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Patrick Dempsey's Life Beyond McDreamy

Patrick Dempsey's Life Beyond McDreamy

Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd) takes on the February 2007 issue of Details Magazine! Here are some choice quotes from the interview:

  • On being more of a loner as he grows older: “I like to be alone a lot. I like my privacy. The older I get, the more I want to be around fewer and fewer people.”
  • On growing tired of his character on Grey’s Anatomy: “Things are going well, but I’m not satisfied. I don’t think the character is going to change that much. Shonda Rhimes has created a great show. And I’m contributing to that and have benefited from that profoundly. And she’s benefited by being smart enough to cast me when no one else did. [It’s] been a great opportunity, but it’s not the end-all, be-all of where I want to go.”
  • On competition with Eric Dane (Dr. Mark “McSteamy” Sloan): “There’s no real competition. We’re so different. It will be interesting to see where the dynamic of that friendship goes in the show. I think the women characters are developed very well. I sometimes feel that the men get a little shortchanged. [Rhimes] is writing an idealized version of what men should be.”
  • On being unique in Hollywood: “[Grey’s] has given me so much confidence. I went through five years where I didn’t get anything from auditions. You start to think, Well, I’m not attractive, I’m not a good actor. But I never gave up. I just accepted this is who I am. I’m not George Clooney, I’m not Brad Pitt, but I’m uniquely who I am.”

Eric Dane also gave one quote: “Patrick’s funny. He may be funnier than I am. I came in to shoot my first scene, and it wasn’t comfortable. If you’re the only one in a towel on a set where everybody’s clothed, it’s kinda rough. We did the first take, and Patrick turned around and asked me when my calendar was coming out. I asked him when his shampoo campaign was coming out.”

Read the full Details interview with Patrick Dempsey here.

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  • Hutu

    The guy comes across as arrogant, especially with the “And she’s benefited by being smart enough to cast me when no one else did”.

    I do somewhat agree. It is the female’s show. They get the character development and the depth whilst the males are their playthings. But to actually publicly say it? I don’t know, it’s a bit harsh. Way to bit the hand that feeds you. If I was Shonda I would be pissed!

  • hunnybunny

    With the twins coming, he should be more careful not to bite the hand that feeds them!

  • Sam

    Man, I love me some Dempsey but yup, I agree. He came off as a major ass with the “she benefited” comment. He should get down on his hands and knees and thank Shona for casting him. He was an absolute has been and because of her and her “unsatisfying” show he’s back on the A List. I hope that that was taken out of context, because usually he comes across as extremely humble and gracious in interviews.

  • 8==========D~~~ (@-=)

    its funny, know one was talking about this nerd back in the days. i remember “cant buy me love” and “in the mood” and many more.. when the hell did he because sexy? lmaoo girls are such idiots. if tv tells u someone is sexy [McDreamy] u’ll believe it. lol

    if his name was McUgly, not 1 person would be talking about him now.

  • Mary E Hoger

    I don’t think that his comments are arrogant,he is just being truthful. Shona is making big bucks off of him and the other guys on the show. The woman are given all of the better lines and stories.The men are cast as the weaker sex and the women have to stay strong each week, I say give the men a chance to show their stuff(acting ability).I want to see if they can make me laugh or cry.

  • Sam

    [QUOTE]lmaoo girls are such idiots. if tv tells u someone is sexy [McDreamy] u’ll believe it. lol[/QUOTE]

    Yes because us females are such simpering morons that we have no radar for attractiveness and we need to be steered in the right direction. Thank god you “men” are so progressive with your standards of beauty.

  • Patsy Theroff

    Don’t leave Grey’s Anatomy for something
    else okay.