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Eva Mendes: Not Sharpest Tool in Shed

Eva Mendes: Not Sharpest Tool in Shed

Eva Mendes is Maxim Magazine February 2007‘s cover girl! Here are some highlights from Eva‘s interview with Maxim:

  • On gal pal Cameron Diaz: “I love Cameron. If I were a guy I’d ask Cameron to marry me. She’s got the greatest spirit, and she has the cutest, tightest butt. Her butt is so cute I can’t take it.”
  • On the toughness that comes across in most of her on-screen characters: “In real life I’m not tough. I’m more of a cuddle bug than a tough sex goddess. I may look like a bad girl, but I’m just built that way. I’m actually a good girl.”
  • On working with Hollywood’s leading men:”I’ve been lucky. All the guys I’ve worked opposite are amazing. I’d be blind as a bat not to have chemistry with Johnny Depp, Will Smith and Denzel Washington.”
  • On selling her soul to the devil: “I feel like I sell my soul a little bit every day in the business. It’s a barter system. You take certain role you don’t want on the assumption that it will pay off somewhere down the line.”
  • On how she kept her energy up on set: “I had a Red Bull problem. I was up to seven a day. Red Bull wanted to send me a mini-fridge. I was like, “No!” It’s like giving a crack addict free crack.”
  • On being more voluptuous for the role of Roxanne in “Ghostrider”:”I wanted to make comic book fans happy. The original Roxanne was blonde and blue-eyed, but she also had huge bajoongas. If I gain weight it goes to my boobs and my butt. I figured since I can’t be blonde and blue-eyed, I’ll at least have her bra size. So the bajoongas got big. They were out of control.
  • On not being obsessed with her weight: “I don’t complain about gaining weight. It was actually fun. I love my body. I believe in cherishing myself as a woman. But I don’t’ want to come off like I’m this totally in-control person, because I’m definitely not.”
  • On one of her flaws:”I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. I like a man to be smarter than me so I can learn from him. I like a superintellectual with an edge. Having an edge means not always abiding by the rules. I like a little danger. A little mischief.”

Eva Mendes‘s Maxim cover hits newsstands January 13th.

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  • magnus

    I’d bang her till she walked with a limp.

  • mel

    She is absolutely beautiful!

  • angiefan jsr

    I always mistake her for Gina Gershon. But Eva Mendes is definitely fiercer that Gina Gershon.

  • neelyo

    She looks like a Silly Putty imprint of a Cindy Crawford photo.

  • in the know

    I know from first hand experience that Eva Mendes is a cokehead

  • Maniston Who?

    shes not attractive.

  • Anon

    An empty can…

  • anon

    ah. yes. nothing more attractive than a woman who is self-proclaimed stupid and wants a man to teach her things.

    Sigh. the feminist in me is sad. but yes, she is gorgeous.

  • lily white

    I never thought of it, but she does kinda resemble Cindy Crawford and Gina Gershon’s evil love child…I know: A lesbian comic book movie, where EVERYONE has huge “bajoongas” and little or no brain. Forget the Britney Spears’ sex tape–the straight boys alone would pay millions to get their sweaty little paws on “Wonder Woman and Shena on Planet Sappho–Supergrrls Gone Wild”.

  • proud feminist

    Saying you are stupid in a mens’ magazine is – well stupid. especially when most men who read the magazine already think you are stupid.

    The proud feminist in me thinks Eva needs an intravention.



    They are FUGLY women that are clueless without a man. Even semi cute Jessica Alba gets on my last nerve with her SKINNY complex ass talking about hating her curves, meanwhile the bitch weighs 100 lbs and is 5’7 and a size 0…. Could that loser get more pathetic?? And young girls are supposed to aspire to be like them?? FYUCK!!

    I really appreciate the British and other Intl broads. They are strong, self confident, INTELLIGENT and speak well.. Give me Kate Winslet, Kate Blanchat, Thandie Newton, Toni Colette, etc.. any day of the week over these silicone dopes..

  • Intelligence

    Eva is fugly as hell!!

  • LA Girl

    I think she is really pretty and she seems like she would be really nice. Screw the part about a guy being smarter than you though…EWWW

  • Excuse Me?

    Eva Mendes is NOT fug, you are obviously a jealous woman. No man would EVER say that, and I know plenty who don’t think the the rest on your list are hot. Eva Mendes is an hispanic Cindy Crawford, she is gorgeous!! What Eva said wasn’t so bad, I know what she means. She said she likes smart men because she can LEARN from them. That isn’t so bad. What is bad is I liking smarter men so they can take care of things. Expressing a desire to learn isn’t such a bad thing. Learn to control your jealousy, its embarassing.

  • West Ham

    Wasn’t she just being a little self-depreciating? I think the feminist in a few of you is just a bit uptight. She seems as cool and self-aware as she is sexy.

    A good thing.

  • muffin ass

    toni collette is australian.

  • darite1

    Eye candy and humble i can get to that

  • Dirk Ghostrider

    Have you guys seen Its a great site, can’t wait to see the movie. I love Nicholas Cage…

  • edenfantasys_sex_toys

    I never had much of an opinion on Eva Mendes, but now I think I’d like to be her friend.
    She’s really awesome. Way to go with all the sex tape rummors and turn it into something funny, Eva. I hope googling “Eva Mendes” sex tape turns this up for the first page or so.
    Classy and funny.