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Britney's Playground Push

Britney's Playground Push

Britney Spears was spotted pushing son Sean Preston, 16 months, on the swings at a playground near her Beverly Hills home this past Friday afternoon. Britney, 25, purchased this new home in a gated community not too long ago. The 7,400 square foot house has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an office, a media room, a maid’s quarters, a balcony and a lush yard.

Where is Jayden James, 4 months??

Britney pushes Sean Preston on the playground swing
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britney spears playground 02
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  • Gavin

    That’s really cute, I love seeing her spend time with her kids

  • ablove

    yeah me too and her son is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

  • SandraSweden

    Where is Jayden James, 4 months?? Where is Jayden James, 4 months?? Where is Jayden James, 4 months??

  • krungkrung

    wow, jayden james is doing ala suri cruise style in hiding eh? i think brit brit has a big plan dunno what but it’s coming!!!!!

  • mopno

    there doesn’t seem to be “fun” going on? it’s like “yeah, ok, here i am pushing my kid on the swing, are we finished yet?”

  • k.c.

    can’t the girl take her son to the park herself and put him on the swing herself and just be a normal mum for 5 seconds out of the day. I mean at least carry you son for chirsts sake!!! Anyway maybe theres more to what the video showed….. heres hoping…

  • sally

    it looks like she is having fun to me, jayden james is 4 months old. too young for swings, you think. no matter what she does. someone is always critical. if she spends time with her child someone finds fault. if she does, than the same person finds fault. so what is a person to do?????

  • msguidedmama

    Looks totally normal to me. I ALWAYS wear a dress, blazer, high heels and carry my bag the whole time while taking my kids to the sandy park. Helps me set the tone of “there is very little time for mommy to play with you in this life” to the kids.

  • kidi

    She looks like a hooker who stumbled onto a playground by mistake.

  • bdj

    Britney is giving new meaning to the words, “Mommie dearest”. Sean Preston, better known as Kfed, Jr, is one “childhood” away from writing a “tell-all” book.

  • Kat

    Britney uses the media the same way they use her….I suspect this is a ploy on her part to show herself as a “Mom” versus a birth mother. She has a lot of catching up to do before she hits the courts.

  • Chanel

    msguidedmama Says:

    January 14th, 2007 at 9:52 am
    Looks totally normal to me. I ALWAYS wear a dress, blazer, high heels and carry my bag the whole time while taking my kids to the sandy park. Helps me set the tone of “there is very little time for mommy to play with you in this life” to the kids.

  • jkl

    That is a odd looking little boy, very odd looking.

  • Jillian

    Yep, the little boy is odd looking, looks like mama does not groom the child, his hair always looks unkept. Mama looks mangie!

  • Zoe

    It’s so obvious that she is posing for the cameras. She is trash and she is using her own kid for a good PR. This is disgusting.

    She is looking uglier and cheaper every single day.

    God, help these two innocent babies.

  • kidi

    Unfortunately I don’t think that child is all….there.

  • sally

    shawn preston is a cute little boy, how would like it if someone called your child odd, or not all there. did you see the video, all the other parents were just pushing their children in the swings and they had no smiles on their faces either. she looked like she was having fun with her son!!!!!

  • Angela

    Sean is super cute, he looks completely all there to me. But, yeah, where is Jayden?!! He is 4months old now! I would love to see what he looks like.

  • Antwan

    Does anyone else think she’s trying a little too hard to look like Paris? The hair, sunglasses, etc….it’s completely Hiltonian.

  • 8==========D~~~ (@-=)


  • b

    wow some of you people are ridiculous..your thinking way too much into it. get a life! she took her child to the park parents do that you know! bunch of dumb asses on here!

  • Shauna

    I do think this was slightly calculated because of all the comments regarding how little time she seemed to be spending with her young children (due to all the non-stop party photos). I am sure it is a hard life to have your every moved followed and filmed, but it does work both ways.

    When they stop following and filming her, she knows she will truly be over.

  • StillHaventSeenTheNewYou

    She looks like a HOOKER! This woman has 7 bathrooms in her house and it looks like she hasn’t even used one! She looks dirty and smelly. You would think with all that money, she would at least go get her hair done or buy a comb. Washing your hair with soap isn’t gonna cut it Brit! SHAMPOO/CONDITION! Instead of clubbing and f**kin random guys, try working on your personal hygiene.

