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Angelina Jolie Takes in New Orleans

Angelina Jolie Takes in New Orleans

Angelina Jolie was spotted out and about this past Friday night with her assistant Holly Goline. The two took in some of the sights of New Orleans, Lous. stopping by Italian/Mediterranean restaurant “Angeli on Decatur” and “Gothic Bar” (both located in the French Quarter). Angie and Brad Pitt reportedly flew back to L.A. later that night. Golden Globes, here we come!

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  • Just Jared

    And a big Happy Birthday to you, Alexanderina!!!

  • 8==========D~~~ (@-=)


  • guli

    Jared and Audrey thank you so much. Now we have a new thread for the GG’s.

    Hello BAMZSers!!!!! It’ going to be a great day :lol:


  • Canadian Chick

    Weeeeeeeeeeeee! Happy Monday!

  • M

    Does anyone else notice how this woman doesn’t have any female friends? I mean, aside from the ones on her payroll.

  • Chinita

    She looks so happy and content…Just beautiful…

    I wish her, Brad and the kids all the best always.

  • Original jpf

    Thanks Jared & Audrey.

  • green lettuce

    BEAUTIFUL!!! White clothes suits her well!!

  • Sara

    Jared, those pictures are from Friday, not last night.

  • alexandrina

    happy birthday alex. hope to see B&A on the red carpet! BAMZS love them!!!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Sara!

  • kearnie

    Re:the above link that she still doesn’t have the dress – didn’t we go through this before with her Vogue photoshot but eventually she wore the dress(s).

    I guess someone is still trying to paint Angelina is a bad light.

  • kearnie

    Jared – are you patrolling tonight?

  • kearnie

    please do.

    thanks for the new link.

    Thanks again.

  • kearnie

    Happy Birthday to Alex

  • Bp

    I remember she said a friend of hers lives in NO during Katrina. what is she wearing ? lol she looks cute and a little tipsy!

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  • Original jpf

    Forgot to say how happy she looks all the time now. There’s a definite peace and lightness about her; a lovely contentment, and it’s very cool to see. It’s not the face of someone who’s concerned like some are about what people might be saying or writing about her. I love it.


  • Sara

    So that report about her dress fitting in Beverly Hills on Thursday must’ve been false.

  • Andrómeda

    Beatiful as always…Love Angie!!!
    Thanks JJ

  • lucky

    Wow! Angie looks great in that white dress! She’s started wearing white these days. When she was in India she only wore black. I like her in white better. Yeah…….go Angie!!!!!!!

  • Sheri

    She looks beautiful! A genuinly happy smile & relaxed. You can see all is wonderful in her world!

    Hi BAMZS’rs been away abit , glad to be back in time for the GG!

  • Isabelle II

    she looks very playfull, like a kid having fun. She probably enjoys this more than award shows


    Happy Birthday, Alex!

    According to Bradforums, Brad was in Los Angeles, Jan. 13

  • BP

    Well, damn it! I hope she’s at the GG tonight. I won’t even bother watching if she’s not there. LOL


  • Nonna

    Those pictures are from Friday night the 12th. They flew back to LA that night.

  • kearnie

    Sara Says:
    January 15th, 2007 at 12:53 pm

    So that report about her dress fitting in Beverly Hills on Thursday must’ve been false.


    Nope just depends on whether you are a fan or a hater.

    Haters will LOVE it to be true because then she won’t steal the show and land herself on the Best Dress list for this year

    When it comes to Angelina, you know how it is with the haters….

    Thing is, if this couple is getting the best table in the theatre then of course one should expect them to dress to kill.

  • Sara

    The whole family came back to LA on Saturday and Brad went to the Newsweek roundtable event pretty much right away.

  • Gussie

    White is her colour. Well, black too, of course. And she always looks fabulous in red. And in grey. Cream and brown hues suit her too. Now that I think about it, there was once an emerald green dress… :)

  • bluemoon

    Yes, Brad was back in L.A on saturday on the Newsweek Oscar Roundtable. She looks like she’s having fun on the 1st pic.

  • Maniston

    Happy Birthday Alex. May this year bring you many pleasant surprises and much joy.

