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David Beckham Joins LA Galaxy

David Beckham Joins LA Galaxy

It’s official! David Beckham will be playing with the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer in a five-year deal bringing in an estimated $250 million. His contract with Real Madrid expires on June 30. Becks will join the LA Galaxy shortly after.

Becks‘ official statement read: “I am proud to have played for two of the biggest clubs in football and I look forward to the new challenge of growing the world’s most popular game in a country that is as passionate about its sport as my own… This week, Real Madrid asked me to make a decision regarding my future and the offer to extend my contract by a further two seasons. After discussing several options with my family and advisers to either stay here at Madrid or join other major British and European clubs, I have decided to join the Los Angeles Galaxy and play in the MLS from August this year.”

Timothy J. Leiweke, president & CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group, which owns LA Galaxy, said: “David Beckham will have a greater impact on soccer in America than any athlete has ever had on a sport globally. David is truly the only individual that can build the bridge between soccer in America and the rest of the world.” Indeed, indeed.

Becks, America is glad to have you. America, soccer is coming!!

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  • Malia

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s about damn time. Welcome to America David.

  • Maniston Who?

    I wonder who people think is Hotter. Becks Or Brad. Beck as Alot of Euro Fans and quite a few Domestic Fans.. and Brad has Alot of crazed obsessed out of there mind fans domestically. I wonder…… who do the females think is hotter

  • Scott

    Who’s hotter? David Beckham he looks better and he actually has talent
    Plus he doesn’t cheat on his wife (rumours are not fact, not an ounce of proof so I will give him the benefit of the doubt)

  • Brian

    Does the MLS even make 250 million as a whole? This could actually bankrupt them and end soccer in America.

  • Carolina

    David Beckham is in no way a soccer “star”- he is clearly model-material-marketable! and sorry to burst your bubble Scott- but don’t you think with all the resources at the Beckhams’ disposal, if those affair rumours were untrue then they would have sued the pants of R. Loos– them not suing says a heck of alot more- he ABSOLUTELY did cheat and if any normal male happened to be married to that hag of a wife- “Posh”- clearly they would cheat as well… Hate them and their superficial- oh-I’m-so-in- love pathetic play at attention– Hate, Hate, Hate Them!

    Obviously- I prefer- hands-down Brad Pitt!

  • vicky

    Oh My Goddd !! No doubt he is more handsome and hot than Pitt !!!

  • kelly

    Defnatly hotter than Piit i watched him as a kid at united but feels likes he’s sold out for an easier money making life if he had any ambition left for football he’d want to prove himself in Italy or England but he has won everything possible english and european trophies.

    what i wouldn’t give just for him to put on a united shirt one more time so i could just walk down the road to old trafford to see him take it of again :d

  • Original jpf

    I am SO happy! Seriously so, and it’s because now maybe “football aka soccer” will finally now be more popular here in the states. I’d rather watch it than basketball….ducking. lol

    thanks Jared & Audrey

  • gitane

    this is too damn funny! a thread about becks becomes becks vs. brad.

    anyway, i’m not a soccer fan, but i’ve finally got a good excuse to become one. too bad he’ll be bringing that frightening wife of his with him–how did she get the name posh anyway? she’s far scarier than mel b.

  • jaromir

    To be honest, sure I like the guy, but he really isn’t that great of a player. Though I’m pretty sure that he will help Football (a.k.a Soccer) grow here in the U.S.

  • hr

    becks definitely is nearing the end of his career, but he is/was also very talented!! he’s just getting older… can’t be a superstar on the field forever. he’s still using his image to bring even more recognition to football/soccer EVERYTWHERE though, which is awesome. MLS is actually going to get exciting now!! W00T!

  • creativegirl

    Becks and Brad on the same continent? I don’t know if I could handle it. I’m recollecting those speedo pics from last summer :-)

    Maybe just for fun Jared you have an informal poll, do some pictures of Brad and Becks side by side so we can all compare the two for ourselves or at the very least oogle the eye candy. YUM!

