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Halle Berry: 'I'm Not Pregnant!'

Halle Berry: 'I'm Not Pregnant!'

Halle Berry wore quite the form-fitting dress to the People’s Choice Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A. She’s forty and flaunting it!

Contrary to Internet rumors, it appears Halle Berry is not pregnant after all. Or is she just in the early, early stages of pregnancy?

During the awards show, Halle awarded Robin Williams “Favorite Funny Male Star”. Don’t you just love this pictures of Robin on the verge of grabbing Halle‘s bum? Halle also picked up the People’s Choice Award for “Female Action Star.”

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  • Please Eat My Pies

    “I’m not pregnant- I’m smokin!”

  • leva

    first!!!!! halle is stunning! she’s 40 people look at her face!

  • leva

    not first then……….

  • cook

    Oooo Halle,

    Forget the rest. Halle wins by a landslide. You go girl.

  • Amy

    My GAWD, that woman is gorgeous! I’m kinda disappointed that she isn’t preggers, though, because she and her bf would make some fine-ass children.

  • alero

    Halle is an Oscar winner. Why was she at this show?
    Anyway she is always beautiful.

  • LOL3

    she never said she wasnt pregnant, it appears she is still in the early stages 1-2 months, look at her face she is pregnant

  • Lady G

    Whoo hoo way to go Halle!

  • bdj

    Halle is absolutely beautiful. She was funny and gracious. Robin Williams figures he would go far it. Too funny

  • Amy

    I didn’t notice the pic of Robin Williams “groping” her. She is too sweet!

  • blogelina

    Halle Berry is really gorgeous. I’m glad she won an award. Poor Robin Williams was ALL shook up from being so close to her. I swear he went temporarily insane from being near her, it was funny. He would have much rather won her I do believe. She must really be something in person because whenever she is at an award show some poor guy always loses his mind over her.


    she is fucking gorgeous

  • shoeprincess

    Okay, that’s it I am so going to hire me a personal trainer. I will be 40 in 2 years and I want to be as smoking hott as Halle when I turn the big 40!

    This woman never, ever looks bad whether she is dressed down or glammed up!

  • peace

    She puts young Hollywood to shame.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    A truly stunning woman. Amazing. She won a genetics lottery. And from what I hear, she is quite sweet in person.


    she makes maniston look like crap. beautiful !

  • LOL3


  • green lettuce

    GORGEOUS!I hope one day she’ll have the baby she wants so much…

  • lucky 13

    she can’t be prego…she’s diabetic and shoots up twice a day… and at 40 any doctor will tell you that’s risky to the mother and the child…but I want to see her with a child… mayb adopted…yeh it will be really satisfying to see her hot boyfriend pushing around a little black baby in a stroller..hell he’s wipping her ass already why not a baby’s ass…

  • leva

    I didn’t know she was diabetic! anyway she can do IVF why not?

  • Anonymous

    Of course, she’s not preggers. Her face doesn’t have the pg glow, sorry.Please, why the media thinks every time she starts wearing loose flowing clothes. In some of the pix on the internet especially from splash news (link on her site) she doesn’t look pregnant. Also, there are pix of her drinking at the restaurant opening as well as her caring a drink walking out of the restaurant, if she was pg she wouldn’t be pg.

    Other crap flying she and the boo are no longer or soon to be no longer as well as the speculation of him getting her pg for payment in her helping with the all the publicity (and money she may have given him) he has been getting for himself and the restaurant and if she is/was then she’d have two kids to take care of.

    BTW we haven’t seen new pix of them on the net since December 10th? Hmmm?

    She isn’t going to have his baby, if she was she would’ve done it by now regardless of how cautious she’s been in the relationship. If she really is, congrats and wish her/them the very best–doubt Aubry is going to do the bi-coastal dad thing or even Halle doing the bi-coastal mom thing since he’s been the one that’s been flying out more to see her not the other way around or an equal share regardless of both their busy schedules.

  • anon2

    LOL3–why would she say at the PCA whether she was or wasn’t ?

  • Susie

    This is one beautiful woman. She has the whole package. To be 40 and look that good is something else. Good for her. Eric are you not sorry you were so dumb to cheat on this woman?!!! You must have been out of your mind.

  • JD

    now this is what i call a gorgeous woman whose beautiful on the inside and outside.

  • ravn

    I have never thought much of her and I dont know why. Maybe just not into her acting. She has a pretty body, but her face is fug.