  • alero

    Isabelle II

    Of course, GG will be filled with lots of phony people.

    Happy Birthday Alexanderina!!!!

  • Isabelle II

    Is everybody having to put an “original” in front of their handles, cuz of the trolls?

  • april

    Happy Birthday Alexanderina!!

    I hope Brad takes the best supporting actor award tonight, although Eddie Murphy had a strong performance as well, so we will see tonight. The GG voters can’t deny us the possiblity of Bradley, gushing about his babies mama, and his kids.

  • Gussie

    Happy Birthday, Alexanderina!

  • Sheri

    Isabelle II Says:
    Hi Isabelle II havent’ really been on the last week. Hope your well! Have there been alot of trolls. It’s been hard to catch up , the threads have so many pages!

  • zen

    Thanks JJ! You are great… Angie’s face is glowing and I love her dress. She really looks very contented.

  • Lady G

    Happy Birthday, Alexanderina!!

    I know you don’t know me but I post every now and then.

    Thanks JJ for the pic of my girl!

  • Grace

    Hello all BAMZS fans! Have a great day as we wait for the big event!! Thanks JJ for the new thread. You are just awesome!!!!

  • WTF

    Beautiful. Can’t wait until she walks the red carpet tonight!!!!!

  • Isabelle II

    Sheri Says:

    January 15th, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Naaa, not many trolls since last week with the “blob” incedent and manson/heroin sh*t. I actually believe theyre resting up for tonight!! :lol:
    Nice to have you back

  • curly

    Hi BAMZSers,

    Am back from vacation, wow! Lots to catch up but skimmed the previous thread.

    Med, I am terribly sorry to read about your loss. Having had the experience twice, I can only say that time heals most of it, and please take it day by day. My thoughts are with you and your family.

    And HaPpY bIrThDaY hApPy BiRtHdAy hApPy HaPpY bIrThDaY Alex!

    Off to finish the work waiting patiently for me to come back. Will be lurking most of the time tonight, and having no TV, I will be here refreshing for the comments and on-time blog rolling here at JJ tonight. – Ummm, if a kind soul can explain me the difference between GG and Oscars, I will appreciate a lot.


  • g121

    just when im about to sleep, then there this post! love angie so much!! she is a very beautiful person! in side and out of course!

  • taos

    Hello All…….just stopping by to let those of you who can’t watch the GG on television that Fox news said they would be streaming live video of the red carpet. I don’t know if this extends to the actual show but they did say they would have the red carpet entrances live on the internet at their site. I don’t know if we are allowed to post links here but I will try. Just look at the top of the page and you will see where it says LIVE RED CARPET STREAM. Hope this helps for those who can’t watch it on t.v.!

  • g121

    she is sooo pretty in white! cant wait to see her outfit at the golden globes’

  • Original jpf

    29 Gussie Says: January 15th, 2007 at 1:00 pm

    White is her colour. Well, black too, of course. And she always looks fabulous in red. And in grey. Cream and brown hues suit her too. Now that I think about it, there was once an emerald green dress…


    I’m a earth tone/fall color girl, and so I love her in black, grey, camel, golds certain greens, but my favorite on her is red. I think she absolutely owns it. I love her red lipstick and it seems to be the only color she wears on her lips. It’s either just clear gloss or that rocking red lipstick.


  • sands

    Is it just me or do her arms look like matchsticks? Yuck! She’s got a beautiful face, but she needs to put on a few pounds!

  • bettyimages

    COME ON!- angelina [teary eyed] in mr and mrs smith pointing the gun at brad
    love this scene!

  • Passing Through

    Happy B-day, Alex! How does it feel to be 21…again?

  • freidaflo

    Thanks for the new thread – JJ.

    I am so happy the BSA award is the first one to be given. Always falling asleep midway , ending up asking or watching early news to get all the winners.
    Will have my lunch , then take a short nap. Hopefully can stay awake for the final award. I think it’s the BEST PICTURE?

    Guys , enjoy a pleasant afternoon.
    See you all tonight. Hopefully , all happy faces…..