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Gwen Stefani's Freak Circus Show

Gwen Stefani's Freak Circus Show

Gwen Stefani is the covergirl for Elle Magazine February 2007 issue — new baby, new album, new style! Here are some choice quotes from the interview:

  • On not being the superwoman she thought she was: “I thought I was going to be one of those Mother Nature girls. I figured, I’ll just squeeze it out, ’cause I’m really strong and I work out and stuff.”
  • On breaking down before concerts: “I would be seriously crying before I went onstage. I didn’t know how I was going to get through the tour, putting on nine costume changes on a stage in front of 12,000 people every night. And I didn’t want people to know (I was pregnant). I didn’t want to become the Gwen Freak Circus Show – ‘Watch it grow onstage.’ “
  • On baby Kingston: “Kingston is so chill. He goes with me everywhere, ’cause I’m still nursing. He’s been to every studio in L.A., New York, London. He lives up to his name – total Rasta boy… He gives me real balance. You can go 100 miles an hour, but you still have to stop to hang out with him.”
  • On fighting with British rocker husband Gavin Rossdale: “Of course me and Gavin have problems, sometimes. Everyone does. We’ve been together for over 10 years.”
  • On her relationship with Gavin: “This is, like, the real deal.”

Can’t wait to see the inside photo spread!

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  • Jillian

    Gwens quote~~~> “I thought I was going to be one of those Mother Nature girls. I figured, I’ll just squeeze it out, ’cause I’m really strong and I work out and stuff.”

    The above quote baffles me. Have people forgotten that women have been squeezinhg out babies from the beginning of humankind? Thats nothing new, Gwen. Thats the way God made a womans body, to give birth vaginally.

    I know know if Gwen gave birth naturally, or if she followed the Hollywood trend of getting babies cut out of their bodies, it is just sickening how vain those women are.

  • Jillian

    My statement above should have been: I don’t know if Gwen gave birth vaginally, or if she had the baby cut out of her like so many of the Hollywood crowd does, it is a trend in Hollywood, and I find it sickening and the epitome of vanity.

  • Tina

    Oh Jillian please get down from your fucking high horse,wont cha?!?!?
    PLease who do you think you are,to be able to speak about how other women give birth?Chill out noone cares about your cynical views.I bet your not even a woman and if so,a very cruel and stupid one.
    I will deliver my baby the way i feel most comfortable with and i dont give a shit what bitches like you have to say. *rolleyes*

  • Kelly

    What she means is she thought it would be over and done with quickly, not needing the numbing medication. Hence “Superwoman” and feeling no pain. Im sure she knows how a baby is born. I doubt that c-sections are totally done out of vanity. Some maybe, but i dont believe most are. Once you have a c-section, you have to keep having children through c-sections, and after so many, it becomes dangerous.

  • http://deleted Kathy

    Gwen’s a gem!

  • Cora

    Okay ladies……I’m a woman and I have had a baby. So–if anyone has any room to talk it would be me. :) Having said that…………. there are many many many reasons why a woman might have to deliver her baby via c-section. I went through 2 hrs of pushing…and had to have an emergency c-section. He ended up being 9.5 pounds and I’m a small lady….so that was my reason. I felt like less of a woman–I have a nice scar–6 days in the hospital (because your stomach muscles that have been sliced through have to heal a bit)–its not comfortable being tied down to a table–or sliced open. So–praise whomever has to go through that…its not pleasant, just like vaginal deliveries…not much fun.
    At least she’s breastfeeding– give her some credit.
    Point being—have a kid yourself and then talk some sh*t. seriously….

  • mama in the boonies

    “Kingston is so chill. He goes with me everywhere, ’cause I’m still nursing. He’s been to every studio in L.A., New York, London.

    What a great mom! good example too – she seems very grounded in her role.


    Loooooooooove ~~~ Her!!!!

    Any women that has a problem with the way another women decides to
    give birth has some big time issues …… there is nothing VAIN about
    child birth no matter how it’s done……. Einstein!!!!

  • msguidedmama

    “Any women that has a problem with the way another women decides to
    give birth has some big time issues ”

    No,Not really.
    It is a topic of major public health concern. C/sections are a real threat to both women and babies. We should *all* be concerned about the trend. But non-judgementally of course :) Sorry, I work in maternal-child health for my state, so I had to chime in. Back to admiring Gwen….;)

  • remember da truth

    I wasn’t going to post, but I just had to applaud Tina!! That’s a great post, and you go, girl! Same with Cora — talkin’ straight s*** is always scary to the self-righteous! Love it! Tell them where to get off, and I wish Gwen all the best.

  • http://deleted Lucky lady

    You know what I love? Gavin and Gwen are both young and attractive and rich. They dated each other for many years and then they got MARRIED. Yep, had one of the most beautiful weddings too! Now, they have an adorable baby who looks just like his daddy. Do they realize how so very lucky and blessed they are?

    Some people are like that. They go into relationships very solidly. They don’t have fears like a lot of us about getting married. They just do it so naturally. Then you look around and years have flown by and they are still together and basically happy with no major drama, no talk of splitting up.


    she better step up

  • testing


  • Hollyscoop

    she’s so stunning! I went to her concert in LA and she actually did a great job considering she was pregnant.

  • Shauna

    I feel compelled to chime too. I completely agree with Kelly. I think what Gwen meant was that she thought that since she endures the regular rigors, and discomfort of working out as a serious athlete, she would be both: A- in shape and strong, and B- be able to deal with the discomfort.

    I know EXACTLY what she is talking about-lol! Before I had my child I always secretly thought that the “pain of childbirth” was grossly over dramatized. Karma kicked me in the butt big time, after six agonizing hours of labor I was begging for the epidural! I admire her honesty! Love Her!

  • nice

    Gwen is very fortunate to be able to continue to breast feed her child. Such a natural thing to do – one would expect it to be easy. Not so – some women have a much easier time than others and find it impossible to continue even though wanting to very much.

  • blogelina

    I use to work in Labor and Delivery and it was a very nice atmosphere to work in. No matter how the baby gets here everyone is always happy when he/she arrives. I think no matter how they deliver, first time moms are always in for a surprise or two. Gwen seems to LOVE being a mom and that rocks.