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Daniel Craig is 'Infamous'

Daniel Craig is 'Infamous'

Daniel Craig and producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell attended the premiere of Infamous‘ together at the Courthouse Kempinski Hotel earlier today in London. Infamous is another film about writer Truman Capote (played by Toby Jones). Daniel plays killer, Perry Smith, who shares a kiss with Capote. With regards to Toby and Daniel kissing, Toby joked, “”I never dreamed I would kiss James Bond.”

The film also co-stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, and Sigourney Weaver. Infamous opened in the US in limited release earlier this year and opens Jan. 19 in the UK.

A recent quote by Daniel Craig could land him a role in some Star Trek film or TV series: “I would love a stint in the TV show or in a film. It’s been a secret ambition of mine for years.”

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  • Misha

    First comment!!! shes so skinny!!

  • !!!!

    UGLY. both.

  • Ben

    He’s a BRILLIANT actor! Look is not everything besides he’s sexy as hell!

  • magnus

    God, that girl is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • starla

    I like how they complement each other. She has the dark eyes/dark hair and he with his light eyes/light hair. They are a lovely couple.

    And I loved him in Casino Royale! I didn’t think I would, but I am glad he proved so many of us wrong ;)

    I need to watch Munich, Layer Cake, The Road to Perdition, etc. and all the other films he’s been in since he seems like he’s going to be a great actor in the making….

  • http://none Whaaaa?

    magnus Says:
    January 7th, 2007 at 9:00 pm

    God, that girl is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You’re kidding me right?

    Hot is Catherine Zeta Jones, Salma Haek, Halle Berry and Charlize Theron.

    This woman is not hot. She looks like a man actually. Come one, seriously. She is SO NOT HOT.

  • !!!!

    i dont know how someone can call her “hot” lmaoooooo she is so far from it

  • sl

    First of all, JJ, is this a great site. Love all the updates on Daniel Craig!!! I’d love to see more candid pictures of him though…

    He’s a great actor and loved him in Casino Royale – watched it twice :) – and can’t wait to buy the DVD. I already saw him in Layer Cake, which he was awesome in. Since then I’ve watched Sylvia and Munich and I intend to watch the rest of his films.

    His looks aren’t someone’s typical defintion of good-looking, but there’s just something about him that draws the person in. Maybe it’s the combination of his piercing blue eyes, manliness, rawness, talent and something mysterious.

  • oooooooh

    She doesn’t have to be HOT. I am sure most people posting here are not HOt..

    attractive nice couple. DUH.

  • Su

    great site! thanks for the pics. i love the new bond!

  • Shauna

    I’ve been a HUGE Daniel Craig fan for many years. He was in the “Our Friends From the North” mini series in the UK playing a sweet victim in life; “Geordie Peacock”.

    He was steller in “The Mother”, “Love is the Devil”, “Some Voices”. “Road to Perdition” “Sylvia” “Enduring Love” “Layer Cake” and of course “Casino Royale” as well as many others. He is truly one of the greatest actors of our generation. Casino Royale will be the first time most people will have seen him, but savy, perceptive people like sl are on the right track by checking into some of his other work.

    As for Daniel and Satsuki, more power to them. She stood by him throughout a horrendous media bashing while fiming CR and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  • gg

    They’re a lovely couple. Look at her profile – very pretty.

    Shauna, you’re right about his acting. I’ve been a fan since I saw Love is the Devil. He’s fearless in front of the camera and I knew he would make a good Bond.

  • http://ToddsGirl Me

    Ok, I give up fighting about taste.

    Put up a pic of Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman and peopel go on rants about how “ugly” they are. Put up a pic of this woman and people say she is pretty. Pretty where? How?

    I mean I am sure she is nice and intelligent but pretty? I don’t see it. I don’t see it at all. Sorry. And I am sure a lot of people who post here are attractive. Why not? Your average person, at least the ones I see on NYC subways everyday are quite beautiful and I always wonder why THEY are not on cover of mags and beng called pretty while a woman like this gets that attention. Take the A train in NYC and there are 100′s of girls 100 times prettier than her.

  • Alicia

    James bond says watch my new Brad + Angie vid!!!

  • angiefan jsr

    She has a killer body and LEGS and very fit = HOT

  • magnus

    She’s extremely hot. Totally hot.

    I bet all the people saying otherwise are either obese or butter faced.

    That girl is fantastically hot.

    You don’t see it? Get your fat asses to Lens Crafters. Or just quit lying to yourselves.

  • name

    i love some daniel craig!!!!

  • http://sbcwebmail D. Girl

    She is pleasant looking and seems nice but hot? I think people need to go home and rent a Sophia Loren film. THAT’S hot! Or a Rita Hayworth film, THAT’S hot. I won’t even bring up the obvious hotness of Marilyn Monroe.

