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Jennifer Aniston Wins People's Choice

Jennifer Aniston Wins People's Choice

Jennifer Aniston just picked up “Favorite Female Movie Star” at the People’s Choice Awards. Her acceptance speech: “Thank you for loving the ‘Break-Up’. I did.” Nudge, nudge, hint, hint.

Jen continued to tell the audience, “You all have supported me since the days of Friends. Just through all of it – good work, bad work and the ugly. I just thank you for continually inviting me back.”

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  • blebla


    brad winss???????

  • jan

    She looks Preggie or she is packing the pounds on now that she is not working!!!

  • wtf

    What a fart!!! so obtuse beyond comprehension… i tuned in then quickly tuned out when seeing a clip of this x’s mumbling speech… “favorite female STAR”… Americans are funny…

  • penny
  • Courtney

    She looks absolutley stunning!!!! But my ‘what a belly’ it looks like she has, unless its the dress….

    (plz check out my site, cick my name)

  • trl

    Is that a real picture of aniston, if so that yellow ring looks familiar , and she looks like she had work done.

  • Me Too

    Santa brought some new implants for Christmas. Now what movies has she done that makes her a favorite???

  • RobinQ

    She looks pretty.

  • let me say this

    the audience was shocked when her name is announced..they thought it was some mistake.

    must be the result of a few “overactive fingers

  • Original jpf

    Thanks you Jared & Audrey.

    I think she actually looks good, not stunning, but healthy. I don’t remember her having this much weight on her since back at the begining of FRIENDS, and she wore it good then, and now. Also I guess the “is she pregnant/is she not” question for Halle Berry got answered judging from her rather flat tummy and tight dress.


  • trl

    Jennifer looks a hot mess, and it is her fans that helping her make an ass of herself, instead of accepting awards, she needs to do some work, she looks crazy.

  • blubber belly

    Aw Jen….. Ewe’s not fat, Ewe’s FLUFFY!

  • julia

    She looks awsome! I just love her down to earth personality. Say what you want angie worshippers. To bad the majority of people like her more! jj usually posts negativity about her, but in the long run shes still the peoples choice!



  • maitai

    I’m glad she won. People (i.e. most bamzs) don’t want anyone to dare dislike or disagree with their precious Brad and Angelina but the moment Jennifer is mentioned they spew hate. Hypocrites. Jen won People’s Choice which means WHAT? Yep, you guessed it. SHE is the people’s choice. She looks nice and she has a sense of humor. All those bamzs that were licking their chops waiting for people to comment in any negative way whatsoever on brad and angie’s appearance last night will now begin doing the very thing they were critical of. But, whatever, congrats Jennifer Aniston.

  • Mrs. Lenny

    #5 Courtney ,What’s up?Are you going from thread to thread soliciting hits for your site.
    Aren’t you a BAMZS fan. Jen does not look stunning,she look a little pregnant to me.

  • High


  • carrie nae

    Good for her. Congratulations! Nevertheless, am I so confused how they get this kind of awards. All of her films were not reallt well received and her acting was awful. So what is going on? Just curious. Ange is not nominated so I don’t really care.

  • milkshake

    why does everyone who likes brangelina hate jennifer?are they scared or jealous of her because she had brad pitt first? i thought she looked happy and pretty.

  • cookie

    is peoples choice awards is award that you can win through polls,isnt it?no wonder she won that title even though she’s not a movie star.she is still a hasbeen 40 year old tv star.hey by the way if she is a movie star,what is her upcoming movie?oh yeah,soon she will be paired with j.depp,,m.damon, IN HER DREAM!

  • Me Too

    The woman is not attractive nor is she an accomplished movie star. Sitcom star yes, movie star no. This is as silly as her topless cover on GQ. Her peers have to be just as disgusted as her nonfans, as she is not a movie “star”.

  • Izzie

    Those cheese plates must have just gone to her chest, I guess. She said on Okra that when she gains weight, it goes right to her chest. Amazing, isn’t it?

    My husband is still rattling off names of other more deserving actresses. LOL.

  • julia

    The bamz fans can’t just like brad & angie without insulting Jen in some way…How sad. They must know that these two will not last forever. They will hang on as long as possible but trust me they lie & they are both such hypocrits in my opinion! Its all for show! They were brought together for all the wrong reasons!

  • June Bug

    What is up with this crazy ugly picture of her? She has lost what ever looks she once had. Yes, she does look like she has been putting away too many burgers and ice cream while sitting around mourning over Brad, but what did she do to her face?

    The People’s Choice Awards are a joke.

  • lovely

    Jen looked great tonight. Relaxed and chilled, and her comments were funny.

  • lylian

    Congratulations to Jennifer. I’m sure this award means a lot to her.

  • enter

    All those hired help of clicking and posting from Aniston’s camp should produce results,

    it sure produces results big time.

  • Babe

    Not a pretty girl. It is a girl right?

    I see she got a boob job.

  • lylian

    BTW Julia, I’m a BAMZS fan. And I can say nice things about Jennifer when she deserves it.

  • Shut-Up

    No really, I don’t really care if she wins or not. Did she do a movie this year don’t they have to base it on the previous year or something? Am just shocked that she was nominated.

