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Jennifer Aniston Wins People's Choice

Jennifer Aniston Wins People's Choice

Jennifer Aniston just picked up “Favorite Female Movie Star” at the People’s Choice Awards. Her acceptance speech: “Thank you for loving the ‘Break-Up’. I did.” Nudge, nudge, hint, hint.

Jen continued to tell the audience, “You all have supported me since the days of Friends. Just through all of it — good work, bad work and the ugly. I just thank you for continually inviting me back.”

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571 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Wins People's Choice”

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  1. 551
    gingeranny Says:

    The majority loves Aniston and hates Jolie.

  2. 552
    yeah right Says:

    The majority know how intelligent, powerful, beautiful and since Jolie is . Everyone is quivering and shivering in their knees .

    Aniston, her PR rep , her BFF cox and arquette. ….they are all riding on Brad and Angie’s coattail , namedropping whereever they can in their interview with NO , ZERO relevance to B&A. This are small people….and two headed snake.

    Brad and Angie… we are all proud of you living your life with your loving family to the fullest . This very fact is “killing” Anistion and everyone in her goddess circle .

    :) :) :) :)

  3. 553
    Bogota Dance Says:


  4. 554
    Chin is a Fat Cow Says:

    Let’s see..

    Chin acted like Rachel Green onstage-check
    Chin played with her hair onstage-check
    Chin has new implants-check
    Chin has a larger chin implant-check
    Chin’s skin looks dry and crispy from all that tanning-check
    Chin’s lips are still paper thin-check
    Chin showed up without a date-check
    Chin poses for ugly and makes stupid faces in pictures-check
    Chin thanked her fat ass fans for voting nonstop for a month-check

    That about sums up her appearance at the pity choice awards.

  5. 555
    mello Says:

    why is it that ja wants to be considered a movie star, but the rachel look is still there even after 2-3 yrs of the finale of friends. she needs to change her look to be considered in my book. she is considering adoption…why is it that she needs bp advice on doing this. she needs to grow up and be a woman about her life changes.

  6. 556
    why belittle yourselves?? Says:

    You people are so obsessed with Aniston, Pitt and Jolie – and its always the same people – you could not possibly have a life – at least not a life that means anything to you. You feel better when you insult, degrade and hate. You spent days and days clicking on that stupid pole for Brad to win that you now consider to be fraudulent just because his ex wife won an award – hello pot, this is kettle. Personally I could care less about that and didnt watch the show because I have a life and I live it (not on the internet spewing hate for someone I dont know). You all seem to act as if you know B&A personally and know their thoughts and dreams and feelings. Are you really so desperate to belong to something or some group that you have lost your rationality? Do you believe in everything that is being said here or is it just to jump on the bandwagon of a group because your lonely?? I know this all sounds like im attacking you but Im not – Im asking a real question. Use the internet to maybe find someone to love or hang out with but what your doing is not only stupid but infantile as well. Im sure that most of you would be embarassed for people to find out that all this crap is really important to you. I was talking with a co-worker recently re: Angelinas criticism of Madonna in her adoption and she said “check out some of the celeb blogs and you’ll find some real winners that are crazy about these people”. I have just done this and it makes me quite sad that people have so much hate in their heart for others that they dont even know. Being an adult and calling people the names that ive just seen is just plain assinine and makes you all look like kids in the school yard. It is not Brad , Jennifer or Angie that is to blame for all this hate it is you!

  7. 557
    twirtie Says:

    I don’t get it…..I just don’t!

  8. 558
    laprly Says:

    She must be related to Jay Leno. They have the same chin.

  9. 559
    in Aniston own words Says:


    Jennifer Aniston, Emmy-winning actress from the NBC sitcom Friends, told Rolling Stone (September 27, 2001): “I wouldn’t call myself a pothead. I mean, I enjoy it once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation.” Commenting on anonymous reports in the tabloids about Aniston drug use,” Aniston said, “You see something like that–me hooked on drugs. Then you read the story, and it says you smoke pot. It’s not even cocaine or shooting heroin. Pot!”

    Obviously, occasional indulgence in marijuana hasn’t impeded Aniston’s career, or harmed her health. Her comments about moderation and the differences between hard and soft drugs are important messages seldom heard in the lock-step ‘just say no’ repression we live under. For this Aniston received the first “Outie” award, presented by

  10. 560
    Lainey is cool Says:

    Poor Jen comes in third

    Remember – I won’t kick a ***** when she’s down. And our poor widdle Jennypoo is vewwy vewwy down. After all that hard work, after all that whoring on every talk show and on every morning show and in every magazine and up and down and all around, Derailed was not only destroyed by critics, it also finished a very, very, very lacklustre 3rd at the box office in its opening, with a total take of about $12 million. Keep in mind gossips that a movie usually does its best sales in week 1 and given that Harry Potter and Walk the Line will satisfy all demographics next weekend, Jen’s first post-divorce venture has little hope of becoming the hit she needed it to be.

