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Nicole Kidman Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman will star in the big-screen of Broadway play Rabbit Hole, it was announced today. Nicole‘s company, Blossom Films, will produce under Fox Searchlight, David Lindsay-Abaire will adapt his play, and Nicole will also produce it. Here’s a brief synopsis:

[Rabbit Hole tells] the story of Becca (to be played by Kidman) and Howie Corbett who have everything they could want, until a life-shattering accident turns their world upside down, and leaves the couple drifting perilously apart. Becca, who must also cope with the distractions of her reckless sister Izzy, and their opinionated mother, Nat, takes solace in her unlikely friendship with a neighborhood teenager, Jason, who might provide the key to lead her back from the darkest of places. The play is a bittersweet drama about finding hope in the lowest moments of our lives, and the paths we take to return to the light of day.

Pictured: New stills for Nicole‘s new film, His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass (out Dec. 7) co-starring Daniel Craig and Eva Green (both from Casino Royale).

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golden compass stills 01
golden compass stills 02
golden compass stills 03
golden compass stills 04
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golden compass stills 06
golden compass stills 07
golden compass stills 08
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  • shimika

    first .just for the hell of it

  • Christy

    BOTOX. Just for the hell of it.

  • COGirl

    She’s been going down the Rabbit Hole for quite a few years now.

  • hmmmm

    they sure retouched up her a lot in the movie. In candid pictures, she doesn’t look like this at all. When she had red hair, she looked better.

    Daniel Craig is a hottie!

  • anonymo

    Here a sweet article on Nicole and Keith for you:

  • Tina

    She looks exactly like this in candid pictures-wich is scary.But this movie sounds great.Nicole is one of the most talented actresses we have today.

  • Chanel


  • Denise

    Her hair is too light (it makes her look like Casper the ghost).
    She is TOO botoxed.
    And she has NO figure, she looks like boy, by a body.

  • Susie

    Chanel: How do you know that Nicole does not see her kids? From what I have heard they are living with their Dad because they chose to remain in the schools they have always attended. If Tom was the one that was not living with his kids noone would make these ridiculous comments. Also you do not know how they all arrived at these decisions so get over yourself and your very opinionated view.

  • Eliza

    Susie , I agree with you , but I heard their kids are homeschooled

  • Cinti

    Those kids are homeschooled. She lost them in the divorce and sees them only a couple of times a year and for special occasions.

    Looks like she is doing the smart thing and focusing on her work instead of her loser druggie hubby who always resembles a homeless person. She needs to dump his schlubby self and hook up with that hot Daniel Craig, who looks like a real man. Freaking hot! And he matches Nicole.

  • Kini

    Uggghhh the ice princess looks really frozen on that top picture. Are you sure she isn’t a wax figure.

  • Alicia

    YAY!!! can’t wait for this movie!!! looooove the trilogy, this is gonna be so great; so glad that Eva and Daniel are in this :)

  • Miller

    Uuuuhhhh, I think they made a mistake. Have you seen the real Nicole Kidman? There must be tons of make up to cover the fugliness that oozes from her. No movement to that face either. She’s like a stone.

    By the way, they had shared custody but Nicole has more important things to do like make movies that suck.

    And I wouldnt wish Nicole on Daniel Craig, she already ruined Keith Urban.

  • Denise

    I too say, Nicole needs to go see her kids.

  • Chanel

    Susie, fuck-off. I know for a fact she does not see her kids, I have the inside scoop. They are always with Tom and Katie. Katie takes Bella shopping, and Tom and Katie are at EVERY game those precious children have. The last game Bella had, Tom and Katie were there, while Nicole and Keith were a few miles away in Beverly Hills, shopping for shoes while the game was going on.
    So fuck-off, I know what I am talking about, jerk!

  • Jillian

    Yeah, the stone princess is “mommy dearest’.

  • Tony

    just stupid comments.Well i prefer to say Nic is so beautiful and a great actress, the best working today! Stop judging someone you dont not know!

