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Daniel Craig's the BAFTA Man

Daniel Craig's the BAFTA Man

Not surprisingly, The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) just nominated Daniel Craig for Best Actor for his performance in the new Bond film, Casino Royale. He is up against Leonardo DiCaprio(The Departed), Richard Griffiths (The History Boys), Forest Whitaker (The Last King Of Scotland) and Peter O’Toole (Venus).

Casino Royale scooped up a total of nine BAFTA awards while British royal drama The Queen led the pack with ten. Both were nominated for “Best Film of the Year” alongside The Departed, The Last King of Scotland, and Little Miss Sunshine.

Pictured: Daniel Craig and producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell traveling from England to LAX.

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  • anustin


  • Robert

    I stood next to Satsuki once (it was in LA). I hate to say this, but she’s one ugly girl! She actually looks like a dude.

  • 8==========D~~~ (@-=)


  • gitane

    i’m no fashionista, but one should never NEVER wear a print bra under a white blouse. no no no!

  • River

    Looks like Craig is definatley not enjoying his new fame and being hounded by the paps. I haven’t found 1 candid of Craig smiling. He should of known if Casino was a hit that his profile would change instantly. Hopefully he’ll start getting used to it and relax and smile!

  • Susie

    Robert : Say whatever but she is with the man… He must be finding something beautiful. She has her own look. Does not have to be what we all think is beautiful but she has a nice body and maybe she is a really nice person. Try not to always judge people on appearance. I wonder how hot you are.

  • Koogle

    I agree with Susie, she not bad looking at all.. and I’d be pretty annoyed being followed around everywhere too

  • SandraSweden

    I agree with “gitane”. The bra was so i catching..big mistake.
    I never thougt about Daniel almoust never smile, a very boring image thing going on. But he looks soo good, I say it again LOVE LOVE him!

    Thank Just Jared!

  • Bondgirl

    You people are so vain it’s ridiculous. Daniel Craig is an outstanding actor and sexy as hell, that’s all I need to know!

  • magnus

    She’s hot.

    Bottom line.

    If you think she looks like a dude then you have some serious gender issues.

  • Robert

    Susie, please, you don’t know what you’re talking about. You say she has a nice body. NOT TRUE. Her body is one of the things that makes her look like a guy. Believe me, she has a man’s body (except the tiny breasts of course). I’m a photographer and I know ugly when I see it. In case you didn’t know, there’s a lot of talk going around in the business of Craig’s man-chick. I think you should take your time to look at other pictures of Mitchell. She is not pretty.

  • Hehehe

    I think “Robert” is really Roberta and wishes she was in those pics with Danny instead. [smile]

    Oh, and a warning to all the guys posting here, if you say you think his girlfriend’s “hot”, be prepared for the posts saying “how dare you call this woman hot!” to appear LOL! Or to be accused of being part of her publicity team LMAO!

  • Bondgirl

    Robert – So what she’s not pretty? There’s a law against going out with non-pretty girl? Your point proves what exactly? I’m not following you…

  • movie_freak

    I must say that as Bond, Daniel really sucked, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a great actor…in Layer Cake he was extremely good. And as for the comment of Robert, I think people should be allowed to express their opinion in any way they want, and if he found her ugly he must have his reasons, but beautuful or not nobody should wear a bra like that!!!!
    I’ve seen Daniel’s girl and she’s not ugly, but she’s not also breathtaking, she’s normal…she must be really special to cath such a hottie as Daniel Craig..who knows ein?!

  • toysha-x-

    bout the print bra thingy i TOTALLY agree, unless if she was tryin’ 2 do a publicity stunt coz if she woz, i think she should be on ‘The 101 most shocking publicity stunts gone WRONG!’ LOOL! well neva met her so i can’t judge on whether she pretty or not :*(

  • Well…

    At least she’s doing better than Britney Spears…cause Brit probably wouldn’t have been wearing a bra or panties, rofl.

    But I don’t get what her looks have to do with anything either. Plenty of people said he was too ugly to be James Bond and he’s got a BAFTA nomination now.

  • gia

    Forget re the COLOR of the bra… how ’bout the SUPPORT it fails miserably to provide?!

    His glasses are gay.

    I do still love him, though.

  • wendy

    they don’t look happy at all in this picture..she kind of reminded of that cartoon..the littles ..her ears kind of poked out a bit..anyway,I m a huge bond fan..I thought he was okay as may have been just any action film you were watching ..not so much in the vein of a bond just lacked something for me..I do find him sexy..but kind of boring too..

  • chanelconspiracy

    He is so ugly sexy, and he completely sets my pants on fire. He’s also a really good actor. That being said: GO FOREST! Apologies to DC, but I want FW to take home the BAFTA and Oscar *fingers crossed*

  • ellen

    another question : doesn’t she work ? theyre always together, I presume she works in england now, but how come she can always travel with him ?
    question 2 : don’t you think they both looked like they’ve spent a holiday in the sun at the premiere of Infamous ? did’t find pics of them on holiday though
    as far as her looks : she looked absolutely gorgeous when pictured a year ago in los cabos, and she looked stunning at the premieres of CR, especially in Paris and Australia, and when they were pictured shopping she looked nice too, maybe lately she been photographed from the wrong angle ? or maybe she is not feeling well cause of pregnancy (just kidding!)
    tall, great figure, beautiful hair, nothing wrong with that, and she has daniel of course, would like to take her looks and boyfriend anytime ! i think they will marry eventually and have more kids, he is absolutely in love with her, lucky girl !!

  • sdf

    He looks like Steve McQueen.

