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Mariana Klaveno: Wentworth Miller's New Female Friend

Mariana Klaveno: Wentworth Miller's New Female Friend

Prison Break star Wentworth Miller was out and about with familiar female friend Mariana Klaveno last night (pictured below, not above). Went and Mariana attended a film screening at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood.

Went‘s affinity for London eatery “Wagamamas” is present by his t-shirt. His love for The Gap (I think) is also highlighted by his man cardigan.

Mariana is also an actress and was Went‘s date for the Emmys last year. And is that Mariana‘s wallet? Does Went have a sugar mama?

Pictured above: Wentworth Miller with fan Janet Charlton.

Here are some choice quotes from Went‘s recent interview with the Australian Associated Press (AAP):

  • On not having a MySpace page: “I have people calling my agent asking which myspace page is mine and there are about a dozen. And the fact is I’ve never been on MySpace. People posing as me is a little unsettling, a little frightening… it disturbs me on a profound level.”
  • On his sexuality: “No, I’m not gay. I know these rumors are out there … I’m cool with the fact that they exist, I mean this is about fantasy. Certain people are going to have certain fantasies, if someone wants to imagine me with a woman, or a man or one of each that’s cool with me as long as you keep watching the show.”
  • On his plans to direct his own movie: “I’m now at the stage of my career where it’s not just about the parts that are out there, but it’s about generating your own parts. I want to write the words that come out of my mouth and I want to be in the editing room, and choosing how my story is going to get told.”
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  • kmillz

    interview where went talks about gay issue

  • Just Jared

    Thanks kmillz, I was just updating the entry when you commented. (:

  • Softspoken

    Went is mine!!! Mariana is ugly. I am not going to lie I am a bit jealous. I love you went. damn that man is sooo fine!!! I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him, I will marry him!!!…

  • angie

    went! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! say it isn’t so?????? plz LMAO j/k hey they look cute! i hope she is his sugga momma LOL if she is i’m sooooooo HAPPY for him!!!! he’s looking HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wenty i missed you!!!! :D & Your GOREGEOUS FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Softspoken

    I must admit, Went’s fashion is pretty awful, yet he can still rock a baseball cap when it’s dark outside. I would love to dress him an give him a totally new look. One that actually matches that beautiful face of his. Of course I would also like to undress him. LOL!! I have to stop these dirty thoughts. LOL!!!

  • roaming

    I dunno. It’s just that every blog has hinted about him being gay. He says he’s not but I think he’s another Jake Gyllenhall who doesn’t want to alienate his female fan base. Ricky Martin still refuses to come out. I’ve heard fifty percent of hollywood is gay. Maybe if being gay wasn’t seen as a sin by so many in this country, more celebrities would come out of the closet. And I do think that these celebrities lie for their career. It’s sad that their career rests on their sexual preferences. I’m not trying to make being gay an issue. It’s the act of hiding one important facet of yourself for the sake of your career that’s disturbing. Blogs don’t make a big deal about the fact that a person is gay as much as the act of hiding it.

  • Softspoken

    I think this so called actress ( I’ve never heard of her) might be using Wentworth for publicity given that nobody has heard of her until she showed up to the emmys as Wentworth’s date. Anybody with me on this one? Do you hear me knockin?… Well let me in!!! LOL!!!

  • Kit

    Well, i have to admit i was a bit upset when i saw the pictures with that chick of his but when he is happy…that is all that matters. As for the gay issue: The man is STRAIGHT!! So…yeah…he is straight and that is about enough of that issue. It distrubs me that people would even think about him being gay. Even if he was, that wouldn’t change the fact he is a great actor. But it would kind of burn a bit because then he wouldn’t be interested in me…lol. But yeah, back to the brunette chick…she isn’t THAT pretty but she’s not ugly by any means. I also noticed that in each picture he isn’t even paying attention to her. He’s not holding her hand or anything. I don’t know if it is just me hoping he stays single or what but i don’t notice them being too close…then again i’m not around them 24/7 so i suppose that isn’t the best statement ever. But any…that is just my opinion!!! Love, Kit

  • Softspoken

    P.S. JARED ROCKS!!!!!

