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Still Crazy in Love With Beyonce

Still Crazy in Love With Beyonce

Beyonce is GQ UK‘s covergirl for their February 2007. It’s a shiny shiny photoshoot with Beyonce sporting some sort of silver chain/plating dress. Here are a few quotes that we can draw out:

  • “I feel like everybody is always expecting me to perform.”
  • “I need success because I feel like I was born for it.”
  • “On stage, I’m wild and aggressive and strong — I sing real strong, I dance real wild.”

Beyonce in GQ Magazine [BeyonceWorld]

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  • Shannon

    Beyonce looks like pure trash. I feel sorry for her that she believes she has had to resort to such filth. She looks a mess. I am ashamed of her now. She used to be a role model for young girls and women her age, now she is not providing the attributes of the women she once used to be. I pray that she changes, and finds GOD again.

    Don’t take me for a jealous woman. I know she is beautiful and talented; heck, I like her latest song, but she needs to showcase this with more class, respect and thought to the young women, especially teens, that look to her and want to be like her.


  • angie

    she looks needy for attention, what happen to her being classy. she looks like a whore

  • Browsing

    Agree–if Beyonce keeps going down this route, she’ll end like Mariah Carey–beautiful, talented but looks like a wh*re.

  • Amy

    Man, that has got to be one of B’s worst shoots ever, and I love that woman. She’s very gorgeous and talented (except for that whole songwiting mess), but that looks like some straight up recycled Mariah Carey shoot from 2005. I’ve never liked GQ all that much since they seem to objectify women (silly me, it’s GQ, DUH!!), and I can’t believe B’s up for this shit. Other than that, it was just a sloppy shoot. Period. I mean, one outfit the whole time? WTF!!
    Now I ain’t ever gonna go hating on Beyonce, but this is a damn shame. Wonder what Hov has to say about this?

  • bdj

    Bee is almost showing her moneymaker is some of those pictures. This is definitely good reading material for one of those sperm* donor outfits. I guess she is channeling her inner Sasha.

  • Courtney

    Thats a really cool cover.

  • Chanel

    It’s a shame that somebody who is so pretty can be so vulgar.

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    keep on hating fat girls. keep on.. no matter what she does, when she is posted on this site every one [white people] have something bad to say.

    the chick could cure cancer and u honkys would hate. lmao its really entertaining.

  • Mrs.Fox

    I think Beyonce looks beautiful….as always.

  • Amy

    8==========D~~ (@-=) Says:

    Oh come on, I’m not white (or fat either, as a matter of fact), and as I said before, I am a huuuge Beyonce fan and have all of her CD’s with and without Destiny’s Child since their debut album, and I’m not intentionally hating on her in any way. It’s just that, as I said, this shoot was poorly done (ONE outfit, come on!), which may not be her fault. I also hate when people call B names like fat, untalented, etc., and I’m always quick to defend her, but the woman isn’t always perfect.
    I think it’s still GQ’s fault. They want her to look like a tramp for the viewing pleasure of their suscribers (mostly men), and that just ain’t right to a woman’s integrity. I mean, if B stood up in that dress, she’d be in Britneyville.

  • krbcan

    I’m not sure about the context of these quotes, but man, this chick is really starting to bother me. I wish she would just shut up for a while and disappear. She is really over-exposed right now. Granted, she is a great looking girl with a medium amount of talent — but I am so tired of her right now!!!! Please go away for a while.

  • Arielle

    Ha I’m not white or fat lol and Beyonce gets on my nerves.She’s overrated and overexposed…..

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    [krbcan] “medium talent” Lmao.. you must of say that just so someone would comment on it. and it worked, your an ass. Lol

    Beyonce is Far more Talented than 90% of the White girls who get Worshipped On This Site. She have more awards and accolades Than Pretty much EvereyOne in Her Genre.

  • Glenda Ford’s another one…I’m most definitely not white…100% Black last time I checked. But Beyonce, with all of her beauty and talent is looking a little bit like a HO on those photos. I have three daughters 14,9 and 6 and trying to raise them to be proper young ladies while entertainers like Beyonce and Mariah are all splashed across the magazine covers with everything sacred hanging out …let’s just say it’s making my job a little bit difficult. And yes…she does seem like she’s screaming for attention….Maybe the childhood wasn’t as picture perfect as we all thought it was.

