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Aniston's Cabo New Year

Aniston's Cabo New Year

Jennifer Aniston was spotted in Cabo, Mexico this weekend with BFF and former Friends co-star Courtney Cox-Arquette. Hubby David Arquette tried his best to shield Jen from the paparazzi. The gang hit up restaurant Mi Casa in downtown Cabo…

Also pictured at the party: Sheryl Crow and Nicolette Sheridan (Desperate Housewives) with boyfriend singer Michael Bolton

P.S. It looks like Adam Sandler‘s wife Jackie let Courtney borrow her sandals… or vice versa.


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  • Katya

    Where is Cabo? US, Latin America?

  • k

    No, they didn’t borrow each other’s sandals, those are Adam Sandler’s wife Jackie’s feet. Maybe she borrowed them. I saw these pics on another site.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, k!! I updated the entry…

  • ?

    is it me or do Aniston and Crow look alike?


    I thought she was in Africa???

  • syd

    No the school opening for Oprah’s new year already happened. Spike lee and Mariah Carey were there. No jennifer.

  • Mexico

    Wow Sheryl’s looking so hot lately. Why have you guys still not figured out who she’s dating? It’s not that hard to find out!
    And this time it ain’t no biker with the emotional intelligence of a toddler.

  • ?

    Please don’t start the triangle thing over again. I am by no means a Jennifer fan but I’m so tired of the bermuda triangle.
    Let’s leave Brad and Angelina out of this. They have their own life now and are happy together.

    Let Jennifer do what she wants. Who cares as long as she’s not giving any more pity me interviews.


    Syd says..January 2, 2007 12:05 pm

    Thanks Syd! I should have none better.

  • Sandy

    ? Says:

    January 2nd, 2007 at 12:23 pm
    Please don’t start the triangle thing over again. I am by no means a Jennifer fan but I’m so tired of the bermuda triangle.
    Let’s leave Brad and Angelina out of this. They have their own life now and are happy together.

    Let Jennifer do what she wants. Who cares as long as she’s not giving any more pity me interviews.

    ______________________________________________________________________That is the point of all this matter!!! She WILL continue with ‘pity me’ interviews, because she has nothing else to do! I do not care what she does, just as long as she doesn’t ivolve Angie and Brad in her little tabloid-games!!!!

  • Mediterranean

    to ?,

    Noone did mentioned the Jolie-Pitt’s name until you wrote a comment, did you see it?

    Look at her face, full satisfaction; surely she was thinking “Finally guys, you have found me and taken my photos, I’ll be in the magazines still”.


  • maxine

    I think she should just marry David Arquette in some Mormon ceremony and get it over with. She lives with them already. What a bunch of B-listers. Sheryl shouldn’t get involved with that crowd.

  • FunnyGuy

    Love her so much, mmmmuah …

  • #1Califan

    Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Jennifer Aniston always together. There’s something wrong with this picture.

  • nicole

    jen looks happy and i am happy 4 her. i doubt she is pregant but she looks like she is or maybe its the outfit that she is wearing.

  • HotChick

    Pitt must be so stupid to leave such an amazing angel God had given to to him!

  • cmar

    why is david trying (snicker) to ‘shield’ his face instead of jen’s? could it be (no!) because she doesnt really want her face shielded? what??!! is it (truly not!) that she needs her photo to be taken……she needs to be considered still relevant………..afterall, a certain little awards show is coming up……..hanging on to the bermuda triangle remains a very viable option…..some would say, the ONLY option left. . . to be continued…..

  • ArquetteCoxAniston

    Is David Arquette doing both Cox and Aniston ? wow, not a bad deal to be a toy boy . Anyway Aniston is closer to his age aint that right ? I always thought something was not right with that Arquette-Cox-Aniston relationship that has been going on for the past decade. something is amiss and Anistion is to be blamed.

  • me

    Is Cox and Arquette divorce, this is the reason. They can’t take a dump without Aniston being around. I’m all for friendship but damn….

  • ?

    Mediterranean Says:

    January 2nd, 2007 at 12:44 pm
    to ?,

    Noone did mentioned the Jolie-Pitt’s name until you wrote a comment, did you see it?


    Yes, Sandy left a comment before me but it was erased.

  • Poor David

    life must be tough for David to have to hang around with a bunch of overgrown whinny women . First there was Aniston , then Laura Derm and now Sheryl Crow. tough life

  • 21st Century

    Times have changed, there is nothing wrong in letting your friend borrow your hubby for s e x or whatever. At least you can set the rules, imagine if he was having an affair with some hussy.

  • me

    IF Cox and Arquette divorce, …….

  • third wheel maniston

    wtf is Chin always hanging around this couple?

  • WHY?

