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Brad Pitt Filming in the Caribbean

Brad Pitt Filming in the Caribbean

Brad Pitt (dressed in a Lacoste polo) and Cate Blanchett were spotted filming scenes earlier today in the Caribbean for their new film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Thank goodness Brad‘s character ages backwards because all that baldness and that fat suit did not suit him. Plus, it gave him pimples.

A zit for Mr. Pitt? Well, according to Cate, the fat suit and the prosthetic make-up Brad had to wear caused him to break out in a rash. Cate told Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper: “We went through three weeks of make-up tests and he was covered in eczema from it all. We were talking about what we were going to do because our skin was taking a battering. So I had this girlie conversation with him and put these skin creams down, lined them up in front of him and he and Angelina went around the table trying them. Brad is so smart and generous. He’s so wonderful I love him. I don’t love him in the sense that I love my husband, but I adore him.”

A little more about the plot: As Brad‘s character (Benjamin Button) regains his youth, Cate‘s character (Daisy) grows older. The movie’s million dollar question: Will their love continue to grow? (I also wonder how young Brad‘s character will get in the film.)

Brad, 43, and Cate, 37, were also seen taking a lunch break after filming a few scenes on a sailboat named “BUTTON UP.” Below the boat name is “NEW ORLEANS.” The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is directed by David Fincher (Panic Room, Fight Club, Se7en) and is set for a release between Christmas 2007 and May 2008. Light years away…

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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    if you are angelina’s fans then pls keep on voting.

  • BeeLoved

    Wow!!! Gorgeous Brad!! :)

    Thanks Jared! :)

  • Katy


  • AAA

    is Cate Blanchett in everything? I am tired of seeing the same 10 actors in every movie…Hollywood seriously needs some more talent.

  • kk1

    Heard they are in St John, AmVirginIslands. This film looks like it should be really interesting. Cate looks older, and Brad looks like he’s in his twenties in these pixs. Strange story, wonder if they will have Brad looking like his baby pixs as he ages younger/older and is a 70+ man who looks like a baby. Guess Cate may end up as his nurse? I need to try to read this story because the concept is fascinating. Angie and the kids and Cate’s family are supposed to be there with them. I think Cate’s 2 boys are about Mad’s and Z’s ages.

  • ntt

    Wow, what a treat. Thank you, Jared. Mr Pitt is so good looking.

  • gumlover

    keep voting for what?

  • ntt

    Ay! If he has to go back to a baby’s age, then Shiloh can play him. Wow!

  • Orchid

    vote to hello magazine Says:

    January 4th, 2007 at 12:05 am
    if you are angelina’s fans then pls keep on voting.
    I’d like to vote. Where?

    Another thing – is that Angelina in the white pants, dark flowery top?

  • keana

    Wow, new thread ! Thanks Jared and Audrey….you’re spoiling us.
    Brad really looks handsome, who else can rock a LaCoste shirt . This guy looks good in anything although I prefer him with nothing on.

  • BeeLoved

    Back to work! :) i wonder where the family is?
    Brad sure looks fresh from his vacation in Costa Rica and Panama. :)

  • stardust

    wow…with some more blonde highlights and a tan…brad looks really young

  • angelah

    hot! muchos gracias, j@red!

  • Amaya

    My mom is always shocked at how good he looks for his age….and I don’t blame her. :)

  • stardust

    Orchid, no that’s not Angelina in the white pants and flowery top. She’s not in these pictures. It’s just Kate, Brad and the movie crew.

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  • stardust

    Amaya, can you believe he’s 43? George Clooney is 45 and looks older than that but it looks like Brad is looking younger every year. lol

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks Jared for the new thread and pictures. Brad is simply gorgeous. I love the pictures

  • gumlover

    That’s pretty cool what HELLO MAG has on their site. I voted…..of course for BP/AJ. Whatever else I think of them there are two absolute truths about them: They are good parents who love their kids 2) they are really beautiful people ……

  • Alexanderina

    Good Night to all my fellow BAMZS fans

  • kk1

    Oops, St John, USVI is correct name, not AMVI.

  • Amaya

    I know! And he’s a DILF which makes him hotter lol Oh did you see the last thread? I have a hater on youtube….does this mean that I get to wear that as a badge of honor now?

  • stardust

    Amaya Says:

    January 4th, 2007 at 12:37 am

    Hey, you know having a stalker on JJ’s or youtube is a rite of passage. Congrats!

  • Besane

    Wow, how could Brad look like a 20 year old!? This is why the former “golden couple” was in fact only one person. The other half is now just orange.

  • BCBG

    vote to hello magazine Says:

    January 4th, 2007 at 12:05 am
    if you are angelina’s fans then pls keep on voting.


    i just went there. thank you for your enthusiasm, thank you for reminding us.

  • Amaya

    Stardust, Woo hoo! lol Someone else on youtube commented on my Margaret Cho video as if I was her. :lol: People are crazy.