  • Dave

    I heart Becks!!!!!

  • Marta

    he is celebrity not a football player.

  • Ludivine

    He’s a great soccer player, people who say he’s not just don’t know anything about soccer.

  • jaromir

    Thats funny Ludivine………I tend to have the same opinion about people who have the opposing view of mine.

  • vicky

    to Marta and Ludivine !
    Obviously you know nothing about about google him and see his career fact..I am sure you will be suprised to see how many cup he’s won !! This man is the most well known football player in the it makes him a celebrity as well not only a footballer !

  • voltavie

    Brian Says:

    January 11th, 2007 at 12:48 pm
    Does the MLS even make 250 million as a whole? This could actually bankrupt them and end soccer in America.


    LOL !! Good Question and only time will tell.

    “David is truly the only individual that can build the bridge between soccer in America and the rest of the world.”

    Obviously Mr. Leiweke is willing to put good money on top of his statement. I suspect that US Soccer organizations, after the “misfortune” of their World Cup team’s defeat as the hands (or feet) of the team from my beloved country GHANA (YAY !!), have realized that they need to import more accomplished players in order to boost their ranking in the world.

    I wonder if Mr Beckham will play for the US or for England in the future. If I remember rightly he is no longer captain of the English team.

    We Shall See.

  • ManU

    Kelly – you live near Old Trafford? I used to live near Ashton. What’s the weather like there?

  • Elin

    Oh please, Beckham is extremely overrated as a footballer. Sure he is fantastic with Set Pieces but otherwise he can’t run, or tackle, or kick with his left foot, or (as we all saw in the last World Cup) even manage to stay properly hydrated. Sure he has won a good share of cups and awards, but he always seemed to fall just short when it mattered in the Euro and World Cup tournaments.

    How did the Brad v Becks thing in this thread get started anyway? But for the sake of argument you might want to throw Freddie Ljungberg into that conversation as well, as Becks is hardly the best looking footballer out there just the most overexposed.

  • Ludivine

    Vicky, you’ll be nice if you’d keep your comment to yourself, sorry to disapoint you but i know a lot about football, as i’m a fan since i was a little girl, and always been a Utd fan, and in my opinion David Beckham is a brilliant soccer player, not the best but a brilliant one.

  • Mediterranean

    David Beckham will play football in U.S.A. He has been calling this sport football, not soccer.

    Do you see the difference? He will become only celebrity, not THE football player anymore.

    For him it’s THE END!

  • Mediterranean

    You say WELLCOME to him

    We say GOODBYE!

  • kelly

    19 – Man U fan

    The weather as always gail force winds raining as alwasy in manchester actually stopped atm my college is over the road from Old trafford i live about a 10 minute car drive away. Ashston’s not so far you always been a red?

  • velopan

    This is the end of David Beckham’s football career, and the begining of his super-tanned-celebrity-shopping-and-partying life.

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    They bought David For His Looks and His Celebrity, Not so Much For His FootBall Talent. Adidas Is Forking up alot of Money because they have the Most To Gain. This is All about selling Tickets. Go Becks Get Rich.. And Become even more Famous, If thats Even Possible

  • Jacinda

    Beckham is WAY hotter than Pitt. Man, now that they’ll be in Cali, can you even IMAGINE how much more neurotic, jealous and anoxeric Posh Spice will be? I can already see all the Hollywood chicas throwing themselves ALL over Beckham (who’s already cheated on her, no)?

  • Ahem

    This is going to be the biggest waste of money. American people could care less about soccer and David Beckham.

    I can’t wait until he’s interviewed on national television and American males hear his high pitched voice for the first time. ROTFL

  • blogelina

    Beckham is nice to look at but not as nice as Brad. I did read that Beckham will be giving Maddox private soccer lessons. Anyway, good luck to him and his family on their move here. He sure is raking in some serious cash. Anybody happen to know what Victoria Beckham is made of?