  • Shannon

    He said he is not; so HE IS NOT. There it is! I think we should stop contemplating whether or not he is or is not anymore. He said he is NOT. Okay! I love the guy. He seems like a great person, loving, kind and real. With this said, I think that Wentworth is great period. Also, this girl is a friend he has said. So, until he says she is not, I will believe that. These people are celebrities but they are still people with feelings, secrets, lives and normal actions.

  • Kit

    I just read Softspoken’s comment and i just wanted to let you know that i completely agree with you and i do hear you knockin!!! I hear you!!!! LOL, i agree with your comment completely!!

  • Softspoken

    Kit, I believe what you just said proves my point. I mean, your right he looks like he is not paying her any attention what so ever. I really think that they are in on this publicity thing together. Just my view on this.

  • Softspoken

    Oh Hi Kit, thank you for agreeing. LOL!!! Ok, ok, you rock too. LOL!!! P.S. thanx for letting me in. I’ve been knockin for a while.. thought nobody was home LOL!!!!!

  • Kit

    Softspoken, we’re here…kinda hard to find…but we’re here dude!!!

  • meemee

    Nice to see Went out and about. I wonder why he didn’t wear a sweater over his t-shirt instead of that awful cardigan. Oh well, he is still hot and adorkable :)

  • Softspoken

    It couldn’t be just a movie, It had to be a screening where you know there are always cameras around recording people’s reaction to the movie. I mean come on the whole publicity stunt could not be more obvious. LOL!!! ok I won’t post on this anymore you guys are probably sick of me. LOL!!!

  • Softspoken

    LMAO!!!!!! Thanx!!! LOL!!!LOL!!!

  • con

    i had the misconception that the woman on top, in the first picture was mariana, and that disturbed me

  • FL

    Look at his body language he looks like he’s trying not to be too close to her lol.Since August we haven’t seen her then she now pops up like Waldo.I think that they are friends in interviews he keeps saying he’s single.He doesn’t strike me as the kind of man who would say he didn’t have a girlfriend but in reality he did.

  • ks

    Thanks JJ! So happy to see Wentworth in any situation. They actually look very cute together. He looks very happy and as a fan of his, that’s all that matters. Thanks again!

  • SweetyKat

    I’m sorry guys, but I disagree with ALL of you. I believe that Went is well on his way toward expressing himself fully right now. He’s finally talking about producing/writing/directing/editing which is what I really think he wants to do anyway (HELLO, English Lit major!). These particular positions will allow him to pretty much be his own boss and thus allow him more personal time. I hate to say it ladies/gents, but I think he’s getting ready to wed and procreate! Hehe, how wonderful! Concerning Mariana, that poor girl. She is NOT ugly. I think they make a great couple (I’m still jealous, though). I don’t think he’s ignoring her. I think he’s trying to make sure that they don’t get mobbed.
    I Googled Mariana after the Emmys and found no credits to her name. Maybe she’s only done independent films. I don’t her being with him is a publicity stunt and I think she’s going to be his wifey. He has said he wants a wife and children. He’s 34 and not getting any younger and I think he knows it.
    I believe this ride toward success has open doors for Went to fulfill his life on a professional and personal basis. I bet his mom is like, “Went, where are my grandbabies?” :) He’s like, “They’re on the way soon, Mom.” I wish him all the best this year!

  • SweetyKat



    Should be: I don’t think her being with him is a publicity stunt…

  • European Girl

    SweetyKat, I totally agree with everthing you’ve said there! I also think it would be great if he’s finally found ‘the one’! On some fan sites there is talk of him lying by saying he’s still single, but I don’t recall him having said those words in an interview for many, many months.

