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Aniston Confirmed on 'Dirt' Season Finale

Aniston Confirmed on 'Dirt' Season Finale

It’s confirmed. FX just sent out a press release that Jennifer Aniston will guest star on Dirt‘s season finale, playing Courteney Cox‘s rival! Aniston will play Tina Harrod, a rival magazine (Us News) editor of “Lucy Spiller,” played by series star Courteney Cox. This is the first time that Aniston and Cox have worked together since Friends.

The Dirt season finale will air on Tuesday, March 27 @ 10 PM ET/PT on FX.

Little tidbit: Grant Show (Melrose Place‘s himbo Jake Hanson) is a guest star on this week’s episode of Dirt. He plays a conservative movie star who publicly is an All-American family man. But at the end of the show, you see him giving his interior decorator a “Lewinsky,” if you know what I mean.

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  • Courtney

    Yay! Ill be watching. Hopefully she does well.

  • ???

    yet another “tough” role for her to display her acting “chops”.


    She should do much better on television.

  • WTF

    She is NOT looking good here.

    I LOVE Dirt, I hope her not being able to act doesn’t ruin the finale. :(

  • dirtyjen

    I just love the photos of Angelina in the other thread. Can’t wait to see her on the red carpet at the Globes tonight.

    Jen Aniston…….m’eh

  • Nando

    I think it’s going to be a lesbian love scene. COX & ANISTON! OH YEAH!…or oh no!? LOL!


    Why don’t you fans of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stay on their threads instead of coming over here? You complain about anyone going over there and making comments on them so why are you coming over there???
    I am looking forward to this episode! We have always see Jen and Courtney as buddies in Friends so it will be interesting to see them act so differently. Can’t wait for this episode!

  • dirtlover

    yea! jennifer will be great on dirt! i think she needs to do something besides the good girl charcters she normally plays! this will be great to see!

  • goldie

    Jen on DIRT will be fun because we all know she and Courtney are friends and we get to see them act together again. I wonder what films she is coming out with next year? I heard something about a WWII movie but not too sure.

  • goldie

    i heard something about wwII movie also, something with owen wilson and bruce willis…….magazines here said they were filming early march in japan.

  • Amy

    I say good for her. She looks great. TV acting suits her better, actually. Not saying that TV is worth less than big screen films…I’d rather watch “Lost” than 90% of movies out there. And I couldn’t imagine a childhood without “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.
    Hopefully the GG’s will keep the BAMZS fans at bay for now. I still don’t get how Brangelina fans can get so angry when people rag on the BAMZS in their threads, but yet they come over here and rag on Aniston more. I like Brad and Angelina, but their fans kinda piss me off. Aniston uber-fans are also quite annoying.

  • Gayle King

    She is so predictable.

  • Jenpasse

    I knew that in the end CC would need to give a little something to her best friend, and this news confirms it. after all, isn’t that what a good friend would do, give a friend with no work a chance for at least an appearance on her show?
    I hope more of Jen’s friends pitch in and give her something, like Courtney did because jen would do the same thing for them if they were down.

  • dirtlover

    Amy Says:

    January 15th, 2007 at 6:04 pm

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Like, why not have a conversation without the constant crap slinging. I was reading through the Brad thread yesterday and one of their people even admitted to coming to the Jen threads just to talk shit because it was “fun”. But you are right, both can be equally annoying. It makes me wonder just how educated these people really are. Are they educated and just letting their dark side come out?

  • Susie

    It’s great Cox is willing to share her spot with her BFF jen. I wonder if Cox also share her better half.

  • cookie

    good for jennifer.she is more suited for television

  • ART

    I wish Jen would do something dramatic instead of comedy. I read a great book the other day and the whole time I was visualizing Jen as the main character. The character fit her and I could really see her in the part. She needs to concentrate on more serious pieces, but the Dirt part will probably be terrific.

  • let me say this

    I prefer Kate Hudson. Kate can act, taller, and more beautiful. Kate is better in comedy than Jen.

    No offense, just my opinion.

  • PH

    wow. both my favorites are now on dirt. Aniston and Perez Hilton.

  • rock

    Oh man, I love Kate Hudson. I would watch her in any movie, her expressions are priceless. She has totally got her mom’s comedic timing and great looks. And I love Perez as well!

  • Fugiston

    Kind of a shitty actress….

  • molly

    Maniston is a has-been tv actress. Enough about her, who gives two sh*ts about her.

  • Maddy

    Maybe you don’t give “two sh*ts”, but there are many people who like her.

    Can’t wait to see them together again!

  • karla

    Yeayyyy… I love Jenn and Cece!!!

    cant wait to see them together!!!

  • leanne


  • Marla

    25 as a matter of fact a lot of people cares,just like me and the ones who vote for her to win the people choice awards
    I love her and wish her the best.

  • I’d ever go back to television

    Jennifer Aniston said this half a year ago in an interview – now she has to shallow her own words ?

    “Episodic television is gruelling and it was years and years of the same thing. I really don’t think [I'd ever go back to television], and not just because I’m above it, but because I really don’t think I could ever top that experience.”


    27: episodic television, meaning episodic television

  • great shape

    Jen looks gorgeous in these photos !

  • kmillz


  • RineFromThailand

    She use her freind for her new job!

  • RineFromThailand

    It seem like she gets her new job through her freind! not look good at all!!

  • RineFromThailand

    sorry! I used wrong word(freind=friend) but I mean just the same

  • Greg’s Beach CA

    For all those nay sayers, Jennifer could actually be doing Courtney a favor by doing a guest spot on Dirt.

    This would bring in a lot of publicity for a new show trying to make it.

    Even if she is not, what ever she gets paid for the show is like a drop in the bucket. Jennifer has plenty of money and probably will never have to work again unless she wants to.

    I am looking forward to the guest spot. It will be good to see them together again.

  • maxine

    It’s a terrible show and the only reason Cox is bringing Aniston on is to boost the ratings and save the show from being cancelled. It’s not about being a nice friend and “sharing a spotlight” or some nonense like that. Jennifer can’t get movie jobs and even TV has turned her down (the show 24) so she’s trying to recapture what they had on Friends and generate some attention for herself.

  • Mediterranean

    She got a job, good for her!

  • jen


  • AfricaBradPitt

    Good thing Brad divorced her cuz she’s starting to look like a man, and that good girl act is getting on my nerves, the only thing I like about her is that she has Greek in her

  • AfricaBradPitt

    I mean her face not her body

  • Lalay

    ITA!!!!!!!! # 38 all the way