  • Jones

    vicky – he did not win the cup alone by himself. the club that he played for won those. more time than not he contributed next to nothing to the team’s winning.

    what a lame move for him……soccer, in america…….he is just trying to milk as much money as he can before his career is totally over. i am surprise that someone would pay that amount of money for him…….

    don’t get me wrong, i like the guy and i find him totally hot…….but he is just a bit overrated as a footballer.

  • West Ham

    Damn damn damn, I wanted him to spend some time at West Ham before cashing in in America.

    He’s worth $250m worldwide, not just in the US market.

    People who know a lot more about money (ie Americans) made this decision, not just Posh ‘n Becks.

  • ManU

    Kelly – so weather there same as always. My family in England is actually all about manchester city. I personally didn’t really follow football as a youth but I had friends who did and were big ManU fans. I went with them to a few games. When George Best was in his prime I met him a few times at parties – does that age me? Since I am now in USA I love anything from Manchester. I did have stock in ManU until it was recently bought out by an American and is no longer trading. Anyway, I miss Manchester and the surrounding areas. Good luck with college.

  • black

    Oh come on …………like Americans can play Fußball…….

    Even David won´t be able to fill that gap.

  • Cristina

    I love soccer an I love Beckham!!!He is so talented and he is a nice and great person!My friend once met him and he was so kind to her and the others,made pictures and autograph to all!!!and he is so popular that makes all gelous!!!

  • Ellie



  • Nutter

    black Says:
    January 12th, 2007 at 3:24 am

    Oh come on …………like Americans can play Fußball……

    They can and do every Sunday. It’s called the National Football League and that’s the point. The only time American’s care about soccer is when they’re at their kids games. LOL. The media will shove it in everyone’s face him going to California but no one will care. He can show up at every opening and every red carpet and people will be like “oh is that the girl who used to be in the Spice Girls?”

  • Nutter

    i am surprise that someone would pay that amount of money for him…….

    Actually, it’s 250 million based upon incentives. If he doesn’t reach and/or make the incentives he will not be getting that type of money.

  • Claire

    He’s crap, he knows he can’t cope in english football so he’s a coward and goes to the usa.

    Fergie knew what he was doning when he got rid of him for 25million.

  • Don’t just lie there and make your excuses

    Becks was a good player about 10 years ago. He can’t really play anymore and has really become a joke in the UK – him and that thing with plastic balls attached to her orange chest.

    As for comparing him to Brad Pitt and saying Becks has more talent (refer back to page 1, think it was the 3rd/ 4th comment), they’re involved in different industries -you idiot! How can you even compare the talents of a so called footballer to an actor (unless you’re talking about an ex-footballer who’s now an actor – Vinnie Jones – but can he act well?)

  • kintyan

    Don’t just lie there and make your excuses ,, shut up..
    you know nothing about beckham…
    you’re just a idiot that always reading those tabloid,,
    you know what,, uk people choose becks to be the 1st football player in england history,, so maybe you are th joke

  • Greeneyes

    David Beckam is having to make a final reach for something as he nears the end of his footballing days. His move I’m positive, was insisted upon to keep his gold-digging Posh wife accustomed to her lifestyle. I would love to see her face when Paris Hilton tries to get her claws into her husband. Don’t think Posh will stand too much of a chance once David is surrounded by all those younger, prettier girls in LA! Still, there’s lots of places to shop hey Posh, whilst your nannies raise your children!

  • Don’t just lie there and make your excuses

    kintyan Says:


    Er, before you call me an idiot may be you should have asked where I’m from – I’m from the UK – you idiot!

    I gather from the use of English you have used in your post, English is not your first language.

    As for Becks, I used to a major Man United fan back in 1996/97, when the young Becks played for the club, when he was an amazing force on the field and great to watch.

    Don’t tell me I don’t know anything, when in fact I probably know a lot more about this man’s football career than you do.

