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Woody Welcomes The New Year in Miami

Woody Welcomes The New Year in Miami

Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn were spotted on the beaches of Miami earlier this weekend with their daughters Bechet, 8, and Manzie, 6 (both named after jazz musicians). Woody, 71, and Soon-Yi, 36, were in South Florida because Woody was performing with his jazz band. The couple rang in the new year at Donald Trump’s party at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.

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  • Chrissi


  • Chrissi

    Yeah I was first=) To Woody Allen I have nothing to say except that he to me makes no difference. I find it nice that he a family has he loves. But any more I really do not have to say. I do not know this Woody Allen also properly that is that I have not belonged yet so much from him in the press.

  • Misty

    How weird. They got one kid who looks exactly like Woody, and one that looks like Soon-Yi.

  • Just Jared

    It’s funny because they’re both adopted. Or so they say?

  • black

    Just wait and and see, in 10 years he will leave his wife for one of those little girls…..hahaha- would be really funny.

  • Leminie

    I am sad that he is so incredibly old-looking (and really, just plain old!). I don’t believe that I will ever get over the whole daughter=wife thing. Just a bit too much to deal with.

  • mel

    It’s just sick how people idolize him and call him a genius. It’s disturbing that anyone could have nice thoughts about a grown man who takes advantage of young girls. Says alot about our society. This man is a dirt bag!!

  • malibumom

    Jared, are you saying the little girls are adopted because Soon Yi was preggers right? Anyway I am with you Mel-sick sick sick-Mia Farrow didn’t have enough grit in her craw-Woody would’ve suffered the same as John Wayne Bobbitt and I mean that-

  • what’s wrong

    She is pissed at him! look at the pics-she throws her hands up he grabs her arm, there is something goin on-Maybe he’s been trying to touch the little girls-nasty bastard!

  • Just Jared

    Well, Manzie is definitely adopted. Bechet is supposedly adopted. I don’t know for sure either way.

  • YKW

    I agree with Mel.
    He is shameless and he is a shameful person who has NO morals…his own adopted daughter. She has no soul either…HO! and PERVERT!!!!!!!

  • fulana

    whatever, the man’s still a genius…

  • WTF

    This is disgusting as hell.

  • http://deleted Shame!

    Now you know why ugly little perverts chase young, inexperienced girls. Children can easily be manipulated. Almost any man can get a hold of a young girl, turn her on with his experience sexually, and then she’s hooked. It doesn’t matter how horrible looking these men are. Any young, experienced woman with an ounce of brain would not want to tie herself down with this fossil. Woody might be a genius, but he’s still a child molester. His wife has wasted much of her young life already. If he doesn’t kill over quickly one of these days, more than likely she will soon become his nurse. He might have a long life span and increasingly develop health problems. By the the time the “old goat” finally dies, she’ll be past her prime, tired, worn down, and depressed. She may never desire to marry again.

  • kidi

    He’s a perv.

  • Chanel

    Damn, looks like she’s with her grandpa.
    I can’t stand him. Hooking up with his step-daughter like that.

  • Chanel

    Yep, he’s a perv, he went over his boundaries with that girl, that is Mia’s daughter.

  • tasty

    Ugh…….I am serious concerned for those girls.


    He lookes like he smells of urine … Oh i almost forgot he’s a … GENIUS

  • Tina

    Woody Allen was never married to Mia Farrow. Woody never adopted Soon-Yi. So he didn’t get with his daughter. He got with Mia Farrow’s adopted daughter!!!

  • teresam

    Whether or not he ever adopted Soon-Yi, the fact remains that she is sister to his own adopted children with Mia. The judge in the custody case criticized Woody for totally ignoring the confusion his children would feel knowing their father was sleeping with their sister. And he was found to have engaged in inappropriate behavior with his own adopted dauther with Mia and denied visitation rights.

    Whatever genius he might have as a director doesn’t mean he isn’t also a pervert. Look at Roman Polanski!

  • http://deleted beetle

    Woody was taking nude pictures of Soon-Yi when she was underage. Mia found them.

  • uggh

    that is just gross if that is true

  • g

    He looks like a controling pervert


    That ..GENIUS.. is lower than WHALE ~ S.H.I.T
    he should have gone to jail.

  • Renee

    If my neighbor had done this, the girl would be in counseling, he would be in jail, and the neighborhood would be up in arms. He would never be allowed to be around young children. Because Woody Allen is an “artist,” we say it’s ok? Let’s not forget that some of the most infamous serial killers were officially geniuses. We look the other way and wonder why our children are in danger? We need to set the example and tell them loud and clear this is wrong. Society gives it a wink and a nod. Pitiful.

  • MMM

    I won’t see any of his movies EVER and I can’t get over how celebs idolize him and all want to be in his movies. They obviously have no morals. Soon-Yi should shield her kids from this man.

  • charone

    And yet lesbians and gays can’t get married?

    there is a problem here.

