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Prince Harry Prepares For War

Prince Harry Prepares For War

Is Prince Harry being deployed for war in Iraq? Prince Harry, who is third in line to the throne, was scheduled to begin final training for deployment to Iraq with his army regiment, but the Defense Ministry is still undecided.

A Defense Ministry spokesperson said, “Even if the regiment is selected, it is not the case that the entire regiment would be deployed. If his unit was selected, it would be down to the unit commander to determine whether it would be appropriate for Harry to go.”

Pictured: Prince Harry, 22, picking up his girlfriend Chelsy Davy, 21, from the airport earlier this weekend in London, UK.

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  • drop it like it’s hot

    From…. Boy to Man !!

    and a good looking one at that..

  • frustration

    where the Fcuk are the bush twins?? og yea at naked yale parties.

  • Zoe

    I prayer, Harry will marry Chelsy. She is beautiful and colorful.

    The girl friend of William is sooooooo boring, she acts like she is already the Queen-in-waiting. I hope that William will never marry Kate, big mistake.

  • black

    He´s going there now….ok now I hate him as well.

  • Capriciousdiva

    Zoe that’s a good interpretation of Kate spot on.
    I don’t even know what they went to Iraq for in the
    first place
    Weapon’s of mass destruction was just an excuse
    the real reason – eliminate Bush’a opponent Saddam

  • Chanel

    Now the Bush children should put on a uniform get basic training and be deployed in Iraq to help fight the war their father/uncle started.

  • Chanel

    It’s a shame their mama is not here to see them as grown men.

  • Hmm!!

    To CapriciousDiva. Do tell all you know about this war. Do you have a real opinion or are you just spouting some silly tired saying – “No weapons of mass destruction – whine, whine, whine, whine.” Harry should be commended on wanting to have a viable career and in his own way serving the people of Great Britain.

  • Capriciousdiva


    First of all i never said anything about Harry going to Iraq
    I actually admire him
    Secondly, I questioned the reason for the war
    nothing at all to do with Harry’s service at all
    SO read what I write properly next time… fool

  • gia

    Hmm!! “serving the people of Great Britain.”

    pray tell: HOW? How is anyone’s going to Iraq to support the failure that Bush/Rummy/Wolfowitz/Rove have wrought?

    Keep buying the propaganda. They need morons like you.

  • Capriciousdiva


  • Sick of Brangelina

    who knew?

    That Harry would become hot Harry, and William…not so much.

  • blogelina

    Chanel Says:

    January 14th, 2007 at 11:47 am
    It’s a shame their mama is not here to see them as grown men.

    So true and so sad that she isn’t here to see them. I’m sure she would be very proud of them both. I have a permanent picture of those two young boys walking behind their mother’s casket in my brain.

    Harry was always my favorite although I don’t know why, maybe because he is “the spare” so to speak. He grew up to be quite a nice looking guy. I admire him for wanting to go to Iraq but I wonder if he will be allowed to actually go…time will tell I guess.

  • Tanner

    Trash talkers and self important ones, if you are not British keep your negative opinions to yourselves.

  • Zoe


    As a British, stop interfering everybody’s business on this earth and just SHUT UP! The British is under every stone, you turn.

  • Tanner

    To Zoe: Ha Ha Ha! “As a British” wow – someone knows how to speak the Queen’s english. I’m definitely going to listen to you – yea right!

  • Sylvia

    Thank you for these pics!!!

    I love prince Harry and prince William and always love to see new pics of them…Keep them coming please Jared!!!

    I think Chelsy’s great for Harry…they make a great/cute couple!

  • Cam

    Harry is so much hotter and nicer than his brother.

    How’s that fat balding guy next to him? William? lol kidding kidding…

    Anyway, I hate the fact that the press loves to pick on Harry, he’s a nice guy and I’m pretty that all the “bad stuff” he does, William does the same.

  • Zoe


    As a British you use f… off in every single sentence; and I’ll tell you in the way you get it: F… OFF and I am very pround of NOT BEING British at all. THANK GOD for this.

    English is not the language I have learnt since I was born, check out your own mistakes in your mother tongue, you stupid, useless b…..

  • allovergirl

    So sad that so many people here who hate the war for its violence would spew such hatred. Peaceful people work in mysterious ways I guess.

    Keep the Harry and Will pics coming, I love to see them!!

  • Caroline

    Just respect him for doing his duty. He is a trained soldier and he is accepting his repsonsibility. No need to start arguing. Yes the war is unneccesary. No weapons were find. It is costing lives. How can you argue over that.
    But it is a mess we created and we need to sort it out. If he goes over and helps doing so that should be commended. Zoe you can be proud NOT to be british, (what is that anyway? I am English NOT British) and thanking God for this, but you just show yourself to be a moron.

  • gia

    Allover: it’s not 100% incongruous that i’d hate the war and ‘spew hatred’.

    I am ANGRY! Angry that the country, the world – was lied to, by a govt the US supposedly elected.

    It’s one thing to go lay your life on the line for God and country; quite another to go waste your life on the imperialist ambitions of some shut-up-this-is for-your-own good-and-how-do-you-dare-disagree-w/the-decider posse. I can imagine that the grief of US families who have lost their children to this war is tremendous – but maybe they’re able to tell themselves that the kids did die defending their land. I just can’t understand what it is that British families think when they lose kids in this war… it sure wasn’t for God and country that their loved ones died.

    So H going to war – he should, just like any other Brit bloke, if he’s in the army, of course. The question should be rhetorical. But the fact that he – or any other Brit – should go, that’s what is inane. The sense of it all is what’s sorely lacking.

  • Dani

    Is it just me or is Chelsy looking really good these days? They are adorable together!

  • Zoe


    What’s written on your passport, English or British?

  • sugar

    blogelina I am agree with you,it’s sad that her mama isn’t here,she was realy perfect,
    so me I don’t want that prince harry go in iraq,he is brave!!!he is perfect as his mama…