    Does she really have 2 kids?? Jayden must’ve done something bad to Britney because she never wants to be around him. I guess one kid was enough for her because she doesn’t seem to know how to handle 2 at a time.

  • StillHaventSeenTheNewYou

    She looks like a HOOKER! This woman has 7 bathrooms in her house and it looks like she hasn’t even used one! She looks dirty and smelly. You would think with all that money, she would at least go get her hair done or buy a comb. Washing your hair with soap isn’t gonna cut it Brit! SHAMPOO/CONDITION! Instead of clubbing and f**kin random guys, try working on your personal hygiene.

    Does she really have 2 kids?? There’s not even a picture of her walking around with a stroller covered or something. Jayden must’ve done something wrong because Britney never seems to want to be around him. I guess one kid was clearly enough for her because it looks like she doesn’t know how to handle both of them at once.

  • Jillian

    Britney looks like a mangie dog, and her child look like an unkept pound puppy.

  • James

    That poor guy who she’s got hauling that baby around, I hope he is being paid well for that, he must be really miserable.

  • Denise

    She is holding her other child for ransom for the highest tabloid bidder, what a disgrace she is. I would not buy any magazine thats buys the pic of her newest baby.
    I would not give my hard earned money to that greedy b*tch.

  • WTF

    This is so staged. You can tell how bored she is. SPF is messed up from being dropped on his head. Perm damage. The other one is wonky from her drug use during pregnancy. Stupid bitch whore.

  • Leah

    Slutney Spears strikes again!
    She can’t even put her purse down to push her kid. I never thought I would see the day that I would be on “Team KFED” but thetide might be changing.

  • Confused

    How much is she worth again?

  • Fio

    You are a bunch of jealous people. She looks beautiful and she is enjoying time with one of her kids. Parents do that, you know? If she was wearing something simpler, you would say she has money to dress better. And Sean is the cutest!.

    That guy must be a body guard. She is pretty famous, you know? So she need company, someone to protect her and her child.

  • Marie

    That stupid girl (not woman) is nothing more than gross and desperate. What a sleaze and tramp. Look at her lifting her dress for the cameras (cameras she knows are there because this is a complete photo opp – not mommy & me time). Why is she lifting her dress? She is so desperate for attention. I’m sure she wants Kevin or Justin to see her legs because she is so proud of them and wants so much to be seen as sexy. What a joke and what a sham. That poor child deserves so much better. As I’ve said before: I wish someone would follow her and throw fat tomatoes at her until she heads back to her house where she ought to be. Pigs are better at parenting than she is.

  • pinkypaws

    One can clearly see that this is not “quality time with mommy”. It is strictly “posturing”. The manny is assuming mommy’s role while mom poses for the cameras.

  • Possible???

    Sean P looks like he has Down’s Syndrome. Jayden is probably messed up too from the drugs she did during her pregnancy.

    That gum showing in the mouth is nasty as h e l l !!!

    Why does she keep hiking up her skirt to show her fat legs at a playground?

    She’s just nasty, yucky, and dirty. SKANK, SKANK, SKANK. Can you tell I have nothing good to say about her but don’t mind not keeping it to myself?

  • DaisyFly

    I’m sorry, but everyone saying “how cute” and crap need to get their eyes examined. WTF is SO cute about the mother of that child standing back while someone ELSE pushes, carries, and cares for her child while she’s RIGHT there?

    She didn’t TRY to push him, carry him, or show him any affection whatsoever. No. The only thing SHE did was lift up her skirt hem to expose her thunderous thighs and clutch her stupid purse to her body.

    Everyone who keeps trying to support her are only enabling her to continue her irresponsible and unacceptable behavior. She’s a mother, whether she or YOU likes it or not. Ignoring this and congratulating her on photo ops where she’s merely a bystander in regards to the daily care of her son condones her behavior.

  • Courtney

    VERY CUTE!!!!!

