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The O.C. Officially Cancelled!

The O.C. Officially Cancelled!

We’ve been hearing this for many months now (perhaps longer) but word on the street is that Fox has “officially” pulled the plug on The O.C. in its fourth (and final) season. Big surprise because just yesterday, the pilot pickup season kicked off and a spy dramedy from The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz was given the green light by NBC. Josh, 30, will be delivering a high-concept action dramedy about spies (in the vein of Grosse Pointe Blank) called Chuck.

Josh will also be executive producing The Gossip Girl, which is supposedly going to be picked up by the CW. He’s going to be a busy guy, that Josh. But without The O.C. on his plate. At this point, we can only wish for great acting gigs for the cast. All of them.

Other pictures include The O.C. star Benjamin McKenzie arriving at LAX airport with friends on New Years Day.

UPDATE 1 :: It’s official! FOX just sent out a press release. The O.C. will air its season finale on Feb. 22, so that’s 8 new episodes to go with new episodes starting tomorrow. Read the full text after the jump!

UPDATE 2 :: Josh drops some spoilers about the series finale to TV Guide: “There will be a pregnancy. There will be a most unexpected new love triangle. There will be some new animals that need saving. There will be some hallucinatory dreams. And there’s going to be a fight for the love of a certain woman. And there’s going to be some surprises for the Cohen family, and some really big decisions for everybody to make. The finale is going to deliver real closure to these characters. It’s going to be the finale we had always planned to do.”



The sun will set for the last time on THE O.C. when the series ends its four-season run Thursday, Feb. 22 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. The countdown has begun, with all-original episodes airing from Thursday, Jan. 4 through the last episode on Feb. 22.

THE O.C. stars Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen), Kelly Rowan (Kirsten Cohen), Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan Atwood), Adam Brody (Seth Cohen), Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper), Rachel Bilson (Summer Roberts), Autumn Reeser (Taylor Townsend) and Willa Holland (Autumn Reeser).

Set in Orange County, California, THE O.C. premiered in August 2003. It follows a group of friends and families whose lives were changed by the arrival of an outsider – Ryan Atwood – to their ocean-side community of Newport Beach.

THE O.C. revived the teen drama genre while including humorous and heartfelt adult storylines. Shortly after its summer premiere, THE O.C. was a pop culture phenomenon – its actors are household names and its indie music (and subsequent six soundtracks) and hip California wardrobe are sought-after in stores. The show’s Newport Beach locale also has become a popular tourist attraction as fans visit the real locations featured in their favorite episodes.

“THE O.C. Season Four finale will also be the series finale. This feels like the best time to bring the show to its close,” said Josh Schwartz, creator and executive producer of THE O.C. “Thanks to the hard work of our cast, crew and writers, we have enjoyed our best season yet, and what better time to go out than creatively on top. It has been an amazing experience and a great run. For a certain audience, at a certain time, THE O.C. has meant something. For that we are grateful.”

From Wonderland Sound and Vision and College Hill Pictures and in association with Warner Bros. Television Production, THE O.C. is executive-produced by Josh Schwartz, Bob DeLaurentis, Stephanie Savage and McG. Ian Toynton and John Stevens are co-executive producers.


Josh Schwartz had this to add: “Part of my quote from the press release that didn’t make the cut was “There has been some speculation about a Season 5 on another network but this feels like the best time to bring the story to an end”. They cut the other network stuff – but yeah, I felt better to go out now with the run we’re having then try and move the show, etc etc. and maybe not be able to deliver the same level of quality. Teen dramas have a shelf life. We’ve had a lot of parties on the show, and so I’ve learned, best not to stay too late. The ending will be fun and bring real closure to the series.” [via sepinwall]

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  • isa


  • Carolina

    I can’t believe it! I was enjoying so much this season! How can this be possible? God! I love the OC! That’s just cruel!

  • defahoot

    ryan’s so cute! :)

  • Shannonberg

    Well, this is not surprising at all. There are some more that need cancellation, certainly NOT Prison Break. It should stay on forever and ever and be nominated for some type of award, but this is of course sailing of topic.

    To be honest, like I said I am not surprised by The OC’s cancellation. It has been destined, since, please note I AM HESITANT to say this, Mischa Barton died. She is not the best actress, sorry Mischa and Mischa fans. I think she is a good girl, but her acting needs major improvement. Once they graduated from high school, the show lost its flair too.

    What is to be, will be!