    My sources tell me exclusively that Jennifer Aniston spent the entire weekend chainsmoking and starving, unable to contain her anxiety and stress over Derailed’s performance. And I hear that when the weekend totals were released just a few hours ago, she had a minor meltdown. We’re talking desperate phone calls to her friends, to Vince, to her “happy” provider, to anyone who could provide a little relief from the onset of reality.

    After all, without Brad…who is she???

    Hey Jen! Keep your big chin up, sweetheart. Those movie star aspirations are probably a little too ambitious, honey. But remember, you still have great hair and your tits always look lovely and you must be a size double 0 by now, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what you’ve worked so hard for??? Let this be a lesson for all of us. It’s important to have goals. But it’s also important to manage our own expectations. Overreaching is a dangerous habit. And I think it’s safe to say that give it a few months and Jen will be heading back to TV land where she belongs.

  11. 561
    Lainey is cool Says:

    From Janet G: Jen got shafted

    OK, we’ve pounded this thing to death. So when I got this email today from Janet, I thought I’d throw it on the site with my reply so that I can put this thing to bed once and for all. Here are my thoughts. And unless Angelina and Brad admit to hating Chinese people and dogs, I’m sticking with it.

    Janet wrote:


    Imagine your husband leaving you for another woman. Right now. Today. And then every show in town reporting that the E correspondent’s husband left her.

    She’s v famous, so they’re splashed all over the news, in your face. Everyone in your hometown knows about it. They’re all watching you.

    Then the other woman, who is sexy and smart and altruistic and loved by everyone in town, is PREGNANT. And you can’t even call her a ****** man stealing *****.

    Let’s see how well you take it. Let’s start a site bashing you and how you go to your friends for comfort. Jennifer Aniston got totally butt fucked. And Angelina comes out unscathed.

    My reply to Janet:

    Janet’s description of the events isn’t uncommon. But I personally don’t apply real world morality or sentiment to the lives of the rich and famous. What’s acceptable by OUR standards, for us non celebrities, is one thing. What really goes down in THEIR world is an alternate reality. So here’s how I would break down the situation:

    You’re a popular television actress who is as materialistic and as vain as the rest of them, who relies on alternative dieting methods to get the perfect body. You marry the Sexiest Man Alive. You promise to have children with him. You push back over and over again, until the end of the run of your sitcom. And then your over-ambitious, deluded ego drives you to sign on to over 7 movies in the space of 2 years, making it plainly obvious that Oscar is the real baby you covet. You also won’t give up the good stuff, in copious amounts. And you claim you had no idea anything was wrong with the marriage? You claim he cheated??? If that’s the case, why would you be photographed cuddling and canoodling with him on the beaches of the Caribbean the day that your separation was announced to the world? If he really strayed, why would your best friend accompany you on such a trip? Would any true girlfriend support such an endeavour? Not in the real world. But in Hollywood…absolutely. Because there is more PR wrangling and set up behind this thing than any one of us can imagine. And there was something more behind the split than a bodacious woman with great tits and big lips.

    I don’t buy the Vanity Fair article, I don’t buy the pages and pages of speculation that has already been written about his infidelity and Angelina’s homewrecking endeavour. What I DO buy is that Ms. Aniston isn’t the innocent cry baby she wants you to believe she is. What I DO buy is that all 3 of them have sold their souls to the Fame Devil and will eventually pay the appropriate price for it some day.

    Butt-fucked?? Please. She lives in Los Angeles. You don’t think she asked for it??? I’ll reserve my pity for people who really deserve it. And let me tell you, celebrities are not at the top of my list.

    But while I don’t pity Jennifer, I do have some words of encouragement for her.

    Dear Jen: Coming in 3rd place ain’t so bad, is it? After all, you just won a bronze medal! Do you know how many people would kill for a bronze medal? To be a mere mortal and, for a short time, to have basked in the glow of an earthly Adonis? Hey, I’m not Greek and even I can appreciate that. Chin up, girl. Zeus has spoken, the God goes with the Goddess and the homely girl goes with the pudgy funny guy. The Force is in balance once again.

    Happy New Year to Jen and her Fans.
    Love Fraud Buster.