    Why does she need to hide her face? I hope its not because its an ugly one. Its not like she is Shiloh or Suri.

    She is almost 40 years old and she is acting like a baby that needs to be protected. She has been in the limelight for almost 30 years and yet she continues to act as if she hates the camera. She should thank the paps that they are still takign her photos even if she doenst have a career anymore.

    Just be natural for God’s sake, there is just too much drama around her all the time and she always have this sad look in her. The more she makes a big deal out of it, the more pathetic she looks. She is the only one who looks sad among the other people that she was with. Everyone else looks so relax and just natural, even Sheryl Crow, who also was without someone.

    For all we know, inside the restaurant, she is like laughing and screaming and yapping….she is really just acting up looking vulnerable all the time.

  • Strange

    Why is JA clinging on to David ?
    Even Courtney doesn’t hold David so tightly.
    Why is David shielding his face ? Guilty of something ?
    Why does it look like JA is David’s wife instead of Courtney
    why is everything looking so strange with this set of pictures ?

  • 21st Century

    Let’s face it, men are dogs, they are gonna cheat and in Courtney’s case, her husband is younger than her, I’m sure there are times when she is probably too tired from working and taking care of her baby. She can’t expect David not have a release of some type and this is where Jen comes in. As long as everyone is adult about it, there won’t be a problem. Courtney is a smart woman.

  • David

    Poor David Says:

    January 2nd, 2007 at 1:33 pm
    life must be tough for David to have to hang around with a bunch of overgrown whinny women . First there was Aniston , then Laura Derm and now Sheryl Crow. tough life


    David deserves to be with these kind of women, he is a dumb guy, I saw him on Leno and he really has a low IQ. He seems to be just a very regular guy, like your waiter or gasoline boy in the corner. He, he, sorry, but thats how he impressed me.

    And Courtney also is very unintelligent, no wonder both she and Jennifer gets along so well.

    Sorry for my rant, but these people are just so uninteresting, Im sure Brad is so glad right now that he is out of that circle.

  • sad

    To Why/

    I agree, and I am trying to polite and not bash, but she complains about being a victim, but look at how she is acting, Why can’t she just walk out of the restaurant like everyone else? Instead she comes out trying to hide her face, she loves the attention.

  • Stock

    Anyone associated with Aniston devalues their own hollywood stock and value. Now that VV is rid of Aniston, I might just consider watching his movie. The same for Arquette, Cox and Crow. No movies and songs worth wasting my sight and ear for .

    Interesting to see Cox has been agressively marketing her show on Perez site. The very site that Aniston has asked her publicist to have Perez retract the liar post . So strange that all these hollywood read tabloids and place so much of their livihood with some bloggers.

  • 21st Century

    It also works out well for Jen. She has a man without the emotional entanglement and media fanfare. Courtney trusts her, Let them be.

  • Best Friends share everything.

    Jen and Courtney both dated Adam Duritz of the counting crow.

  • Ayanna

    WTF? Which one is David married to? THIS is the triangle everyone should be wondering about.

  • fifi

    Ayanna Says:

    January 2nd, 2007 at 2:15 pm
    WTF? Which one is David married to? THIS is the triangle everyone should be wondering about.
    I normally lurk, not post in an Aniston thread, but I have to agree with Ayanna. WTH is this, she is clinging more to David than Courteney was. I know they are best friends and everything, but if I were Courteney, I would still watch out. Aniston is so vulnerable right now that she has been uncoupled from a relationship twice in two years. Unless this triangle is what they really want ….?

  • CNN

    Courteney Cox digs ‘Dirt’

    Do she and other actors acknowledge that such publications are part of the publicity machine?

    “Well, I accept it,” she said. But it’s tougher on other celebrities, she said, such as former “Friends” co-star Jennifer Aniston, whose romances (Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn) became tabloid obsessions.

    “Jennifer is hounded every single day, poor girl. She’s coping with it but she cannot get a break,” Cox said. For actors in that position, “it can be very painful.”

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Good point, Stock. Perez hates Jennifer! He is one of many, for some reason, who regularly rant about how phoney, how boring, how untalented she is, how fake the relationship with Vince was, etc. Why, knowing that, would Courtney agree to advertise on Perez’ site? And they are doing so Big Time. The promo for the show was even the background “wallpaper” for the site! Hmmm….I would feel so betrayed if I were Jennifer. I guess they hope to catch the eye of gossip-lovers, no matter what it says about their loyalty to their friend. Business is business?

  • stardust

    Not bashing here but I have to ask, what’s the point of trying to cover up your face the way David and JA are doing? Just ignore the papz and/or smile for them and keep walking. Why make it such a big deal about hiding your face? Sheryl Crow is single and she doesn’t appear to be hiding or looking miserable. In fact, she’s smiling and not making a big deal about getting her picture taken. Why does Aniston turn everything into a drama?