    This girl is not hot in any way. She is pleasant looking and average. HOT is to be reserved for the right women and this is in no way no how the right woman to use that word for.

  • Chris

    Satsuki’s pretty and more importantly, she seems like a really good, kind person. She’s not a Hollywood starlet, and so what. Most people aren’t. She was there for Daniel when people were trashing him and calling him “ugly”. Whether people call him ugly or her ugly, all this bashing will only bring them closer together to support each other. Go Daniel and Satsuki! You guys both rock!

  • http://SBCGlobal West Coast Cutie

    D. Girl Says:

    January 8th, 2007 at 1:05 pm
    She is pleasant looking and seems nice but hot? I think people need to go home and rent a Sophia Loren film. THAT’S hot!

    AMEN sister! Satsuki hot? Whaaaaaaaaat? Ewwww.

    Hot for those of you who are confused:
    Sophia Loren
    Charlize Theron
    Bo Derek
    Natalie Wood
    Halle Berry
    Christie Brinkley
    Jessica Biel
    Kate Beckinsale

    This woman is no Kate Beckinsale!! Give us a break. She is fug.

  • http://SBCGlobal West Coast Cutie

    She looks like Chris Katan from SNL (you know: the Mango guy).

  • Siri

    Some of these Satsuki haters sound like the same people who’ve posted the exact same lame hater comments elsewhere about her. Sad that some people are so bitter and unhappy but the great thing about karma is that these type of people will always be unhappy and bitter and it’s what they apparently chose to be.

  • gia

    JJ, thank you for the update on DC; love to see him.
    West Coast – Chris Katan!!! Why, yes, EXACTLY! You are brilliant. The resemblance is ever so slight but now that you’ve said that – CK is all I see looking at her.

  • sl

    It has been said that people often are attracted to their partner because there is some sort of resemblence to themself. The theory being that since we look at ourselves everyday, and are comfortable and familiar with our own faces, we tend to have an intangible connection with similiar looking people. This is not to say that Satsuki looks like DC, but they’re must be some sort of familiarness about her that DC is attracted to; of course on top of other things.

    BTW, Satsuki kinda reminds me of his long time ex – Heike Makatsch. They both have big features ie. eyes, nose, full lips, tall, thin, strong jaw line. Do you agree?

  • Shauna

    sl, I agree. Heike was a very fit and “unconventional” beauty not unlike Daniel himself. Daniel seems to enjoy women who don’t mind spending some time with him in the gym, so they are a great match. I just want to say this about Satsuki:

    She is a college educated executive and associate director. She and Daniel met on the set of “The Jacket”.

    She is NOT a model, or actress, nor has she ever pursued a career as either one. She is NOT marketing herself as a runway queen, she is a shy, quiet, talented person who has been a rock for Daniel through these past two years.

    I say, cut her some slack. Comparing her to Sophia Loren, or other big screen sirens is way off base. I praise Daniel for putting heart, kindness, and loyality over mere beauty. It says a lot about him.

  • Callie

    Shauna, is it her shy, quiet qualities that I perceive are very much in the spotlight when she’s photographed with Daniel? She appears sullen and I’ve seen very few pictures of her smiling. It seems she grimaces with her head cocked to one side or the other like she can’t wait for the event to be over.

  • Lisa

    In the 4th photo in the top row Satsuki is smiling just fine. It’s pretty hard to stand there with flash bulbs going off in your face. Nicole Kidman was just shown on Extra at an event saying she still can’t get used to being photographed at events, finds it uncomfortable, and she’s been doing it forever. Other celebs have said the same thing. If Satsuki is waiting for anything to be over, it’s most likely the photo taking portion, not the actual event. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Callie

    Yes, Lisa, I did see the 1 photo out of 8 (she has a beautiful smile) and there are a lot of movie stars, including Nicole Kidman, who smile (gritting teeth or not) when those flash bulbs are blinding them. While Satsuki did not choose a profession in front of the camera, she is with, and is supporting, a man gaining international fame for accepting a role that will make him famous for years to come and she appears uncomfortable. This is an observation, not a criticism.

  • Siri

    As Satsuki only appears in 7 photos of the 8, the fact she’s not smiling in the 8th photo isn’t an issue at least :) And that she only smiles broadly in 1 out of 7 isn’t really that bad either.

    Daniel is not smiling huge smiles himself in those photos and often appears just as uncomfortable as she does in event photos. And he has openly admited to being uncomfortable in the spotlight in interviews he’s given. Hardly seems fair to hold Satsuki to a higher standard than Daniel. They are both new to dealing with this level of fame. They may get better at it, or they may not it. At least they are there to support each other and that’s all that matters in the end.

  • Callie

    My observation was based on photos I’ve seen of the international premieres and other links sent to me. I made my observation while reading a newspaper caption describing a picture as ‘cold but tolerant’.