    I can not wait to see this movie, Nicole is execellent as Mrs.Coulter!

  • marie

    i love Nic, she is great in those pics!And daniel very good too!

  • John

    stupid people these who say Nic does not see her children. It is easy to judge someone you do not really know right??????

    grow up Kids!

  • louise!!!

    ohhh Nicole looks like the MRS Coulter i have imagine, she is perfect for the role.very beautiful in those pics!

  • kelly

    I think Nicole is a very fine woman, a real Lady!Please why it is so good critize her?
    you should have respect for her, about her carrer,her UN work as an ambassador…
    stop saying bad things about her, STOP!!!!!!!if you do not liker her do not comment her news!

  • Love

    I thought that these pictures went on the film, don’t remain the personal life of of the nicole.
    Some ridiculous people come here only to criticize the personal life of the nicole, you should go to a psychologist.
    This is not normal, how much envy!!!!


    All the talk about Nicole’s life is all speculation and silly,if you are a
    parent you should know better than to spread rumors and gossip
    that can get back to these children….. when in reality you don’t know
    ZIP……. if you are so concern… drop that i know what’s best for her
    and Tom’s kid’s……holy than thou…….. S.H.I.T

  • Shelly

    I am just wondering why Keith would be with a woman who prefers her career over her children. What will she be like when they have kids? I married a man who showed up to be with my daughter every summer and ignored her the rest of the year. He thought that was good enough to be a good parent. Nicole will wake up one day and wonder why her kids will have little to do with her. I am sure she does seem them when she is in CA., but I noticed she was in Sydney during the holidays without them.

  • marie

    unnnn…very interesting Shelly…so you were with Nicole all the time she was in Sidney….very lucky girl you are!

  • Clash!!!!

    Nicole is wonderful in these pics, very sexy and dark as Mrs.Coulter, she will do it perfectly!
    And daniel a bite ugly as Lord Asriel but always sexy!

    and i will not loose time commenting the stupid comments about Nic and her children!

  • Cersmi

    Nicole is not only beautiful she is a great actress. Can’t wait to see this movie.
    As for her kids, Nicole and Tom have split custody, they go 6 weeks with one and 6 weeks with the other. Lucky for Nicole she doesn’t have the camera freaks following her around 24/7 like Tom and Katie do. I’m sure having strangers with cameras chasing them and their kids can be pretty stressful and scarey.

  • Montage

    You guys are just jealous of Nicole!!
    Stay out of sun if you want to have good skin like hers (dont you know she jog and swim in long sleeve and hat)
    be a professional (read Sean Penn’s comment about how professional she is to Edward Norton) and
    stop being jealous just because she is not a media whore like her husband who used their children for publicity. Nicole does not need that to appear on newspaper, she IS already the best actress and the most expensive actress at the moment.

    Get a life, Stop being jealous!!!

  • Tard

    wow, Evan Rachel Wood is starting to look pretty similar.
    check that out:

  • jhonny!

    I cound not say better MONTAGE!

    you read my ming!

  • jhonny!

    I cound not say better MONTAGE!

    you read my mind!

  • sara

    Montage , nobody is Jealous of Nicole just because NOBODY OF US ARE ACTORS! get a life you, honey! Nicole does’t appear on newspaper nor on pics with those kids BECAUSE IS NEVER WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina

    Nicole is not the only A-list actress who has a very pale complexion. Other Aussie stars like Cate Blanchett is the same. Perhaps these Aussie beauties know a thing or two about staying youthful looking. The next time you start to utter the B-word, you should think seriously about staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen. Then perhaps you might get lucky and have a beautiful complexion like Nicole and Cate.

  • goth

    tard-you are right the girl looks good and i can see similarities.

  • David

    Nicole is perfect!!!!
    Die from envy.

  • nicole

    love love love daniel..

  • KEN

    I love her!
    Wish her all the best & will be a winner Oscar again someday….