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Justin: 'It's Over, Cameron!'

Justin: 'It's Over, Cameron!'

According to Star Magazine, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz celebrated the Christmas holiday apart with their respective families — Justin in Tennesse, Cameron in Colorado. Their source said, “They had been planning to be together in Tennessee with his folks. But he came out alone and she stayed in L.A.”

On Dec. 23, Justin partied with friends at Senses nightclub in Memphis, where he reportedly said “Me and Cameron? We’re done… The breakup is for keeps!” Multiple news outlets are reporting the same thing. Official statements from Justin and Cameron‘s reps have yet to be released.

UPDATE :: It’s OFFICIAL! Justin and Cameron just released an official statement: “It has always been our preference not to comment on the status of our relationship, but, out of respect for the time we’ve spent together, we feel compelled to do so now, in light of recent speculation and the number of inaccurate stories that are being reported by the media. We have, in fact, ended our romantic relationship and have done so mutually and as friends, with continued love and respect for one another.” — Brad Cafarelli for Cameron Diaz, Sonia Muckle for Justin Timberlake

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  • LV

    If it’s true that’s a bummer. They are a cute couple.

  • hmm..

    I like them even though Cameron gets a lot of undeserved flack from jealous britney and justin fans who dream of them getting back together.

    Hope Star magazine is false on this one.

  • malibumom

    Yep it’s true-guess she’s not so perfect after all!

  • http://deleted Myrna

    Cameron seems like a fun lady, but I think her smiles hide something painful cuz she never wants to get married, no desire for children… Why so jaded when never married? What does Justin have to look forward to? He’s a southern boy w/good upbringing, good family life. He will have a family one day. Cameron is too old for him anyways.

    Hope he don’t end up back with Britney Spears!

  • tanique

    man, had i known i would have asked santa for his dick in a box. i didn’t know it was an option.

    actually, i came around to like these two. but i’m not sure i believe it yet.

  • WTF

    Hope it’s true can’t stand Cameron. (and it’s NOT because of Shitney) Couldn’t care less about Justin. Cameron is just annoying and says stupid things in interviews.

  • Maya

    britney and justin forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you will see in 5 years they will be together!

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)

    Reg. People break up all the time, big deal.. boo hoo.

    if its true, now he can move on and date an even bigger celeb chick

  • Nando

    Did JT break up with Cameron or vice versa?

  • orchid

    I hope this isn’t true. They seemed happy together. I hope he does not go back
    to Britney. Remember, she cheated on Justin. If she did that once, she will do it
    again.He deserves better.

  • Mediterranean

    to Orchid,

    He got better but if the break-up is true, this means that he doesn’t deserve better at all.

    Britney is trash, if he goes back to her after what she has been, he is really stupid.

  • Souhila

    Justin will never come back with Britney because it would cause a great damage to his artistic credibility!

  • Mediterranean

    P.S. Cameron is not the best but she is much better than Britney.

  • sarah

    i am so happy that they are breaking up, it’s about time…….

  • just wonderin’

    WTF Says:

    January 3rd, 2007 at 3:09 pm
    Hope it’s true can’t stand Cameron. (and it’s NOT because of Shitney) Couldn’t care less about Justin. Cameron is just annoying and says stupid things in interviews.


    So because Cameron is annoying to you and because you think she says stupid things and can’t stand her, that means she desereves to have her relationship end?

  • keyz

    thats sad

  • Kini

    Maybe Justin is too sexy for her now….or now that Britt is on the market again…who knows

  • jenny

    stinky and pinky are ment to be!!!!!!!!!!

    im so romantic

  • KrungKrung

    if Justin will go back 2 white trash Brit Brit, then JT is STUPID, he knows better than that, i know better, JT u listening hun?

  • Orchid

    Mediterranean, I guess I didn’t make myself clear. I meant if Justin and Cameron
    did break up,he deserved better than going back to Britney now,because she
    cheated on him in the past. I agree with you, that Britney is trash. I do like Justin
    and Cameron as a couple.

  • kim

    i love jt

  • kim

    i love jt nnknn fwdfjdiwenn dtehrth trrj frej wekcw rej4 gfkwje qw;r ktj4

  • http://deleted Joelle

    Why do these young guys have to be exclusive? JT should date and have fun. Keep things light until he’s looking for a permanent mate. He’d better now marry before he’s 30. Maybe 35 to 40 would be better. Justin is soooooooo talented. Did you see Saturday Night Live? This guy has a great future if he plays his cards right. He can sing, he can dance, he can act really good if he studies the craft. His ups and downs in life give him maturity and character. He was meant to make it.

  • lala


  • http://hum... nabe

    wether you like them together or not, they are different in a sense that diaz always maintain that she hates comitments and all and Timberlake goes as far as singing that he wants her to accept his ring. He is young and it is all in good fun, she is older but probably way more immature, she seems to only act and surf ! well this thing could never last even if this time around it’s false.

  • Browsing

    Not a fan of either so the breakup is not earth shattering.