  • Attention Seeking

    Seeking out attention.
    This isn’t the first time she does this. Way back when she was dating VV, didn’t she carry a scarf with her everywhere she goes .. to the pub, at the airport, outside her home.

    This is called insercurity or maybe she is plain guilty of trash talking the past years and have to hide away from the lies. If she is not lying.. she should be holding her head and shoulder high and proudly in view for all to see. She is definitely guilty !

  • PK

    This has always been a strange relationship. However, Ms. Cox seems to love counseling women that are desperate after break ups. Does she get some satisfaction from this in an odd way? She draws these types of women to her and seems to delight in it. Ms. Aniston is the most insecure female I have ever seen or read about. She hangs around that couple in a disturbing way and always moving close to them. She is almost forty years old and doing these things? Something is so wrong with them and her!

    She is also a passive aggressive personality type and LOVES the pity while stating that she does not. She knows this drill all too well…..

  • freidaflo

    Of all people, D.Arquette hiding his face? Not even a c-lister.!!!!

  • Lynn

    Cute. They are very Hollywood but that is ok. David seems like a nice dude! I still love BAMZS alot more but I will not compare them to each other they all deserve happiness. I do like Jen and crew too.

  • Susie

    Look people. Jennifer can hang with Cortney and David all she likes. Why are people here getting all upset and writing all these nasty comments because Jennifer (who has not said anything here) is just walking with David… There are some filthy minds at work here. Why people insist on all this negativity I have no idea. As for Jennifer saying what she thinks hey it is a free country. She can say what she wants from time to time. I also see Angelina doing a lot of talking and a lot of glossing over things. So why can’t Jennifer do the same. As for saying she is a looser and all this other crap I disagree. She has had some ok movies out there that people have gone to see. People let us all just move on and wish all these people well. Surely we can’t be hammering on someone non stop come on man. This is getting so old. Even if she is on the B list so what. What list are you people on?

  • Lynn

    I feel so glad that Sheryl is feeling good, she looks great. My mom had breast cancer so I feel for survivors. Michael Bolton bugs me only because my dad’s cousins husband tried so hard to be like him. What a dork to be such a copycat, he probably still copies Michael.

  • HeyHey

    No one is aiming to be on any list. What I am reading here are opinions of readers. The one that seems to have a problem is you Susie. You cannot accept that people have an opinion and that include stating who JA is by viewing this post and her past actions.

    I think Cox is cool to have a new show. Wonder why she never cast her best friend JA in it ? anybody care to enlighten ? Is it because Cox knew how terrible a dramatic actress she is ? There has been mixed review for Cox new show. Apparently, either you like it or hate it, based on the either if you like Cox & Hart or otherwise . Good luck to her.

  • what??????????

    OK…. David!!!

    What your saying is waiters, gasoline boys and regular guys
    have low IQ’s are uninteresting and dumb….. like David Arquette.

    Thanks for that valuable, intelligent bit of information.

  • infinity

    Well there’s no escaping it. If it will make jen fans any happier, they are talking more about Jeniffer on the B&A thread than they are here, I wish I could go somewhere and stick to the subject.

  • Juno

    #1Califan Says:

    January 2nd, 2007 at 1:10 pm
    Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Jennifer Aniston always together. There’s something wrong with this picture.

    hahaha! Totally agree. No matter how BEST friends Jen and Courtney maybe, to have her hanging around them constantly is rather strange, especially when your hubby have to service your BFF as well. MHO is this will affect a marriage eventually. Now that will be the real Bermuda triangle.

  • TeamJolie

    What in the Hayell is Jennifer wearing? The dress is hideous but at least do ME the favor of getting some shoes that match. She is wearing shower shoes for God sake. Jenn, honey, let it go, he is SO not coming back! MOVE ON!

  • name

    a bunch of b-listers. with the exception of david arquette. he is a d-lister of course…

  • Susie

    To Juno…. Are you with Jen all the time? You seem to know a lot about her movements and just how much time she spends with David and Courtney. Has it occurred to anyone that if this couple did not want Jen with them they would TELL HER SO… Gosh. As for you Hey Hey I do not have any problems. I just think once in a while when a bunch of people are saying such crazy things it does not hurt to try and put in a few objective comments. This bashing amazes me.

    And then to this Team Jolie what are you doing here. Go back to the Brangelina page. Jen filed for divorce from Brad in case you forgot and I have a sneaky feeling Jen knows this man is gone. Let her lead her life. It is not a crime to be the ex wife or ex partner of Brad Pitt. She is not the first and by golly she will not be the last.