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Sin City 2: Angelina Out, Rachel In

Sin City 2: Angelina Out, Rachel In

A source close to the production of Sin City 2 is claiming that Angelina Jolie is out of the running and Rachel Weisz is in. Director Robert Rodriguez has always wanted Angelina to star in his sequel Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For but because of scheduling conflicts, it looks like Rachel might be taking on the role of Ava Lord. Rachel Weisz: A Dame To Kill For? Hmmmm…

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  • Orange Peel

    i’m sorry…i like rachel weisz but angelina jolie was made for that role

  • Ceci

    I’m glad Angie may be out… i never believed she would be in it anyways… this kind of movie really s…. ucks. And Angie is focussing her professional career on more appealing dramatic kinda-movies, about real people and real life… not like this… stuff.

  • trullesand

    i agree with ceci. sin city is the dumpest und most brutal film i have ever seen. it would be quiet awesome if none of the ladies would be in it.

  • Anon

    Rachel is sexy, voluptuous with a delicious voice – the role was made for her. Angelina has a beautiful face, but a humongous head and anorexic body. Nuff said.

  • alero

    First it would not have taken that long for Angelina to get the curves back. Second Angelina has already done Beowulf and if you seen the computer prints she is already going to play a sexy role in that movie. Third I think she is trying for different roles and this part would have been the same old thing.

  • dia

    the first time Angie pull out was because she was preggo and now because o scheduling conflicts?????? why Angie, why!!!! :(

  • nadioz

    that’s a great news ! Rachel Weisz is awesome

  • jq

    Angie had her her priority on family, may be this film simply does not interest her.

  • NikkiG

    Rachel is a great actress, so she’ll be great!!!!

  • Mediterranean

    Missouri Fan, lookwhaticando, bluemoon, kiki, ntt, julia, birseis, observer2, guli, hanna, Mrs Smith, creativegirl, dragonfly, taftoufa, piper with a low, BCBG, IslandG1rl, sh3ll, Estelle, dina, alicet, Andromeda, NishaG, kat, Ameena, Alexanderina, LeAnn, erica, Cliniqua, African Girl, fan, saj, stardust, original jpf, suspicious_package, original curious, freidaflo, keana, Mrs.Lenny, stranger, ploypaphat, Mikesmom, TskTsk, Tijen, Tabitha, alero, the real tita, kearnie, amaya, AL, think positive!, hunnybunny, Frenchy, ariel, alister, lylian, tabloids, aileen, maniston, alezah, Gussie, anustin, Lynn Campbell, once in a while, Aniston the hag!, ell, Montserrat, bdj, curly

    Thank you very much for your concern, care, interest, prayers, thoughts, well wishes, support. I shall never forget all your names in the rest of my life. You have been with me at the time I needed it. I do appreciate what you have done for me.

    I have to say it that I am ashamed of myself because when I was writing down my sorrow, I thought that most of you would not care. I was very wrong and I am also very happy that I was so wrong.

    I didn’t realise that I have known of some people who live all around the world, would care of my unfortunate situation. It means a lot to me. My English is not enough to describe how I felt when I read your messages one by one last night. Your words touched my heart.

    I am feeling empty and afraid. At the same time, I am very grateful to God that I am holding my daughter in my arms.

    I feel tired and I have bleeding. I shall feel better in coming days hopefully.

    P.S. If I forgot any name of you, I do apologise.

    P.S. II: After The Golden Globe, the haters seem to get much more desperate and hopeless. Their hatred and jealousy only show us how much they suffer by seeing the happiness, commitment and love of the Jolie-Pitts for each other. Then, let them suffer! No pity!

  • coalharbourqt

    Thanks for the new thread JJ – especially as I seem to have insomnia tonight (okay morning now) and can’t sleep!

    Came across a little article about Brad and Angelina congratulating Rai and Hasan on their engagement at the Golden Globes – my apologies if already posted.

  • Mediterranean

    I have seen that one of the fans of Jen sent a photo of Brad and Jen to approve that he still loves her (I guess?). This photo make me think that the fans of Jen never know Brad like Jen herself.

    Brad treats his women good, he is kind and gentleman. He also loved his ex ladies, nobody is denying. But the difference between Angie and the others is firstly, Angie appreciates who Brad is and she is the mother of their children.

    The ex ladies just wasted the love of Brad, now they regret it deeply. So, it’s too late!

  • Aimee

    i like angelina jolie as a person but her overdone monotone posing acting style pisses me off and has ruined every single film she’s been in with a only few exceptions (e.g.”girl, interrupted” since she was playing a psycho anyway). com’on, she’s not an actor by any definition! she’s a celebrity!

    rachel weisz, on the other hand, is a real actor and can bring something interesting to the comic book style of sin city. look forward to seeing her in the film.

  • coalharbourqt

    Mediterranean – so sorry to hear of all you have gone through recently! You are in my prayers and I am glad to hear you have your sweet little girl there to give you a big hug :-)

    Missouri Fan – saw your posts on the last thread – just wanted to say hello and was glad to see you posting as I hear you have some really awful weather right now. I was hoping you’re okay. Stay safe and be warm fellow Leo!