    Bye OC

  • diki

    It’s a cancellation at the end of the season or now?

  • your local whore

    Diki, I actually agree with you! The O.C was always about these 4 teenagers and their wealthy life in Newport going to Harbor school. Without Marissa’s troubles, and them away from school, it lost complete point in it all. I should’ve realized this before. Summer away from Newport by herself for awhile, Seth going to be away in January, it got totally screwed. They should’ve done another high-school thing. ;( It’s sad. I wish they didn’t cut it half-way though. God dammit!!!

  • Alex

    Once they graduated from high school, the show lost its flair? Not at all, season 4 has easily topped seasons 2 and 3. Marissa’s death made the show 10x better than it’s been since the first seven episodes.

    Though the cancellation is not a surprise, it’s not because the show is bad this year (it’s been fantastic!), it’s because the ratings are at their worst. It’s unfortunate Fox screwed over yet another TV show. What were they thinking, putting it up against Grey’s Anatomy and CSI? And they barely even tried the Wednesday time slot!

    Oh well, though. Hopefully this show will go out on a great note.

  • your local whore

    I meant Shannonberg; not Diki.

  • your local whore

    First, I would like to point out that The O.C is a show created for TEENAGE viewers. Teenagers are nowadays packed with so much hmk, and projects, extra-curricular activites that they might be too busy to watch The O.C or too exhausted! Secoundly, parents/adults aren’t extreme viewers for these teen-soap, so why should they watch it? They’ll go ahead and PREFER to watch more mature shows like CSI and Grey’s Anatomy. And I personally don’t blame them! FOX is just too stupid of a network to understand this. They need to face logic, not ratings. Shows like The Hills, Laguna Beach, The O.C, and Degrassi are for teen viewers!!! And teens may not HAVE THE DAMN TIME to watch The O.C on Thursdays at 9:00PM. Maybe switching up the days, time, I dunno… something, will HELP the O.C’s ratings go up.

  • poopface

    its not being cancelled, dont lie.

  • Leandro

    I don’t belive…this is not possible…

  • Claire

    is the oc cancelling at the end of the season or are there going to be no more episodes on it?

  • Zeus

    Que merda ¬¬

  • Alex

    Fox made a press release, so it’s now officially official. Heh. =/

    These last 8 episodes are the last episodes of The OC we’ll ever see. Enjoy them.

  • Nando

    LOLZ, I never watched this show anyways…

  • Leticia

    But it’s gonna end now or in the end of the season?
    Because this season was the best one
    It can’t finish now!!

  • karen o


  • Faby

    Voy a extrañar este show, sobre todo a Julie !!! :(

  • jordan

    leticia.. it will end one they show the rest of the episodes. and i agree.. this was one of the best seasons.

  • Saraphine

    What the heck am I supposed to watch on my Tuesday nights here in Australia? I refuse to watch Third Watch!!!

  • Courtney

    YES! haha

    (plz visit my site by clickin my name)

  • seXi

    It sUcks O well we`ll get Over it like we gOt Over …FRIENDS !!!! is too bad thought.

  • Beksita

    NO!!! This could be not possible!!! I Love the OC!! I love Seth!!
    I cant live without this!! This show is the best show everr!!! :(

  • CarpeMundus

    no! its not fair! what will i do with my spare time now!

  • kit

    No wonder! Rachel Bilson SURPRISINGLY casted/replaced Teresa Palmer in Doug Liman’s (OC creator/producer) new movie, Jumper. “Out of pity” perhaps!!!

  • danielle

    i can´t belive it, this is my favorite tv show, now tv is going to sucks

  • Blah

    Yay, this crappy show was finally cancelled!

  • Greg

    NO! The OC is my life! IT HAS TO GO ON LONGER THAN FRIENDS DID!!!!!!!!!!!!. I will kill myself it it gets cancelled. I LOVE RYAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Ademar

    i can’t believe..
    its the best show and this season is very very good.. without marissa..
    they can’t do it ;/

  • CJ

    I also stopped watching this mid-season 2. Possibly even after episode 2 actually haha.

    This really isn’t surprising news at all. They even had that online petition about it, guess it didn’t work eh?

    But alas goodluck to the actors and the rest of their career (even though I can only really see Rachel Bilson and maybe slightly Adam Brody doing anything ‘worth while’).

    But don’t be too upset over this, there’s always a new teen soap just over the horizon waiting to be picked up by a TV station…. Just wait.

  • A Memoire

    About time.