  • Sarah

    Look at the picture of him grabbing on to her arm. They don’t hold hands. She doesn’t look interested in him in the least bit.

  • Sarah

    By the way, the kids are too cute!

  • Mediterranean

    This man and woman always give me a stomach-pain! I feel like vomiting when I see their photos or people like them.

    Everybody seems to blame him but what about her? By the way, how long have they been together?

    I am still laughing the suggestion which was given to Mia by the ex-husband of Mia who is Frank Sinatra after Woody’s got together with her daughter while he was with Mia! I think same kind of suggestion was given to her by her second husband also. Woody deserves it all.

  • http://deleted beetle

    …agreed with above. Yea, Soon-Yi was a “child” who had “issues” — probably becoming young woman without a dad was missing fatherly love and self-esteem from a dad. Woody saw that vulnerability, saw her innocence and allowed his lust to rule his head. He didn’t fight it, like mature men usually do.

    The affair began in secret. One of Soon-Yi’s sisters said in hindsight, she remembers something was different about Soon-Yi. Soon-Yi was acting “above” the siblings, like she was older and wiser, and talked about boys their age as being immature.

    Saw Allen not long ago on old Dick Cavett show. He’s total sex hound dog. Said he was always into sex, like out of womb that way. He’s smart, but a nerd, not too attractive to many women or just wanted someone he could control. He got it.

  • http://deleted beetle

    …that was the D*ck Cavett Show…

  • Tonya

    To Mediterranean,

    What suggestion did her ex-husbands give her?

  • ashylarry

    He looks like a caricature of himself. His pants are hiked up to his freaking ears! His whole Jewish, New York, neurotic persona had gotten way past ridiculous.
    MatchPoint (Crimes and Misdemeanors in England) was his only last good movie. He’s starting to suck again.
    I’m sorry but, I’m married to someone 20 years older than me (I’m a female) and I know she has to be embarassed to be seen with him looking like that. She looks like his nurse. Pictures and body lanugage can tell a lot. She looks completely revolted by him.
    Karma’s a b. Soon-Yi slept with her mother’s boyfriend and now she’s stuck with this fugly ass old man.

  • Maria

    I want to throw up!! She’s a slag and he’s just a creep!! They both should crawl back into the hole they came from!

  • http://Hotmail Yikes!

    Totally disgusting.

    I don’t care if he never adopted her. He had married her mother. And her mother has issues with it so clearly this is a problem in the household.

    Also, she had always known him as her mother’s boyfriend and her siblings” father and then he turns around and marries her?

    Yes, I know love comes in many ways and you can fall in love at any time but sometimes you have to control yourself and find someone else to love – someone with less conflict.

    Woody Allen is a spoiled brat who is insecure and can’t be in a relationship with a real mature woman who will threaten him so what does he do? He marries his wife’s daughter! Unacceptable.

    And his kids must be so confused that their sister is now technically their mommie!!!!

    And Soon Yi of all people. She looks strange and seems a bit slow. She is totally unattractive. Woody just wanted someone to prey on. It’s not like Soon Yi is even good looking. Not that if she was it would make a difference. My point is he went after the most vulnerable girl he could find: his unattractive, not totally mature, clearly confused daughter of his wife.

    What a mess.

    Just cause it’s not technically illegal does not mean it is right.

    Yuck. Imagine if that was YOUR family. Put yourselves in these shoes. Awful.

  • Mediterranean

    to TONYA,

    I know that it’s very late to answer your question and most probably you’ll never read it but I write it for just in case:

    Our dear Frank Sinatra call Mia and asked her if she wants him to send someone to shoot Woody by his knees! And second husband asked her almost similar question but some other part of his body or vice versa. These guys were the tough guys.

  • johnson

    they never established his relationship with dylan as inappropriate just ‘unnatrually close’. any claims mia made on this regard were likely out of bitterness given she assaulted soon yi flung dung with a chair after discovering. anything woody did qualifies as no more than creepy.
    woody is the greatest american autuer in the modern era and he IS a genius. if you are going to avoid films directed by men who take advantage of young girls then you would need to never watch any film that ever came out of the hollywood system EVER. just cos they have good PR and cover everything up to avoid scandal doesnt mean its not happening right now. so have fun never watching a movie ever again or moral grounds. meanwhile genius woody will continue breathtaking comeback begun with match point. life without woody allen films not worth living anyway

  • http://none Cetura

    Soon Yi has never shown any affection towards her adopted daughters, never casually takes their hands, nor drapes an arm
    around them. She is obviously jealous of them, and anyone who is
    adept at body language can observe that Soon Yi covertly emotionally abuses Bechet, who clings to Woody at every turn. Woody takes both girl’s hands, while Soon Yi either walks behind with a dour expression, or ignors the girls completely. Soon Yi is cold towards the girls. It’s a sickening thing to watch. And yet, she seems to get away with it, because Woody needs Soon Yi as a nurse. Soon Yi has become
    the monster in this scenario.