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Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape" Music Video

Gwen Stefani's

Gwen Stefani‘s “Sweet Escape” music video feat. Akon just debuted and everything about it is ridiculously over the top. I was laughing the whole entire time!!!! Good thing it’s one of my fave tracks from the album…

The hair? Ridiculous. The excessive amount of Gwen‘s “G” emblems everywhere? Ridiculous. The black and white skintight prison jumpsuits? Ridiculous. The “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair” storyline? RIDICULOUS. And I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!! Check out the “Sweet Escape” music video below…

Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape” Music Video
(Chevrolet paid a pretty penny for product placement!!)
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  • angelah

    I’m like you j@red, I was lol while watching the vid and the i dig the song as well.

  • Pas

    Hilarious. Showmanship she’s tops.

  • angelah the before I**
    I betta get some zz’s


    Creative. But thats all. Gwen let me Down On This album.. I’m sure Her Next Go Around Will Completely Smach This One.

  • bitterescape

    Hates it. It’s the same crap with these ladies. The only one to surprise me was Nelly Furtado, but it didn’t last very long.

    I’m really hoping Britney comes up with some great stuff.

  • kelly

    It’s obvious that she wanted to be creative,so kuddos to her….but i found this so BORING!

  • rob

    sooo booring!

  • Fattie

    Sooooo lame ! I love Gwen and she usually have awesome videos like Wind it up or What you waiting for, but this one sucks sooo bad :’(

  • Megan

    lol ,funny!! Good thing she can do whatever she wants and get away with it… :)

  • Chachados

    almost like she has become a parody of herself. Besides, I thought we were done with the japanese minstrel show. It’s starting to get tired.

    For the love of all children, somebody please put Akon down. Bad bad bad.

  • Lola

    I enjoyed the video, thought it was cute but I don’t know how comfortable I am with videos becoming commercials ~ commercials for artists and their albums is one thing ~ but product placement?? Gwen is one glam and gilded climber

  • leva

    It sucks!!!!! come on Gwen we know you can sing and you can write! give us some No Doubt instead of this pathetic circus like video

  • Susie

    Loved the video and I like this song. This is so much better than Wind it Up. Also I think Gwne Stefani is a very pretty woman and she knows how to dress. She always looks sharp… Thanks for the video.


    that wind it up song was/is f-ing horrible.. garbage

  • mariootsa

    if i close my eyes i can see huey lewis singing that chorus…people, please stop buying this GARBAGE! oh, and can she just appear by herself, without having to prop herself up/in front of others?

  • J.Maniston Won What? How, She’s Talentless

    Let’s Just Act Like that whole Pathetic “Wind it Up” thing never happened. Gwen’s New single/ video.. “Sweetest Escape” Is Alot better than that first Horrible mess. Even Tho its not to good Either.. Creativley You gotta respect her, But she Has Fallen Off From her Last Album.

    I want to Like her but she makes it REALLY hard.

  • SmithNwestin

    i thought yummy was the second single???

  • A Non

    So how much do you think Chevrolet paid to get so prominently placed?

    Is this a car commercial or a music video? That was just odd.

  • :(

    Gwens becoming a sell out. I liked her in No Doubt but her songs get on my nerves now. She dresses her son in LAMB, does product placements for cars in videos, wears loud jewlery in the shape of “G”, wears cheesy wigs and horrible clothes. What the hell happened to Gwen Stefani? It’s like wherever she goes, she’s a walking bill board for some product she’s trying to p*mp out.

  • Amy

    The song is as hot as hell. The video…not so.

  • Sarah


    BRITNEY come back and make some good music againnnnnnnn, I think you’re all we’ve got. Nelly Furtado had ONE good song

    Thats sad cause I LOVE no doubt

  • Susie

    Britney is not in the same league as Gwen Stefani. Gwen can actually sing. I think it is a bit much to try and compare these two. Gwen also seems to make wise choices in her personal life. She is a mature woman who has a career. Let us get that

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  • dildos

    I enjoyed the video very much! Gwen Stefani the best…

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