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Hannibal Rises Once More

Hannibal Rises Once More

The new Hannibal movie has got me interested with newcomer Gaspard Ulliel, 22, and Gong Li (Miami Vice, Memoirs of a Geisha), 41. Hannibal Lecter creator Thomas Harris created a new book (prequel) and screenplay called Hannibal Rising, which takes us back to the beginning to discover what horrors turned the young Hannibal into a killer. Remember Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal?

Hannibal Rising is set for a Feb. 9 release and is directed by Peter Webber (Girl with a Pearl Earring). Check out the Hannibal Rising trailer below. More still after the jump!

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hannibal rising stills 01
hannibal rising stills 02
hannibal rising stills 03
hannibal rising stills 04
hannibal rising stills 05
hannibal rising stills 06
hannibal rising stills 07
hannibal rising stills 08
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hannibal rising stills 11
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  • kmillz

    another one?

  • magnus

    No. Not another one. Duh.

    Was a retard.

    Yes another one, spaz.

    And it’s amazing. Better than that crap Saw all the widdwe sheep shuffled off in droves to see.

  • mirv2

    Gong Li. Yummy!!

  • Amy

    Wow, the guy’s never gonna stop, huh? “Silence of the Lambs” was a classic, “Hannibal” was okay, but I didn’t need “Red Dragon.” This one might be good, but for now, I don’t have an inclination to watch it.
    Still, I can’t get over how effing fabulous Gong Li looks for her age. That woman’s 41, but she looks ten years younger than that.

  • Tina

    WOW this looks amazing!!I am soo watching this movie!!

  • loli

    hey this is Gaspard!! this guy is french (like me) and he’s famous now in France. I hope he’s gonna be famous all around the world soon ’cause he’s really talented

  • kmillz

    did i hit a nerve magnus? go jerk off to your nsync posters

  • Alicia

    that Gaspard guy is kinda creepily hot. definitely gonna see this movie; though i agree, SOTL was the best, Hannibal was alright and why did they even make Red Dragon—Manhunter was fine with William Petersen

  • bebe

    ha ga so going to see this with my hubby.last new year we were in prague and sat rinking champers with the production crew which was tres cool…….so the films going to have some happy memories attached to it…………….

  • bebe

    sorry mybad, my fingers kept missing the keys… not totally thick, just to stupid to read it thru before posting sorry

  • Lily

    Gaspard Ulliel is an amazing actor, not to mention extremely good looking. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  • gia

    she is 41???!! wow, we should all be so lucky to look like that at 41.

  • Anne

    Looks good…

  • cooper

    Gong Li is gorgeous. Why is this woman not more well known in the states?

  • tdiva

    at first glance, I thought that was Crispin Glover! uncanny resemblance!

  • Hiba

    The book had a terrible review in the Metro a couple of weeks back and I doubt the movie is going to be any good even with extremely talented people like Gong Li and Gaspard Ulliel.
    I really think we don’t need another one.

  • mirv2

    I had friend who saw a screening In Nov. She loved it.

  • kelly075

    Gaspard Ulliel!!!!!!!! Bon Chance pour le film. Allez la France. Tous avec toi, Gas.

  • Randi

    Looks shitty. This crap is so irresponsible. Serial killers aren’t misunderstood heroes righting some past wrong. They are creepy little bastards who see themselves as all important and see no value in their fellow human being. Take a look at that BTK creep. Boring little nobody. No horrible childhood. Just a pervert control freak who let his fantasies take over.

  • JaYzAs


  • ghfty44

    Gong is 41 ??? She looks 25!!

  • Ellie

    What I don’t like about most movie ‘serial killer’ analysis is that it portrays the killers as victims of crime that ‘triggered of the evil inside them’ they’re not the majority are simply sadistic and in that they feel they are carrying out divine intervention i.e. a superiority complex. The film and book would have better credibility if it explored the disturbed state of mind of a young Hannibal his craving for death and cannibalism as apposed to rationally trying to explain his motive by making all the bits of the puzzle neatly fit into place.

  • Sarah Chambers

    why does everyone alway for get that red dragon was the book wrote many years ago, and that Man Hunter made in 1986 was the first ever movie to feature Hannibal Lecktor! red dragon was the remake!! sorry just had to add that in there!

  • notnewcomer

    Gaspard Ulliel is not a newcomer, he’s already quite well known here in France.

  • Ben

    Gong Li is such a treasure! Love all her films, especially the ones directed by Zhang Yimou, my absolute favorite director. They are both GENIUSES!!!! Keep her pics coming.

  • missy

    Gaspard Ulliel is sooooooo hotttttttttt !!!!!!!!!

    viva la france!!!!

  • Steph

    I actually liked the book. In comparison to the previous books (which I haven’t read) it might not be great, but by itself it’s kinda enjoyable.

    And yes serial killers in real life are screwed up shits, but this isn’t real life, this is fiction. And you can’t have a literary/film legend like Hannibal Lecter be a boring little nobody w/ a superiority complex. Where would the drama be in that?

  • SAEllie

    I liked the book, but it wasn’t that great. Definitely not Thomas Harris’ best. While reading it I could actually see how it could make a good movie. Can’t wait to see it.

  • hopeful

    Gong Li is goddess!!!!!!!!!!

    Is she married??

  • dang

    Gaspard is SO FRIGGIN HOT!!!

  • !?HUH!?

    wow..Gaspard is… I dont think Im aloud to say it on the internet! but good!

  • http://drtr nonyobiss

    gaspard is hot! i saw hannibal rising.gong li is beautiful.they will make the perfect baby.damhit!i’m only 14.and gaspard is 25 or whatever.oh well………..