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'Dreamgirls' Wins @ Golden Globes 2007

'Dreamgirls' Wins @ Golden Globes 2007

Congratulations to the cast of Dreamgirls for picking up three Golden Globes last night. Eddie Murphy picked up “Best Actor,” Jennifer Hudson picked up “Best Actress,” and the entire cast picked up “Best Motion Picture”!!!!!

Pictured: Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy, and Jamie Foxx

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  • mercredi


  • Gavin

    Congratulations to Jennifer!! She really deserved it. That disgusting hag beyonce didn’t deserve anything, good thing she didn’t win. Hope this teaches her she can’t control all hollywood.

  • $$$$$$$$$$$


    Beyonce Had 2 Have had The Best Dress On.. Well The most [Spectacular]

    I’m over Jennifer Hundson and all the Hype she Got for playing A Very Annoying Character. Congrats 2 The Cast.

    I wonder why Prince didnt go on stage to accept his award from Justing Timberlake could it be because of the “beef” between them”? hmmmmm.

  • Carol

    Best motion picture Comedy or Musical, not best motion picture.

  • tanique

    as per usual, beyonce was WAY TOO MUCH!!! hell shes’ already made a worst dress list. the dress just wasn’t appropriate. the movie is over, we can take it down a few notches.

    she was good in the movie NOT great, and the camera flashing to her along with those other actors, made me ask again, why the hell was she nominated for lead? no really?

  • Sweetpea

    Jennifer was adorable. She deserves the win!!!

    How could they put Beyonce in the same category with Meryl Streep? That is just wrong! I hate Beyonce’s dress tonite. Was it Mardi Gras and I missed it? Come on B, seriously.

  • st john

    $$$$$$$$$$$ Says:

    January 16th, 2007 at 12:40 am
    [I wonder why Prince didnt go on stage to accept his award from Justing Timberlake could it be because of the “beef” between them”? hmmmmm.

    Prince shows up later. apparently he was stuck in trafic and couldn’t get their on time. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are about to do a presentation and mention that Prince has arrived after being stuck in traafic – he is asked to stand and give a bow – he does – applause – then Drew congratulates him.

  • Anon

    Haha I love the way Beyoncé is fake cheesing in the last photo and Jennifer is like “get off me you fake-ass byitch trying to get some of my limelight since i won and you lost”

  • Cocobuttr

    Yeaaaah!!!! Dreamgirls swept up deserving awards last night!!!!

    Eddie Murphy won hands down and so did Jennifer Hudson! Can’t wait for the oscars!


  • Please…

    Just relax. Beyonce was born the way she is.. That she’s cuter or more talented richer than the next shouldn’t be held against her.

  • Queen Bee

    The haters over on the AJ and BP blog are hating on Eddie Murphy’s win! HA!

    He deserved it and he won it!

  • Xti

    Beyonce looked trashy.

  • Insider

    Congrats to Eddie and and Jennifer!

  • BoBo

    Ha! Ed Money and Jennifer won,,,yes!

    I guess Beyonce was hot when she left last night oh well. Happy about the other winners though!

  • Black Box

    Go Jennifer…Go Jennifer!

  • Dreamgal

    Did you see how Jamie Foxx pretty much dissed everyone “white” at the GGs last night? And only gave shout outs to those at the Dreamgirls table and Will and Jada?

    I guess he said he makes too much money and has a gold man on his mantle, to even care!

  • Little Mike

    Simon Cowell is still eating s*&t pie!

  • gitane

    congratulations jennifer, eddie and Dreamgirls!

  • Munchy

    Beyonce is always beautiful…but poor choice for the golden globes. She looked more like she was going to the grammy’s and her hair was boring.

    Jennifer Hudson looked good…too bad she couldn’t have glammed it up more though. This was her night to shine and would have like to have seen her in a more vibrant color.

  • Pimplebuster

    I wonder how many girls sang “I am telling you” for the American idol tryouts!

    Congratulations Eddie and Jennifer!

