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Jennifer Aniston Wins People's Choice

Jennifer Aniston Wins People's Choice

Jennifer Aniston just picked up “Favorite Female Movie Star” at the People’s Choice Awards. Her acceptance speech: “Thank you for loving the ‘Break-Up’. I did.” Nudge, nudge, hint, hint.

Jen continued to tell the audience, “You all have supported me since the days of Friends. Just through all of it – good work, bad work and the ugly. I just thank you for continually inviting me back.”

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    ‘I don’t want your pity.’

    Dear Maniston, the ‘People’ have decided you DO want their pity…they realize a sharp inanimate glass object made in Korea (that you’re trying to apparently stick in your eye in the pic above, lol) does not a sweet smelling chubby little perfect replication of the Pitt DNA make…but hey…it’s better than a Blockbuster award…wait a sec…no it’s not….er…it’s better than a TV Gude Award….er…hold on a minute…no it’s not….uhm….hmm…okay it’s not better than anything…it’s actually the cheesiest award around…the Charles Nelson Rielly annual putt-putt championship trophy is more esteemed…but STILL…it IS a validation that you are the longest suffering…saddest reject…ever…and we very willingly acknowledge, that having Angelina Jolie perceived as the woman who did what you could not…HAS to sting like a thousand hornets mixed in a rubbing alcohol bath…STILL…we want you to know…we’re thinking of you.

    Don’t run with that thing in your hands…you could put a teal contact lens out.

  • naughty

    Okay – fun is over. All you naughty little children get your crusty a$$es back over to your bradgelina threads.


    she looks great Says:

    January 10th, 2007 at 1:05 am
    She looks great and very happy. Obviously moved on unlike most of the brangeloonies.. they’ll still be talking about their so called “triangle” in two years time they just can’t get over it.

    BTW Jennifer also has the best body in Hollywood. Note to Angie, maybe when you meet up with Jen you can get some tips…

    Er? On what? How to select a small pear-shaped saline/silicone implant and sit it high on the chest, so that in 10 YEARS when Angelina gets to be Maniston’s age (i.e., 40) she too, can have the boobs of a 20 year old hooters waitress? I think AJ has more important things to think about like raising her 3 babies and making love to Brad Pitt until he weeps in ecstasy.

    Or, maybe Maniston can tell Angelina to eat the same lunch every single day for 10 years from the NBC commisary?

    Or, maybe Maniston can share with Angie, what she passed along to her pal and ex-roomie Nancy…to shove chicken cutlets in her bra, shave her own tw*t while lying upside down on a friends couch to try “appear more f**kable” the better in which to earn a coveted spot on some slimey director’s casting couch that much faster.

    Oops…no need…Angie has 3 Golden Globes, 2 SAG Awards and OSCAR…never mind.

    Okay, those were my last ones….lolol — I’m going back in the GGTOU Brangie thread…promise.

  • cheeky


  • goodsite

    Courtney – You have a mega amount of photos on your site — loads of Jen and loads of the pitts – thanks – for those who haven’t checked the site otu yet jsut keep scrolling down – you will pass many sections interspersed with other celebs – jsut keep going for more and more pics.

  • no worries

    She looks like Mariah Carrey when she gains weight. Big boobs and thick in the middle. I don’t think she has the best body. Beil does.

  • LBAJ….love brad,angie,jen

    203 Cliniqua you are one mean b****. You act like Jen personally did something to you. I just cannot understand how some of you have the nerve to call yourselves “Brangie” fans. The Jolie/Pitts would crucify you if they ever met you or read the nasty things you write, supposedly in support of them. Instead of calling their haters names and ragging on Jen Aniston so much they choose to turn the other cheek with class and respect. And don’t bother saying you are “defending” them because I’m sure they would not appreciate your hate on their behalf. You BAMZS and Brangie fans are a shame to the real Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fans.

  • l”ll say

    I like her a lot, and I am glad she won.She is a much much better person than ‘that slut ‘ anyday. And anyway she was not even nominated !

  • 69 YEARS OLD!

    Oh the B*tch won an awards. Her idiot fans are clicking non-stop to make het get this award everytime she gets nominated. She’s pathetic media WH8re. Darn I hate her very much.

  • leather face

    she’s leathery-looking to me. never find her a beauty. FATSO!!!!!!!

  • LOL

    This thread is absolutely funny! Thank you to the Aniston fans for the laugh. I needed a good late night giggle. Please, don’t stop now. When I’m here tomorrow, I want this thread atleast 5 pages longer. Tomorrow is another boring day at work and reading those comments to see how a Aniston fan’s mind work is very amusing. So get to it. I want five more pages of delusional fans writing about how GRRREATT Jen Jen is!!!! Thanks you Jared for providing yet another thread for my amusement. Keep the Jen threads coming and Jen fans, keep the comedy routine going. Nighty night.

