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Sin City 2: Angelina Out, Rachel In

Sin City 2: Angelina Out, Rachel In

A source close to the production of Sin City 2 is claiming that Angelina Jolie is out of the running and Rachel Weisz is in. Director Robert Rodriguez has always wanted Angelina to star in his sequel Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For but because of scheduling conflicts, it looks like Rachel might be taking on the role of Ava Lord. Rachel Weisz: A Dame To Kill For? Hmmmm…

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  1. 1601
    Passing The Word To True Fans Says:

    Saturday, December 23, 2006

    ~ Regarding Brad Pitt~ Read please
    Current mood: determined

    re: page veracity

    Below you will find what Brad’s friend wrote, his name is Brian, lovely guy. I find this truly sad as I am here to tell you, this is TRULY Brad’s personal site, and not that I need to prove anything to anyone, but I know for a FACT it is~ Please fans of Brads, know this is real, he is the most lovely down to earth person there is. He sincerely truly loves his fans and had he had time, he would write kind people. It’s sorry that some bloke finds the need to try to discredit him as I know this would honestly upset Brad as he’s not a mean bone in his body. We need to focus on what the page is for, its for you that would like to leave Brad a message, to say thanks, what have you, anything nice. I don’t think leaving hateful messages is right. So, just know, those who know me, and yes I do handle my own sites, it’s truly Brad’s site, and Brian is a trusted friend that manages the site when Brad is abroad.

    Love, Victoria

    This is Brian (I handle Brad’s page maintenance)-

    We wanted to make folks aware of a vengeful and disgruntled person attempting to discredit this page, and let them know the background of the situation.

    This person became upset at Brad’s unwillingness to publicly support his supposed celebrity verification page (this person is a complete stranger to Brad and myself) and began sending rude and angry messages. He then posted blogs claiming he has spoken to Brad’s publicist who stated Brad does not have a MySpace account. This is completely fallacious and this person could not correctly identify the name of Brad’s publicist nor the agency which represents him. He also failed to keep in mind that Brad’s publicist only discloses information to those with a direct and accredited media affiliation–not some moron with a grudge off the internet.

    We resent tarnishing this page with such nonsense, but wanted to make people apprise of the situation, share the events leading up to it and assure them it was being handled through the correct and official channels.



  2. 1602
    stardust Says:

    PT- your tabliod summary was hilarious. You have got to keep doing this. =)

    Here you go…the pictures of the girl staring at Angelina at GG’s. Thank Alero..I put it on imageshack.

    One more

  3. 1603
    stardust Says:

    Here you go…the pictures of the girl staring at Angelina at GG’s. Thank Alero..I put it on imageshack.

  4. 1604
    pp Says:

    1597 ntt
    Thank you – I feel like a perv hearing what was obviously such an intimate & passionate feeling Brad shared privately with Inarritu, but I love it!! What can doubters say to that? What a lucky lady Angie is – that’s the sort of love that has the power to change lives forever!

  5. 1605
    AddictedtoBAMZs Says:

    #1602, I don’t understand the intention of your message…what does it mean? Can you please explain? Who’s who, etc.?

    #1434, Quack, Quack…I enjoyed your post and the way you expressed your views on Angelina. Thanks.

    #1413, Fan…You are absolutely correct about Guliana DePandi (?), one of the inane wannabe “commentators” or whatever they are on E! being in Cabo with X. Jared ran a thread on it on January 1, 2007. She is with the dinner group including X, DA, CC, Sheryl Crowe, etc. That link explains an otherwise unexplainable gaffe on the part of their (truly boring, ordinary, trite,average, commonplace waste of time, etc.) coverage of the Golden Globes. Hearing the comments made about Angelina by these High-School-mentality-nobodies-who-think-they’re-somebodies, a la “what’s with her attitude?” and “I guess she’d rather be in a third world country” was shocking. I thought at first they thought the microphone was off, but no, it was intentional. They were deliberately dissing Angelina. Like they are in any position to know anything at all about her, to understand her, to judge her! The blonde, D, and Guliana were doing their absolute best to belittle her, and knowing now that G is friends with X, I completely believe it was a planned attempt to discredit her. I have watched these shows for decades, and in all my years of doing so, I have never heard such rude, unprofessional crap. They really took it to a low, low place, and I am permanently signing off from ever going to E!’s site again… No further hits until the people in charge make a formal apology to Angelina. I watched the tape. I saw how great she was. She was polite, smiling, engaging, happy, supportive of Brad the whole time. Those two nobodies were plotting and hoping to invent a damaging issue, but they failed miserably and embarrassed themselves instead. What losers.