  • Barbarian/Geisha

    I find this hard to believe because i think Rodriguez would cast his girlfriend Rose McGowan in the role rather than Weisz (even though Weisz is the better actress).

    Either way i hope Angelina’s not in it.

  • Missouri Fan

    11 Mediterranean Says:
    January 17th, 2007 at 6:44 am
    Medi, I am happy the procedure went well. I am with you with the feeling of emptiness and afraidness but do know your daughter , loving husband and most of all GOD is with you. Your beautiful twin angels are watching you lovingly and will protect you & your family from any harm. You will always be in my thoughts & prayers.
    Take care of yourself.
    MIssouri Fan

    Oh, I have folders and folders of BMZS family pics. My husband told me he will buy me a bigger computer memory >> don’t know the exact terms.
    I keep changing my desktop background >> so many gorgeous pics of Brad &Angie
    to choice. I love this family everyday!

    Thanks jared for the new thread!

  • Missouri Fan

    Please do not forget to vote for ANGIE!!


    jjoy, if your lurking out there in the PHILIPPINES this my second greetings to you!


    OK, I have to get ready to go work early, I was told last night my adorable prince little Bradley will be here tonight. Mom & Dad going to watch a movie.


  • Missouri Fan

    15 coalharbourqt Says:
    January 17th, 2007 at 6:59 am
    The moment i woke up the first thing I did opened the door to see outside.
    Thanks to God no snow and no ice but very very cold. I think where Passing Through live , 4 feet of snow. PT SHOUT OUT FOR YOU , BE CAREFUL DRIVING and STAY WARM ALL THE TIME!!

    Good Morning coalharbourqt !
    Thank you!

    Be back maybe very late tonight . See you all!!

  • http://UK fan

    if you read the whole article from the source it is very interesting,please haters read it first and understand.

    Is it true that there is nudity for that part?That is the only reason I don’t like her doing it.I still think she will do it because the director confirmed in Italy.

  • http://UK IGNORE


  • saj

    11 Mediterranean Says:

    I am happy to hear that you are as well as can be. Stay strong …. thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and may God give you the strength to get through this difficult time.

    Good morning to all Bamzs fans! Just heard on Fox news that Brad and Angelina bought a house in New Orleans. Off to work be back later.

  • april

    If this is true, it is very disappointing news. Angelina would have rocked that role. Hopefully Rachel W will do the role justice.

  • Amaya

    From the last thread…

    Thanks Original Curious! I’m glad that you’re loving this one :) I’m having fun writing it.

  • bdj

    Thanks Just Jared. I am sure that AJ has a number of Movie roles to choose from. She is an in-demand actress. She will more than likely balance any offers with her family in mind. She is an exceptional actress and can play any part. However, I am sure that she has to be deeply committed and feel right about the part before taking it.

    Hey Mediterranean, It is good to hear from you. I wish you a speeding recovery and many more blessings in life.


    If it’s true I wonder why they made her out???!

  • green lettuce

    I wish it’s not true!

  • Amaya

    Mediterranean, I hope you have a good recovery. I’m sending you all my love, hun. :)

  • alicet

    Hi Mediterranean, I am glad to hear from you. I hope and pray that your body and heart will heal and recover fully. Take heart in knowing that so many people around the world are thinking of you and including you and your family in our prayers.

    And greetings to Missouri Fan as well. Thank you for welcoming me in the previous thread. We are experiencing a hard winter in Seattle as well so I can sympathize with those of you experiencing the snow and ice. Hope you stay safe and be warm. I am still voting for Angie for you.

  • anustin

    im glad shes out!b/coz shes preggo again!!!!eat that fanistonz!bwahahahaha….

  • Original jpf


    I have been saying all along anywhere that the subject came up that Angelina I just don’t think she’d be in the role, and at every turn I’d get shot down. I mean I have had some people cuss me out online about my doubts!

    After the kids start coming fast and furious and the way Brad talked about watching what he does now because of the kids, and Angelina talking more and more about working less. She just seemed like each time the subject of SC2 came up she was seriously general and non-commital.

    T’s aren’t crossed, and i’s not yet dotted and so there still may be a chance, but I’m not holding out for it.

    Thanks Jared & Audrey


  • Amaya

    Estelle, Alex and hunnybunny, I don’t know if you saw my post in the last thread, but I updated MB2 last night.

  • Original jpf

    11 Mediterranean: January 17th, 2007 at 6:44 am

    I’m glad to hear from you and hope that with each passing day things will get easier in every way.


  • Indie

    Mediterranean Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 6:44 am

    Med, bless your heart. I hope you are ok. It happend to my best friend about three years ago. She was 5months pregnant when it happened. It was so painful, but she survived, and a year ago she gave birth to my God Daughter.

    You are in my prayers, and I hope your little girl is okay. You will come through this experience stronger.



