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Justin Timberlake: Single and Loving it?

Justin Timberlake: Single and Loving it?

Justin Timberlake may have kicked Cameron to the curb but he arrived in style last night in Los Angeles for the premiere of his new film, Alpha Dog. The film also stars Bruce Willis and Ben Foster (Angel in the X-Men movies). It’s also set for a nationwide release next Friday, Jan. 12.

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  • Just Jared Fan

    frist ! Ha!

  • Just Jared Fan

    Well I think Cameron was to old for him and she is letting the best years pass her life pass by, I knew they would’nt last

  • anon

    I saw the trailer for this one finally. Uhm. It looks really good but definitely f’ed up…in a quentin tarintino sort of fashion.

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    This Guys Future is Very Bright

  • Shannonberg

    I, too, feel that Cameron was too old for him. Also, I really think that Cameron was too good for him as well. Justin is another young star that has turned to this place that I feel is terrible and immature. I am glad they broke up, and I hope that Cameron can find someone her own age, respectable and good to her. Justin is out for himself.

  • tanique

    justin is immature and terrible? out of his peers he is the one the most on top of his game. people can not like him, but have you seen what the ladies in his age group are doing?

    give me, justin ANY DAY!!! this movie looks good and i look forward to seeing it. he also had a fun little interview on leno last night. we had D##K in a box goodness.

  • er

    Mmmm, if this is true all I gots to say is interesting timing on Justin’s part, very interesting. Britney files for divorce in November he gives Cameroon the boot in December, excuse us Justin for being suspicious. To top it all up this upcoming new single “What goes around comes around” smells of bitterness, a man scorned albeit over occurences from 5 years ago. I certainly will be watching this space, so who will be calling the other first? Britney or Justin? Not saying I wouldn’t love that though.

  • Shannonberg

    Also, there is a rumor that Justin T is working on a song with Britney for her upcoming release.

  • Krystal

    Did he say it was over

    If he didnt then I dont belive it BUt he is so damn fine!!

  • lookwhaticando

    I like them both, I however knew it was not going to last, I am surprised it lasted this long. I wish them both the best


    I’m sure Cameron left him with more (skills) than he had when she got him.
    before her he was like a little ~ V.I.R.G.I.N

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    [Shannonberg] “Cameron is to good for Justin” What Has she Ever Done In Her Career To make herself To Good for Him?

    [He's a Bigger Star Than She Is]

    And Justin Being In a “Terrible Place” is Rediculous.. He’s One of The Few Celebs Who Avoids The Spot Light. Lol.. You Barely even See Him Out. I dont Recall Seeing Him get In all Kinds Of Immature Trouble.

    Just Say You Dont Like JT, Cause Everything You Typed was Nonesense, Lmao

  • Michelle

    Everybody wants to see a Justin and Britney reunion, but I think everyone is missing the obvious here. It wouldn’t make any “sense”. First of all, didn’t they break up because she cheated on him. Secondly, she has alot of baggage now. Do you think Justin wants to spend his youth raising another mans babies and have another mans “sloppy” seconds. Third of all, she’s glorified trailer trash now (always was in my opinion) but atleast she cleaned herself up (a little) and carried herself a little better in public before. He’s at the top of his game and she’s hitting rock bottom. He doesn’t need that. If you were him would you do it? I say keep moving forward Justin and don’t look back!!!

  • jenny

    britney and justin will get beck together in 5-10 years !!!!!!!

    he will be single for the next 5 years he will sleep with lot of girls and enyos his life and they he will grove up and recodnise that britney is his true love and he will be a step daddy for sean and jayden and they will get they own child.

    and in this time Britney will be on top again. everyone has a bad time remember Mariah Carey everyone was said she was over and then after years she came back with a huge comeback!

    Just watch and remember my words!
    time can be your freind and not a enemy!!!!!

    and im not even a fan of britney , i just bye one single(toxic)

  • malibumom

    JT is a good soul-good ppl-my friend lives close 2 him-he is a good soul

  • GB

    Although I really like JT – seriously – this guy is not good looking; I mean, without the sexy back and the hype, if I saw him on the street I wouldn’t look twice. Same goes for CD.

  • Vicki

    while i can’t quite believe that JT would just “kick Cameron to the curb,” i am sure there is more of a story behind this.

  • http://deleted in truth

    Mariah Carey did not come back, she just had a great CD. She has lost a lot of fans with her nutty antics. People don’t want to see her in public or in concert, but they’ll buy her music if it’s good.

    JT is not very handsome, but he’s certainly not ugly and has that extra “somethin” which makes him even more attractive. That’s why he’s so popular. He’s young and growing up. He’s made a few mistakes (like talking about using drugs – he should have kept that to himself if true), but they are pretty minor. He’s a nice young man who can be himself around anybody.

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    why would justin want this-

  • todra

    The boy can’t even sing – he has a winney girls voice. Cameron should and will do much better.

  • bob dylan

    So, he may have broke up with his girlfriend, and it may have been because he wants a more fruitful youth (all speculation)…so what?

    A few people here seem to be saying, “why doesn’t he make decisions I want him to make and follow the same moral compass as me?” I bet, if the situation were reversed, no one here would like being judged.

  • Shag

    Justin’s a little wuss. He left Janet Jackson dangling alone, after the SuperBowl incident. Then he criticize the recent American Idol winner, like he’s got the chops to criticize anyone. He’s just another “boy-band” flavor of the moment, w/minimal talent. He’ll be relegated to play the lounge shows and the gay circuit in the near future.

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    “boy band flavor of the moment” he been out of the boy band for years now.. how long is a “moment”? lmaoo you dont go multi platinum in less than a month by having “minimal talent”

    some people just be making the Dumbest comments lmao..

  • anonymo

    if you want see more pics of Brad and Angie to Panama go

  • mmyers

    He’s so not cute! If this is true, I wish Cameron all the luck and happiness in the world. It’s time she had a real relationship with a real man, not a boy! I don’t understand why everyone has taken his side in this. Cameron’s personality runs circles around his. “Bring Sexy Back”. Such lame lyrics, such a lame song, for such a lame boy. Sexy Back, Indeed!

  • Chanel

    Shag Says:

    January 4th, 2007 at 11:55 pm
    Justin’s a little wuss. He left Janet Jackson dangling alone, after the SuperBowl incident.
    Exactly, and this is why I don’t like him.

  • Chanel

    I’ve noticed that Jared has given us numbers, yeaaaaaaaaaaa! Thanks Jared.

  • Chanel

    I don’t know why everyone assumes Justin kicked Cameron to the curb. Maybe Cameron kicked him to the curb.

  • http://deleted Liz

    Cameron has had her share of “men” so she’ll just get one more. Her relatioships are long, but not permanent since she doesn’t want to get married. Her life will be a series of affairs.

    There is no good guy or bad guy here. The two split, probably amicably.

  • claire booth luce

    he’s turning into a ugly troll

  • http://deleted me

    I’ll always like Justin best with his curly hair.

  • Peach HELEn

    Justin was the best thing thats ever happen to her. her K fed ruined her life. and justin aint gettin back w/that hoe. coz he is wayyy too good for her smely azz. :) thats just my opinion. Justin is a m-f rock star. I saw him live. he is incredible. Though i liked Cameron. They made a nice couple. BUT NOW HES SINGLE who will be the next lucky girl?????? :O!!

  • Peach HELEn

    i heard cameron is very clingy and possesive. it looks that way in their photos. :) but what girl woudnt be?? he’s so damn cute!!!