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Elisha Cuthbert is 'My Sassy Girl'

Elisha Cuthbert is 'My Sassy Girl'

Elisha Cuthbert (24) and Jesse Bradford (Flag of Our Fathers) were spotted filming their new film, My Sassy Girl, in NYC’s Madison Square Park yesterday afternoon.

Jesse, 27, and Elisha, 24, play the two main stars of My Sassy Girl, which is a remake of a South Korean romantic comedy film. The film will tell the story of a sweet Midwestern guy (Bradford) with his life planned out for himself is wooed, groomed, and ultimately dumped by a complicated, elusive gal (Cuthbert). It’ll be interesting how the two movies will compare, especially the girl’s mantra, “YOU WANNA DIE?” (JOO GUL LAE?).

My Sassy Girl is directed by newcomer Yann Samuell and is set for nationwide release later this year.

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  • phie

    I got a chance to watched the originally Sassy Girl in South Korea and the story really made me cry. It was so touching! Love it.

  • eharley

    i loved the korean film, and i hope this one lives up to the essence of the original. not too happy about elisha playing the sassy girl. that’s just my opinion, and i think they could have chosen a better actress.

  • stop remaking movies

    i hate it when hollywood remakes good foreign films… just release the mother effing movie here. The korean humor and characteristics will not translate into the mainstream movie industry and this elisha girl regardless of how pretty she is no jun jihyun. lets be honest kids. STOP REMAKING GOOD MOVIES!!!! HOLLYWOOD I’M TALKING TO YOU !!!! >:[
    sorry yall its just so annoying to see another good film be ignored while a hollywood sponsored remake is just going to flop at the box office. (ie The ring remake, then its worthless sequel, the sandra bullock keanu reeves movie that flopped this year can’t think of the name but yall know it was lame…)


  • lull

    can’t believe they’re still doing remakes. and of this film???
    but having Elisha in the title role (and Samuell behind the lense) does make it look like they’re at least trying to do a good job.

    btw, Yann Samuell is not a newcomer. hasn’t been one since 2003 –

  • shimika

    hell no. why see the remake when u can watch a perfectly good original.

  • hr

    i’ll probably watch this out of curiosity. on dvd.
    seriously, how can they possibly translate the korean humor to the american screen? JOOGULLAE! hahahaha classic!

  • hmmmm

    sounds like “My Fair Lady” with a twist.

  • hmmm2

    i really don’t think elisha cuthbert is right for the role.. she is very pretty but something doesn’t seem to click.

  • Kujo

    “stop remaking movies”, I completely agree with you. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Hollywood’s remakes of their vastly superior foreign originals is pathetic. It just shows how completely out of ideas Hollywood is. Simply pathetic. It’s a joke.

  • AM

    I agree. Hollywood should stop remaking foreign films and just release the original, which already has subtitles. Otherwise, the only chance at replicating the humor in the original is to have the movie done by Korean actors who speak English!

  • original movie suck

    Original movie suck.
    This movie base on novel, that novel was good and very humorous.
    But Korean director made it as a horrible movie.
    Most of Korean which read novel and watch this movie said “WFT problem with director?”
    I really hope American version will be better than original.

  • Chandler Bing

    stupid idea…the original was perfect, there is no way Elisha Cuthbert can pull this one off…

  • ana

    WTF??? I love the original version of MSG. How would they translate the Korean’s funny dialogue. I hope this new version doesnt ruin the orginal story of Korean version.

  • eharley

    actually, wasn’t it based on a korean guy’s blog entries, #11???

  • Rachel

    I watched the original South Korean movie. It was hilarious. I can’t wait to see how this remake will match up to the real thing. Hope there will be good chemistry between the two. Elisha Cuthbert seems like an unlikely choice. Someone more feisty would’ve been a better choice.

  • tc4775

    I just finished watching My Sassy Girl on YouTube and it was great. Not sure how the American public will actually receive the movie. Asian humor in movies isn’t quite the same as American humor nor romance. I love the ending.

  • Tee

    I highly doubt those 2 actors could act as funny as the original ones.

  • princess

    the movie is based on a story posted on the internet…
    i don’t think remaking this good korean movie will be great… they did it with the ring and they totally deviated from the original and didn’t turn out fine… remaking doesn’t bring out what the movie really wants to express, even dubbing it wouldn’t be the same…
    i also don’t agree with the actors, i’m sorry… i just love the movie so much that i don’t like it to be ‘stained’…

  • Mariah Carey

    Who cares about this movie?

    No one cares.

    Only Korean cares. lol

    We all know. So many koreans in this topic. lamo

  • eharley

    anyone who takes mariah carey as a screen name, your credibility goes out the window immediately.
    i’m not korean btw.