  • joline

    Hmm…I’m afraid that I have to agree with Robert regarding Satsuki Mitchell’s looks. I’ve seen her (and Daniel) in real life too and…I don’t know how to say this but, well, she’s not beautiful, not even pretty actually. There is something really masculine about her. I don’t know…

    Here are some other pictures of Mitchell:

  • http://Sole Sole

    ^^^ Yikes, I checked out the pics above, wow she looks like a man, seriously.

    Maybe she is his beard who just happens to be very masculine? Weird. He could do much better.

  • Leslie

    Yeah, I’ve read people making fun of her for having an “adam’s apple”. Which those pics do make it look like she could have. Some women do have them though. Not unheard of at all. If they’re uncomfortable about it, there is the option to get surgery.

  • joline

    Look at Satsuki’s body in this picture:

    One word: She-male.

    Also, can you believe she’s only 28?! She looks much older.

  • NotJealous

    All of you who are trashing her are simply jealous. It’s too bad Daniel did not pick YOU as his girlfriend, because I’m sure YOU are just drop-dead gorgeous!! Lol.

  • http://Sole Sole

    NotJealous Says:
    January 13th, 2007 at 11:05 pm

    All of you who are trashing her are simply jealous. It’s too bad Daniel did not pick YOU as his girlfriend, because I’m sure YOU are just drop-dead gorgeous!! Lol.


    NO I want the real Bond: Roger Moore not this turd. And she does look ultra masculine. Check out the links above. Scary.

  • Leslie

    Oh I definitely wasn’t bashing her, I like these 2 a lot. Just pointing out that some people take that “bump” in her neck as being abnormal. It’s not. If that is an “adam’s apple”, women can have those. It’s not odd. And surgery to change it is very risky to vocal cords and leaves internal and external scarring. So yes, there are women who elect not to do anything about it. Doesn’t make them male. Just like there are men who don’t have adam’s apples, well those men aren’t females lol!

    As for her body, she’s very skinny and that’s about it. She looks like any other super skinny gal who works out. Some of her pictures are worse than others but that’s true for everybody. She takes some nice pics as well. Anyway, happy for Daniel and the BAFTA nomination. Hope he wins, he deserves it!!

  • Jo

    I love the “he/she could do much better” you can always find in this type of post. Probably because most people replying in these are 16yo virgins and they don’t know what is a relationship/love and think they will marry Justin/Jared/Jake/etc someday. And of course you can always find the “I’m a photographer/journalist/insider, I know what I’m talking about”. lol And it doesn’t matter if she was ugly or gorgeous, y’all would still trash her. oh, well, who cares. He looks hot and manly as always; a refresh in Hollywood for sure.

  • Sue

    Does anyone know when the BAFTA 2007 will be airing and will it be on BBC? Thanks

  • Sue

    joline Says:
    January 13th, 2007 at 4:51 pm

    Hmm…I’m afraid that I have to agree with Robert regarding Satsuki Mitchell’s looks. I’ve seen her (and Daniel) in real life too and…I don’t know how to say this but, well, she’s not beautiful, not even pretty actually. There is something really masculine about her. I don’t know…


    joline, how did DC look in real life?

  • ellen

    will daniel be there at the golden globes ?

  • SF

    Are some of you implying she was formerly a he? I don’t think she’s ugly though i won’t say she’s pretty as well. There are many women out there who are pretty ordinary you know. Is she mixed? Hence the name? maybe the mixing didn’t go down well?

    You’re right though; she looks masculine, the way she walks too. But she also takes extra care in what she wears, most of the time anyway. That speaks a lot for Daniel though; it shows it’s not the looks that matters.

  • M

    He is so HOT, and she is so NOT. It’s so disappointing. WHAT is he thinking?

  • Lisa

    He’s thinking for himself. And living his life the way he wants to. As he should be. That’s one of the coolest things about him! :)

  • Megin

    Please let him know we’re all huge fans, Lisa!

  • Mrs Craig

    It is being aired on BBC one in UK on Sun 11 Feb. Not sure of time yet but usually about 9pmish. If anyone interested in doing red carpet at Baftas it is being held at Royal Opera House Covent Garden and according to bafta they are havig the usual fan area. Passes will be given out on a first come basis and told to return at a specific time to get into area. I have ben in the past and people are there from the very early hours.

  • AK

    Why get so upset at the fact that folks call her ugly?

    Truth is truth…lol And she better get used to it b/c I just saw Nicole’s pics on the other page and she is going to be doing alot of frowning for the next few months….years.

    I like Daniel as an actor but you got to take the good with the bad when you make your choices.

  • M

    For those of you posting here who know/have met/have seen DC, please share more. He is such an enigma. Would love to know what he’s like in person….looks, demeanor, all. Do tell!

  • Julia

    We judge from what we see, but there are always 2 sides to a coin. I’ve been wrong a number of times about people my friends end up with. It seems when you meet the choice, it’s either he/she’s a really good listener and absolutely fun to talk to or just plain genunine and wonderful, looks aside. At least she’s not UGLY.

  • Not that it matters

    A FUG for sure.

  • beauty expert

    To all who think Satsuki is a no beauty!
    In some of her previous shots she bares a considerable resemblance to the likes of Penelope Cruz (the squarish-face group). It is a kind of an abstract beauty that only people of a particular sense can see and admire. The bone structure with the close-fitting skin, the easily-read symmetry (jawline mainly), the daring eyes, … the tight-lipped yet ultra-expressive features, and that placid soul behind it all. It’s only the kind of beauty that doesn’t necessarily satisfy all tastes. Still, the fact is, it is the sort of an EXQUISITE.

  • Not that it matters

    I don’t see it, sorry.

  • bataglio

    exquisitely horse-faced