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Josh Groban is a Pottymouth

Josh Groban is a Pottymouth

The nose-picking, booty-texting pop opera star Josh Groban confesses about his real “crack” addiction in the Jan/Feb 2007 issue of Blender magazine:

On his favorite sex positions: “My taste in sex is comfortable. I think anytime you can find a comfortable position, that’s always good.”

On his neurotic need to be clean-up and crack his joints: “Part of my whole obsessive compulsive, overanalytical thing is that I’m a total cleanliness freak, so I don’t pick my nose that much, and if I do it’s really only to get foreign objects or erasers out of there. But I crack things. I crack my knuckles. I crack my fingers and my neck. I can crack pretty much any part of my body. I’m my own chiropractor.”

On cursing in traffic
: “I love to curse. ‘Stay in your lane ****tard.’ That’s a good one. **** just doesn’t do it anymore.”

The boy can sing but he’s also a bit dirrty!

Josh Groban on ET Canada, 1/2
Josh reveals he has temper tantrums!
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  • Krystal

    I’m finally first!!!!

    BTW he has :D He seems like such a goody goddy..lmao

  • todra

    Does anyone really care?

  • ff

    hes so fug im surprised that anyone would like to have sex with him and who is he ?

  • anonymous

    Omg…will someone PLEASE help him with his hair?

  • Dickie Hateface

    Too bad you’re still retarded, Krystal.

  • Amy

    Dang, I’d never thought I’d see the day that Josh would…
    Well, we’re all human with human needs. He might not be the best looking guy to me (sorry, the honor belongs to mah Boris Kodjoe), but he can sing (opera-style) the hell out of a song! And I guess women find that attractive, which is true.
    Oh, and being filthy rich helps too.

  • sarah

    I adore Josh Groban and would definately have his children.

  • Chanel

    Josh Grodan, cussing, and having SEX!!!!!! I am just…just shocked!

  • Marleen

    Josg is so cute! He has a beautiful voice. Josh is HOT!

  • gstring

    His new album AWAKE is awesome. Go out and buy it today peeps.

  • Meg H

    I sincerely desire this to be not true. It would be appalling to many of his fans, and disheartening to many more. I choose not to believe this rubbish and hope that no one else will. It is unequivocal that this information is false and should be disregarded by Grobanites who read it.

  • Laura

    I love the Groban no matter what anyone says about him; everyone swears in traffic, everyone has sex (more or less) and everyone picks their nose if they feel something in there, haha. He has a beautiful singing voice and is gorgeous; that curly wild hair is his trademark, besides the voice. I’m sure all other Grobies will agree with me that the man is an angel. Buggery to anyone who says otherwise hehe.

  • aragas

    The only thing that bothers me is the drugs and sex. He seems really casual about it. Angels don’t have sex.

  • Blah

    “I sincerely desire this to be not true. It would be appalling to many of his fans, and disheartening to many more. I choose not to believe this rubbish and hope that no one else will. It is unequivocal that this information is false and should be disregarded by Grobanites who read it”

    THAT is the most retarded thing I have ever heard in my life! I hate the fact that ppl think he’s a goody-goody that doesn’t have sex or cuss! He is, in fact human. Please go grow up! And, just so you know, I’ve been a huge Josh fan since the beginning, and I’m NOT a grobanite….it’s creepy.

  • hallejuah

    josh groban rocks…

  • hannah

    josh groban is an incredibly talented individual, and in my opinion, very attractive as well. everyone is human, and it’s really none of the public’s business what he does on his own. of course he has sex….he’s gorgeous!

  • emi

    josh is an amazing person what he does is his business; i don’t care what you say he is an angel and a very caring person. i’m not surprised that he is having sex he is gorgeous and sexy. and as for the cursing, freedom of speech. i would also like to say if are going to be ****** then just keep it to your self because no else wants to hear it. to all the other josh groban fans thanks for being supportive
    we love ya josh take care

  • N. Jonicer

    I am not realy intrested in Josh, it’s his music I like….love. I’m not saying I don’t like him but I must say is not the pretiest guy all though he is cute and a little atractive. I am a huge Josh fan and I am crazy about classical music….in fact that is the only music I ever listen to. I am briliant in playing the piano and keyboard and I love drums and guitar….all though I can’t play it! One of my biggest dreams is to play in a band (classical music) and not just any band….Josh’s band! If i won’t be too young because he is 13 years older than me but I’ll give it a go!

  • Nolene

    I just have to say, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE HIS CHILDREN SARAH !!!!! Wether you ment it in a joke or what, but it is not going to happen. Josh is married to his music and doesn’t / wouldn’t have time for children. And I am happy with the fact that he isn’t married or doesn’t have any children and I know it will stay like that!

  • Emily

    Ok people, Josh is sincerely a good person and a nice person. He has never done anything over the top stupid and got in trouble, he is very professional and he keeps those things away from his job.

    HE IS HUMAN! Humans have needs. So what if he tried pot one time, he doesn’t do it anymore, and didn’t do it regularly then. He doesn’t even smoke ciggarettes. He does drink sometimes, but never enough to embarass himself. And the sex, come on, really? He is human. That’s what people do. It’s not like he’s out there having sex with everybody. The only serious relationship he’s had was with January Jones, and it was for three years, so I’m sure it was her. And the cussing. Really, just really? Everybody does it, it’s no big deal, and it’s not like it’s his every other word or anything either, so what they slip out or are used intentionally every once and a while.

    So basically my point is, that he is a good and nice person. And you can be even if you do these things.

  • Christeus

    Josh has o lot of goodness to give. I just hope whoever is getting him, is worthy of him!

  • Edenfantasys, sex toys

    Wow Josh, I’ve loved you forever and now seeing this warm, wonderful kooky side I love you even more. Keep up the wonderful job of lighting up our world!
    After your Emmy performance and the response to the critics, I have a whole new respect for you.
    Now I want to throw my panties at YOU! =)

  • jabber

    To all the ones who were disappointed of him:

    “You learn from things like that, that sarcasm doesn’t come across in the written word. [...]it was all a big joke.”


  • Albanynurse

    Josh Groban recently said on the Piers Morgan show that he doesn’t do drugs….that’s not true. He has admitted to pot; his brother has practically said that on his blog. So what? Pot is supposed to be very relaxing so it would be helpful to a control freak. Josh Groban loves the “F” word; lots of people use it frequently. And if he isn’t having sex, he SHOULD be. He is normal. I know a lot of women who would enjoy having sex with a guy who looks like him. He wants to attract women; why do you think he wears those tight jeans?
    Grow up, ladies…….he is a red-blooded Amercan 30-year old man.