  • Italian Stallion

    Beyonce is hot! And Jennifer is choclatey delicious!

    If u have not seen Dreamgirls…go see it! It’s fabulous!

  • DianaILoveYou

    Munchy Says


    I agree with you about Jennifer’s dress! If she’s nominated for an Oscar hopefully some top designers will sit up and teke notice and diva her up some.

    Congratulations EM and JH

  • ZaleClinique

    Jennifer Hudson’s boyfriend on the Today show this morning was sexy!

  • MaryMary

    I think Jennifer’s dress was lovely. AND it was done by designer Vera Wang

  • Lori

    Dreamgirls was so boring. Hudson was the only half decent thing about the movie.

  • hunkerdown

    Lori says:

    Well I don’t know what theatre you were in but everyone cheered after jennifer sung her solo AND people stood up and cheered @ the end as well.

  • PMD

    ZaleClinique Says:

    January 16th, 2007 at 8:21 am

    Her boyfriend was hot! Even Meredith Vierea mentioned he was a cutie too!

  • Hotlanta

    Beyonce’s smile looks so fake. Anyone hve any pics of her after the show wit JH?

  • TrannyinTraining

    Congratulaitons Eddie and Jennifer!

  • Brittany

    Poor Beyonce…didn’t she know that she was not going to win against meryl streep. The foregin press was wrong for gettng her hopes up:(

    Congrats Jennifer and Eddie

  • Starlet

    Eddie and Jennifer both deserved it. Not as good as the broadway show, but still an excellent movie.

  • benitodelicias

    do you ever do any research? it wasn’t Best Actor and Best Actress, it was supporting for both. And if you would’ve watched the ceremony, you would’ve noticed that the entire cast didn’t pick up anything, the producer was the only who picked up Best Comedy/Musical….not Best Motion Picure, there are two of those at the Globes….

  • Reese Cup

    Are their anymore pics of Reese Witherspoon? She looked great last night

  • HaterAide

    benitodelicias Says:

    January 16th, 2007 at 9:03 am

    Whateva hata! Best Actor. Best Supporting Actor. Best Screenplay. What diff does it make? They will all be nominated AGAIN when the Gold man comes around.

    Eddie Murphy for Best Supporting Actor, Jennifer Hudson for Best Supporting Actress, Forrest Whitaker for Best Actor, and Dreamgirls for Best Motion Picture. I’ve done my research and isn’t the GGs a predictor for who will WIN at the OSCARS?

  • Ga. Peach

    Congratulations Eddie & Jennifer

  • NikkiG

    What a great ending to MLK day! I got all choked up on Forrest Whitaker’s Acceptance speech!

    Congrats to all!

  • NikkiG

    benitodelicias Says:

    January 16th, 2007 at 9:03 am

    You haven’t done your research either. They can segue their nominations into Best supporting actor/actress, and best picture nods in the oscars as well. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rene Z., and Richard Gere did it with Chicago.

    It’s amazing in itself that they were singled out considering this was an ENSEMBLE piece.

    Piece out. Hope everyone had a great MLK day!

  • Susie

    Good for Jennifer. I was so happy for her. Her dress looked good and so did her hair. Beyonce was way over the top to say the very least. Also the dress looked too tight if you ask me… Way too tight… She ia already on the worst dressed list and she needs to be.

    Jennifer’s speech was eloquent and she was very much the lady. Good for her. Gives many young ladies inspiration.

  • yes

    I love beyonce

  • Chanel


    I am so happy for Jennifer. She well deserved it.

  • hr

    man, as soon as i saw beyonce’s dress, i thought, “wow, someone is feeling insecure (and overcompensating WAY too much).” jennifer looked classy though, and had great hair and makeup too! her acceptance speech was so sweet and genuine.

  • Jennifer Hudson fan

    SO THIRLLED for all of them! Jennifer and Beyonce looked amazingly beautiful and Jamie and Eddie were so sexxy I couldn’t look away.

    I wish Beyonce would have won her category, but it was unbelievably stacked with talent. I know she’ll have other chances. As for Jennifer, I have a feeling this is just the first of many awards.

