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Sample Britney's New Album!

Sample Britney's New Album!

Check out this video of Britney Spears sampling a demo of her new album while cruising the streets of Santa Monica, Calif. Fresh new beat, fresh new album? Here are some of the lyrics I was able to make out:

It’s almost mystical…
And I can’t believe that I feel what I feel…
… strange that …

VIDEO :: Britney’s Sample Demo

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  • Amy

    I dunno…the song is okay, but if it weren’t under the title of “Britney Spears”, it wouldn’t make a big impact. She shoulda came out hard like “Me Against the Music” with Madonna. Now I don’t usually like her, but that song was the absolute shit!
    Despite her skankiness and non-singingness, I’m sure that the radio and her fans (hello, anyone? *chirp* *chirp*) will love it. After all, such beautiful, well-written, pre-determined classics like “Fergalicious” and “Smack That” are damn eating up the charts now.
    If you didn’t get it, the last part was sarcasm.

  • Courtney

    Well its not her single, dont get all worked up about it already lol above…

    I think it sounds great so far, keep it up Brit!

  • !!!!



  • Amy

    Actually, I truly believe that her intentions are good, but she shouldn’t just rush and put out and album just for the sake of putting out an album. I’m actually a former Britney fan (Britney and In the Zone were dance classics), but there’s only so much someone can take before cracking. Hell, I even bought her “Greatest Hits” even though the singles released from it were horrible. She should take Christina’s path and wait three or so years before putting out another album. The results are usually better when you take time on work.

  • my2cents

    I really wish this tramp would go home to her kids and disappear. I am so sick of her fugly face and v^&*%a everywhere I look. She can’t sing, can’t dance and she looks like shit. Enough already, go away talentless hack.

  • Shining star

    she still sucks…..never have a chance for come back…poor thing!

  • Shauna

    Amy Says: “She should take Christina’s path and wait three or so years before putting out another album. The results are usually better when you take time on work. ”

    -Or at least hold off releasing, and promoting it until all of her negative publicity dies down a bit. It is so obvious that she does not have anyone who is helping to direct her career- and she SO needs to have someone. She is acting completely out of control from a PR standpoint, and is coming off looking very childish, unprofessional, and reckless.

    And before anyone claims she is a victim of the media again, she could make a few changes in her life to help prevent this. If she doesn’t want the paparazzi to thrust cameras at her at stoplights, then stop driving around town in an open convertible.

    Believe me, she knows exactly what she is doing with all the panty-less media shots, and partying image. Unfortunately her judgement is way off……as usual.

  • loonafrommars

    Oh my god, she’s so insignifiant, so “Big Mama” , she is not smart, she is not talented, she’s just a “Paris sucking friend”….
    About her music… her “picture” is not enough glamourous to a sexy come-back…. Awfull.

  • kmillz

    I feel so sorry for her….she’s pathetic

  • Mediterranean

    Each time I see her photo or on TV, I feel like washing her up because she looks so dirty. Her hair, her face….

  • Kat_dxb

    I refuse to go anywhere near anything “Britney Spears” from now on. I’ve always thought she was talentless unlike her felow mousketeers Christina and Justin and only became big because she had one strong song and was kinda cute. Now she’s not cute anymore – she’s quite unattractive in most picture actually with a swolen face and over the top makeup – so there is no reason to be interested in her anymore.

    Not the mention the late 2006 panty-free tactics – that alone would turn anybody off but in my case there is many other factors contributing to me not caring much about her…

  • Sparrow

    What a publicity stunt!!!! When was the last time you saw Britney just sit there and let photogs yell at her and take pictures. She’s always trying to “get away” from the media EXCEPT NOW WHEN SHE JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE A CD PLAYING OF SOME OF HER NEW WORK. That was ALL orchestrated.

  • Christina H.

    I heard: “nothing is sacred” at the end. :)

  • Chyves M.

    She sucks!!! Her music sucks!!! She’s like the worst mother in the world. She drinks all the time…where’s her son…you know the one she just had!!! K-Fed is looking like a saint pretty much right now.

    What the crap was she playing in her car. People bought Paris’ album, she’s bound to sell something!!!

  • Alicia

    he y’all, Britney says check out my new Brad + Angie vid!!!

  • Ashley

    This girl is a human being and after reading the horrible things some people are writing about her, I feel sick. Treat others how you would want to be treated. Would you like it if someone was saying these things about your sister or mother or daughter? She deserved respect not only for her talents but also as a person. And I’m looking forward to hearing her new album.

  • Sammi

    She looks like a guy dressed as 40yo Britney in this pic. Poor thing.