  12. 562
    Gethie Says:

    Milking the divorce after 2 years for professional/personal gain is such a pathetic act of desperation. Only her true die-hard fans are roaming around different blogs & spewing hatred everywhere. Of course with the assistance of her dedicated Huvane & her brigade of friends from Courteney,David,Kathy,Kristine,Sheryl, laura & her fug yoga instructor. Let her win this undeserving Favorite movie actress award but the truth will always prevail.

    Sorry to say but Jenni-poo you are off the radar now. It is really hard to get movie roles when actors reach age 40. Not much roles to go around & if there’s some roles available the competition from seasoned actressess is undenieably tough.

    So just settle on the boob-tube where you belong & savor it. YUmmm

  13. 563
    Cheap shot Says:

    Not utterly beautiful & meagre talent, that is Jen but since her ever zealous fans are clicking non-stop over the keyboard each & everyday she managed to snag the fav movie actress. WHAT A SAD DAY IN HOLLYWOOD! PCA IS BEGINING TO BE A BIG JOKE. At least Stephen Huvane did this favor already because the comes summer time he will be busy *pimping* & w-h-o-r-i-n-g Kirsten Dunst for Spiderman III. I guess Huvane is the one laughing all the way to the bank with big bonus from the plain Jen.

  14. 564
    kelly075 Says:

    thanks to the person who think that she looks to good to be true. The good girl, the best friend, the golden girl and People choice’s award, this is all manipulation from Aniston’s rep for her career! Open yours eyes!!

  15. 565
    Susie Says:

    I wonder when we started to tell people when they should have children, when they should diet, how they should diet, when they should talk about how hurt they were about the break up of their marriage, what they should say when they receive an award, how they should look all the time…. People I read back some of these comments. None of you own Jennifer Aniston. Not even Brad Pitt owns her. She can do what she wants (He certainly does. He does not look like he is stopping at all. He is living his life).

    The problem here is that Jen came out looking fresh and healthy. Contrary to all that tabloid mess she is ok. She can go to her friends for support. She does not need permission from these losers to visit with whoever she wants. No one is telling any of us how to live our lives. Who the hell do we think we are to say that Brad can travel the world with his new love but JEN CANNOT EVEN WALK ONTO A STAGE TO ACCEPT AN AWARD WITHOUT THE CLAWS COMING OUT… What a bunch of crazy lunatics. Take this madness elsewhere.

    Also all hollywood people have an image to uphold EVEN BRAD AND ANGELINA… So what is Jen wants her image to be a certain way… .IT IS HER IMAGE NOT YOURS… Worry about your own lives people and how well or badly you are doing and how you can improve on it. Also last question if Jen is such a loser and has absolutely nothing going for her then why do any of you even care and why do you visit this site to say all these negative things…

    Answer: Everytime Jen steps into the spot light it is a reminder of how messed up Angelina Jolie is. No amount of saying all that crap in interviews about how she hates it when a woman steals anothers husband will change the truth. BRAD PITT WAS MARRIED TO JENNIFER ANISTION UNTIL SHE HAD AN AFFAIR WITH HIM. She is the real liar. Debased immoral *****. Take that to the bank.

  16. 566
    MARLA Z Says:

    Susie,565.. what a great posting from you.. finally someone who is objective.. making sense about all the negativity about JA.. who to me was just an innocent bystander, and came out of it whole and unscathed.. glad to see her all healthy looking and keeping her dry sense of humor..which is what made her so popular on a long running tv program.. she is a good example for alot of women..I laud you Susie for saying it so well

  17. 567
    micro Says:

    #565 Susie -

    Brad and Angie’s fans dont hate Jennifer Aniston. It is the Aniston’s fans who are writing derogatory remarks about Angie that caused all these back and forth fighting.

    Remember, I’ve seen many cruel remarks directing against the children coming from the rabid Jen fans. That is totally uncalled for.

    Just look at the closing remarks on your post. That said it all.

    I have to say this, Jennifer Aniston was chasing fame and a movie career . She had no interest on the marriage. If you dont put in time in the marriage, how can it work?

    Now, look at Brad’s newly created family. The whole family goes on location while one parent is working. All the family members are practically glued together. They are alternating parenthood and only one parent is working at one time.

    Did Jen do that? She is so busy taping Friends while simultaneously filming movie. . Think about Brad filming Troy in Malta in 2003. What was Jen doing??? She was filimg ‘along came polly” in the US and taping friends.

    Blaming a 3rd person is always Jen’s game. She need to stop hiding behind that.

    Everyone I met and talked to said Jen has to TAKE RESPONSIBILITYon the failure of marriage.

    Finally, all the fans of both sides should move on !!!!

