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Evan Rachel Wood Dating Marilyn Manson!!

Evan Rachel Wood Dating Marilyn Manson!!

I’m shocked. Floored! People Magazine is reporting that Marilyn Manson, 38, is dating actress Evan Rachel Wood, 19. Add this one to the “Odd Celebrity Couples” book!

The sources say his relationship with the Thirteen actress was a factor in the Dec. 29 divorce filing by Von Teese, 34, Manson‘s wife of one year.

Dita is heartbroken, she didn’t see this coming,” says a source close to the burlesque dancer and MAC cosmetics model. “His partying contributed to the split as well.”

Manson, 38, and Wood have been friends for some time. According to his official website, Manson first met Wood when he asked her to be in his upcoming horror film, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll.

Pictured above is Evan last Halloween at the opening of Marilyn‘s new Hollywood art gallery, the Celebritarian Corporation Gallery of Fine Art. The couple is stand in front of Marilyn‘s watercolor painting of Wood that she posed for and he painted himself. “It came as kind of a shock,” Evan told Rolling Stone about being asked to pose. “I was beyond flattered.” Siiiiiiick.

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Credit: People; Photos: Getty/John Shearer/WireImage
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  • stardust


  • tanique

    jared, i raise you shocked and floored and give you a stunned and silenced. i’ve watched her since she was a little girl. i have no words. i’m so hoping this is not true. this little 19 year old messing with this married man, and that married man no less. no friggin words. none.

  • WTF

    How?? How does this guy get such pretty girls who at least seem to have SOME sense??

  • Flora

    i don’t think that’s true because she’s supposed to be dating jamie bell since something like 2 years now, and they were seen together not long ago

  • LD

    That painting looks like a self-portrait. Seriously.

  • Coffecakes

    I highly doubt its true, she is with Jamie Bell. This is beyond ridiculous!!!

  • dpblu

    That’s what i was thinking about the portrait, it looks just like him man, how uncanny.

  • Hiba

    This is absolutely ludicrous!!!
    Did Marilyn Manson want some publicity of some kind….. and Evan seems too smart of a girl to hook up with someone like Manson and she is with Jamie Bell.

  • Fleasha

    She posed for him, yes. But that doesn’t automatically mean she’s having an intimate relationship with him. Damn tabloid mags…

  • Mandy

    I think that it is awesome… I wish Marylin and Dita were still together, but I am a fan of both of them and I think it is a good match, besides the age thing! They are both creative and brilliant!!!

  • magnus

    A rock star s(rewing a younger woman?

    The only thing more shocking is the fact that you people are shocked.

    The will be great for both their careers.

  • holly

    awesome painting. He is a true genius.

  • ceeusbeeus

    ick – ick I say.
    And to make matters worse-he’s a has been. His shock value is OVER.
    I couldn’t understand why Dita was with him to begin with.
    Poor girl get out while you still can.

  • intelligentsia

    Oh her parents must be so proud.

  • Hiba

    This is pure CRAP I tell you I just read on another board that Evan was recently spotted with Jamie Bell – her boyfriend as we know it – recently and Fleasha is right just coz she posed for his portrait does NOT mean they are together.
    If this story in not true – Dear God I hope its not – if I were her I would sue the magazine.

  • J!NX


  • Abbie

    WHAT?!?!?! Wow. Just wow. How exactly does he keep getting gorgeous girlfriends?

  • Twad

    she’s so hot…so HOT!!!

    why would she hit that??!

    bullshit, I say bullshit.

  • Elizabeth

    Its all garbage, just a little bit about them on E! and it turns out that Manson is someone Evan has respected for a long time and calls him a ‘genius’.
    People are jumping to conclusions because she posed for his painting and just a couple of weeks ago I read an interview online about Jamie Bell where it said he is dating her and would love to direct her someday….

    I was really glad Evan was far away from all this Hollywood mess.

  • Elizabeth

    I hope someone comes clean about this entire escapade. This has been a very difficult pill to swallow.

  • Kool

    A teen dating a 38 year old? SICCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • katte

    wow…. marylin manson is ko and all, but only for his music. to me, atleast. but wtf? he is but ass ugly!! my best friend has a pic of him on her wall, and when I was sleepiong over one nite I woke up and saw it and it scared the shit out of me… I thought MM was coming to rape us or something… 0_o but anywhoo, wow I dont actually believe this story. what mag is this again? hmm weird

  • scared

    The only difference between him and Michael Jackson is he likes GIRLS!!!!