  • Blobie NORMAN

    Mommy left me again at home by myself. Thanks god Dolly is here to keep me company. I hope the SPCA will come & gets me & Dolly since Mommy Anuston leave us all the time & always goes on drinking binge & dabbing crack & coccaine. She even sell her you know what at Sunset Blvd. ARF!

  • Huvane

    I guess fans that my manipulation & connection works well. Imagine hiring several hundreds of computers & people to blog around & voting at People’s Choice Awards everyday. Finally Jen will rewrd me a big fat bonus this year. Can’t wait since marrying my male lover last year life is getting so expensive. By the way, my brother from GQ magazine helped too.

  • ()()()()

    media wh*re

  • l”ll say

    I dont really know why so many people are talking about Brag and his rag over here when this tread is not about them.And please , just because the rag is better looking ,and made sure she had a ‘colourful’ family’ , does not make her a better person…neither does flashing a smile ,while she is photographed with people from the third world.

    And I dont think people should use what Brag did to Jen as a parameter to judge her.What he did was exactly what every slimbe ball ,SOB would do , ‘dump his wife for a hotter women.’

  • Rinna

    Congratulations to Jennifer! She so deserves the award. Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous lady.

  • cheeky

    So leatherface got a Peoples’ Choice Award. Who did they poll? Fat,Fugly MiniVan Majority? Makes sense.

  • ()()()()

    She’s plain Jen…not gorgeous at all. I mean it!

  • she looks great

    CLINIQUA Says:

    January 10th, 2007 at 1:30 am

    Or, maybe Maniston can tell Angelina to eat the same lunch every single day for 10 years from the NBC commisary?


    At least she eats lunch… something Angelina could do more of lately

  • lorie

    BTW Jennifer also has the best body in Hollywood. Note to Angie, maybe when you meet up with Jen you can get some tips…

    Aniston tips to Angie was never get pregnant, it ‘ll ruin your body. but you can just pretend to like family and baby in public. can boost a homely image. I think this was one of the reason for not having a baby in her 7 years ( 4 yrs. legally bond)with Brad Pitt. she refuse to sacrifice that body!!!


    Did she have some work on her boobs? those do not look like 38 yrs boobs

  • InmypupilsURnude

    Jen is 37? 38? and has a gorgeous body. She does seem to have put on some healthy pounds. I want to know what kind of bra she’s wearing..look at those tatas.

  • http://HOTMAIL linn j

    She looks even younger than jolie. Jolie looks above forty already while jen looks 30 yrs old only. Jen keep up the good work. Everything will be ok soon,

  • lula29

    Please stop the war!

    I like the pic with her and LL Cool J, it’s cute.

  • cheeky

    linn j Says:
    January 10th, 2007 at 3:03 am

    She looks even younger than jolie. Jolie looks above forty already while jen looks 30 yrs old only. Jen keep up the good work. Everything will be ok soon,

    Fanniston denials. CHINN looks every bit her 38+ years. Work done on her ta taas nothwithstanding. She has that drawn, leatherface indicitive of her years. Face it Fannistons, your girl is OLD!!!!

  • ti

    i laugh at you guys let us go back to last year yes her films were criticised , yes they did not do well in the boxoffice but look at how far this girl as come you can see she is trying to improve herself through her acting she can sit in her comfort zone and say oh i have enough money for a lifetime i could stop taking the criticisms and just mope but she doesn’t ,call me stupid callme an idiot that takes guts and whatever you think about jen does not really matter i know she will be okay she has no other choice i wish her the best and i know in no time she will beat the odds she has done in the past and she would again.
    Sides she looks beautiful and happy and that says it alll for me she might not have all that Brad has but i know she has people whom genuinely love her and will love her till she dies not many people have that. And i am happy to say i love and adore her and i will always want to know what her next step will be.

  • jen_ever

    good job jennifer! you are the People’s Choice!

  • she looks great

    Yes and being the “people’s” choice is more important than a few oscar voters or gg voter or sag voters… they make up .0001% of the population…

    I can hear the bamzs fans knashing their teeth and frothing at the mouth from here to see how popular and beautiful Jen is.

  • cheeky

    jen_ever Says:
    January 10th, 2007 at 3:22 am

    good job jennifer! you are the People’s Choice!

    Which people??? The horse lovers of AMERICA???


    linn j Says:

    January 10th, 2007 at 3:03 am
    She looks even younger than jolie. Jolie looks above forty already while jen looks 30 yrs old only. Jen keep up the good work. Everything will be ok soon,

    must be smoking crack.