  • ravn

    I know where I have seen the dress before. On the east side on a two bit hooker.

  • kelly

    I think “fug” is a bit too much.
    Stunning is perfect though!

  • http://none Love

    ravn Says:

    January 10th, 2007 at 1:16 pm
    I have never thought much of her and I dont know why. Maybe just not into her acting. She has a pretty body, but her face is fug.


    Ok, put up your pic and put it up now!

    She is stunning. Anyone who says she is “fug” is bitter and jealous.

  • Newbie

    She is 40? NO WAY!! LOL

  • Tee

    I agree, whoever said Halle is ”fug” is totally mad and I’d bet you would never put up a pic of your face, cos you know the truth is you’re just too fuckin jealous that Halle could be 40 years old and look dripping gourgeous all over the place in that bronze dress. You are the ”fug” one and I’d also bet your body can’t touch hers!!!


    Drop dead gorgeous! No one does it better. Even when Halle is dressed down, she
    looks good.

  • HalleGabriel

    Halle is just truly gorgeous. I want her to have the best in life, professionally and personally.

  • HalleGabriel

    Also, Gabriel is a highly successful, well-heeled person and is not being bankrolled by Halle in anyway. He is her equal.

  • dontgeturundiesinabunch

    HG–don’t get your undies in a bunch. He maybe highly successful. No proof of Aubry being well-healed, being bankrolled by Halle in any fashion, or her being equal. Check out the several pages of her in the above skin tight Gucci dress on and–No way she is pregnant even slightly pregnant in that dress. Do agree with the poster about there haven’t been pictures of them together in a month and was even in LA w/o him on his bday–there may truth to some of the rumors.

  • Yup5

    nope, the two are just fine, stop hating folks stop hating

  • yup5ruhalleorgabby?

    who knows?yup5, ru really halle or gabby or someone from their camp?

  • Anon3

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Yup5 was either one of them or someone in one of their camps or knows someone who knows them.

  • lucky 13

    yeh but even with all that beauty and money and a-list you have to wonder how come no one stays with her or committed to her. I mean it’s got to raise your suspicions of how perfect she is… I over heard someone once say her ex husbands nick name for her was Halle Scarry…get it…rhymes with Berry.. if she’s so perfect how come no man has ever said you are the woman for me and I will never let you go and I want you to have my children… it’s not like there is a shortage of men she like… so lets take a moment and reflect on that and I think the dress was nice and she looks good but you can see the cellulite on her thighs in photos where she’s sitting down in the audiance…take a look at and doesn’t it look like it’s not really age appropriate… is she trying to look and compete with young hollywood…? is that why she has no family of her own to settle down with…? her ego still begging her to compete in Hollywood with the new crop? just food for thought…discuss amongst yourselves..

  • lucky 13

    I know if I let a younger man live in my nice house and was giving him publicity for his restaurant and taking him to a list parties, I could have a whole row of them… isn’t the game about landing a man greater than you. With more money and better connections and education, etc… that’s why JFK jr. was the ultimate get… any pretty older woman with money can get a young model to flock around her….

  • JMO

    JMO re: Yup5—seems like they or someone always post here or on other boards using other aliases saying all’s well with them when with info starting the rumor she bought that cake last month for Benet’s dtr and Aubry was in NYC the previous week when they were last photographed together on Dec.10th, sounds like they have their facts wrong. Don’t think the dude was in NYC when they were last photographed in LA together. Do think it’s ironic how all of the cd, marriage and baby rumors have been spreading the last couple of weeks, think something else is being covered up?

  • HalleGabriel

    If Gabriel and Halle were not together on his ‘birthday’ its because contrary to popular belief his birthday is not in January. He is a Virgo, his birthday is 30 August. I even have an issue of a magazine where he says that he describes himself as a virgo. How people came to believe that he was born in January I do not know. I did not notice cellulite on her thighs, that is just a spiteful remark. Also, not much is known of Aubry; how do you know how educated he is or isn’t. Most male models are very interesting, cultured, and accomplished, which is more than can be said for most hollywood actors, rappers, pro-athletes, and nouveau riche New York common men like Donald Trump. Also, I found JFK Jr pretty to look at but not much else, despite all the unwarranted praise heaped on him. He was simply a man from a tacky nouveau riche irish-catholic mafia family, with a mother who pretended to be a blue blood but was in fact just a climber, and who hid her mother’s jewish origins, by pretending to be virginia plantation aristocracy or irish-catholic. Many men who met Jr in person said that he was good-looking but otherwise unimpressive. Gabriel and Halle are a good match. Everyone needs to accept that and move on.