  • FYI

    Rachel Weisz In Sin City 2
    By Josh Tyler: 2007-01-17 03:37:41

    Almost since the first Sin City debuted back in 2005, it’s been pretty clear that Robert Rodriguez has wanted Angelina Jolie as the star of the sequel Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For. Somehow though, Jolie just hasn’t been able to fit it into her schedule. Now, after a lot of delays on the project, it looks like she may have been replaced.

    A source claiming to be close to the production contacted me tonight to let us know that Angelina Jolie is out, and Rachel Weisz is in. Our source, who asked to remain anonymous, says that Rachel is in talks with Robert Rodriguez’s people about taking on the role of Ava Lord, the titular “Dame to Kill For” in the original comic on which Sin City 2 is going to be based. If she gets locked in, rumor has it that Sin City 2 will finally start shooting in 2008.

    Now a disclaimer. I hate anonymous sources as much as anyone else. Don’t rely on them, I don’t. Please take the above as nothing more than a wild and completely unsubstantiated rumor until we can find some less anonymous confirmation.

    As for Rachel Weisz, Sin City 2 definitely sounds like the kind of movie she’d be interested in. In that sense the rumor works. But I have hard time picturing her as a dame to kill for. I love Rachel Weisz, she’s a brilliant and beautiful actress, but she’s not exactly the same type of smoking hot bombshell you’d get in Angelina Jolie. If you’re looking for someone to play a woman so hot men kill for her, you look for a more smoldering beauty. Scarlett Johansson maybe.

    But that doesn’t mean Robert Rodriguez won’t cast her anyway. We’ll keep an eye out for more information on this rumor as it develops.

  • babyface

    Okay, what’s wrong with the tabloids like Star and Life and Style? Why they keep going with this triagle nonsense. It come to a point that is really disrespectiful with the 3 of them. Who in their right mind still buy this tabloids anyways.


    WAW I LOVE RACHEL SO MUCH but the role goes better on angelinaaaaaaaa!

  • anon

    Us weekly again!

    “Angelina a Diva at Vogue Cover Shoot”
    They even run the poll ask : Do you think there’s a growing backlash against Angelina?

    GO TO HELL Us weekly !!!

  • Isabelle II

    Mediterranean , good morning hope you are doing better.
    Missouri Fan, Amaya, bdj, green lettuce and all other BAMZS fans here I’m still buzzing from the GG. You know what? I have just given up on trying to keep up with threads, if I go back and read what was said before, I’m missing out on what’s going on now. I think with all that’s going on in her life she doesn’t really have the time to do this movie, besides, I think she’s into more meaningful movies now.

  • I think

    The Golden Globes should have been all about Brad, but Angelina being so moody and bitch*y all night took the spotlight away from him. Out of Respect for Brad She should have faked it even if she didn’t want to be there.
    Just makes her look selfish and self centered.

  • Ryan Seacrest is STUPID

    I think Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 9:26 am

    Ryan Seacrest is so stupid asking stupid questions; he should be fired and I won’t watch E! again.

  • Lurking Lurker

    Angie was trying to keep the spotlight on Brad by not jumping in and answering questions and now she is being accused of taking the spotlight from Brad by not jumping and answering questions. How the h*ll does that make sense?

    Remember FOREST WHITAKER?! He won best actor and no one is talking about it yet they do extensive coverage on Angie not smiling at Ryan Bubblehead Secrest. The media is F’ed up and that is the real problem. Angie does not owe anyone a smile, she is not a puppet on strings.

  • Isabelle II

    TAFTOUFA! Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 9:13 am
    WAW I LOVE RACHEL SO MUCH but the role goes better on angelinaaaaaaaa!

    hello ! how are you? I think Scarlet would be OK in this role, she reminds me more of Angelina, I’ve never seen Rachel’s work.

  • Just asking

    What questions did Ryan S asked Angelina?

  • bluemoon

    Very wierd that US is bringing that info now, I mean the cover of vogue was shoot like 4 months ago. The Press lately is trying to make a big deal of everything she does, I hope in the next months she can have some peace in NO.

  • lolaone

    I think Says:


    Bowl of Stupid for breakfast?

  • ?

    why was she all smiles when she was out with her friend in New Orleans, but at the GG she seemed so miserable and it looked like it killed her to talk or smile.

  • lolaone

    Lurking Lurker Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 9:36 am
    Angie was trying to keep the spotlight on Brad by not jumping in and answering questions and now she is being accused of taking the spotlight from Brad by not jumping and answering questions. How the h*ll does that make sense?


    It doesn’t …It’s an Orwellian world out there!

  • ploypaphat

    ? Says:

    January 17th, 2007 at 10:00 am
    why was she all smiles when she was out with her friend in New Orleans, but at the GG she seemed so miserable and it looked like it killed her to talk or smile.


    You should watch this and SHUT UP!!!

  • Ryan Seacrest is STUPID

    ? Says:
    January 17th, 2007 at 10:00 am

    Well, I have seen the GG coverage on NBC and she is so regal, comfortable and all smiles.

    Gosh I am not Angelina, but I cringed when Ryan Seacrest asked her about “preparing breakfast”. Goodness gracious, they are not in a cooking TV show but the Golden Globes awards show.