  • Celeb Lust

    Let’s analyze… Absolutely beautiful and stunning woman, but seeks to emulate the kind of woman Daddy is attracted to for his approval and continued emotional support. We all know about Mr. Knowles’ affairs and drug probs…what kind of woman would that be? LOL…very Freudian, I know, but damn, she looks like she’s at the gyno. Btw, I’m not fat or white either.

  • KrungKrung

    never liked Beyonce, never will, 2 each his own hehe

  • louloute

    why does she look more and more whiter? I have DC’s CD debut and she used to look like a true african american girl. now there’s a big difference (color wise) between her and her cousin Kelly Rowland for example.

  • http://justjared exquisite

    so over you, go away, you are like paris, lins, brit and the rest of those losers————–go away with JOE THE CAMEL JZ, JIGGA, HOV===whatever,,go.go.go.go.go.go————be gone!

  • Mediterranean

    Somebody has to tell her because she needs to know: She has “very” big hips and “very” heavy legs that’s why she should cover them up!

    I am not skinny woman and I don’t have anything against the woman with hips but this is too much to show.

    I don’t like her voice but this is my own taste. The voice for me is Whitney Houston which she seems to waste unfortunately.

  • odile mesange

    i love u with all my heart i wished to come in your concert but it can not be possible .am an orpharn rwandese i need u to help what i want before is to return to school because now there is 3 years i stoped it plz help me.
    i like your voice and your dance u my favorite musician

  • mercredi

    When will this chick go away?

  • Susie

    This woman needs to cover this up. There is too much on show over here. Way too much info. Also she looks very sleazy like she is about to do something or finished doing something. Yuck….Also I am not fat and I am black so I cannot be jealous or racist. I happen to like Mary J Blige’s voice and the way she has grown as an artist and a person. This Beyonce is slowly sliding to the whole Mariah mess image if you ask me. Always uncovered and sleazy. Pity becase she does not have to resort to this kind of sleaze. She can actually sing why resort to this kind of mess girl? You can do better than this. This kind of behaviour is too predictable. Try the unconventional for a change.

  • missy

    whats wrong with you?……..just if someones white it doesnt mean he cant rate a black artist………..come on guy!!! ( i am white and from europe)
    i think beyonce is too much on tv……shes trying to hard to get attention……..i mean she has NO TALENT for acting (thats a fact) …….she used to sing good songs earlier – now she just sings trash( songs one just remember for a few months and thats it……..i still remember ” say my name” but no one of her latest songs)
    and shes really not that beautiful—- i see so many young woman here every day on street , who are so much better looking than her

    sorry fans of her- she is nothing special at all !!!!!!

  • jeeel

    i agree with most people – yes she is pretty and talented, but definitely not the best there is. i am sure she is a good person but i am tired of hearing about her and seeing her plain jane face!


    OK!!!……. Beyonce

    She is Attractive, Successful, Rich, Young and over exposed this may
    be a good time for her to take some time to go back to school i think
    it would be a great benefit to her.

  • kitty

    okay all I have to say is that ALL of you are haters.
    Can any of you name celebrities who haven’t exposed a little and played on their sex appeal?! Remember people…this is a business!
    Give me a break! The young hollywood celebs out right now are either ANOREXIC, BULEMIC, FLASING THEIR COOCH, OR GETTING PLASTIC SURGERY!
    so if you are gonna hate on anyone, hate on them.
    Beyonce is just doing her thing, and is beautiful inside and out.

  • Susie

    Since I do not know this girl I would never say she is beautiful inside and out. What are you basing the inside beauty on since you do not know her? Just wondering. Yes it is a business but at the end of the day when all is said and done while doing this business one can end up with a reputation in tatters…. look at Britney.

  • Tina

    Beautiful,talented woman being sexy.Nothing wrong with that.Great cover for a change.

  • cee cee

    I’m in the minority here..I like the photos. They are a break from her normal standing, posing, red carpet look. Yeah they may be a little sexy, but she is a 25 year old woman..her last album had a song where she sang to her “kitty kat”, sex is part of her image now. Maybe it’s time that our children stop listening to her music because it’s unsuitable for their ears. She’s not a Destiny’s child teeny-bopper anymore.

  • Janet Buttimer

    This whore is so over! I saw Dreamgirls over the weekend here in Richardson, TX where live and I almost walked out because of her! I liked that black chick from American Idol, she busted Beyonce’s ass on out! I wouldn’t mind performing oral on Beyonce but aside from that I hate her.