  • soldierwife

    HAHAHA!!! Jennifer’s speech was hilarious. That girl’s got class, her salute to Vince Vaughn was classic and her reference to liking the break up was too funny. Even Ellen Degeneres laughed. She might not be a megabucks movie star but I like her.

  • Ralph

    Trying again. I wanted to say ugly $kank.

  • Me

    She’s always had boobs. Check out the early seasons of Friends. Even when she gets really really skinny, she still has boobs.

  • T.Rowe Price

    Has it ever occurred to you that I am not a BAMZS fan even I dont think Aniston deserve a movie award?

    what, movie???? she is TV, not movie. The Break up is Vince’s movie. Vince carries a big part of it.

    Those Jen fans are so narrow minded.

  • http://ax Shut-Up


    Didn’t care enough to watch the show, could you explain what she said and your comment? th

  • Oh look

    Looks like Jennifer finally was able to get a job.

    A boob job.

  • Sheri

    Izzie Says:
    January 9th, 2007 at 10:12 pm
    oh, you have started something, just give him a screen name and let him loose! LOL See the preggers thing is being mentioned, couple of more inches of ink for her!

  • Amy

    I admit that the top photo is definitely not a flattering pic of her, but she looked wonderful at the awards. Her figure looks lovely and curvy, even with the hint of a stomach.
    And to the people who call her old and fat, well, she’s a woman bordering on 40, and I think that the extra pounds look great on her.
    People, stop mentioning the BAMZS here. They have nothing to do with each other anymore, and I think that they’re better off leading their separate lives.
    I have to say that, if you’re coming over to this thread just to hate, you’re no better than the haters on the Brangelina threads and would be consider “trolls” over here. Hate her all you want on the BAMZS threads, but leave this one to the people who don’t hate her. Good thing that I respect other opinions, though.

  • cookie

    i thought she is yoga addict?how come she got a bit of a belly?and look at her photo on 3rd pic at 3rd line,he.he.she really looking old now.i just feel sorry for her coz until now she got no family.she is wasting her time,few years from now she will be totally forgotten.

  • ploypaphat

    Jared! I almost have a heart attack when I see JA’s pic (the biggest one).
    It’s awful, Don’t do this again !!!

  • trl

    The funny thing is her fans are not helping , you have them rigging polls and they think this helps, maybe for one night, but her ass has to get up in the morning, If you put halle berry and jennifer aniston, side by side….which one is the movie star, hence why some people looked shocked. It is amazing to see years later, and aniston is still joking about the breakup, and still stuck in the same place, she looks desperate, hence her showing to receive this award, I guess she has nothing else going for, but I suppose she got what she wanted, the “people” lmao have named her movie star. Jen wanted career and Brad wanted kids, and when you look at where they both are today, they both look happy..

  • Happy

    She looks happy and relaxed.

  • http://ax Shut-Up

    Danm now I have to watch the darn thing to see waht she said……. If any one can give the gix of what she said i would really appreaciate it. And the dress is really nice.

  • Sue

    Really Shut-Up you show your total ignorange of movies in general. She stared in the break-up with over two million dollars worldwide. One of the top 20 movies in the US this year. Get your facts straight. While it is your business if you are a jen “hater” and not mine at least know what you are talking about before you go shoting off your mouth.

  • Babe

    Her hips have really spread.

  • Izzie

    Oh look Says:

    January 9th, 2007 at 10:25 pm
    Looks like Jennifer finally was able to get a job.

    A boob job.

    ROTFLMAO….that was great……so dear hubby is still naming names….Nicole Kidman, Ellen Pompeo, Scarlett Johannson, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Garner, Cameraon Diaz, Evangeline Lilly, Lara Flynn Boyle and on and on and on….the topper was “He$$, Rosie O’Donnell is better than her”.

    Needless to say we are enjoying this evening. Boston Legal is really good. It’s about a physician accused of euthanizing patients during Katrina and we are seeing some of the sights and hearing the sounds of New Orleans. It’s such a hot and steamy, sexy town that I hope that Angelina and Brad use their time well and bring us another little Jolie-Pitt.

  • Babe

    Y’all know that all they’re going to be talking about backstage is how Jennifer Aniston became a heifer. Woof

  • Vargas


  • Babe

    Geez, some of these pics of her. That chin and nose make her look cross eyed.

  • http://ax Shut-Up

    First of all SUSY Q (SUE) I don’t care enough about her to pay attention to the movies she’s in. PLEASE PLEASE Learn to read. I was not even insulting her i just ask 2 basic question.

    1. What she said in her acceptance speach (Refering to what POST NO. 31) What was so funny that she got Ellen laughing and the refence to Vince.

    2. How do they judge this things. I believed the Break-up was in 2005 was it not if not you just have to tell me that not STUPID.

    WHY do you think am a hater, I don’t give a flying fig about her to hate her.

    I live by the motto “to hate waste too much energy, and I have too many things to do with my energy” sound familiar……. Get off your ass and stop being the ignorant one. Stop looking for people to attack your poor JENNY POOO, you make it TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EASY1!!!!!!!!!!!!11