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Nicole Kidman Covers 'W Magazine' With Daniel Craig

Nicole Kidman Covers 'W Magazine' With Daniel Craig

Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig take on the February 2007 issue of W Magazine. The A-listers connect twice this year on the big screen — The Invasion and His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass. Here’s an excerpt of Nicole and Daniel‘s interview with W:

Daniel Craig can’t stand listening to Nicole Kidman. In fact, it’s so painful that he has stuck his fingers in his ears and is humming loudly to drown her out. Meanwhile, Kidman is happily responding to a question about whether the 38-year-old actor changed after landing his role as James Bond last year.

“Oh, completely,” deadpans Kidman, 39, who was with him, shooting one of their upcoming films, The Invasion, when he got the call. “In 24 hours he became a diva,” she adds, with a nod toward Craig, who continues to hum his tune as the pair sit in the cozy bar of a London photography studio, where they’re sharing a bottle of sparkling water. But then Kidman breaks down and tells the truth: “Oh, he didn’t change at all,” she says in her haute-Aussie twang. “The thing about Daniel, and the reason I like working with him, is that he’s an actor’s actor.”

Of course, Craig has heard the whole thing, and he seems far more alarmed by the compliment than by the faux insult. “How dare you!” he shouts, and they both giggle.

It is a chilly, slate gray autumn Saturday, and Kidman, who’s barefoot and still wearing a caffe latte–colored Dior gown from the fashion shoot, and Craig, in a navy blue cardigan more suited to Mister Rogers than Mr. Bond, are punchy after a long day posing under hot lights. On Monday they’ll return to the London set of The Golden Compass, a fantasy-adventure film based on the first book in Philip Pullman‘s trilogy His Dark Materials. The movie, to be released later this year, is their second collaboration, the first being The Invasion, which is loosely based on Invasion of the Body Snatchers and is also due out in 2007.

On Nicole: pale green Alberta Ferretti silk chiffon dress with crystal details and sash and a Mikimoto bracelet. On Daniel: Flexible Fit Calvin Klein Underwear cotton T-shirt. Photographs by: David Sims.

UPDATE :: Two more quotes from the article! Daniel of Nicole: “She turns me on… in the nicest possible way, you understand.” Nicole of Daniel: “In 24 hours, he became a diva.”

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  • Leminie

    He is so ruggedly yummy it’s scary! GO BOND!!!

  • tanique

    i really want to see this. he’s a damn fine actor.

  • Shar

    Looks like the brad and angie W spread (just two of the photos)

  • LondonGirl

    Good gracious, can they possibly airbrush her any more than they have? Daniel Craig is scrumptious in all his un-airbrushed naturalness, but she looks absolutely plastic by comparison. Tragedy he didn’t have the cover all to himself.

  • mmyers

    You guys must be kidding me! This guy is so freaking ugly! He looks like an elf at best, and not the cute Keebler one’s either! Bring back Connery! ‘Cause this guy is hurting!

  • Estelle

    You are killing me here JJ….in a good way of course, thank you for this thread. Wow, he looks hot. I’m going to get it, is it already out on the news stand?

  • boby

    my God! Nicole is simply amazing, i love the first pic.

    They are both very sensual!

  • name

    ahhhh daniel!!!
    i envy nicole!!!

  • amanda

    Nicole is simply one of the most beautiful women in earth! Look at the last picture, she is a dive!

    And Craig, love him as an actor!

  • lucy betty

    Nicole is so sexy, love all pictures but the one in bad is so hot!

    Daniel is amazing!

  • hmm..

    Nicole has literally no chemistry with anyone! I’ve never seen any sexual tension between her and her co-stars on screen. Moulin Rouge would be an exception though but besides that, nothing.

    The only one generating heat in these pictures is Craig.

  • marc

    “No chemistry”????

    please which movies did you see????

    i think you so wrong, Nic is the greatest actor of this generation and she had great chemestry with Ewan in Moulin Rouge and with other actors in other movies…

    i don’t think you understand anything about chemestry…


  • Philip

    just love both, can’t wait to see The Invasion!

  • NAH

    This is like the photoshot Brad and Angie did while promoting Mr and Mrs Smith. I just hope Nicole and Daniel’s partners don’t make a comment about a missing ‘sensitivity chip’ if they ever break-up.
    Just sayin lol

  • mary

    my godness. So hot they are together!

    Kidman is definetly beautiful and Graig is excellent with her!

  • elen

    mmyers Says:
    January 3rd, 2007 at 2:11 pm
    You guys must be kidding me! This guy is so freaking ugly! He looks like an elf at best, and not the cute Keebler one’s either! Bring back Connery! ‘Cause this guy is hurting!
    he is like joaquin phoenix…no the pretty-cute boy…but sexy and really hot.

  • jessica hilton


    Nicole and Daniel are much more sexy than Brad and Angie.I love both couples, but i prefer this one!

  • dad

    I love Nicole, she is so beautiful and talented!
    If i would have to choose a woman to be with i would choose her!

    And Graig is excellent with her!

