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Prison Break Special Recap

Prison Break Special Recap

Hope you were able to catch up on Prison Break last night during its recap special! Below are some screencaps of Wentworth Miller (Michael) being interviewed and giving some insight on past and future episodes. Watch here.

More screencaps of the other cast after the jump including Dominic Purcell (Lincoln), Sarah Wayne Callies (Dr. Tancredi), Paul Adelstein (Kellerman), Wade Williams (Bellick), and Robert Knepper (T-Bag). Watch the video preview of Prison Break episode “John Doe” (airs Jan. 22) below!

Two new UK video previews via wheelygirl: [1] [2]

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  • Becca


  • Kandice

    I love wentworth yay

  • kelly

    I can not wait

  • MrsRobinson


  • twirtie

    Prison Break Rocks! Cannot Wait! Mmmmmmmm loves me some Wentworth Miller! Anytime is Miller time! Thanks Jared!

  • Christina

    Sarah’s hair!

    Wentworth’s looking fine, as per usual.

  • twirtie

    I just looked at the stills….Went is just so unbelievably yummy!

  • FAYE

    I didn’t get a recap episode last night because of some Football game.


    love this show, and unlike you bandwaggan riders. i liked this show from the pilot.

  • ks

    Everyone looks so good! Cannot wait for the new episodes. I especially love Sarah’s hair. Love the new color on her!

  • Fiona

    This is freakin’ unbelievable! Some guy from Princeton has gone public saying him and Went were having a long term relationship!

  • Hello Mrs. Hollander

    Oh yeah, this is gonna be good!! Cant wait!

  • Priscillajrd

    just 1 more monday without my favorite show. I CAN’T WAIT ….

  • Source Please

    I hate to be the one to state the obvious, but Fiona, um, source?

  • nicbeast


  • meemee

    The special did not air where I live because of football!

    I wish I could have seen it ! :(

  • http://wetforwent.blogspot.coom Wet For Went

    Thanks Jared. No special for me b/c of the football game. *pissed*

  • jones

    I cannot stand this site’s message boards. everything is “lovely”, or “i can’t wait” here. it’s heavily censored, and what is left is stupid comments from stupid people.

    Perezilton is so much better.

  • Kristle

    It’s not censored at all. Please don’t be hatin’.

  • Dave

    Um, yeah … where did the recap special air … because Fox had the Bowl on last night for three hours.

    According to the network’s schedule, the recap special airs on the 22nd.

  • cocot13

    well Jones dont come here duh!!!!!!!

  • pokey

    Wet for Went could you pick any more of a disgusting name. That’s a tad trashy

  • cat

    OK..I’d sure like to know what chanel that was aired on last night. Because all I found was College Football!! But I am thankful to JJ that I got to see a clip of the interview with the cast!

  • NikNor

    she looks younger than her age.. cant wait for the “MiSa”‘ scene

  • Chloe

    I didn’t even get to watch the season finale, even though I am pretty sure it is floating around on Prison Break’s MySpace…but I am relieved Sara gets to live. I would’ve thought this show would have ended by now, but it just keeps getting better and better as the characters develop. And it doesn’t hurt to see some nice-looking faces as well. :)

  • Kit

    I absolutely can’t wait for January 22nd!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Okay, i’m better!!! I just now watched the youtube video provided by justjared and just about fell out of my computer chair. So much intensity!!!

  • Jizzle

    Jones, Jones, Jones, you need Wenty to put you in his shackles and smack you around a bit!

  • ( | )

    g to the, eh, lost interest.

  • went33

    those fingers !

    I love his fingers.. they’re like pianist’s :)

  • Giulietta

    omg i can’t wait 12 days to see this show i love Pb I love Wenty!!!!!!!! yes went33 his gingers are so! thank u JJ 4 the news!! u r the best!

  • M

    So excited! Love Wentworth!

  • young chick

    Sarah looks younger than her age?? Are you kidding me???

    She looks so old, far older than Went. She looks in her early 30′s a minimum!

  • PBMyTV

    PB Fans – check your local Fox tv listing this week! Here in good ol’ Milwaukee (Land of Miller Time) the PB Special is showing this Sunday at 5:30pm CST.

  • Anya

    Hey, anybody knows what’s the song that’s playing in the end of this video called? :)

  • wm4life

    ok i am a lil confused!!!!! i swear the recap is on 22nd, why is this video out now, or is this just an interview and the recap is cuming on 22nd????
    would anyone care to explain
    from:a confused prison break and went fan!!!

  • wm4life

    can anyone tell me why my youtube isn’t working, everytime i click on a video all it says loading, thats all loading, i wait and nothing loading!!! can anyone help coz i reli want to watch the video!!!

  • ks

    Anya, the song is called “It’s Not Over” by Daughtry(former American Idol Chris Daughtry). I also love this song and it goes perfectly with PB!

  • WMFan

    wm4life: Scheduling was changed recently and the recap aired this past Monday at 8pm. However, as many have noted, in some parts of the country, Fox pre-empted the special with football.

    They may be re-airing this at another time for those timezones that missed it, as

  • WMFan

    Sorry, I accidentally hit submit before I finished my comment above. It should read:

    wm4life: Scheduling was changed recently and the recap aired this past Monday at 8pm. However, as many have noted, in some parts of the country, Fox pre-empted the special with football.

    They may be re-airing this at another time for those timezones that missed it, as PBMyTV noted above.

  • Softspoken

    Sooo Hot!!!

  • J

    My goodness that SWC looks so old!!!

  • SweetyKat

    Oh…..Oh my!..Wentworth and DomP look so good! OMGosh, they look so healthy and clean. They both look like they smell so good! I really wanted to see that show. I really hate that I missed it. I thought it was going to air on Monday, the 8th. I really wanted to see Wentworth. You know you have got to be handsome, even when your stills look good, with the funny faces and everything. He is so beautiful. His hands are beautiful!

    Does anyone know the network on which the show aired and what time it aired? I’d like to see it in it’s entirety. Anyone know where I can see the whole thing?

    Young chick, Went is 34 years old, just in case you didn’t know.

  • Jazzmine

    Hmm… In the second pic in the bottom row, it looks to me like Went is *blowing us all kisses* either that or he’s *whistling at us* Anyhoo, *Blows kisses and whistles back to Went*

  • frenchy

    I woke up at 06H30 am to watch this recap (i live in france so…) and I’m so glad to saw my dear wenty (cuuuute)!!! i’m ready for the return of prison break!!!!

  • Crystal

    SweetyKat Says:

    “Young chick, Went is 34 years old, just in case you didn’t know.”

    But he doesn’t look 34 where as Sarah does.

  • marisa

    ^ 34 she looks like she’s pushing 38!

  • twirtie

    Actually SWC is 29 yrs old in real life…at least that is what her imdb profile says.
    She is attractive but she has dark circles under her eyes.

  • SweetyKat

    Crystal, I didn’t say that Went looked 34. However, in some pics, he does, and I like them. In others, they brush him up and make him look like a teenager/early 20s. It all depends on what consumer the magazine is aiming for. But hey, 34 isn’t old to me.

    As for Sarah, it looks as though they taped this after working. Sara, her character is run down, ON the run, worried about Michael, and kind of loosing it. I don’t think she is supposed to be all perfect and polished for the scenes they’re shooting right now. I think Sarah is a pretty woman.

  • M.Aagaard

    j Y

  • M.Aagaard

    Hello there its a big show . but i seams your coyntry is is thinking that wentworth milleIS a Reall3e A Big Strar, but i think yoy shoud byy nice about that´a big actor.
    Hello we are all se prison break. Thank you