    Your post doesn’t make any sense – “uk people choose becks to be the 1st football player in england history,, ” – What the hell does this mean? Jeez, if you’re going to take a dig at me, at least learn how to use grammer, and make sense of what you’re saying.

    The UK doesn’t love Becks like they used, I should know I live here. It’s all about Wayne Rooney now. You idiot!

  • Elin

    Has it been pointed out yet that the $250million estimates that he will get 30-40 million of that a year from endorsements, only 5million of which will be from Adidas? Because the Galaxy club gave him the rights to his likeness all endorsement deals have been estimated into his contract. In reality the MLS is only responsible for under 500,000 of his salary while the Galaxy have to pay the rest of his 8-10 million a year contract with the club. So unless he gets the endorsement deals they are estimating him to get he won’t get anywhere near the 250.

  • Grant
  • remember da truth

    Scott cracks me up!! Rumors are not fact when it comes to Beckham’s cheating, but what do you have with Brad? Jen, Brad, Angie, Courtney Cox (who we all know spends more time with Jen than anyone) all say Brad didn’t cheat. But YOU do, okay, guess you know better than the people involved.

  • remember da truth

    Elin sounds awfully jealous!!!
    I’ve talked with English fans for years about Beckham because his image supercedes his play on the field, and the only ones who don’t agree that he is a fantastic player are those who back rival teams, like Man City. As one Englishman who is NOT a fan of Beckham’s or Man U at all said, “There are times that his play was sublime. When people say they don’t think he’s a good player, they don’t think his play deserves the recognition he has received worldwide, but nobody’s would. He is beyond football, and he’s been smart enough to exploit that with good advisors. He is not an intelligent individual, but he has made the most of what he has, which is phenomenal talent on the pitch, charisma, and good looks.”

    I couldn’t agree more. There seems to be a vehemence in the dislike of him that has only to do with a jealousy or antipathy for his fame and flaunting of wealth. But that has built his image and that has made him from a top player into a superstar of global proportions. He could very well be the biggest star in the world, sports OR entertainment. The $250 million is only 20% for playing, and that speaks volumes for what he is capable of beyond his play. But you notice that Anna Kournikova, also huge off the court, never got those kind of numbers. You have to have the play to back it up. He is more like Michael Jordan. He can play, and yes there are other good-looking talented players, but no one transcends the sport like Becks.

    He might be tailing off in his career, as shown in this last World Cup, but even an aging Beckham won games for them this World Cup, and Real Madrid wanted him to continue. An over the hill Becks is still a better player than most players still playing around the world, and he’ll certainly elevate American soccer.

  • remember da truth

    Ahem, don’t you remember Mike Tyson’s high-pitched voice? American males still loved his boxing.

    Besides, it’s American females who will love him! He is HOT HOT HOT!! Comparing him to Brad is silly, it’s like there can only be one hot guy? Beckham is sexy, charismatic and charming. It’s the moms who chauffeur the kids to soccer practice, adn now will watch the games on TV with the kids and talk with them about soccer.

    He could talk in falsetto if he wants, but if he’s shirtless while doing it, American women who have to look at fat, lazy men all the time will LOOOOVVVEEE those abs!!!

  • Farina

    He’s insame.. Real madrid is way better than LA Galaxy..

  • cali

    lol…remember da truth Says…that is so funny..

    to all the skeptics and bashers: if he wants to move to galaxy let him be…it’s his life anyway..not your life, not my life, his life..and if galaxy wants him, so what? let them have him..after all, they’ll be the ones paying not you, right? and if you really don’t like him you have the free will not to watch him…

    he may not be one of the best but he is still better than most players..and he’s a nice person who happens to have good looks..

    peace to all =)

  • Michael

    well…well… i watched your show yesterday and i’m a soccer fan of Michael Ballack, but now when I saw your show, you’re just way cooler than him and better I just couldn’t believe it!
    You are my first soccer fan David Beckham!