  6. 1606
    ntt Says:

    Thanks Stardust for the pics. I went and register at SimplyBrad, and I can access their gallery, but how do I get to the pic from the link? I think the girl in the pics is the one in Pan’s Labyrinth. I just saw the movie this afternoon, and I think it’s her. Boy, I think she has a crush on AJ, not so much on Brad. :lol:
    BTW, JJ just put up a new thread.

  7. 1607
    lula29 Says:


    I thought the exact same thing. I have never heard commentators being so pointedly rude and go out of their way to discredit someone.

    Angelina was acting normally. It makes so much sense now that the commentators hung out with Aniston and felt the need to be all “TEAM ANISTON” at the award show.

    It’s time to let it go already with the TEAM sh*t. I guess these women have never fully grown up.

  8. 1608
    mary Says:

    have anyone of you see the newsweek
    you should watch it.. it very interesting…how brad describle his life changing experence..and how he got there.. how he now live his life and that his personal life is bigger then the movie, and not let the charactor of the film defind him… how he seem to enjoy making film and watching film nowaday.. it very interesting for he indicated that this change in experence happen in the last fill years… he was very imotional about it.. seem like he have tear running down his eyes as he talk about it..

  9. 1609
    New thread Says:

    ((((((((((NEW THREAD))))))))))))))))))))))

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    ((((((((((NEW THREAD))))))))))))))))))))))

    ((((((((((NEW THREAD))))))))))))))))))))))

    ((((((((((NEW THREAD))))))))))))))))))))))

    ((((((((((NEW THREAD))))))))))))))))))))))

  10. 1610
    may Says:

    lurker Says:
    As for me, I am totally knocked over by the “New Angie”. I was not so interested in the “Old Angie”

    I am totally in love with the “New Angie”

    And the same goes with Brad too. I always thought he was a “pretty boy” and that’s about it. But after he’s become a “man” I am totally in love with him.

    Long live Brangelina!!!

  11. 1611
    Hunter Says:

    TO: Passing through
    I enjoyed your post, just like everyone here at JJ. You can can name your site “TABLOIDS EXPOSED”.

  12. 1612
    ***NEW TOPIC*** Says:


  13. 1613
    Chanel Says:

    To BCBG……
    The “what if Angie gets bored” is NOT my comment, it is the comment of ‘Bored Trouble Maker’.
    What happened is, the computer cut off my answer to ‘Bored Trouble maker’.

    This is my comment:
    Chanel says: What makes you think Angie will get bored with him?
    They have children together. When people have children, they don’t just up and leave because they are bored. How old are you?

  14. 1614
    Chanel Says:

    may Says:

    January 21st, 2007 at 6:42 am
    As for me, I am totally knocked over by the “New Angie”. I was not so interested in the “Old Angie”

    I am totally in love with the “New Angie”

    And the same goes with Brad too. I always thought he was a “pretty boy” and that’s about it. But after he’s become a “man” I am totally in love with him.

    Long live Brangelina!!!

    I love Angie anyway she wants to be. Now, since she is with Brad, I have become very fond of him too.

  15. 1615
    Chanel Says:

    Bored Trouble maker Says:

    January 21st, 2007 at 12:24 am
    when the honeymoon is ovah she’s out of there. It’s a pattern.

    Is that you “plain Jane” Chinnifer?

  16. 1616
    Justin Says:

    People are saying they know BP publically on myspace and they do not.

  17. 1617
    veronika Says:

    I am so glad rachel weisz is in because anjelina jolie sucks badly!Rachel weisz is a
    way better actress than anjelina jolie,plus rachel is way more beautiful than stupid,
    ugly, anjelia.

  18. 1618
    jerel Says:

    im glad that rachel weisz is in this show (:
    she’s hot ! (: im a fan of hers! (:

  19. 1619
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