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Gwyn Celebriates Chrismukkah

Gwyn Celebriates Chrismukkah

According to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper, Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah this year and wants son Moses to have a Bar Mitzvah when he is 13.

Their source revealed, “Gwyneth made sure her family celebrated both Christmas and Hanukkah. Chris accepted Gwyneth‘s desire for the children to be brought up understanding their proud Jewish background, even at this early stage. Gwyneth has even had a family tree made especially so that she can show Apple and Moses where they descended from.”

Pictures include Gwyn leaving her gym (looks like the same one as Madonna?) earlier this morning…

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  • Sara

    It cracks me up how she’s trying to be camera friendly after she caught flack for making those anti-American remarks.

  • malibumom

    I wonder if most ppl pay attention to the fact that these women work out-It’s not just in the genes-However, I don’t think GP has to work up a sweat-she’s always appeared pretty fit-the face hair and make-up, well that’s a different story all together

  • magnus

    Who the hell cares about this uppity bitch? Why is she even famous?

    Seriously…is there anyone on the planet who would see a movie because she was in it?

    I wouldn’t do much more than blink if she got run down by a bus.

  • Loulou

    magnus– Happy 2007. Things are going to get easier, it’s ok – breathe.

  • AnnaNicoleIsJesus

    It appears as though she should head straight for the beauty salon, her hair extensions are clumping together.

    What will she name her next child? How about Anaconda the talking snake?

  • Polyanna

    No, that’s your name. The venom is coming out of your mouth. What did she do to you? Steel your husband?

  • gumlover

    who’s gwyneth? OHHHHHH, the anti-american? yeah…um, who gives a crap about her?

  • hmmmm

    who gets that dressed up to go to the gym? Strange.

  • shanikqua

    she isnt jewish. Neither of her parents were, and even if her father was according to Jewish people her mother would have to be for her to be considered Jewish. Do your research before you publish things.

  • shanikqua

    ps- if her son Moses is having a bar mitzvah, why isnt apple having a bat mitzvah. You are totally out there with the stuff you make up.

  • From Wilkipedia

    Paltrow was born in Los Angeles, California, to the film and television director Bruce and Blythe Danner; Paltrow’s father was Jewish and her mother was raised a Quaker. Raised in Santa Monica, she attended Spence School, a private girls’ school in New York City, and briefly studied art history at the University of California, Santa Barbara, before dropping out and committing herself to acting. Paltrow has a younger brother, Jake Paltrow, and is a cousin of actress Katherine Moennig. She is an adopted daughter of Talavera de la Reina (Spain), where she lived as an exchange student and learned Spanish, which she speaks fluently.[1][2][3]

    Paltrow is a descendant of a famous 17th-century rabbi, David HaLevi Segal of Cracow,[4] through the Russian rabbinical family Paltrowitch, which produced thirty-three rabbis over several generations.[5] The actress has said she is very proud of being Jewish, and has attributed her father’s warmth to his Jewish heritage:

    “My father had that incredible Jewish warmth, really bolstering us (Paltrow and her brother) all the time. And when you’re nine years old and you’re hearing that you are the best person, it gets in there, and you think, ‘OK, I’m not going to be afraid to try things, because I’m always loved no matter what.’ That kills me, when I think about it. It totally breaks my heart, how lucky I am.”


    please….b*itch is now embracing her ‘jewishness’ as she has been scorned by her own country….she could have cared less prior to sticking her foot in it…she just wants the jewish hollywood moguls to save her non-jewish, non-practicing pretend to be waspish ass. natalie portman, a proud jewish person, paltrow is NOT….let’s get real please. lol

  • Polyanna

    You’ve obviously never read a single interview or know anything about her, because if you did, you would know she’s very proud of her jewish roots. Her country scorned her? – You get real. As every American knows she’s entitled to her opinion. Nevermind she SAID that’s not what she said. Obviously people like you have it in for her and wish to see her demise, WHICH IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. So, go declare your admiration for Paris Hilton and the likes, they need you more.

  • gumlover

    Actually, people, Shanikqua has it right. Dear Gwynnie cannot be Jewish unless her mother was Jewish which apparently she wasn’t. Blythe is not Jewish therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE for Gwyneth to be Jewish. And, Polyanna, I am from this country and my husband fights for this country and I scorn Gwyneth Paltrow. She might SAY she didn’t say it but she ….in all actuality…did in fact say it. And this is not the first time she has belittled Americans, which you would know if you read any of her interviews. Being an American she is entitled to her opinion….too bad that opinion bites the soldier that protects her sorry ass.

  • Mediterranean

    Can’t she just disappear from public eye, taking along Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears, Jen Aniston with her? Please do so!!!!

    I don’t understand why some people need to speak their belief always and openly; it should stay between you and God.

    In my country, you say your nationality if you are asked; you don’t tell them your religion at all.

    She is Jewish, not Israilian, right? So what’s the need?

  • Polyanna

    gumlover – You can scorn her and that’s your right. However, she’s American by birthright and therefore if you beleive she belittled Americans, she’s talking about herself as well, which I don’t buy for a second. Unlike most people posting here, I take the media’s word with a grain of salt. She’s tchenically not Jewish, but it is still part of her history. As for the rest of your statement, my inclination is to leave politics out of it.

  • NicePerson

    I agree with Polyanna. I am also a big Gwyneth Paltrow fan and an even bigger fan of her mother Blythe Danner. As a Jewish person myself, I welcome Gwyneth’s decision to convey her Jewish roots with her children and Chris Martin should be praised for going along with it.

  • NicePerson

    Also, I want to point out to you negative mean posters (you know who you are) that Gwyneth never said she was Jewish, she just wanted to impart the Jewish traditions as a tribute to her father who she adored and who sadly passed away at too young an age.

  • gumlover

    aaaarrrggghhh…alright niceperson and polyanna……good call……although I still am not a fan of hers. There is just something about her that I don’t like. And yeah, there is a definite difference between being Jewish (embracing her roots) and being Jew (as her father was). As much as I don’t like her I have to admit that keeping an open mind in regards to religion is admirable. But I still fundementally don’t like her,lol.

  • cupcake

    Gosh, get off Gwyneths ass, she has some movies that suck but generally her films ahve been good.

  • ben

    gumlover – You don’t have to like her, we can’t always like everyone and that’s a matter of taste anyway. I feel differently about her than you do. Because, you see, I think fundamentally she’s a decent person. I say decent because I don’t know her personally. What I go by is her behavior and the way she carries herself. And aside from a few silly comedies, her work has been generally good and evolving. It’s ok if someone does not like her, but it seems really unfair and mean-spirited when people say horrible things about her and her family for no reason. If you compare her behavior to a lot of them in hollywood, she seems like a pilar of example.

  • Mama Bear

    In Reform Judaism, one can be Jewish also from the father’s side. I personally do not believe, as a Jew, in practicing two religions at once. But it’s good that she is open about her heritage and proud of it. She’s a fine actress and seems like a person who tries to be honest and good. What’s to criticize?