  • Curly

    OMG! They even have the same look. You know, like long married couples have and especially soulmates!

    Their eyes and mouths look the same. Scary.. However, these to are professionals and they don´t fall in love with other actors or actresses.

    I want to see this movie.

  • Petty alm!

    What a couple!

    I would love to see them together in real life!

    Nicole deserves more than keith Urban….

  • maddddd

    nicole is the most sexy and sweet woman in all earth.

    and craig is real man!

  • hmm..

    marc Says:

    January 3rd, 2007 at 2:34 pm

    Nic is the greatest actor of this generation


    I was going to respond but then I saw your comment. bwahahahahaha! whatever makes you happy.

  • ?

    didn’t nicole work with tom and they fell in love on the set? Was Tom still married to mimi rogers when Nicole and tom were working together? just asking.

  • nelly

    they are perfect together!

    and in this pic that’s clear they have great chemestry!

  • ISA

    Nicole is beautiful and sexy.

  • ?

    oh That’s right.

    Kidman met Tom Cruise on the set of their 1990 movie, Days of Thunder. Cruise was married to actress Mimi Rogers at the time, and later divorced her. Kidman and Cruise were married on Christmas Eve 1990 in Telluride, Colorado.

  • tom

    they could be a real life couple.I love Nic and she deserves better than Keith, she should be with Daniel, a real man!

  • mel

    third the Brad/Angelina W magazine vibe. Nicole is pretty airbushed in those pictures, but Daniel isn’t. Strange. She’s looking pretty horrible lately in candids.

  • Just Jared Fan

    Nick should drop that dead beat husband and hook up with a real man like Daniel
    I do like seeing them togeather… wish it was another aj and bp romance

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    damn his face is so F-ed up.

  • feni

    Nicole is simply the greatest! Look at those pictures, she is really beautiful!
    A classic beauty not a vulgar one, as Jennifer Aniston or renne Zellweger.

    They are such a perfect couple, they could be wife and husband!

  • WTF

    “he is like joaquin phoenix…no the pretty-cute boy…but sexy and really hot.”

    OH my god you must be joking, this troll is NOTHING like the hotness that is Joaquin!!!

  • nicfan

    They both look so damn HOT together! Nicole is gorgeous and Daniel so damn fine..
    And WHO said that Nicole hasn’t got chemistry with noone??? I will enlighten you by reminding you 5 movies with 5 soooooooooo hot co-stars.!! Moulin Rouge(Ewan), Cold Mountain( JUDE LAW), The Interpreter (even though she didn’t do anything with Sean Penn), and Eyes Wide Shut with Tom? NOT to mention the Chanel Advertisment with Rodrigo Santoro?? ” no chemistry”??? and she’s definitely THE BEST ACTRESS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andi

    You may say all you want about Daniel Craig but he gets me hot and bothered more than any movie actor. He just works for me, and that’s that :)

  • MarieMJS

    There is something sexual with Daniel Craig, this man is so freakin HOT it’s killing my eyes right now :D Honestly, I was fond of him before Bond, and Im even MORE fond of him after, I can’t wait for his next role, and his look in the golden compass is super yummy too uhuh…
    And Nicole is Nicole, I don’t like her in every role, but she will always be Satine and a bunch of others, she’s a great actress :)

  • luck!

    I love those pics.They look so cute together, what a couple!

  • sara

    WTF Says:

    January 3rd, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    “he is like joaquin phoenix…no the pretty-cute boy…but sexy and really hot.”

    OH my god you must be joking, this troll is NOTHING like the hotness that is Joaquin!!!
    ///// sorry but joaquin is a good actor but ugly man IMO.

  • jolie

    i like both, Nicole is great actress and very beautiful and Craig was amazing in 007.
    They look very nice together, very sexy too!

  • Beebee

    He actually manages to make her look sexy! Good chemistry :)

  • Vspot

    My God! That picture on the bed is fuckin hot. You do get a Angie and Brad vibe here but I don’t think Nicole and Daniel are actually sleeping together.

    They both look hot and sexy. I gotta pick this issue up.

  • 60mins

    Yummy. I wanna join in.

    Threesome please?

  • Miller

    They had to do some serious airbrushing on her to make her look decent. She’s an old hag.

    He’s a good actor, she sucks. I doubt I will see this with her in it. All her movies bomb lately, he should get out while he can.

  • Chloe

    Aww shut up Miller. You must be a Keith Urban chaser? Or perhaps just a big Nicole hater? Whav, they look sexy.

  • vicky

    they could be a real life couple.I love Nic and she deserves better than Keith, she should be with Daniel, a real man!

    I couldn’t have said better !! They look amazing together..awwww I wish they were a real couple !!!! Much more hotter than Brangelina !!

  • Kini

    Its not easy being hot with the Ice Princess in your bed

  • LV

    He’s a hottie!

  • See I told Ya!

    See if I was the one casting ppl Daniel Craig and Brad Pitt would have been the ones to do broke back mountain.



  • Drew

    Very hot!

    Nicole, please leave Keith!!! You can do so much better!

  • COGirl

    CHLOE: What are you, about 14 years old????

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