  • gia

    what a f*cking idiot she is, probably all in love with the idea of being w/someone so ethereally dark etc.
    what a cretin little pig girl.

  • tho

    What the hell does she see in this guy? It’s a sign. The end of the world is truly nearing…

  • Twat

    I like how two weeks ago I mentionned her and no one knew who I was talking about…and now everybody seems to know her very well…hypocrites, ALL of you!

    and I’m not twaD…it’s TwaT LOL

  • michelle

    Sad. Just sad. I watched her grow up on Once and Again…so brilliant. There is something wrong with a fully adult 38 year old man who dates a teenaged girl. This is a control issue of some sort. I don’t think she has any idea how f’d up this is.
    I’d say the same thing if he were NIck Lachey…it’s not about being Marilyn Manson…it’s about being too damn old for a 19 year old girl!

  • andré

    I can’t believe it!
    she’s so going to hell because of it!
    Anyway..she looks like Chloe Sevigny here.
    and i think she ‘s gonna be rly beautiful in the future.

  • Kini

    What is it that these girls see in him???

  • Ang

    I’m stunned that Marilyn would be involved with someone like Evan Rachel Wood. Despite what you may think of his appearance, he is articulate, intelligent and quite sexy. Obviously she is hoping to advance her career….good luck….but please spare us the crotch shots if it doesn’t work out with Marilyn!

  • Elizabeth

    Just read Us Weekly Evan’s rep denied they are dating, HUGE RELIEF I must say!!!


  • until we die

    OF COURSE there NOT dating you silly people!! ive been a manson fan for ten years now and ive never seen this man date a girl like evan- look at missi, rose and dita….now look at evan!…..EXACTLY!Lewis carroll wasnt dating alice she was just an inspiration and maybe so is ms. rachel wood! beside she was also supose to be dating edward norton-oviously that aint true! it will all go awy just give it time!manson and dita saddly ended because she was never home! in september they hadnt seen each other for five weeks,it was destined to end!

  • N8M1bah65S

    Hi! Very nice site! Thanks you very much! lluJMWo5So

  • Mike Seymour

    She’s not as clever as I thought. She’s out.

  • Katerz

    i scream AGEISM.
    They are an adorable couple,
    and it’s her choice.
    It’s not like he’s forcing her to be with him.
    Jeeze people.

  • John Mirror

    damn, you guys are idiots. im sorry, but you are. you don’t know him, you don’t know her. i’ll tell you one thing: he’s incredibly intelligent and smart, and you are going only for looks, which is shallow and stupid. i think evan is smart too – according to all i know about her, i mean, all i read about her – so she knows what she’s doing. and i don’t think she does this only to further her career – with all these people like you, who think they can judge others not knowing them at all and thinking manson is a sk*nk! if you don’t like marilyn, it’s not like he becomes worse because of it. get a life. i actually think they are a great couple (not as much great as dita/manson though) and wish them only the best. because they’ve deserved it. period.

  • Jackie Spratley (Krebs)

    Evan Rachel Wood is my cousin, I have never met her, even though her mother and my mother were sisters, and I think it’s disgusting! I know what he’s thinking, but what the hell is she thinking?

  • Jackie Spratley (Krebs)

    Correction: In regards to my message above, #36, Evan’s grandmother and my mother were sisters.

  • http://myspace/gbgangstaz Amanda

    First of all I think that Evan is crazy lucky! Manson is amazing in everything that he does. Im glad he found someone that doesnt want to change him like Dita did. I dont see why people are in this get up about the age difference. Evans a grown girl, shes an adult, and can make her own choices. This is the 21 cen. people, its going on everywhere. People arent so stuck on what the others age is. Personally, Im just happy for Manson. And I hope that this new girl continues to inspire new songs. Heart Shaped Glasses is great.

  • grace

    lol anyone who’s seen his vid for heartshaped glasses would know it’s t-r-u-e.

  • http://yok çatlak kız

    ya bu adamdan tırsıorum benn:D sarkıları cok gsl ama:D

  • Petego

    She is so beautiful. I hope it is not true. He is mad and cheat.

  • leven

    I am very shocked by it, to say she is going to hell is a bit disgusting tough