  • Jolie4ever

    I SOOOOO LOVE WENTY!!! gay or not I’ll take him in a heart beat!!!

  • Softspoken

    Ok, I just had to post again after reading Sweetykat’s post. Sorry guys you now have to read my posts. well you don’t have to but here it is.
    First of all Wentworth is just getting started in this whole entertainment industry, he is running full speed!!! Why would he want to hope off the train right now to settle down. That doesn’t make any sense at all. He tried to get into the acting business for ten years and he just now succeeded who on earth would want to settle down when your at this point in your life.
    Sorry Sweetykat, I just don’t agree with your post. It’s not making sense. Look at it this way… put yourself in his shoes. would you really start to settle down and start a family when your career when you just started blooming? There would be no time for family. anybody here me knockin? Come on Kit I know at least you hear me. LOL!!!

  • Softspoken

    oops I meant “hop off the train” on my previous post. Please excuse lack of punctuation as I am in a hurry.

  • Softspoken

    “would you really start to settle down and start a family when your career is just blooming?” or when your career has just taken off?”That’s what I meant. I apologize for so many mistakes.

  • Softspoken

    Damn I also meant anybody “hear me knokin”

  • mariaruggiero

    i find it so ironic that wentworth plays a white man when actually he is mixed race of predominantly African American heritage. Does he acknowledge his heritage? I find this so much more interesting than any speculation as to his sexual preference.

  • cocot13

    they are just friends and no he not going to marry her Sweetykat but god bless your heart

  • East Village

    Hey cocot 13, how did you find that out?

  • Neeza

    If he’s healthy and happy, that’s just fine with me …

  • ks

    Here, here! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Wentworth Miller is one of THE finest actor to come around in a long time. He is very unique in his own personal way. I can’t compare him to any actor right now, but I’ve noticed that ALOT of them have tried the Wentworth-stare and it ain’t working. He perfected it and that is his trademark.

  • amyy

    for more info…

    my opinion: it works!!

  • joe


  • anon

    That Mariana chick is not an actress, she does PR or something else in the entertainment industry (I forget what) and that’s why you can’t find her via IMDB or google.

    Also, and this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I want him to make sweet, sweet love to me or something to that effect, but I don’t think that they’re going out. I think they’re friends. It is possible to have friends of the opposite sex you know. I would hate to think everytime that I went out with a male friend that people automatically assumed we were going out just because I was famous. Not least because I’m friends with some people who don’t have hollywood good looks (screw it I don’t have hollywood looks) and it would suck to hear them ripped apart by strangers because they were balding, or had a tummy, or crappy fashion sense and because they were with me.

    Mariana is pretty. She has a good figure, a sweet smile and (because I’m currently obsessed with my own at the moment) awesome eyebrows. She actually looks a lot like Sarah Tancredi on Prison Break IMHO and I wish more people that looked like her were considered “acceptable” instead of the plastic-y standard we have now. Twenty years from now she’ll still be pretty, which is more than you can say about Lohan and co.

  • Katie

    He looks genuinely happy in the candids where they’re standing in line. He is laughing and looks like he’s having fun. ‘Snuff for me. :)

    And I love love love her boots; she looks so much nicer in colourful clothes than she did in that taupe-y dress at the awards show.

  • Shannon

    Wentworth is not predominately black. He is a mixed race person. His father is biracial himself, so he is comprised of many of GOD’s wonderful races on this planet. He can play whatever he wants to play by the way. They have never said he was white on the show by the way. His being biracial/multiracial may be the reason. He came out and said he was multiracial, something he did not have to do because of his fair complextion, but he chose to do this. I think it is admirable. Being a fair skinned person myself, identity is tough and you all always thrown into somebody’s standards and boxes; so him identifying with or without one thing is his business, not ours. He simply plays this character because he looks the part and better, he plays it well. Let’s try to make this world less about races and more about characteristics of greatness–this is what really matters.