  • masri

    oh yes finally out like she always wanted it …….screwed

  • candice

    There was a time when Britney had everything going for her, and now, nothing. She needs to go home to her kids, get some talent and come back in a few YEARS. She’s ugly, bloated as hell and is trashy. I hope her album sinks just so she can feel like a mere mortal for a few minutes.

  • anon

    Where are her kids, did she sell them off??? You never see her with them at all. Not hard to tell where her priorities lay. She is so pathetic and I am so tired of seeing her plastered everywhere I go, no place is sacred, I can’t seem to get away from her fug. In all seriousness, I don’t think she stands a snowball’s chance in hell of making a comeback, she has ruined her image forever. She may still have a few fans left, mindless teenagers who don’t know any better. I just wish she would hurry up and disappear and stop prolonging the agony for the rest of us.

  • Mediterranean

    Someone wrote that Britney deserves respect. She has to do a lot and change a lot to get any respect from us. Do you respect someone who always drinks, smokes, goes to the parties until the morning, passes out, shows her the most private part of her body? I do NOT!

    Don’t tell me that she goes back to her home and take cares of her babies. If you drink, smoke and be awake until the morning, what time and in which condition could you wake up to take care of your babies? She wakes up and starts to get ready for another party.

    The kids are better off without their parents but who can take care of them now?

  • Susie

    Britney needs to clean up and I mean she needs to try and start wearing some clothes that compliment her and that are fitting for where she is now. She is a young Mom yes but she needs to remember that her image is pretty trashy right now. Any chances she has of turning this around are being washed down the drain every time she comes out looking the way she looks here. I wish her the best. I do not wish her any ill but she has serious issues. Maybe staying at home would not hurt either.

  • Moreno

    ….mmm i dont know what to think about her…well i’ve always been thinking that she was good i mean in that busyness, ok she never wrote a song for what we know, she sings in playback in her live exibitions, but her voice has never been as bad as everybody has always said…i liked her..she was so cool, just as a Queen of Pop, but she’s stupid coz she hasnt been known how to keep that “Target” on!..and know?what the hell is happened to her?she really look like a dirty walkin thing that with all the money she gots doesnt try to get thinner, you know she might be more beautyful and attract more people on her…i mean she must try or re-create her self imagine!..coz after what she’s done she doesnt look like a virgin schoolmates… XD

  • Sian

    Looks as if she’s at the crystal meth.

  • Jillian

    This girl is SO VULGAR, it is beyond description. No respect for someone who shows their private to the world, on a regular basis, little children are on the internet, but the sk*nk doesn ‘t care about little children seeing her private. I wish she could get arrested for doing that. Just thing what her sons will think when they and their friends see their mothers privates displayed to the world.

  • ( | )

    “Would you like it if someone was saying these things about your sister or mother or daughter?”

    if they were talentless whores, who show their vagina and cry about the paparazzi while constantly giving them something to take pictures of then maybe.

  • ( | )

    interesting, i didn’t know you couldn’t say v-gina. is that a bad word now?

  • A.J.

    Okay, I don’t get it. Why does she have some stupid look on her face in just about every other picture you see her in? Doesn’t she know how to just smile? It’s called putting your best foot forward, which I guess she knows nothing about. It’s like she has no idea how to conduct herself in public. Also, with all that money you’d think the girl could afford a stylist. She desperately needs one because she has no fashion sense whatsoever.

  • Bryan

    Wow. and to think I used to fantasize about this girl. I’m ashamed of myself. I see hotter girls just walking down the street. If this version were on the street, I wouldnt even give a 2nd look. It reminds me of one of those ‘stars without makeup’ pictures, but she DOES have makeup.. yikes! Catch a falling star… somebody!

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  • egzona

    Not because im fan of britney but she looks great now like in 1999,2000-2005. now is more fat but looks amazing like women wiyh 2 cheald. peoples have to understen that peoples chanke with time. britney is chanket too in wery beatyful way. she will be again the no.1 singer and dencer in the world with new album. is the most amazing satr in th e world

  • Ryan

    get of her dam back.she is great and she always will be. everybody makes mistakes. because everybody is in her business 24/7 she gets all the negative energy. stop fucking with her and let her live her life. brit if you want to sing with me just call me.

  • Antonio

    britney sucks and her new single sucks.,….. Die britney you have no music career any more you trashy person go to school, get educated. And be a real mother…. your new album is not gonna sell trust me

  • Tim

    If you hate Britney so much why are you reading about her and taking the time to comment? If no one showed interest, she would fade away…but that pbviously isn’t the case!

    I, for one, love her new music so far….and believe me I HATED her older music before In the zone….