    Daniel and Satsuki chose vocations in the entertainment/movie industry. While they may not be personally comfortable with exposure that, perhaps inherently accompanies success, it’s an understood aspect of the industry.

    Daniel and Satsuki have been riding the Bond wave for some 1.5-2 years now. While publicity and intrusion are not easy to manage (unless you’re Paris Hilton!), Daniel, by tackling the Bond role, and Satsuki, by supporting her boyfriend’s choice, knew the exposure, publicity and intrusion tsunami was forthcoming.

  • Chris

    Daniel and Satsuki can’t please everyone and if some people are displeased with how they handle the spotlight, it’s quite easy to ignore Daniel and Satsuki altogether. There are plenty of people who support them, wish them every happiness, don’t have problem with how they’re doing and are willing to be understanding as they learn to navigate in the new world they are in. And of course they are going to be wary of the spotlight after the massive backlash Daniel got when he was announced as Bond. If how they are coping is displeasing for some people, those people can turn their attention elsewhere. There will be plenty of people left supporting them every step of the way.

  • AK

    Dear Satsuki,

    Please STOP your friends, family members and publicists from spending their time jumping on message boards to defend you.

    It’s funny….but a waste of time. Daniel’s a great actor but you still AREN’T attractive, I don’t care how “bright” you are. *snicker* Natalie Portman is bright too, but she’s actually PRETTY.


  • Siri

    Dear Satsuki haters,

    No matter how much you jump on message boards yourselves and and even if Satsuki and Daniel break up, you still will never end up with him. That apparently drives some of you guys up a wall LOL!

  • wow

    This is like reading the Brad and Angelina threads here. I don’t get why anyone would think an actor’s girlfriend would read this blog or care what’s on it though.

  • Megin

    Siri Says:
    January 11th, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    Dear Satsuki haters,

    No matter how much you jump on message boards yourselves and and even if Satsuki and Daniel break up, you still will never end up with him. That apparently drives some of you guys up a wall LOL!

    So, message boards are about one directional conversation per you and Chris and if anyone makes a comment unsupportive of D&S’s everlasting love, they’re clearly hoping Daniel and Satsuki will split up so Daniel’s available again …?

  • Callie

    Chris Says:
    January 11th, 2007 at 2:01 am
    “And of course they are going to be wary of the spotlight after the massive backlash Daniel got when he was announced as Bond.”

    Well, Chris, this article excerpt reflects Craig’s understanding of the reality of tackling a role of the calibre and scope of James Bond, and an inkling of the impact it would potentially have on he and Satsuki once the movie was released:

    “As far as his own first exposure to slow, sustained drip-drip-drip, Craig wasn’t flummoxed by the Internet-borne thumbs-down by longtime Bond fans at the news of his casting. “That’s to do with passion isn’t it? It has to do with the fact that people feel very strongly about this.”

    If Craig carries on with the Bond role in future movies, it changes his, Satsuki’s, and his family’s lives.

  • Huh?

    And I suppose someone writing a “Dear Satsuki” letter is rational behavior? Several people had nice things to say about this couple, then it looks like a couple guys complimented Daniel’s girlfriend and suddenly people are going on rants about how she’s not pretty and she must be monitoring the internet and putting people up to defending her. I think she’s a little busy living her life and helping Daniel celebrate his well deserved BAFTA nomination.

  • M

    I’m really torn on this one. On the one hand, it’s refreshing that he’s not dating some Hollywood harlet-du-jour. (If he ever shows up somewhere with Paris Hilton, I will cross him off of my favorites list forever.) It says something about him – perhaps he’s deeper than that, appreciates an intelligent woman, etc. And I find that dimension of him outrageously sexy (assuming that’s the case).

    BUT, on the other hand, this woman is really unattractive (or at least does not photograph well) — she’s about as un-HOT as they come. Some of the pictures I’ve seen of her are almost hard to look at (the ones above are actually GOOD ones).

    I just don’t know what to think. Daniel, you’re an enigma, being the hottest star on the planet and choosing to date an unattractive woman. Wow.

  • AK

    Dear Satsuki’s hemorrhoids,

    Get a life and crawl out of Satsuki’s rear end. sheesh…..

    Most of us could care less whether they break up. I know I’m involved and could care less. I simply have an OPINION. Like cracks, everybody’s got one….

  • gia

    You’d be surprised who reads these
    Celebs nowadays know that for the absolute truth you hit the blogs – not Eonline & People. Anyway, the news is always a day or so old by the time it hits mainstream “gossip” shows.

  • susanlee

    Let’s face it some people are just not photogenic. Many models in real life are not that attractive and can actually look bizarre. She is an attrative women, pretty in some shots and not so much in others – like most of us. Not that it really matters. They seem happy together which shows up in most of the photos as evidenced by how he holds onto her.

  • rkk

    In picture #4, Sats’s larynx is as big as Daniel’s. What is the deal? Women don’t have large larynx’.????