  • Ri_Ri

    Wow, Janet! What do u do, sit on the computer all day and try and post the most vulgar comments on every celeb blog? Get a friggin life. As for Beyonce, she is a little too bottom heavy to be wearing half the clothes she does. I’m not sayin she is fat but she should know what to cover up unless she tones those thunder thighs of hers. When you see her next to other celebs it’s remarkable at how different she looks from magazines. Photoshop much?

  • sucker4suckers

    Hot to death!
    Work it B! Keep the permanent haters green & on their j.o.b’s.

  • Faye

    The only reason people are saying what they are because the blogger said so; mostly everyone will agree with whatever the blogger says. If he had said these pictures are beautiful, the majority would have said the same thing. I think people should form their own opinion – that is once you are invited to be in a photo shoot. As for her shape, hips, etc. I would rather see her beatiful healthy form anyday of the week than that anorexic no talent straw hair hoe that is an Olsen twin – just pick one, the description fits them both. America’s standard of beauty, is tall, thin, white, and blonde in any combination. Say what you will but the majority of these bloggers are WHITE and most of them have nothing constructive to say about anything or anybody.

  • Ri_Ri

    I love when us white people are called racists in america these days considering black people make EVERYTHING about race. If I don’t agree that Beyonce is beautiful (wigs and all), i’m automatically a racist? Huh, makes sense I guess, considering I don’t find half of these white celebs pretty either. Faye find something else to whine about. Really, what card would you pull if we were all one race.

  • It’s Not That Crucial

    Ri-Ri, I’m black and I totally agree with you. But trust me, even on the black celeb blogs when someone (mostly other blacks I’m sure) don’t agree that Beyonce is the shit or has it going on, people throw a hissy fit. Saying shit like we need to support our black people, yada, yada bullshit. I support anybody who deserves and frankly Beyonce doesn’t deserve it. She is where she is because of her pimp daddy. She is so overrated and people are sick of seeing her.

  • It’s Not That Crucial

    Oh wait….I only read Ri-Ri’s last post I didn’t see the one before that. Though I did agree with you about the how blacks are always turning everything in to a race issue [though sometimes it is necessary because racism still exist], your comment about Beyonce being bottom heavy is a bit messed up. The average black woman is going to have hips and ass with nice thighs, which Beyonce happen to have, so I’m with Faye on this one. I would rather look at her than one of those Olsen twins, or Nicole Richie, and now Jessica Alba…should I keep going????

  • celebrityhater

    I detest beyonce. She is not beautiful. She is mostly all hype. Yes she has talent but she’s been working at it since how old??????? She wears wigs/weaves to look white, she event went so far as to have a nose job, the media has said nothing about it but if anyone looks at the photos from destinys child to now, you will see homegirls nose is very different, I have little respect or admiration for her as a black icon. cause she is selling herself out like she’s white or something. Her acting sucks and all that booty shaking is benefiting the world how???

  • chechengirl

    Beyonce is black? U kidding me….right? I mean this woman is whiter than some whites and u call her black?


  • Susie

    This girl used to be all churchy churchy what happened to that image I wonder. Now with the rapper boyfriend and all this booty showing who would have known? Her latest music does nothing for me and I did not waste my money on that mess. I was very surprised how much better Le Toya’s album was. ( I got it for Xmas from someone. I was pretty shocked.) Daddy Knowles never let anyone but Beyonce sing most of the time so it was hard to see other talent. I cannot wait for the day when this girl takes a break and we do not have to see so much of her. I am so tired of Beyonce right now. Girl take a break after this whole dreamgirls thing.

  • Kate

    I’m so sick of this chick…. instead of her being so obsessed with being famous, she needs to get obssessed with taking some much needed acting and speech classes!

  • Pookie

    Faye Says:
    January 4th, 2007 at 4:25 pm

    “I would rather see her beatiful healthy form anyday of the week than that anorexic no talent straw hair hoe that is an Olsen twin – just pick one, the description fits them both. America’s standard of beauty, is tall, thin, white, and blonde in any combination.”

    Gee, “straw hair hoe” sounds kind of racist, don’t you think? Against white people, I mean.

    No, America’s standard of beauty is not “tall, thin, white, and blonde in any combination.” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we all have preferences. You sound a little bitter about something.