    (by the way in case you guys didnt know, brad & angie are confirmed by People to be attending tomorrow’s Golden Globes!! Angie is supposed to be wearing a dress by St John)

  • blogelina

    SP is a cute kid, much cuter than his mother. What’s up with those faces Britney is making? It’s hard to believe that this mess of a woman is the same Britney of a few years ago….man. I guess there isn’t any swing or other playgroud equipment at her new mansion, or maybe there just aren’t any photographers at her mansion.

  • lauren

    Is it just me or does anyone else think there must be something wrong with Jayden?? She never takes him anywhere…not even if he is covered with a blanket, it just seems weird.

  • Marivic

    There were some really unecessary comments made about Sean Preston and Jayden James… Say whatever you want about Britney, but to talk about kids…my gosh. What the hell is wrong with you people? If you guys don’t like Britney, stop reading about her! That’s all there is to it… Click on all the other celebrity links and stop wasting your time commenting crap about someone who you guys supposedly don’t give a sh*t about. Bunch of stupid asses that can’t admit that they give a sh*t about what goes on in Britney’s life.

  • justathought

    Britney carried that baby sean everywhere. Any photo we saw for almost the last two years had him in her arms. He is probably getting to heavy for her to carry him everywhere all the time now so she is sharing that. I think it is great that she took him out to a park where there are other children. Lifting her skirt to cameras is a an insecure jesture – deep down she is shy. She doesn’t mean anything by it. I’m glad she moved to a gated community. Maybe brangleina would do well in a gated community. They would have a bit more privacy and be able to take their kids to the park without being bothered.

  • Nani

    Excuses excuses excuses.

    justathought, you’re full of it. He’s two years old. At two years old! I carried my kids until they were at least three, and I’m no weightlifter, I’ll tell you that. Also, SPF has been carried around for the past year by a manny, NOT Britney. The few times she DID carry him or cared for him personally, she almost knocked the stuffing out of his head. And insecure my @SS! No insecure woman goes out without her panties on. No insecure woman goes on national television and makes out with Madonna. No insecure woman puts her stupid antics out on television in a syndicated reality show. No insecure woman gets married for “fun”. Sorry, she’s not insecure. She’s just plain STUPID. Stop making excuses for the dumb tw@t and maybe she’ll start acting like an adult who happens to be the mother of two babies!

  • Bad Mama

    35- Could not agree with you more. Well said!

    39-Your right not good to say bad things about the kids. Your other comments..
    we can waste our time anyway we want. I like calling Britney trash because she is and I have a life…Thank You!

    40- I would not want Britney anywhere need Brad and Angie and their babies.

    I love all your opinions!

  • cvs

    i hate the way she’s not even pushing her kid on the swing, her “manny” does it for her! and when they get in the car, again the manny is the one who buckles him up. poor babies, i feel sooooo sorry for them. hey brit, being a mommy is a lot more REWARDING then your party nites! GET A F*** GRIP OF YOUR LIFE NOW!

  • ohplease

    I don’t understand why people bring in the kids into this. Go ahead and judge Britney and anyone else, but there is no need to bad mouth her children. They are innocent boys who did not choose their parents, and they both have a shot at leading normal lifes, not unless they continually hear and read all these horrible things by so many “concerned” people.

    Last year we were always seeing pictures of her carrying Sean and people would complain that she was going to mess him up by having him in her arms all the time, now she doesn’t carry him and people complain she doesn’t want him with her, make up your mind.

  • juli

    Sometimes my mom, husband, mother in law and teenage son put my kids in their car seats. And yes sometimes they hold him and push him in the swing. Oh no!!!! I better watch it or someone will call me a bad mom too.
    You guys are ridiculous!!! FYI…. sometimes moms need a break, I know it’s shocking for some of you. And how does anyone know what time she goes out at night? I work at a bar and some of our customers don’t come in until 10 at night. I hardly think her sons are traumatized because she goes out when their sleeping. Yes I know her appearence is questionable but everyone is different after having a baby. When I look at pictures of myself from a year and a half ago (after I gave birth). I look like hell when normally i’m thin and put together. All i’m saying is noone really knows whats going on away from the cameras. Shes never out during the day, and paparazzi rarely photographs her during the day. Give the girl the benefit of the doubt.

  • dewfwafwafg

    i think sean preston is the cutest baby in the whole entire world!!! i have like one thousand pictures seaved of him.
    who agree’s.

  • dewfwafwafg

    i totally agree with you juli!