  • Sairo

    I think it’s a shame. This fourth season was the best season so far and the fifth would probably deliver too. I’m so upset about this.

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)



  • taylor

    this is horribleeee
    the oc is the best thing everrr!


  • JaneCinders

    I can’t believe my eyes. i heart the OC *tear*

  • Autumn

    NO! Oh my gosh, my addiction is ending? I have watched this show since the very first episode of season 1… :(

  • Shadow

    It’s unbeliaveable!!! :(

    This is the best show ever made (and my favorite).
    I will not watch it as the same… will be so sad to watch now knowing that’s ending…

    I’m going to the bed and not sleep well.


  • Patrika

    sad? yes.
    but i kind of saw it coming.
    i mean first season loved it. second season still loved it.
    third not so much. dont get me wrong this season wasnt as terrible as season 3 but still. the ratings have been going down, and its been very repetative after 2nd season. or midway. summer and seth will almost always be together and will get married and have their casual arguments.
    ryan probably will end up with taylor since marissa is gone. going for second best. besides atleast drama doesnt follow taylor everywhere like it did marissa. so theyll probably stay together. and i dont know maybe summer will get pregnant and julie will marry the bullet. Kaitlin will hopefully be a good little girl and stay out of the drama scene. and kirsten and sandy well something will probably happen to them since this teen drama is full of it. truthfully summer and seth were what kept it going for me.
    it was great while it lasted orange county.
    its been a journey of ups and downs. and you will be remembered.
    RIP the OC august 2003- february 2007
    counting down the episodes to go.

  • http://egotastic janie

    Marissa is going to die?
    why? how?
    its the first season of the oc here in SA.
    oh no man

  • with_sense

    That it mean to say that One Tree Hill IS A LOT WAY BETTER than OC??? Well the answer could probably who SUCK up first lol!!!

  • Willemijn

    I love the show, but I think this is actually a really good decision. Season 4 got me excited about the show the way I was during season 1, but if you look back at season 3, we’re lucky we got a last season like this one. I wouldn’t want to risk the show going on and having the chance of getting yet another crap season. This is a good end for a good show.

  • Willa Coleman


    but is the last season


  • Not giving you a name

    “(even though I can only really see Rachel Bilson and maybe slightly Adam Brody doing anything ‘worth while’).”

    You are kidding right? Did you forget the GOOD actors on the show (Ben, Peter, Melinda, Kelly) when you typed this up? They’re the only ones who are going to do “worthwhile” acting in the future. Bilson and Brody will just disappear with The OC, because, you know, they’re a pair of the most average actors I’ve ever seen, and play themself in all outside roles. Nothing special there.

  • fox sucks

    I have to agree with the post above me by “Not giving you a name”

    If any one is going to make something ‘worth while’ it would be Ben or the “old” cast. Adam broody and Rachel bilson appeal more to teen viewers and they are average actors at best. Brody can only do “Seth Cohen” and Bilson is only famous for being Brody’s girlfriend, now that they broke up and the oc in over, she’ll be disappearing right along with it

  • OC Fan since beginnig

    Oh my god! The Show is cancelled. My life hasn`t any sense anymore. I become in love with the Show when the trailer was shown in the commercials. After that I watched every show. And I had a great time. Especially when the soundtrack “California” aired after a few minutes I was so happy that I watched once again the Show. Watching the Show was the high point of the my week. I realy can say that the actors Kenzie, Bilson, Barton, Brody, Gallagher and Rowan and of course Clarke were at that time my favorite actors. So its over in some weeks. But I will be FAITHFULLY to THE OC until the end. And after that I will remember on a great show.

    bye my belove OC

  • OTH is a piece of garbage

    Damn! And crappy shows like OTH are still on air! Gosh!!!!!!!!! Kill them all!!!!!!! FOX sucks!

  • Sarah

    karma ROCKS !!!! The oc is over.

  • Ana

    ohhhhhh noooooooooo
    I like it.. I guess they have to continuous..
    And what about us, fans?????

  • Lauryn

    The last episode should’ve been the season 3 finale when Marissa died. She’s the 2nd star of the show. She knew that show would fail without her. Everyone had to have known this was coming.

  • maira barbosa

    i cant believe
    the oc is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love it so much
    i’ve watched the oc since the first episode
    “the pilot”
    its impossible 2 live without it
    i agree with ANA
    think about usssssssssssssssss
    give to OC a 2nd chance
    the oc is my air
    the oc is my life