I agree that trying to capture that B&A chemistry without B&A is futile. I am underwhelmed by the whole prospect, and as Clini said, it ruins the possibility of a MAMS 2 (not that I really think they would or should do it anyway). And yeah, it’s beyond unfathomable that these two characters would ever lose their spark a second time after reconnecting so intensely.

    This is yet another example of people trying to stowaway on the Jolie-Pitt train. All nonticketed passengers should be escorted off and hung on the next available mail hook.

    As for these pics….ah, the memories! Like Brad said, “There’s alot of love in that movie.”

  • 99³

    Happy 2007 to you all

  • deena
  • deena

    sorry wrong one

  • 99³

    I will NOT watch the small screen TV version

    NO, NO ! NO !

  • dragonfly

    Great post, lylian. Far beit for me to criticize Oprah for her school, because Goddess knows I certainly don’t like it when people get on Angie’s case about the way in which she chooses to donate her money. I agree with you that overall, this school is a great thing, but I really like the whole Millenium Village concept….helping more people in smaller amounts in more areas. I just think that has a greater impact that the way Oprah has chosen to go about it. Someone on the other thread made an excellent point that helping the girls would be a moot point if all the boys were still “stuck in the mud” and I wholeheartedly echo that sentiment. I am raising two boys, and I feel that part of my job as their mother is to not only enlighten and educate them, but to teach them how to be good partners and how to treat women.

    I just hate to see the boys shut out of an opportunity such as this kind of school. To me, it’s kinda sexist, but that’s probably just because I have boys of my own. However, to back that up, there have been studies in this country that have concluded that over the last 20-25 years, as a result of the women’s movement there have been SO many programs designed to help girls with their self-esteem that boys are now languighing behind them with simalar problems that girls had 30 years ago. So the conclusion shows that children of both sexes need to be nurtured in this way, not just girls.