  • dizzy

    as far as i know, you are correct, eharley (#14). just like in the movie, the guy blogged his story on the net. i mean the original is da bomb. nobody can top it. but i bet you everybody who’s complaining about the remakes is gonna see it anyways… i don’t want them to remake it, but i’m definately gonna watch it when it comes out. not cuz i really want to watch the remake, but i wanna see the difference. haha

  • eharley

    hey, dizzy ;) yeah, a few people have already said that even though they love the original, they will see the remake just to make a comparison. i can’t bring myself to see it because i don’t like the western actors that have been chosen (it’s not so much about their looks but more about their acting skills), and, i guess i’m just too devoted to the original.
    i do wonder how certain aspects of the korean culture will be westernized or translated to western audiences.

  • docdory

    i love the original korean movie. after that, i got hooked to more korean movies. I really hope that they can make a good remake although i also have doubts.

  • angry

    they are going to butcher the movie :(

  • 12345

    well, who can act like original ?

  • Tyra

    Jesse is HOT, Elisha is NOT. By the way, I think Jesse is a really cool actor.

  • Tyra

    Also, I’ve never seen the original so I guess I won’t be as disappointed IF they “butcher” the movie.

  • Nonamazonia

    What “only korean cares”? I’m not korean, and I do care! Why making a remake? Give the original a chance. It’s a good movie! I haven’t read the original story on the Internet (but I would like too, so if anyone knows the link..) thus, I can’t say if the Korean movie has twisted too much…

    But anyway, H-wood shouldn’t make so many remakes, and the public should try out originals first. Also Asian movies, and especially Korean ones, are of some very high quality. It’s really worth watching!

    PS The first place for most influencing people of the year in Time Magazine is a korean singer…

  • Ghost

    I don’t think this hollow-wood remake will ever pull it off just like the korean original movie. Hollow-wood does sometimes make good films but there are a lot of source for great movies… It may not have american actors or actors speaking in english but it will rock your mind and make you crave for more. For those racists idiots out there, shut up and shove your racism crap up your hairy ass. Peace!

  • find roy

    lol if someone brave out there wanna end this hollywood very un-creative remake spree….google Roy Lee (American born Korean producer that started this whole mess including the ring, the grudge, infernal affairs (the departed), etc.) and find out where he lives and go break his legs….everyone will then be happy and then no more re-makes bitch.

  • LeeDongJae

    한국사람으로서 정말 기쁘군요 ^^

    한국을 아시는분들이 의외로 많네요 ㅎㅎ

    저는 한국을 하시는분이 극소수일거라 생각했는데 이글을 보면서 아니라는걸 느꼇습니다 ^^

    리메이크 잘됫으면 좋겟네요

  • Terence

    I am dying to see this movie and hopefully it is the good one I will see this year. I feel their is a great chemistry between Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert.

    Wish I could buy the DVD of the My Sassy Girl which the Korean one.
    I am madly going to watch this movie.

  • Joo Gul Lae

    I agree with eharley. Elisha’s not exactly the type of girl I imagined to be playing the lead girl. I have my doubts about this remake …especially because I really liked the Korean version. But I’m not totally against it. I’m around 2-5% for it. :)

  • Yuujiro Hashimoto

    Chugurei!! to all you Chosen Zuke! always gotta say something about everyone that isn’t Korean.ChiKusho! Get over yourselves.

  • OG

    love the orginal movie. Saw the trailer for the remake should have came up with a better title an actress. Funny how they copy everything especially the kendo part wtf.

  • mjshinez

    Re-makes are okay, if it is done well. I loved the Korean version and would like to see this version, but how? I can’t find it. Someone help. Is it on DVD already? I wanted to go and watch it on the big screen.

    I thought the “the lake house” was good in it’s own way. They took “il mere”, korean version, and made it to fit their own.

    I do have have to say that the horror re-makes are totally bad. Not worth it. Original Asian version are so much scarier and believeable.


  • junarryl

    my god!!!!elisha cuthbert is the best actress 4 me!!she’s very pretty
    i love him so much!!!!!
    i will watch the movie over and over again!!!!!
    “the princess of hollywood”

  • basia

    I totally agree with the posts before!!!

    STOP REMAKING MOVIES!!! just air the original one!

    Later most of the audience does not even realize the movie is based on an Asian one and the whole credit goes to Hollywood!

    So unfair, how is Korean cinema supposed to reach the whole world ??

    and it is never gonna be the same, everyone is gonna like more the version they first watched so even if those who know it is based on Korean movie and make an effort to watch they will not like it because of the comparison

    Oh it makes me so angry…