    I really liked seeing Barney on Countdown tonight…I think it’s because unlike Tweety, Keith actually lets his guests finish a sentence. It’s quite refreshing to see.

  • angelah

    :lol: @ the ‘orange’ remark Be Sane

  • +++

    Besane Says:

    January 4th, 2007 at 12:45 am
    Wow, how could Brad look like a 20 year old!? This is why the former “golden couple” was in fact only one person. The other half is now just orange.

    LMAO. So true.

  • stardust

    Amaya,people thought you were Margaret Cho on youtube? LOL. :lol:
    It’s sad that seeing people have a conversation instead of a rant is now refreshing when it used to be normal. :-\


    on to a different point, when I first saw Cate with the red hair and bandana, I thought that was Julia Roberts at first. Don’t they look alike?

  • stranger

    Pittimpressions has HQ pics, lots of them!
    Brad looks drop dead gorgeous and so young.

  • Amaya

    stardust, I actually thought it was Tori Amos at first lol

    Yelling, and verbally attacking each other sells…not to me really but to a lot of people. I mean, why else would Glenn Beck or O’Reilly still be on the air? lol

  • Mrs. Smith

    WOW!! Thanks Jared! He looks GORGEOUS! And so young!

    Ntt…I had the same thought myself, if he keeps regressing in age, perhaps Shiloh could play him as a baby. LOL.

    Stardust…for a sec I also thought it was Julia Roberts too. Must be sunglasses, as I’ve seen JR in some like these.

    St. Johns, USVI has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. I can just imagine Z running into the water, ‘bold and brave’ like mom Angie says. I’d love to see shots like these, but then again, I also want them to have their privacy on those idyllic beaches.

  • !@#$%

    VOTE…are you kidding? you people actually sit on the computer and vote.

    L O S E R S !

  • stardust


    YES! She looks like Tori Amos too. Wierd.

    Speaking of people verbally attacking each other , I was flipping through the T.V. channels and I heard Trump starting that dumb feud over again with Rosie. I think he was on Showbiz Tonight and talking on his phone to the host…I didn’t even want to hear what he said…you should have seen me…I was literally trying to cover my ears with one hand while trying to change the channel with the other. LOL.

    okay..I’m going to go and see if I can catch some zzz’s. Good night. =)

  • Missouri Fan

    vote to hello magazine >>>>>> SEXY IS BACK!!

    WOW ! MUCHAS GRACIAS FOR ALL THE VOTERS!! KEEP VOTING , allow you to vote every 15 minutes. SORRY, Little Bradley just left , I was holding him for 4 hrs. Now I’m ready to go to bed . I voted 3 times.

    HELLO to everyone and Good night all!!

  • ***

    !@#$% Says:
    January 4th, 2007 at 1:18 am
    No, no, no…we’re not losers, we’re the “WINNERS”
    You better hit your head to the wall!

  • +++

    How can this guy stay so good and yummy at 43 y/o. ?

  • 99³

    !@#$% Says:

    January 4th, 2007 at 1:18 am

    yes, i vote.
    but i aint no loser !!!
    live in an expensive zip code.
    i’m also in the highest tax bracket. (both fed and state)
    own real estate (s), stocks etc
    no way am i a loser !!!

    what about you?
    you wanna compare?

    dont lie
    cos i can test you by discussing w/u on these areas

  • Akinom

    YES, by all means vote – no. 1 for most elegant woman currently is Britney Spears

  • gumlover

    yeah, they didn’t have very good choices for most attractive woman…..what’s up with that? Why wasn’t AJ there? Geri Halliwell, come on, is this for real? Victoria Beckham for most elegant? Who put these chicks in these categories? Ahhhh, but I voted anyway…..just call me a loser if you must. I know who I am.

  • Many TX

    Thanks Jared and Audrey, Happy New Year!

    Thanks to BAMZS cyber-friends for voting.

  • Missouri Fan

    This is not mandatory to all Angie’s fans, I respect fans that don’t believe in poll
    all I ask please no comment just ignore our AD . Thank you!!. I would like to help fans that loves to do it and I do it only in HELLO MAGAZINE

  • julia

    He looks so goood, wow, beautiful… Cate too.. Thanks Jared!!

  • meh

    he sure does have a goofy ass smile. Cate Blanchet is an odd looking lady I dont know who would pay to see her in a movie. hmmm

  • BeeLoved


    Go get your beauty sleep. :) Remember i am on duty :)
    The next time little Bradley come along……give him a kiss for me :)
    G’night :)

  • Missouri Fan

    Cyber hugs BeeLoved, thank you!

    Nite to you…

  • julia

    My Gosh Jared, so much thread. I can’t even plan where to start reading the posts. My sincerest thanks to you & Audrey, JJ. Keep it up.

  • jq

    Britney, the most elegant woman , was really a joke. but I voted anyway for AJ, for fun!

  • GeminiDolly

    Wow, how did Brad do that? He looks younger than the last image I had of him. If preppy clothes and blonder hair makes you look this young, its about time I have a wardrobe and hair make over.