  • Lydia

    No one knows for sure whether Went’s father is biracial. Went himself has only referred to his dad as black. Whatever the case, Went is gorgeous. If he and Mariana are a couple, I wish them the best.

  • FL

    Anon,Mariana is an actress she was in the Fox show Standoff.

  • Clare

    Don’t all gang up on me, but I’m thinking it might be a stunt of some sort. If it isn’t how come there is someone there with a photo wanting an autograph? If it was a date how come paparazzi knew he was there!!!!

  • Jackie

    i am pretty upset that he’s with that girl …but for some reason they look cute but there personalities match…they look cute…but i have a feeling that there goos friends …n i mean he did say many times that he didn’t want to date anyone who was an actrcess or be serious . God i mean look at him he too FINE to be with her …..maybe there fuck buddies LMAO lol the man does have needs !

  • Misha

    I agree with everyones publicity stunt thing makes sense. Recently the gay rumors have been flooding the internet and everything (which could damage his career that he worked so hard to build up) and then we hear him state how hes not gay and everything. On top of that, on the same day these articles came out, we see him with a girl. Coincidence? I think not. Its just a publicity stunt n a stunt to save his career from falling apart because of the gay rumors

  • Sunflower

    The only thing that would make me think publicity stunt is the fact that he’s now a GAP “model” and just maybe that corporation wants to be sure their clean image is not going to be muddled with Went and gay rumours…But that’s just being cynical. It could just be Went is sick and tired of those rumours and feels it time to stop being so secretive about his and Mariana’s blossoming friendship. The idea that this hot man was spending his nights alone seemed like nonsense and now we have PROOF. Went’s got a girlfriend!

  • Bernise

    Can’t Wentworth have a movie date in peace people? coz he so deserves to enjoy himself on the little time-off that he has in-between his very busy schedule and is Marianna is the lady that he want’s to spend his time with, then let’s be happy for him. Whatever Marianna does is a none issue, point is, he’s Went’s current companion/friend who’s there for him whenever (we all wish to be that lady too, girls but well, Went’s made a choice, let’s respect that). Let’s not get our emotions (who’s going overdrive right now due to jelously) cloud our opinions. Peace to all!

    Just do your thing Went. Enjoy!

  • WMFan

    Actually, people looked into this after the Emmys and Mariana has been dating a guy for a while now and is apparently engaged. That’s what I’ve read anyway.

    And who said she’s not on imdb? Weren’t yall around the time of the Emmys when there was a massive search on who she was? Actress, yep. Probably trying to become more mainstream.


  • J

    I agree with you Claire.
    This guy hasn’t even showed up with her anywhere since the Emmy’s then all of a sudden there are pics of them together.He doesn’t even touch her and in interviews he keeps saying he’s single.If he is going out with her and he keeps saying he doesn’t have girlfriend that is very rude denying his own relationship with her.Some people will say he’s very private it’s not like he’s Prince William the press is not stalking him outside his house or everywhere he goes.I hope they interview him again and they ask him if he’s single again he’ll probably give the same answer i will laugh my A$$ off!

  • Misha

    WMFan, yeah I heard about that too…thats why i was relieved that he wasnt dating her. Shes probably just a really close friend of his.

  • FashionFan

    So this is just a thought here but maybe she called him up and asked out. She hadn’t seen him since the Emmy’s, thought heck it’s a new year I will be bold and take a shot and call him up see if he has plans, ask if he wants take in a show, and see if it works. Afterall she has her wallet out and so maybe it was her idea and she feels the need to pay. Just a little thought.
    On the fashion thing I do agree that Mr. Miller could do a little better in some areas but hey its a casual thing and he is dressed for that.

  • joe

    hello people? stop being so ignorant and talking about how gorgeous he is and realize that this is a publicity stunt and that hes gay. People! open up your minds a little bit.