    Justin is talented but his ego has inflated too much over the years. He’s claiming he’s “bringing sexy back” single-handedly? It never left but whatever makes him feel good I guess.

  • bradley

    justine should date lohan or paris….ok!im nice now aniston!

  • —{~~@

    I will not beleive anything until their reps give out an “official” statement.

    Justin + Scarlett=CUTE COUPLE…unless she is still with that Josh guy.

  • Jacinda

    Justin deserves BETTER. Wouldn’t it be hott if he hooked up w/Scarlett?

  • Amy

    Probably not true, but if so, I’m not surprised. I don’t hate Cameron since I don’t know her personally, but in public she’s always seemed like a frigid b.i.t.c.h. Wait, so has Justin. Everytime they went out in public together, it didn’t seem right. But why am I noticing this? Not like it affects me.
    But Justin better not get back with Brit. Admittedly, he’s not the smartest of the male species, but he is smart enough to do anything way stupid in public (well actually the “look at me; I did drugs; I am sooo gangsta” thing was dumb to me, but the public didn’t mind apparently), so getting back with her would be career suicide.

  • black

    Well that was an open secret anyway…..

    Justin is way too much of an ass to be with her———–Britney, he´s coming!!!

  • toysha-x-

    if this is true, i think that the only reason why he is no longer with Cameron is because she just wouldn’t say the two words; ‘I do’!
    ps they were/are such a cute couple! :0) never forget this pairing/split

  • toysha-x-

    Jacida about the scarlett thing, that may be a good pair!
    ps wow u go girl, (i’m guessing) :0)


    OH…. Sorry to hear that ~~~~~~~ ” NEXT”

  • candice

    I think Justin and britney will end back up together. If not romantically then definitly professionally. I think Justin has a love for her that will never die. Good thing too, cause homegirl needs HELP!

  • Susie

    I respect the fact that Cameron is honest about not wanting to get married. It is better than the people that keep getting married and divorcing. Also I think she would be better off with an older man. Justin is too young. He has a lot of growing to do.

  • http://deleted Gia


    besides the love JT had for Brit originally, JT would also more likely carry a flame for her because SHE is the one who kicked him to the curb when she strayed. The person who leaves (in this case, Brit) usually fairs better emotionally. The person who was wronged or rejected (JT) carries anger, jealousy, and many times still secretly loves the person who left him.

  • angie

    i used to like britney but she’s TRASHY!!!!!!!!!! flashing her WHO-HA everywhere britney fans GET OVER IT!!!!!!! he’s tooo GOOD FOR HER!!!!!!!! their relationship ended 4 YEARS AGO peope!!!!! he NOT stupid!!!!!!!!!!!! & even thou i’m not a big cameron fan i still feel bad! :(

  • indie

    Justin is an idiot. She brought him back from the point of extinction, but then again if the rumors are right and she refused to marry him then why should he bother with her. In that case Cameron would be the idiot,yeah?

  • indie

    oh hell no…….please don’t let justin sink back down to britney!!!

  • Gavin

    Gosh, Britney is way to good for an egotistical maniac like him. Not only that but he’s cojones are tiny! First, the gentleman that is Justin tells the whole world Britney lost her virginity to him, then he makes a song about her, all for publicity. Then he contribuites to humiliate one of the biggest pop icons, Janet Jackson, and admits no wrong doing, the manly JT left Janet to hang! Now he’s made yet another song about Britney, he’s obviously still in love with her even though she’s made it very clear she wants nothing to do with him. I’m sure that was a factor in his break-up with Diaz.

  • 8===========D~~~ (@-=)


    and i wish people would stop stealing names

  • ( o )( o )

    poor cameron.

  • 8==========D~~ (@-=)


  • Sick of Brangelina

    Never could see these two lasting. Let’s see how long it remains civil.

  • Marie

    Justin stayed with Cameron a lot longer than I expected. I think they were a great couple – he’s just too young to be in such a committed relationship. That’s all. The sad part is if he’s dating Scarlett already. For anyone involved in a break-up that’s a harsh thing to endure. Poor Cameron. Even though she acts and talks like she’s 13 years old (and needs to quit), I do really like her. Good actress. Maybe she hooked up with Vaughn at the PCA. Hee-hee!

  • Marisleysis

    I’m so tired of these statements that couples release when they break up. They always include lame things like how they broke up “mutually,” (yeah right) and how they continue to have “love and respect for one another.” YEAH RIGHT. That’s the same crap Brad and Jen said. Yeah, I can really see their continued love and respect, blah, blah, blah.
    Here’s the truth- Justin dumped Cameron. In order to not have Cameron look like a total loser, Justin, out of sympathy for Cameron, agreed to this so-called mutual statement.

  • Amy

    That blows. They never seemed to really click, but their personalities matched pretty well in my opinion.
    I swear, if Scarlett Johansson has anything to do with this ish…her ass will be beat.

  • blogelina

    They always seemed like a mismatched couple to me but what do I know. Hopefully they will both just move on and find happiness with someone else.

    I agree the break up statements celebrities make are usually idiotic.

  • 8==========D~~~ (@-=)