  • HalleGabriel

    Also, I’ve always resented the notion that women should be encouraged to pursue men because of money and status. Too many women have landed themselves into serious unhappiness by pretending to feel love and/or lust where there isn’t any, and it pains me to watch women, especially brilliant, accomplished, gorgeous women do that when they are worth so much more. As for status, whatever Gabriel may have in terms of education, etc., what about Eric Benet? He definitely had little of what Halle has yet everyone was rooting for them. Also, Michael Ealy is way beneath Halle in hollywood terms yet so many people wanted him to be her baby daddy. As far as I know, Aubry stands above them. I am a true Halle fan, which means that my admiration for her isn’t conditional on what her boyfriend does for a living, how good-looking he is ( although Gabriel is a most beautiful man), his education, or his ‘status.’ Most of you need to grow up, be more open-minded and stop hating.

  • ?????

    Think your JFK Jr. statements are a bit unfair and are no basis in comparison for the article.

    Curious not a hater . I know you are a big fan from reading your other posts? How are they a good couple? Are you basing this on their looks? How well the look good together? What?

    We know he is successful, I am sure is to some degree, but based on what his pr guy and others have spun on the web–the general public never heard of him until he hooked up with Halle. How do we know he is well healed? And there is no proof whether he is or isn’t being bankrolled literally or metaphorically by Halle regarding of his publicist’s spin on how much he makes per photo shoot,etc.

    You haven’t really answered the previous poster’s question how is Aubry Halle’s equal? While I sincerely wish them both well if they are really still an item or not, you still haven’t answered that question. I am not going to rehash what has been said about the courting period and early stages of the marriages then other shoe hit the ground after they got tired of catering to her. I don’t see Aubry any different at this stage of their relationship.

    Regardless of Halle’s career being based in Hollywood and her manager/business partner having an office in NYC, and Aubry doing some modeling gigs in Cali, I really don’t see Halle spending more time in NYC, Miami, Canada (unless it’s work related in Vancouver) or where ever else he may have a home.

    As to when his actual birthday is, who knows and who cares. A lot of articles and videos have gotten facts wrong on Halle and other celebrities. I am still concerned that you may still have them on a pedestal and be crushed if they do split or don’t get married or have a child together.

  • nopenobunintheoven

    Here’s Halle’s recent quote from Contact Music from today:

  • lucky 13

    please everything that come out about these cheesy celebs are all put out by their own people and how nice to have Gabe here with us today since not that many people know where exactly he has homes… and I totally agree that there is no comparison what so ever between JFK Jr and Gabe…laughs… worlds apart in every sense… still Gabe’s pretty and he looks good on her arms and if Halle wants people to not take the baby stuff too lightly then she would be wise to listen to her own advice and stop telling Oprah that when she turns 40 no matter who is in her life she’s just going to ask him to impregnate her… I found that comment so crass but then again what is she… but a bit crass… at the root of her, she’s another pretty face who god knows how many people she had to **** to get to the top of hollywood…people do you know how compromised and competitive their business is..

    it’s brutal… you have had to do absolutely everything to get to where she is… highly compromised but still she’s good to look at and entertaining and sells movie tickets so… we keep watching.. and wondering if you really want that baby so much why don’t you just shut up and get one….