    Congrats to all!

  • http://yahoo.cpm bb

    I think jennifer deserved it. This is not the grammys beyonce!!! Its gc and at the gc you have to look CLASSY and not like a music video hoochie. She did not represent the black sistas at ALL. I think she must accept that she can act but shes not the best actress there is :-(

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I thought Jennifer Hudson look absolutely sexy and beautiful. Nice to see a full figured girl look so enticing. Her dress was perfect for her, her hair, her make-up. She looked like a pin-up girl. She looked as perfect as I have ever seen her. It is a testament to her style and beauty that a plus size girl looked better than some of the thinner girls.

    Best Dressed was Angelina and then Salma Hayek and then Helen Mirren. I am one of the few who loved Cameron Diaz’ dress.

    Kudos Jennifer Hudson!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    HaterAide Says:

    January 16th, 2007 at 9:12 am
    benitodelicias Says:

    January 16th, 2007 at 9:03 am

    Whateva hata! Best Actor. Best Supporting Actor. Best Screenplay. What diff does it make? They will all be nominated AGAIN when the Gold man comes around.

    Eddie Murphy for Best Supporting Actor, Jennifer Hudson for Best Supporting Actress, Forrest Whitaker for Best Actor, and Dreamgirls for Best Motion Picture. I’ve done my research and isn’t the GGs a predictor for who will WIN at the OSCARS?

    Dreamgirls will NOT win the Oscar for best pic.

    Either The Departed or Babel.

    Oscars will go like this:

    Best Actress: Helen Mirren
    Best Actor: Forrest Whitaker

    Best Supporting Actor: Could be Leo DiCaprio or Nicholson or Brad Pitt
    Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson

    Best Film: Babel
    Best Director: Scorcese

    Best Script: The Queen

  • Meg

    On Beyonce’s fashion: Three words: Trying. Too. Hard. You can just hear Beyonce thinking to herself, “I WILL NOT LET JENNIFER HUDSON OVERSHADOW ME! I AM THE STAR OF DREAMGIRLS! And if she’s a better actor and singer than I am in the film, I will be 50 TIMES hotter than she’ll ever be! I’M HOT, DAMMIT!”

    She really needs to get over herself. Kudos to Jennifer for keeping it real and responding (and dressing) like the classy woman she is.

    You can check out my list of Best and Worst Dressed Celebs from the 2007 Golden Globes at

  • yulu

    Jennifer looks amazing in black and her dress is understated because the attention should be on her performance!! Smart choice.

    She is beautiful!!!

  • Amy

    Y’all know that I love my girl Beyonce to death, but I’m glad that she didn’t win. I was shocked that she was even nominated. I saw “Dreamgirls’ first day opening, and while her performance was a great improvement from her previous movies, it still wasn’t all that much to me. J-Hud and Eddie Murphy flat out outdid themselves in their roles, and I’m so glad that they won!
    B’s such a gorgeous and vocally talented woman, but lately she’s been taking mad sips from the Mariah Carey cup. Her weave was baad yesterday, her clothes were to skanky and Mariah-ish, and I think she definitely could’ve classed up more and come out as one of the most stunning people at the GG’s. Alas, we’re not running on the same train of thought.

  • benitodelicias

    HaterAide and NikkiG….i have nothing to do so I’ll bite into your poor reading skills….

    First off I’m not a “hata”….I haven’t even seen the movie….Probably will today, we’ll see if I’m a “hata” or not…..Second, I never said they weren’t winning or anything, just that Jared should’ve listed the winners and facts correctly….

    Third, NikkiG, yes they can AND THEY WILL go into Oscar nods, but that has nothing to do with my post either…..and no, you didn’t do your research, Richard Gere didn’t get an Oscar nod for Chicago…

    And yes the Globes are a predictor for who’ll win at the Oscars, not as much as they used to, and NO! Dreamgirls is not winning best picture….

  • GossipDivas

    I am so happy Jennifer won. she deserved it.