    Yup, she looks so young. 5 different skin colors. YIKES

    Dustin Hoffman’s brother/sister


    linn j Says:

    January 10th, 2007 at 3:03 am
    She looks even younger than jolie. Jolie looks above forty already while jen looks 30 yrs old only. Jen keep up the good work. Everything will be ok soon,

    must be smoking crack.

    Yup, she looks so young. 5 different skin colors. YIKES


    Why do her fans continue to reaffirm to Jen that everything will be okay. I mean she’s not a baby now. She’s a 38 yr old woman.

    Pat on Jen’s head and say poor child don’t worry everything will be okay and I will save you from those pretty people.

  • http://HOTMAIL linn j

    cheeky may be something wrong with your eyes. i suggest you must see an opthalmologist. Just kidding. dont get mad my dear. Did you see the picture of jolie and madona on the people’s magazine. Please try to compare the two. Jolie looks older than Madona and try to look jolie’s picture together with pitt on just jared yesterday you can see the difference. She even looks older than pitt.

  • nig girl


    Please fan and non fan always read well before you dance to the tune of tabloid. Always pay attention to punctuation mark.



    linn j Says:

    January 10th, 2007 at 3:52 am

    I agree with you

  • Mediterranean

    1- I would like to congratulate Jen for the award (whatever it is!)

    2- She put on weight, it suits her

    3- She just looks good, pretty. That’s all.

    4- She can wear that ring because she bought it for herself. Why not?

    5- She has to keep this hair style because there is nothingelse suits her face.

    6- ONCE AGAIN, she tried to hint something in her speach which NOT NICE at all.

    The last, but surely not the least, the fans of the Jolie-Pitts are not jealous of her because Jen didn’t have Brad first. You know what I mean?????


    reality check…no matter how much you haters spew it…it won’t make it so….AJ is 31…Maniston is damn near 40. Wrinkles equal age…Maniston has them, Jolie does not. You want a purely objective view…got to ‘HIGH DEFINITION TV’S’ WEBSITE…they list WORSE SKIN IN HIGH DEF….AND BEST SKIN IN HIGH DEF….MANISTON WON WORST SKIN BY A LANDSLIDE….


    Those are the facts haters….aj is fresh and fertile….your old gal with her plastic teats is a dried up leather boot.

  • Mediterranean


    The ring was borrowed from the jeweller for some occasions by Jen.

  • bebe

    what a joke, what about Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Dame Judy Dench, Kate Winslett, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johanson, hell even Dakota Fanning? Real Movie actors. Who were nominated? did she go against all these people and won???

  • Biological Clock

    Tick tock, tick tock….

    No kids for you!

  • David

    God she is UGLY!

    That chin could poke someones eye out.

    She also looks a little FAT! She’s probably been hitting the bottle pretty hard lately after being dumped twice.

  • no worries

    .Big deal . Jennifer has a better body than a women who was pregnant seven month ago. Angelina will get her body back but Jennifer still won’t have any talent. She will still be living off two things…Brad dumped me please pity me and remember I was Rachel.

  • green lettuce

    LMAO!!Her face!Arrrrgh…Trannyston (sorry I don’t mean to insult the real life ones) is UGLYNESS PERSONNIFIED!!!
    And I add she doesn’t deserve any award of any kind!But we all know People is on her side. Yuk!

  • dalilla

    She looks great and healthy with the few pounds more, she got.
    And yes, with Yoga you get a belly, because you breathe into the belly.

  • Sasha

    I do not agree with her winning this award. She looks terrible and yago has got nothing to do with it. She’s being eating too many food every time she see BAMZ.

  • gingeranny

    She looks effortless beautiful and she’s funny.
    I would love to have a sister like her.

  • anustin

    im happy she won that pity choice award.

  • kma


    1) why is Jennifer call the American sweetheart ( in my country minority know her)
    2) is it only American that vote for her the people choice award?
    3) are the remaining contester for movie star are worst and people dont like them?
    4) Is Jennnifer pregnant?
    5) Did she have a breast job?
    6) Why is it that she is always with this same style of hair?

    I will appreciate fans answer please not a rude question am just so suprise and am from another country. English is not my first language, i will appreaciate it if i can get the answer.

  • missori girl

    She looks good, but she looks like shes trying to hard to look happy…..

  • http://justjared chris

    This woman is pure ugly!!!! I never watched Friends because of her, she can’t act and how anyone can say she is beautiful is unbelievable. If she and Brad would have has kids, they would have been ugly. Her ugly gene is just too strong.