  18. 568
    Susie Says:

    Hey let us not say the Angie and Brad union is a success just yet. Hold your horses. This is hollywood we are talking about, Before we give them the family of the century award let us give it a few years. Hey Brad might surprise us again huh? LOL.

  19. 569
    micro Says:

    Susie – #568

    There you go again !!!

    You mean you CANNOT wish this family happiness?
    Is it YOU who cannot let go? or Is it Jen who CANT let go?

    As to how long this relationship will last, all you have to do is ask this question:

    Is Brad better off post Aniston ?

    The answer is definitely YES.

    Even if it lasts 1 day, 1 month, 1 year, 20 years, he is STILL BETTER OFF without Aniston. Look at him, he has found meaning in life. He has a family with 3 children. All family members are practically glued together. He has a partner who is willing to share his interest in architecture and also SUPPORT him.
    So, in that sense, he has GAINED.

    Another thing, Aniston also gained. Imagine the pressure is off . She doesnt have to go to the media and lied about “a baby is on the way”. So, in that sense, Jen’s relief is a GAIN too

  20. 570
    reantta Says:

    I wish Brad, Angelina, Maddox, Zahara, Shiloh and Jennifer Aniston, much love, joy, peace, protection, happiness, fullfillment, and every postive word in the English language that I can’t even think of right now.

    They’re all human beings who seek the same as all of us. To be loved and appreciated for who we truly are. All of us make mistakes some private, some public, some minor, some major, at the end the day we are all in need of the same thing; unconditional love and support. I wish all of them the utmost joys in life and whatever work or projects they attempt to accomplish.

    While I am a huge jennifer Aniston fan, I don’t hate Brad and Angelina at the end of life they don’t have to answer to us for anything, they have to answer to God. It’s not for me or any of you to judge what they have or haven’t done. I hope neither of them or their children(when they are adults) ever have to experience the pain that Jennifer experienced. No matter who it happens to, you feel for them.

    If you’ve been alive long enough, you know that heartache and heartbreak is no laughing matter. It can wreck a soul. I am happy to see that Jennifer has come out of this with the ability to laugh and joke around(see post awards pics). She is a beautiful woman, and , beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Old saying: One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Beauty is subjective. I love the clothes Aniston wears, I love her messy looking hair. What I think her fans sense from her is that she seems so genuine, no matter that she’s a millionaire.

    According to Vince, “she is the most genuine person I know”. If you can still say that about someone you JUST ended a relationship with, that says a lot about that person. Jennifers’ fans love her, just as Band A fans love them. Who in this world does not deserve to be loved, even from afar.



  21. 571
    Greg's beach CA Says:

    WOW, so many people on this post know Jennifer so intimately. I am amazed that anyone so close to her would reveal her thoughts and motives to complete strangers on the internet. And amazingly, there are many people on this post that also know what Hollywood deals are made under the table and that awards can be bought and sold.

    No matter how good any of us think we are at reading people, we don’t know her. And if you don’t know her, why trash her? What’s the point?

    Some of you may not want to hang out with her, or go see her in a movie, but why do you have to get so personal with the negative comments? No need to attack her physical traits, I bet no one on this post is the picture of perfection.

    I cannot recall her publicly complaining to anyone about her husband lying and cheating on her. I cannot recall her publicly trashing the person from the dark side who spun her web onto another woman’s husband.

    I don’t read or hear about her hitting the clubs, or wrecking cars in a drunken night on the town.

    Seems to me she is low key, appears in public when she has to because of her work, trying to live a balanced life between Hollywood and a real person, not an image, and would be happy to have a nice, quiet little home life with some one that would not screw her over.

    Sounds like everything a lot of working women out there want. Just trying to make it as best she can thru all the ups and downs life throws at you.

    So let’s see here…
    She is funny – Everyone who ever meets her say she is.
    She is good looking – Whether you think so or not, a whole lot of people do.
    She is in shape – Hot body, not a waif, just right.
    She smokes a little pot – Big deal, if I had camera’s shoved in my face every time I went to the store, I would need some too.
    She’s reported to be bitchy sometimes – Anyone who says they don’t have days, they are lying out their teeth.
    She does not use her celebrity to shove a self promoting cause down your throat or bring attention to herself.

    Nothing here stands out as justification for being so cruel to her. If you don’t like her, so be it, but give the girl a break. I would wager to say, if any of the beguiled posters had a chance encounter with her, they would be glowing with excitement.

    As for being a “Movie Star”, seems she picks roles that have some substance not the highly promoted over the top movies she could obviously get if she wanted.

    I think she is going to be around as long as she wants and I hope we get the chance to see her for many years to come.

    I only hope she can look outside of Hollywood for a companion. As we have seen, Hollywood marriages do not seem to last.

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