  • HalleGabriel

    And none of you have JFK jr on a pedestal? People always have from the moment he is born, and continue to do so after his unfortunate early demise. I base my belief in them as a couple based on how happy Halle looks most of the time she is with him: only David Justice seemed to make her that happy. Male models are not so inferior to women models as people believe. The 30,000 per day rate he is said to earn is the least of what he is often paid per day, he has also had exclusive million dollar contracts with Hugo Boss since 1999 or 2000. He has several homes that were his before he ever met Halle. When she was with Eric Benet, no one ever wondered about his financial situation, and he is definitely now being bankrolled by her since the jerk sued for alimony. Gabriel financially supports himself and has never abused Halle in anyway or so far bad-mouthed her to the press. He is a gentleman. When Halle was seeing Michael Ealy, so many people were so happy for them, and no one questioned if he was Halle´s equal or if he was on a level with JFK jr, who was only famous because of his parents, not because of anything he accomplished. And again, since not much about Gabriel is known to the general public, its wrong to make a spiteful comment comparing him to jfk jr, when there is plenty about him known to me to knock him off his pedestal in my eyes. And aren´t all the negative comments about Gabriel a bit unfair, including the talk about his sexuality, simply because he is white, blond, a model, with a personal life that isn´t much known to the general public? Halle can date any kind of black man and no one criticises, but let her date a white man and all this nasty racist talk comes out. And since Ealy is no where near Halle´s level in Hollywood, I´m sure that she paid the bill for most of their time spent together like she continues to foot the bill for Eric Benet, but no one is commenting about that. In addition to the negative comment made about Gabriel the remark about Halle fucking people to get where she is was extremely inappropriate and is a sign of pettiness. Also, its common knowledge that Carolyn Bessette married her husband primarily because of his famous name, if not entirely for that reason. She was an acknowledged snob and social climber. Then, when she was married to him she couldn´t even handle all the publicity that went along with that. Lastly, if JFK Jr was so above other men, why was Carolyn having so much fun with Michael Bergin most of the time that they were married?

  • lucky 13

    oh we touched a nerve with her camp…

  • yep

    Yep lucky13…good job. All they really care is how many posts Halle gets so JJ will keep run the crap on Halle and her gay boytoy.

  • more2lucky13andhg

    Other than smoking gun, which isn’t always accurate, there’s no proof asked her for alimony a statement which he has denied numerous times include last summer on Larry King, it’s not my problem if he chose to be Halle’s stay-at-home dad/hubby when he wasn’t dipping his wick and put his so called singing career on hold to do so and which he’s been reviving since the split.

    DJ may have been on her level somewhat bc of his status as a baseball player but he ended up dipping his wick too until he found someone to settle down with. Halle even admitted on Larry King that DJ was really a nice guy and never abused her. Also, don’t believe the shit more hype that she really did try to commit suicide after the divorce or that she really wanted to jump out a window after the Benet thing.

    Bad call on the Ealy statement, he’s still relative new as an emerging talent in the biz. We don’t know what if anything if Ealy had abused her in anyway.

    Who cares where or how many homes Aubry has, no one really gives a shit. Nor does anyone care about the shit his manager/publicist Sean Patterson or whatever his name is spreading the shit on how much he makes and in the same interviews he got real quiet after being asked if he thought Aubry was using Halle for fame and notariety.

    If he’s her equal it’s only because he probably slept his way to the top and just as much a crass media whore with an ego as she is or may be and is impressed by her so called power and so called status and is superficially impressed by that. If the guy is so successful and financially secure a–why had we never heard of him before Halle when some of us have heard of other just or more successful male models; b–then why did he use her to promote his failing restaurant as well as decorating the toilets at his restaurant with clippings of their so called relationship; c-he’s staying/stayed at her home/s, doubt he’s contributed his share for the bills, food and etc., unless it’s something she wanted. What’s up with about him cooking for her when they are always seen shopping or eating at restaurants. Some cook he is. Shouldn’t say that he may be a very good cook. Halle’s been know to be a big spender on men. The list goes can go on. Do still think it’s a hoot that the media/posters/fans still can’t spell his last name right or get his age right.

    Consider someone as someone as their equal when everything is shared,etc. 50-50. Don’t see that the case here. At least with the others she did stuff with them,etc. Other than the brief golf thing, it’s always shopping and eating.

    No one ever really bitched much about the dentist who tried to stiff her for 80K while she was starting out and the lawsuit was dismissed while married to DJ who stood by her like Eric did for her fender bender bit until later. Don’t even start with the race crap, I couldn’t careless if he’s white just think he has his faults too which we don’t know about yet.

    Regardless of Halle and all of her faults and foibles in relationships and life, hopefully will fiqure it out sooner or later.

  • http://deleted Go Halle!

    If Halle is saying it ain’t true, I am still anticipatingly waiting…

    You all must admit – what a gorgeous lady here. Look at the snug dress! Not a “back” or “bra” bulge in sight! She has the most beautiful, flawless skin all over her entire bod. Give credit where it is due folks. Let’s face it: By Halle’s age a lot of women have cellulite, spider veins and crusty, callused feet. I hope she brings her “Man” to the upcoming award shows. They can step out on the carpet and show the others how it’s done. Well most of the others… Gabriel & Halle and Brad & Angelina – a quadruple dose of beauty.