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Cameron Diaz Wins "Favorite Leading Lady"

Cameron Diaz Wins

Cameron Diaz picked up “Favorite Leading Lady” at the People’s Choice Awards this evening, beating out ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake‘s rumored girlfriend Scarlett Johansson. She skipped out on the red carpet this time around…


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  • Me Too

    She looked great!

  • alero

    At first I did not like the dark hair but it is growing on me. She looks wonderful.

  • Izzie

    My husband agreed with this award…he thinks she’s hot. She looks really cute, and I’d love to see her do something dramatic.

  • Jules

    You’ve got to be kidding me. Cameron is a butt-faced dog. How could she be anyone’s leading lady? And to beat out Scarlett at anything is absurd.
    Scarlett is gorgeous and quite the better of the actors.
    Did she get sympathy votes or something?

  • Amy

    I don’t like her, but I’ll still say congrats! I guess she and JT have officially broken up, huh?

  • Courtney

    I love Cameron. She is so funny and cute. She has a great personality.

  • blogelina

    I’m glad she won. It seems alot of people don’t like her and find her unfortunate looking, but not me. Her thank you was sweet and sincere. This girl just seems to want to be happy and have a good time….gotta love her for that.

  • ( | )

    ugh. enough said.

  • Jordyn always I wonder who told her she looks good as a brunette…she so does NOT!!

  • stardust

    I like her. I don’t know why but I do. that’s all

  • gumlover

    Yea for Cameron! I’m glad she won and not just because I think Scarlett is a skanky ho.

  • twobit

    glad cameron won but why don’t she and justin either confirm or deny? i read somewhere that they were seen together right after christmas. is this a publicity ploy to get interest in his tour and movie?

  • angie

    i like cameron but i’m on TEAM SCARLETT!!!!!…..she seems more approachable :) but hey what ever floats justin’s boat :)

  • WTF

    Team ScarJo!!!!

    Cam is Fugly as Hell.

  • +++

    I like her, she’s cute , funny. and was so natural and good in romantic comedy film. but I hope she can further hone her craft and be a more versatile actress like Reese or Nicole Kidman. after all . she’s already 34 y/o, studio will be preferring younger actress for this kind of role.

  • green lettuce

    I am happy she won!!Seriously she ‘s one of the funniest person in Hollywood, down to earth, pretty.She gets along with everybody. LOVE HER.

  • dpblu

    I thought Scarlett was going out with Josh Hartnett, or have they split?

  • Mediterranean

    I wish her a good luck. I never liked her ex anyway. He looks like a kid, not a man.

  • You gotta be kidding!

    Are you f***ing kidding me?!!! This ugly ho has a reputation for not giving autographs and then belittling the people that asked for them! And she was voted “favorite leading lady” yeah right! can you say “I paid people”? that would be the only way she would win anything!

  • capriciousdiva

    I’m glad she won it she’s so down to earth and she makes good movies

  • martina

    I am happy for her, I am on scarlett’s team because it’s my opinion, from interviews that i read, that she might be a good actressbut she is short minded. Scarlett is sexier in all ways but I can’t deny that cameron has a body of a model and that many woman would pay to have cameron’s stright legs may scarlett would too.

  • dolorescraeg

    loved her scenes with jude law in the holiday. i wish he would have won for his portrayal. good luck cameron

  • leva

    For a team Cameron and team Scarlett fight to happen, the cause should worth it, and Justin Timberlake doesn’t really worth it people. He’s just a fame climber, does not hesitate to be a toyboy (Janet, Cam…) and now wants higher aiming Hollywood’s present golden actress??? And who did tell us that Scarlett ever wanted him anyway?
    I love Cam she’s lovely, a real down to earth person (vs make-believe-down-to-earth like Jennifer Aniston) and a great actress. Scarlett is great also, I’m not on her looks (too curvy yet not proportionate, too short and fake-like lips – yeah I know they aren’t but just look disgraceful to me) but she is a great actress, such a young girl and so many striking movies already! Only time will tell if she’s going to equal Cam’s career. But I luv them both, and Justin is a jerk!!!!!!!

  • cutie91683

    I am on Team Scarlett. I’ve seen movies by both actresses and Scarlett is a much better actress. Cameron is very one dimensional and Scarlett has the ability to do all different types of films. Cameron has done some dramatic work, but Scarlett fits better in those types of roles and Cameron is less believable in those types of roles. I see why Cameron is more popular, but if you want to base it strictly on acting skills, Scarlett should have won. This is why you have never seen Cameron nominated for an oscar.

  • Susie

    Both Cameron and Scarlett are good actresses. When it comes to women why do we have to choose one over the other? They will both continue to do great work. Scarlett may not have won this time but I am sure there are many awards and achievements in her future. We need to learn to support others not always beat them down. Cameron is attracive and has a great body and knows how to dress that body. Scarlett is beatuiful…. and looks nice in what she chooses to wear. Enough said.

  • sara

    im soo happy for cameron and i vote for her to win coz she is the one should won , i like her and im big fans of her gooooooo cameron ur team with u and i neve like Scarlett but know i hate her coz she bring with her the hell when she make viedo for justin she let my fav couple broke up . good luck cameron and im sure justin love u he did

  • linely

    team aniston or team jolie… the choice was really hard for me…
    And now we have to choose between Scarlett or Cameron ?
    I don’t know I like the both !

  • anon

    I was on team Scarlett until I read that she wouldn’t let crew members eat in front of her or look at her on a recent video shoot. Seriously girl. Get OVA yo-self.

  • exactly

    I like Cameron. But I also liked Scarlett from The Horse Whisperer, when SJ was young. Then she grew up and…all is fair in love I guess.

  • exactly

    and because Cameron read “i carry your heart” in In Her Shoes, i will own a cameron dvd LOL

  • ravn

    TEAM SCARLETT all the way. Cameron looks like she was hit by a mack truck. She is also dipped in dumbpoo. Scarlett is a beautiful, talented actress. Cameron looked like a smelly oily greasepit last night. Scarlett will be acting for a long time as an actress.

  • leva

    why team cameron vs team scarlett? I am not sure that Scarlett would want to be Justin’s girl

  • louveciennes

    She hasn’t even done anything lately, what a total waste of an award. Better her than ScarJo, though. I’ve seen planks of wood that act better than that mannequin.

    I don’t think she’s totally unfortunate-looking (not that the award should be about looks), but if you ever see her without make-up, she has HORRID skin. Probably because she’s a raging cokehead.

  • Sarah

    Camron is NOT a good actress, but I gues sshe snice in person. I HATE her black hair. ALL JT wants to do is use her to be an actress, and then leaves to be with Scarlett. What a manwhore!

  • drop it like it’s hot

    Go Girl!!!!!

  • WaZ3W04Tt9

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  • The-Cameron-Team