    Beyonce is just getting over-exposed. She needs to go quietly away somewhere & let Jennifer Hudson enjoy her moment in the sun. Or, even better — come out in support of her “sister’s” accolades. It’s sad when you have to be the center of attention ALL the time…doesn’t success mean you have enough to share?

  • Ash

    Man, the cover is beatiful, but then you open it and see that bend over position and the trashiness begins…The whole photoshoot is so vulgar. And to think I used to like her. Now she’s just a crazy attention (and now awards) w.h.o.r.e to me.

  • Sasha

    as Boo-yonce’s alter ago, I will give her 30 days from the time that dreamgirls came out on national release but after that I will promptly have to tell her HO SIT DOWN. Enough is enough, we have been bombarded with her since the summer of last year. I know she is tired and most folks are tired of her ass too, do us all a favor and take a break already!!

  • J

    Get over it .. B is old enough to bring the SexyBack. I’m a grown ass woman, but I love B – she’s a success story and way classier than the rest of her young hollywood peers. I think these shots are HOT! And I love the fact that she’s bigger than most singers/ actors/ celebs – she’s really real in my opinion. Love her or hate her, girl’s doing her thing!

  • Beyonce Fan

    She’s a beautiful woman who is not ashamed of her figure.
    She’s hot and all the haters are just green with envy.

  • I’m Black…Just So U Know.

    Um… to the person who said that the American standard is not tall, thin, white and blonde, you’re right. The American standard of beauty is INDEED thin, white and blonde. SHORT, thin, blonde, white girls now have a shot. Thin, white and blonde is the standard and has ALWAYS been the standard in this country. Beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder but the “POWERS THAT BE” set the STANDARD…beholders be damned.

    As for beYAWNce, I too, wish she’d “take a break” like so many singers do, then try to come back, only to realize that they have been forgotten. Their fans have moved on. I don’t think she’s ugly. But how can you see her as more than a mere plain jane? She’s a cute girl. But BEAUTIFUL? GORGEOUS? HOT? How ’bout, NO NO NO NO NO!!!

    And I agree that she definitely could use some speech lessons. Not a ghetto queen but definitely not the most articulate chick out there.

  • hotlikepeppa

    Just because you’re not a fan or you dislike an actor/artist doesnt neccesarily make you a jealous hater. I dont think there is anything wrong with Beyonces body, girl is thick! we’re all built differently. However, I didnt really love her last album, she should really stay away from acting and she needs to tone down the hair. I know her ego is a bit bruised because Jennifer Hudson is getting a lot praise for her acting/singing in dreamgirls thats probably why we’re seeing her so much on tv & magazines, she wants to make sure we dont forget about her.
    Shes been in the game a long time! girlfriend needs to take some time off and tend to her man before he runs off with Rhianna.

  • haytizphynest

    hmmm…. i sense desperation in beyonce. like really, when will this chick go away?

  • Ana

    I don’t understand why everyone hates Beyonce so much. What did she do? She’s just being herself. Also, her photos are not trashy. What is so bad about them? She’s not ever showing much compared to 95% of female celebrities which pose for magazines.

    Also, how can you guys call her an attention whore? What exactly did she do?
    I noticed that everyone on this site seems to love Angelina Jolie, well sorry to rain on your parade, but AJ is the biggest attention whore celebrity out there. (Don’t even get me started about Angelina. I could write a 10 page essay giving many, many examples proving what an attention whore she is.)
    Gosh, what hypocrites you guys are. Beyonce isn’t even an attention whore. She is herself. She is sexy. She is beautiful.

    Oh, and just to clarify something, I don’t appreciate how as soon as somebody mentions that they think a black person is untalented, or whatever, everyone starts calling them racist. Oh please, stop! I’ve had it with the Blacks & Jews playing the victim role over what happened many many many years ago. Just get over it you guys. Just because I said something, doesn’t mean i’m racist, or an anti-semite. Jesus!

    And yes, I’m a white girl and i’m NOT racist, I mean come on, I just defended the beautiful, talented, BLACK Beyonce up there…

  • pr3ttykid

    She looks amazing…and i think is not trashy at all….Because she showing some skin…..pplz…shes 25 yrs old and the women could do that…..beyonce keep doing youre thing….regarless wat she will always be on top of the game….