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Sienna Miller @ Golden Globes 2007

Sienna Miller @ Golden Globes 2007

Sienna Miller wore an interesting hair-braided headband and a flowy white Marchesa grown with a metallic overlay up top. Fashion hit or fashion faux pas?

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  • kchat

    I LOVE it!!

  • Della

    She looks awful… I almost feel sorry for her… what kind of a hairdo is that? Last I checked, she wasn’t 12 anymore.

  • cupcake


  • Courtney

    She looks pretty good.

  • 8==========D~~~ (@-=)

    she kind of looks like a male. i dont knoe if its the make-up.. but ive seen her look better [alot better]

    i’m just waiting for brad and ange

  • Amy

    Her hair looks cool in the I’d-never-show-my-face-in-public-with-this-shit-on-my-head-but-I’d-admire-its-genious-in-the-safe-confines-of-my-room way.

  • el enano

    I kind of like it, seems like a romantic hair, just the print dont match that much with the intention, the dress has a fine rithm (if u guys allowme to call it like that) it´s ok i´ll give it an 8 going to almost 9 (jajaja! maths!!) it could be interesting to see the shoes though

  • Luna

    I like it. You have to admit she looks a lot better here than she usually does. Not liking the fake-bake tan though.

  • Rudy

    This is not her style.

  • Tina

    Best dressed so far her and J.Lo!

  • coalharbourqt

    I really like her dress but the hair just doesn’t work. It’s too bad because if she had gone with her hair down or in a more classic updo (no braid!) she could have looked great. She’s just too young though to pull off the braid on the red carpet with haute couture – it makes her look 12 years old, sadly.

  • River

    Love the dress and hair, she looks kinda sad and tired in some of her pics, probably cause all the press she’s been doing for factory girl. I see she’s still wearing Jude’s ring on her middle finger. Sorry I still don’t belive they are broken up, i’m betting in a few weeks they’ll be back together,if they’ve even broken up to begin with.

  • Lori

    Thank you Jared, Sienna looks gorgeous!!!!

  • cammie

    She doesnt deserve to walk in a red carpet as she is and always be a sleazy starlet!

  • Fattie

    She looks gorgeous ! Love the dress … who’s the designer ?

  • Jinn

    I bet this being a GG presenter will go to her dumb head again and thinking that “wow, I’m really famous now… what shallows skank!

  • 8==========D~~~ (@-=)

    Sienna Miller’s face was meant for facials. It seriously looks like her foundation is made from cum. You know who it is. She looks OK from the neck down, but from the neck up….ugh! I just want to take those neck braids and put them around her neck!

  • Annie

    Lovely :) I wish there was a video here.

  • kae

    I think that Sienna can look really good or really bad. I actually like the dress but I don’t care for the fake tan. I still can’t decide on the hair. She has fantastic features but her makeup does not show them off.

  • gia

    OK. This faux Heidi-ho broke my TV screen. Please. Lose. The. Braids.
    Other stars who joined her in cracking the plasma:
    -Sharon Stone – Joan Crawford, anyone?
    -M-L Parker – no words
    -P Arquette – OMG, the HAIR!
    -Elizabeth Perkins – holly cow, talk about a botched Botox session
    -Jen Garner – what happened to her, does a kid wreak that much havoc on someone’s face/style?
    -E’s DiPandi – looking more like a rodent w/each award show

    Looking amazing:
    -Drew Barrymore – different but in a good way
    -Forrest Whitaker’s wife
    -The real Heidi – H Klum

    …and WTF are Stacy London (TLC’s What Not To Wear!), Maria Menounos, Trump, and Minillo – doing there? Did they forget Paris Hilton at home?

  • Sweetpea

    don’t like Sienna’s dress. I know award show is like a fashion show but not a costume party now is it? her hair is a MESS!

    Patricia Arquette is always a horror to look at and tonite is no exception.

    Annette Bening, where did she get her dress, K-mart? I’ve seen better clothes from there. Her dress is awful if you can even call that a dress. She’s like an old grandma. Probably the worst on my list.

    then there’s Shonda Rhimes, creator of Greys. sista, you shouldn’t make a dress out of gift wraps! There are a lot of attractive clothes for full figure gals. A curvy real woman deserves some nice clothes, just a tip.

    And what’s with Charlie Sheen and his suit? Did he borrow it from his body guard who’s like 20 size bigger than him? He looked like a homeless guy going to prom. Yessh!

  • loves it

    where is this chics neck

  • Yily

    First of all, I think Sienna’s dress is gorgeous. Very unique and the print is flawless. One think I don’t like is her hairstyle. Its not at all flattering. Sienna should have just put her hair down. Beyond that, I think she looks gorgeous.

  • confused

    did Sienna raid her mum’s closet for that dress?? the pattern is hideous and dowdy. and that hair .. . .

  • LondonGirl

    It is a mystery to me why this girl is considered a style icon. She is a fashion nightmare in virtually everything she wears, and the trends she tries to set certainly aren’t anything that most people would be caught dead in. Go away, you horrid, horrid girl!

  • Insider

    She looked absolutely horrible! What was up with the swiss maiden hairstyle! Have no idea why she is hyped so much. Oh yeah…it wasn’t because of her acting skills but her dating skills.

  • Koogle

    I think she looks brilliant.. and that braided hair style makes her look younger.. tis awesome :D

  • Ria

    River are you sure that is Jude’s ring? I don’t want them to ever get back together so I’m not sure I like it.

  • OLP


  • Myrita

    What happened to her hair? Maybe her hair stylist was drunk or somewhat? Ah, no she decided to comb herself and that’s why she look so dishevelled. And what about the make-up? Her make-up artist was getting drunk with her hair-stylist?
    On the other hand, the dress is gorgeous, kind of classic greek style, that is saving her. And she’s not dating Jude Law again, I know it because he is dating me…..

  • M

    Sienna’s charms are totally lost on me. I really don’t get her, no matter what she wears. Must be a slow actress period in the UK these days,

  • dolorescraeg

    myrita, how can jude law be dating you when i’m holding him hostage in my boudoir. i am never letting him go because he has every attribute i want in a human being. sienna you weren’t too smart not to be able to hold on to this beauty. i’ve got him now. yeah….in my dreams.

  • clark kent

    wow, herpes really does make ya sweat.

  • missy

    sooooon fugly!

  • Ednonymous

    I love to talk trash on these forums… but what can I say?



  • gia

    why yes, exactly! she has no neck – that’s exactly what makes her so fug.

  • Shauna

    I wonder why the mediators on this website censor my comments? I have been censored before (posts not posted) and for the blandest of comments. I also had another ‘Sienna’ post that was not posted as well. (funny- my other posts get posted though!)

    I had merely commented that Sienna was more of a ‘hit and miss’ fashionista and I got censored. Hmmm….over-react much?

  • Shauna

    ^ Whoa, how about that. I got posted. I guess I shouldn’t push my luck and say that a normally pretty Sienna looks more like she is an extra from the movie; “The Children Of The Corn” in the banner photo….darn, I can’t help myself sometimes.

  • Yily

    Sienna Miller’s Marchesa gown was brilliant. I love the print mainly because when Sienna walk on the red carpet, it shimmers. The dress was perfect. I like that it was a simple dress but it also has an edge to it. The hair, I did not like. If Sienna had put her hair down, it would’ve been perfect! Overall, Sienna look beautiful but not her best look this year.